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quarters to Weissenfels; the Viceroy his which covered the plain, put himself in to Meresbourg; General Maison had en- motion upon the defile of Poserna. He tered Halle; the Duke of Ragusa had his seized upon several villages without giving head-quarters at Naumberg; Count Ber- a blow. The enemy occupied upon the trand was at Slohssen; the Duke of Reggio heights of the defile one of the finest posihad his head-quarters at Jeule. -There tions that can be seen; he had 6 pieces of was much rain on the 30th April. On the cannon, and presented three lines of cavalry. Ist May the weather was better.- -Three -The first square passed the defile at the bridges had been thrown across the Saale at pas de charge, amidst cries of “ Vive l’ Weissenfels; campaign works had been Empereur !" long continued throughout the commenced at Naumberg, and three bridges line. It seized upon the height. The four thrown over the Saale.- -Fifteen grena- squares of Souham's division passed the dediers of the 13th line being between Jena file. Two other divisions of cavalry then and Saalfeld, were surrounded by 95 Prus- came to reinforce the enemy with 20 pieces sian hussars. The Commandant, who was of cannon. The cannonade became heavy. a Colonel, advanced, saying, “French- The enemy every where gave ground. Darmen, surrender.”—The Serjeant killed ham's division marched upon

Lutzin; Gi, him. The other grenadiers formed in a rard took the direction of the Pegau road, platoon, killed seven Prussians, and the The Emperor wishing to reinforce the bathussars went off faster than they came. teries of this last division, sent 12 pieces of The different parts of the old guard are the Guard, under the orders of his Aid-decollected at Weissenfels; the General of Camp, General Drouet, and this reinforceDivision Roguet commands them. The ment performed prodigies. The ranks of Emperor visited all the advanced posts, the enemy's cavalry were overthrown by. notwithstanding the badness of the weather. grape shot. At the same moment the ViceHis Majesty enjoys excellent health. roy debouched from Mersebourg, with the

. The first blow with the sabre which was

Ilth corps, commanded by the Duke of given at the renewing of this campaign at Tarente, and the 5th commanded by GeneWeimar, took off the ears of Major-General ral Lauriston. General Lauriston's corps Blucher's son. It was by a Marechal des was on the left, upon the high road from Loges, of the 10th Hussars, that this blow Mersebourg to the Leipzic; that of the Duke was given. The inhabitants of Weimar. of Tarente, where the Viceroy was, on the remark, that the first sabre blow given in right. The Viceroy hearing the brisk canthe campaign of 1806 at Saalfeld, and nonade which took place at Lutzin, made a which killed Prince Louis of Prussia, was movement to the right, and the Emperor given by a Marechal des Loges of this same almost at the same moment, at the village regiment.

of Lutzin. Marchant's division, and in Her Majesty the Empress and Queen has succession Brenier and Recard's divisions, received the following intelligence of the situ- passed the defile; but the business was *ation of the Army at 9 in the morning of the settled when they entered in line; 15,000 2d May:On the 1st May the Emperor cavalry were therefore driven from these mounted on horseback at 9 in the morning places, by nearly the same number of inwith the Prince of Moskwa. General Sou- fantry. It was General Winzingerode who ham's division put itself in motion towards commanded these three divisions; one of the fine plain which commences upon the which was-General Lanskoi's. The enemy heights of Wiessenfels, and extends to the displayed but one division of infantry. BeElbe. This division was formed in four come more prudent by the battle of Weissquares, of four battalions each, each square senfels, and astonished at the fine order and of 500 toises from the other, and hav- sang froid of our march, the enemy

dared ing four pieces of cannon. Behind the not approach any part of our infantry, and squares was placed General Laboissier's bri- was crushed by our grape shot. Our loss gade of cavalry, under the orders of Count amounted to 33 men killed, 55 wounded, Valmy, who had just arrived. Gerard one a chief of battalion. This loss may be and Marchant's divisions came behind in considered as extremely trilling, in compaechelons, and formed in the same manner as rison to that of the enemy, who had 3 CoSouham's division. Marshal the Duke of lonels, 30 Officers, and 400 men killed or Istria was on the right with all the cavalry wounded, besides a great number of horses; of the guard. At eleven o'clock, this but by one of those fatalities with which disposition made, the Prince of Moskwa, in the history of war is full, the first cannon presence of a cloud of the enemy's cavalry, ball which was fired on this day, struck the

