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Maximilian I. seeks an interview with

his departed wife, 329
Maynooth College, account of, 571
Memoirs of distinguished persons, 48,
155, 260, 346, 446, 556
Meteorological Table, 70, 179, 272,
364, 366, 470, 579
Metrical Remarks, 414

Mirrors, Spanish, quotations respect-
ing, 228

Mistake corrected, 33

Moira, Countess of, obit of, 601
Montenegrins, account of, 11, 132
Moore, John Hamilton, obituary of,


Mordible, remarks on the word, 22
Morris, Capt. Thomas, obituary of,


Motteaux, anecdote of, 335
Newman, Rev. H. account of his Cat-
tle Mill for expressing the Juice of
Sugar Cane, 472

Newton, the Rev. John, obituary of,

Novels, Classification of, 246

[blocks in formation]

Pollock, Mr. Allen, account of his
new constructed Stove, 274
Pomeroy, Mr. T. obituary of, 279
Popery, singular defence of, 333
Public Affairs, retrospect of, 106, 211,
298, 395, 303, 602

Publications, monthly list of new, 65,
174, 268, 359, 464., 573
Pun, a curious, 143
Pythagoras, account of, 433
Price's improvement of Umbrellas,
account of, 185

Raleigh, Sir Walter, remarks on a Po
em attributed to him, 143
Reed, Mr. Isaac, account of the sale
of his Books, 61, 167
Reeve, Clara, obit of, 99

Religious intolerance, instance of, 335

Obituary of distinguished Persons, 77, Richards, Rev. Dr. obituary of, 202

186, 376, 480

Omniana, 141, 246, 332, 428

Ophites, in Malabar, 332

Orfeo, of Politiano, enquiry respect-
ing, 230

Ounce, its cunning noticed, 332

Parmenides, account of, 339

Roofs, on the construction of, 585
Royston, Lord, account of the loss of,
at sea, 602

Russia, account of the natives of, 126,
223, 314, 422

-, Military force of, 530
Rooke, Sir Giles, obituary of, 387

Parry, Dr. on preventing the decay of Sadi, discourses of, 45, 256

Wood, 581

Paull, James, Esq. obit. of, 488
Pendulum, account of a tubular com-
pensating, 478

Phalaris, on the Epistles which bear
the name of, 251
Philosophy, a word for, 218

remarks on, 408

Phocylides, account of, 337

Pisander, the Rhodian, account of, 38
Plagiarisin detected, 222

Poetical Moods and Tenses, 141
Poetry, Original, Latin Poem, by
Honorius Fascitellus, 54. Lines to
an Exotic, 55. On the Marriage of
an amiable young Lady, 56. To
Melancholy, ib. Bole-hill Trees,
161. Song, 162. Canzonet from
Francesco del Zeglia, 162. Im-
promptu on Water drinking, 163.
The Wish, 264. On the Rainbow,
ib. Sonnet to the Redbreast, 265
Sonnet to the Memory of a departed
Friend, ib. Stanzas, 266. Hope
and Memory, 350. Ode to Health,
351. Bouts Rimes, 352. On ap-
proaching home after long absence,
353. Song of Hope, 354. Sounet

Sal-ammoniac, account of Mr. Astley's
improvement in the manufacture of,


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Temple, L. Sophia, on a plagiarism

from one of her poems, 223

Temple of Memory, an allegorical
sketch, 120

Thales, account of, 432
Theognis, account of, 336
Thistles, implements for destroying, 74
Thomond, Marquis, obituary of, 281
Tironde, Jean, singular condemnation
of, 335

Tour, extracts from a, in the Counties

of Gloucester, &c. 325, 416, 525
Travelling, expeditious, in the reign
of Charles I. 250

Travels through the Country of the
Anglo Saxons, 115, 231
Tugwell, Mr. L. on the construction
of Roofs, 585

