Papers Relative to the Discussion with France in the Year 1806

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A. Strahan, 1807 - Europe - 348 pages

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Page 136 - In witness whereof We have caused the Great Seal of Our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to be affixed to these Presents which We have signed with Our Royal Hand. Given at Our Court at Balmoral the twenty-fourth day of October in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, and in the fifty-first year of Our Reign.
Page 51 - Stuart, and of the letter which your excellency did me the honour to write to me on the...
Page 60 - Talleyrand desired mC to call upon him; having done so, he told me that the French government had been looking out for some means by which a secret and confidential communication might be made, explanatory of the sentiments and views of France, as well as the outlines of the terms on which peace might be restored between the two countries.
Page 136 - ... above mentioned, in as full and ample form and manner and with the like validity and effect, as we ourself, if we were present, could do and perform the...
Page 135 - ... nor on the contrary) for us and in our name, to meet, confer, treat and conclude with the...
Page 336 - ... cannot be opened to them without committing an act of hostility against France, and without giving his Majesty, Napoleon the Great, a right of passage over the territories of the Ottoman empire, in order to combat with the Russian army on the banks of the Dniester. — Any renewal or continuation of alliance with the enemies of France, such as England and Russia, would be not only a manifest violation of the neutrality, but an accession on the part of the...
Page 329 - Sept. 24th, 1802. The term of the continuance of the hospodars in their governments shall from henceforth be fixed at seven complete and entire years, to date from the day of their nomination, and if they are not guilty of any open offence, they shall not be displaced before that term is expired ; if they do commit an offence...
Page 65 - qu' en politiqueen ne peut parler la même langues! on n'y est également autorisé;" and as frequently said that they considered that Hanover for the honour of the crown, Malta for the honour of the navy, and the Cape of Good Hope for the honour of British commerce, to be sufficient inducements to induce his majesty's ministers to make peace.
Page 18 - You are the rulers of the ocean, your naval forces are equal to those of all the sovereigns of the world united. We area great continental power; but there are many who equal our power by land, and your maritime preponderance will always place our commerce at the mercy of your squadrons, immediately after your declaring war.
Page 262 - Britannic majesty had of the in. tentions of that court,) would be willing to negotiate with the French government ; to reduce them into the form of a treaty in the event of their being agreed to on both sides ; and to insert an article in the provisional treaty between Great Britain, and France, by which his Britannic majesty should engage to employ his mediation for the purpose of obtaining the accession of his majesty the emperor of all the Russias to the said treaty.

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