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wrist of the Duke of Istria, pierced his. The Emperor informs her Majesty that groin, and killed him instantly. He had he has gained the most complete victory advanced 516 paces from the side of the over the Russian and Prussian army, com. Tirallieurs in order to reconnoitre the plain. manded by the Emperor Alexander and This Marshal, who has a just title to be King of Prussia in person ; that in this battle named brave and just, was equally recom- more than 150,000 cannon-balls had been mendable for his military coup d'oeil, his fired; that the troops covered themselves great experience in managing cavalry, as by with glory in it, and that, notwithstanding his civil qualities and his attachment to the the immense inferiority of cavalry which the Emperor. His death upon the field of ho- French army had, that good-will and counour is the more worthy of envy: it was so rage inherent in Frenchinen, supplied every rapid, that it must have been without pain. thing. The enemy was briskly pursued. There are few losses which could have more -No Marshal, no person composing the sensibly affected the Emperor's heart; the Household of the Emperor, was killed or army and ail France will partake of the wounded. The joy of these countries,

grief his Majesty felt.-The Duke of at being delivered from the Cossacks, is inIstria, since the first Italian campaigns, describable. The inhabitants speak with that is, for sixteen years,-had always, in contempt of all the proclamations and atdifferent ranks, commanded the Emperor's tempts which have been made to tempt Guard, which followed him in all his cam- them to insurrection. The Russian and. paigns and battles. The sang froid, Prussian army was composed of the corps good will, and intrepidity of the young sol of the Prussian Generals York, Blucher, diers, astonished the yeterans and all the and Bulow, and those of the Russian Geneofficers. It is a proof of the saying, rals Wittgenstein, Winzingerode, Milora"That to souls well born, virtue does not dowitsch, and Tormazow. The Russian " wait a number of years.". His Majesty and Prussian guards were likewise there.

, had, on the night between the 1st and 2d The Emperor of Russia, the King of Prusof May, his head-quarters at Lutzin; the sia, the Prince Royal of Prussia, and all the Viceroy at Markranstidt; the Prince of Princes of the Royal Household of Prussia Moskwa his at Karga; and the Duke of were in the battle. The combined RusRagusa his at Poserna. General Bertrand sian and Prussian army is estimated at from was at Stohssen; the Duke of Reggio in 150 to 200,000 men. All the Russian march upon Naumbourg.-At Dantzic Cuirassiers were there, and suffered greatly. the garrison has obtained great advantages, Her Majesty the Empress Queen and Reand made so successful a sortie, that it took gent has received the following intelligence prisoners a corps of 3,000 Russians. of the situation of the armies on the 4th of The garrison of Wittenberg also appears to May, in the evening : have distinguished itself, and to have, in a The Emperor's head-quarters were, on sortie, caused considerable injury to the the evening of the 4th, at Borna; those of enemy. A letter, in ciphers, which has the Viceroy at Kolditz; those of General

, this monient arrived from the garrison of Count Bertrand at Frothburg; those of Glogau, is conceived in these terms: General Count Lauriston at Malbus ; those

All goes on well, the Russians have of the Prince of Moskwa at Leipsick; and " made several attempts upon this place; those of the Duke of Reggio at Zeitz.

they have been always repulsed with The enemy is retiring on Dresden in the “much loss; 3 or 4,000 men blockade us, greatest disorder, and by every road, 56 sometimes less, sometimes more. The All the villages in the road of the army, $trenches have been opened ; during two are found full of Russian and Prussian

days the fire from our batteries forced wounded, -The Major-General Prince of $6 them to abandon their project,

Neufchatel has given orders for the inter" GENERAL LAPLANE." ment of the Prince of Mecklenburg Stre

litz, on the morning of the 4th, at Pegau, " Glogau, 13 April, 1813."

and with all the honours due to his rank. Her Majesty the Empress and Queen Re- -In the-baule of the 2d, General Dugent has received news from the Emperor montier, who commands the division of the from the field of battle, two leagues in ad-Young Guards, sustained the reputation vance of Lutzin, the 2d May, al len o'clock which he had already acquired in the prein the evening, at the moment when the ceding campaigns. He bestows high praise Emperor had thrown himself upon a bed to on his division. The General of Division take a few hours' sleep,