Turkish Superstition, 314

Tygers, best mode of encountering,

Valloni, Antoni, some account of
him, 2

Vampires, account of, 520

Venezianu, Antoni, see Valloni,
Virgin Mary, Catholic devotion to
the, 429

Umbrellas, account of Mr. Price'
improvements of, 185

Unities, Dramatic, thoughts on, 409
University, French Imperial, account
of, 459, remarks on, 509
Wafer, consecrated, stolen from the
alter by a mouse, 333

Wales, North, account of a district
in, 21

Walker, Mr. E. on Vision, 370
Walker, Mr. John, obit. of, 77
Wilkinson's GalvanicTrough described,


Willis, Dr. obit. of, 94

William, the Conqueror, said to have
been the writer of a book on the
Last Judgment, 412
Winterdyne, the seat of Sir E. Win-
nington, account of, 527
Wit, singular phrases of, 247
Wood, Rev. W. obit. of, 480
Wood, means of preventing the decay
of, 581

Xenophantes, account of, 339

York, Cardinal, correction of the ac-
count of his Medals, 310

Zinc, Malleable, advantage of con-
sidered, 183


[ocr errors]

Abdicate, remarks on the work, 328
Accommodations, public, remarks on,


Æsop, account of, 145
Agricultural reports, 111, 215, 302,
399, 507, 607

Albani, Cardinal, memoirs of, 446
Alexandrine, MS. in the British Mu-
seum, account of, 548
Allen and Pepy's on the quantity of
Carbon in Carbonic acid, 184
Almanack prophets, anecdotes of, 335
Anthology, Greek, observations on,
and extracts from, 41, 341, 437
Ants, in South America, 246
Aphis, on the destruction of, 278
Apollodorus, account of his Biblio-
theca, 39

Arctines, the Milesian, account of, 37
Arthur, Mr. Hole's, remarks on its
want of success, 1

Arts and Manufactures, intelligence,
relative to, 72, 181, 274, 368, 472,

Astley, Mr. J. account of his patent
for the improvement of the manu-
facture of Sal Ammoniac, 369
Barbadoes, some facts relating to, 426
Barrand, Mr. account of his mercurial

compensating pendulums, 473

Barry, Mr. J. obit. of, 502
Batieia, remarks on the work, 23
Bed-frame for conveying wounded
persons, account of, 277
Bees in Cuba, account of, 247
Bennett, Mrs. obituary of, 391
Beza, Codex, in the University li-
brary at Cambridge, account of,


Bibliographical Science, remarks on,


Books, account of rare and curious,
45, 150, 256, 344, 441, 548
Borgia, Cæsar, account of the last
days of the life of, 150

[blocks in formation]

Cana! Shares, prices of, 111, 215, 302,
399, 507, 607

Cant, on the different kinds of, 401
Cataro, account of, 10
Chapman's Patent for a belt to raise
coals out of mines, account of,-181,
368, 373

Choisy, Abbe de, memoir of, 48
Christian VII. King of Denmark, obit.
of, 602

Classical Disquisitions, 34, 145, 251,
336, 432, 541

Cleves, on the antiquities of, 113
Colebrook Dale, description of, 327,


Collins, Mr. J. obit. of, 508
Comet observed in the East Indies,


Commercial Reports, monthly, 108,
213, 300, 397, 505, 604
Complaints, of "The Public," 537
Conrad, of Marburg; the first super-
intendant of the inquisition in Ger-
many, 20, assassinated, 21
Corrections, miscellaneous, 119
Crichton, Lt. Col. account of his Bed-
frame for conveying wounded per-
sens, 277

Critical Misrepresentation, 1
Crocodile, singular customs relating
to the, 247
Cupid and Psyche, the fable of, con-
verted into a religious allegory,


Current prices of merchandize, 110
Cyclic Writers, remarks on the, 34
Cypria, account of the ancient poem
so called, 34

Dance, Greek, account of a, 305

Bottles thrown into the sea, account Dancing, of the ancients, observations
of, 244-

Brandt's Ship of Fools, conjectures
respecting the language in which it
was written, 113, 241
Bridgnorth, description of, 326
Builde was Abbey, account of, 417

on, 511

Davy, professor, account of his dis-
covery of a metallic substance in
Alkali, 72, this account corrected,


Dellon, M. account of, 246

Denmark, Christian VII. King of, obit.
of, 602

Dispute between De la Landes and
M. Hell, 245

Domestic Occurrences, 84, 188, 279,
378, 487, 588

Dramatic Unities, thoughts on, 409
Dual Giant, 142

Durfey, Tom, witticism on his works,


Dyer, Mr. G. on the Alexandrine MS.