Brunier was wounded. The General of


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zen, and

Brigade Chemieubau and Grillot were in that direction, make a pivot on Leipzic, wounded, and have suffered amputation. pass to the right bank of the Elster, and

By a calculation made of the number take the enemy a revers, but at ten o'clock of cannon-shot fired in the battle, it is found the enemy's army debouched towards to be less considerable than was at first be- Kara, upon several columns, extremely lieved--only 39,500 cannot-shot were fir- deep; the horizon was obscured by them. ed. At the battle of Moskwa there were The enemy presented forces which appearfired 50,000.

ed immense. - The Emperor immediMAY 8.--Her Majesty the Empress Queen fately made his dispositions. The Viceroy and Regent has received the following intel- received orders to march upon the left of ligence from the army:

the Prince of Moskwa, but three hours The battles of Weissenfels and Lutzen were necessary to execute this movement. were but the prelude of events of the high- The Prince of Moskwa placed his men est importance. The Emperor Alexander under arms, and with five divisions supand the King of Prussia, who had arrived ported the battle, which at the end of half at Dresden with their forces the latter end of an hour became terrible. His Majesty April, learning that the French Army had himself marched at the head of the last debouched from the Thuringe, adopted the guard, behind the centre of the army, supplan of giving battle in the plains of Lut- porting the right of the Prince of Moskwa.

put themselves in motion to oc- The Duke of Ragusa, with his three divicupy the position, but they were anticipated sions, occupied the extreme right. Geneby the rapidity of the movements of the ral Bertrand had orders to debouche upon French Army.' They, however, persisted the enemy's rear, at the moment in which in their projects, and resolved to attack the the line should be most strongly engaged. army, to drive it from the positions it had Fortune was pleased to crown with the taken. The position of the French Army most brilliant success all these dispositions. was on the 2d May, at nine in the morn- The enemy, who appeared certain of the ing, as follows : -The left of the army success of his enterprise, marched to reach leaned

upon the Elster; it was formed by our right, and gain the road of Weissenthe Viceroy, having under his orders the fels. General Compans, General of Battle 5th and 11th corps. The centre was com of the first merit, at the head of the 1st manded by the Prince of Moskwa in the division of the Duke of Ragusa, stopped village of Kara. The Emperor, with the him quite short. The marine regiments young and old guard, was at Lutzen; the supported several charges with sang froid, Duke of Ragusa was at the defile of Poser- and covered the field of battle with the nia, and formed the right with his three di- best of the enemy's cavalry. But the visions. General Bertrand, commanding great efforts of infantry, cavalry, and arthe 4th corps, marched to proceed to this tillery, were directed against the centre. defile. The enemy debouched, and passed Four of the Prince of Moskwa's five divithe Elster at the bridges of Zwenkaw, Pe- sions were already engaged. The village of gou and Zuts. The Emperor, hoping to Kara was taken and retaken several times. anticipate him in his movement, and think. This village remained in the enemy's ing that he could not attack till the 5th, ad- power, Count De Lobeau directed General vanced.-General Lauriston, whose corps Recard to retake the village. It was reformed the extreme of the left, was order taken.- - The batile embraced line of ed to march upon Leipzic, in order to dis- two leagues, covered with fire, smoke, and concert the enemy's projects, and place the clouds' of dust. The Prince of Moskwa, French Army, for the day of the 3d, quite General Souham, and General Girard were different to that upon which the enemy had every where, making head against every calculated to find it, and in which it was in thing. General Girard was wounded with reality on the 2d, and by this means carry several balls. General Girard wished to confusion and disorder into their columns. remain on the field of batile; he declared

At nine in the morning, his Majesty his wish to die commanding and directing häving heard a cannonade from the side of his troops, as the moment had arrived for Leipzie, proceeded there at full gallop. all Frenchmen who possessed any heart, to The enemy defended the small village of conquer or perish. However, we began to Lestenau, and the bridges in advance of perceive from afar the dust and first fire of Leipzic. His Majesty only waited the General Bertrand's corps ; at the same momoment when these last positions should ment the Viceroy entered in line upon

the be carried, to put in motion all his army left, and the Duke of Tarente attacked the

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enemy's reserve, and reached the village ing, in the direction of Borna. The upon which the enemy rested his right. At enemy had not recovered from his astonishthis moment the enemy redoubled his ef- ment, at finding himself beaten in so large forts upon the centre; the village of Kara a plain, by an army so greatly inferior in was again taken, our centre gave way, cavalry. Several Colonels and superior some battalions fled, but these valorous officers, taken prisoners, assure us, that at youths, at the sight of the Emperor, ral the enemy's head-quarters they had not lied, exclaiming « Vive l'Empereur." learned of the Emperor's presence at the His Majesty judged, that the critical mo- army, till the battle had coinmenced ; they ment, which decides the gaining or losing believed the Emperor to be at Erfurt.of battles, had arrived there was no As always happens in similar circumstances,

: longer a moment to be lost. The Empe- the Prussians accuse the Russians of not for ordered the Duke of Treviso to march having supported them.

The Russiaus acwith sixteen battalions of the young guard cuse the Prussians of not having fought to the village of Kara, overthrow the ene

well. The greatest confusion prevails my, retake the village, and overcome any

in their retreat. Several of those prething he met with there. At the same tended volunteers, which were raised moment, his Majesty ordered his Aid-de-in Prussia, have been made prisoners: Camp, General Drouet, an artillery officer they cause pity. All declare that they of the greatest distinction, to form a bat were enrolled by force, and on pain of tery of 80 pieces, and place it in advance seeing their property and families conof the old guard, which was formed in fiscated. The country people say that échelons, as four redoubts to support the a Prince of Hesse Hombourg was killed, centre, all our cavalry ranged in battle be that several Russian and Prussian Generals hind. General Dulauly, Drouet, and De- had been killed or wounded. The Prince vaux, set out at full gallop with their 80 of Mecklenburg Strelitz is also reported to pieces of artillery in the same group.

be killed; but all this intelligence is yet The fire became dreadful--the enemy gave but reports of the country.

-General way on all sides. The Duke of Treviso Bonnet, commanding one of the Duke of obtained possession of the village of Kara, Ragusa's divisions, received orders to make overthrew the enemy, and continued to ad- a movement upon Kara by his left, to supvance, beating the charge. The enemy's port the success of the centre. He -suscavalry, infantry, and artillery, all retained several charges of cavalry. General treated,

Count Berthier advanced, and entered the May 9.-The Empress Queen and Regent line. It was in vain that the enemy's cahas received the following intelligence from valry capered about his squares; his march the

army, dated 3d May, nine o'clock in the was not relaxed by it. To rejoin him the evening

sooner, the Emperor ordered a change of The Emperor, at the break of day of the direction, by pivoting on Kara. The 3d traversed the field of battle. At ten whole of the line made a change in front o'clock he put himself in motion to follow the right wing foremost. The enemy then the enemy. His head-quarters were on the fled, and we pursued him for a league and 3d, in the evening, at Pegau. The Vice- a half. We soon arrived at the heights roy had his at Wickstanden, half way be which had been occupied by the Emperor tween Pegau and Borna. Count Lauris- | Alexander, the King of Prussia, and the ton, whose corps had taken no part in the Brandenburg Family, during the battle. batile, had set out from Leipsic to march An Officer, who was taken prisoner, then upon Zwernkaw, where he had arrived. informed us of this circumstance. We The Duke of Ragusa had passed the Elster, have made several thousand prisoners. at the village of Lutzkourtz, and Count The number could not be more considerBertrand had passed it, at the village of able, considering the inferiority of our caGredel. The Prince of Moskwa’s was in valry, and the desire which the Emperor

At the coma position upon the field of battle. The had shewn of sparing it.-Duke of Reggio, from Naumburg, was mencement of the battle, the Emperor said

-: marching upon Zeist.The Emperor of to the troops---" It is a battle like those in

.-Russia and King of Prussia passed ihrough " Egypt-a good infantry, supported by Pegau on the night of the 2d, arrived in " artillery, should be sufficient for it."

" '? the village of Loberstadt, at 11 o'clock at General Gouné, Chief of the Prince of night. They reposed there four hours, Moskwa's staff was killed ; a death worthy and set out on the 3d at three in the morn- of so good a soldier. Our loss amounts der.

to 10,000 men, killed and wounded; that twenty years," said the Emperor, “ that I of the enemy may be estimated at 25 or have commanded the French armies, but I 30,000 men. The Royal Prussian Guards have never yet witnessed so much bravery are destroyed. The Emperor of Russia's and devotion!" Europe would at length guards have suffered considerably, and the be at peace, if the Sovereigns and the Mitwo' divisions of 10 regiments of Russian nisters who direct their Cabinets could have cuirassiers are destroyed. His Majesty been present on the field of battle. They cannot pay a sufficient eulogium to the would give up all hopes of causing the star good-will, courage, and intrepidity of the of France to set, and perceive that those army. Our young soldiers took no danger Counsellors who wish to dismember the into consideration. They have in this French Empire, and humble the Emperor, great instance shewn all the nobleness of are preparing the ruin of their Sovereigns. the French blood.

MAY 10.--Her Majesty the Empress The Chief of the Staff

, in his relation, Queen and Regent, has received the followmentions the fine actions which have shed a ing intelligence of the situation of the arlustre on this brilliant day, which, like a mies on the evening of the 5th. clap of thunder, has pulverized the chime- The Emperor's head-quarters were at Colrical hopes, and all the calculations for the ditz, those of the Viceroy at Kara, those of destruction and dismemberment of the Em- the Duke of Ragusa behind Colditz ; Gepire. The cloudy train collected by the neral Lauriston at Wartzen, of the Prince Cabinet of St. James's, during a whole of Moskwa at Leipsic, those of the Duke of winter, are in an instant destroyed, like Reggio at Altenburg, and of General Berthe gordian knot by the sword of Alexan- trand at Rochlitz.- The Viceroy arrived

-The Prince of Hesse Homburg before Colditz on the 5th, at nine o'clock was killed. The prisoners say that the in the morning. The bridge was eut, and young Prince Royal of Prussia is wounded, some columns of infantry and cavalry, with and the Prince of Mecklenburgh Swartz artillery, opposed our passage. The Vicekilled. The infantry of the old guards, roy with his division, marched towards a only six battalions of which have arrived, ford, which is on the left, passed the river, by their presence kept up the affair with and gained the village of Komulian, where that sang-froid by which they are charac- he caused a battery of 20 pieces of artillery terized. They did not fire a musket; half to be placed; the enemy then evacuated the the army was not engaged; for the four di, town of Colditz in the greatest disorder, visions of General Lauriston's corps have and in defiling were exposed to the fire of done nothing but occupy Leipsic, the three our 20 pieces of artillery. The Viceroy divisions of the Duke of Reggio, were still pursued the enemy with vigour; it was the two days' march from the field of battle ; remainder of the Prussian army, about 20 Count Bertrand did not charge but with one or 25,000 men strong, which took their dia of his divisions, and so lightly that it did rection partly to Leissing and partly to Gersnot lose 50 men, his second and third divi- dorff. Having arrived at Gersdorff, the sions did not charge at all. The second die Russian troops passed across a reserve, vision of the young guards, commanded by which occupied this position; it was the General Barrors, were still four days' march Russian corps of Miloradowitsch, composed off, and it was the same with half the old of two divisions, amounting to nearly 8,000 guards, commanded by General Decowe, men under arms. The Russian regiments, who was then only at Erfurt.-The Duke consisting of only two battalions of four of Belluno's corps was also three days companies each, and the companies not march from the field of battle; General Se consisting of more than 150 men, but havbastiani's corps of cavalry, with the three ing at present not more than 100 men each divisions of the Prince of Echmuhl, was on under arms, which does not amount to more, the banks of the Elbe. The allied army than 7 or 800 men per regiment. These 150 to 200,000 men strong, commanded two divisions of Miloradowitsch had arrivby the two Sovereigns, with a great num- ed at the moment the battle was finished, ber of the Princes of the house of Prussia, and could not take any part in it. -Imhas been thus defeated and put to route, by mediately on the 36th division having reless than the half of the French army. The joined the 35th, the Viceroy gave orders to field of battle presented the most affecting the Duke of Tarentum to form the two dispectacle; the young soldiers, on seeing the visions in three columns, and draw the Emperor, forgot their sufferings, exclaim- enemy from his positions. The attack was ed." Yiye l'Empereur."-" It is now brisk, our brave fellows precipitated them :

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