Ear Trumpets, improvements of, 75
Eccerinis of Ezzilino da Romano, en-
quiry respecting, 230
Education, remarks on the imitative
principle as an instrument in, 4
Eisenback, national festival held at,

Elliott's Patent for the improvement
of Coaches, account of, 182
Empedocles, account of, 340

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Hume, M. on the use of Sulphur in de-
stroying insects, 477

Jewel, Mr. his mode of preparing Ca-
lomel, 372

Imitation, remarks on the principle
of, as an instrument in Education, 4
Innovation, remarks on, 420
Insurance, premiums of, 111

Endymion de Gombauld, account of, Inquisition first established in Ger-

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

many, 20, done away, 21

John, of Tritenheim, said to have had
dealings with the Devil, 329
Jones, Mr. John, Etymological ex
planation of a passage in Homer, 23,
in Eschylus, 221

Jones, Rev. T. memoir of, 260
remarks on Marsh's me-

[blocks in formation]

Joseph, of Nazareth, made Grand
Burg-grave of Bavaria, 306
Kauffman, Angelica, obituary of, 186,
notice of the life and works of, 556
Kent, great damage done on the
coast of, by a high tide, 196
Lambert, Mr. J. obit. of, 489
Latin, on the pronunciation of, 331
Lesches, supposed to be the author of
the Cypria, 37

Lightning, remarkable catastrophe
by, 16

Literary Blunder, a singular one, 412
Literary and Miscellaneous Informa-

tion, 58, 164, 266, 355, 455, 567
Locke, proposed monument for, 540
Lynar, Count, memoir of, 346
Macdiarmid, Mr. obituary of, 377
Malcolm, Mr. J. on the Roofs of
houses, 474

Manby, Capt. account of the success
of his invention for relieving Ships
on a Lee shore, 495

Markham, Archbishop, obit of, 86
Marriage, form of, before a Magis-
irate, and during the Common-
wealth in England, 324
Mary's, Queen, funeral, 142

[blocks in formation]

The Average Prices of Navigable Canal Shares, Dock Stock, Fire Office Shares, &c. in MAY 1808; at the Office of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge-street, London.

Leeds and Liverpool, 1721. ex. dividend.-Grand Junction Shares, 951. to 1001. -Ditto Mortgage Bonds, 901. for 1001.-Kennet and Avon, original shares, 211. to 221-New ditto, 41. to 51. per share premium.-Croydon, 551.-Ellesmere, 541. to 561.-West India Dock Stock, 1481. to 1531. per cent.-London Dock Stock, 1121. to 1161. per cent.-Globe Insurance, 111]. to 1121.—Imperial Assurance, 11l. per cent. premium.


The crops of every description, perhaps, never wore a more universally favourable appearance than at this time; nor was there ever a fairer promise of general abundance of the fruits of the earth: this will, however, essentially depend on a favourable blooming season for the wheats, and warm and moderately dry weather in July, namely, about the time of St. Swithin.

The latter-sown spring crops, and those upon cold lands, have wonderfully recovered, from the late rains and mild weather. Wheats have not run too much to grass, but appear a stout and branching crop, more especially those which are drilled or dibbled and well cleaned. The artificial grasses are very bushy, and sainfoin promises to be a great crop in most counties where it is cultivated. The bottoms of the natural grass very thick. Hops run up very strong and luxuriant, and the fruit trees were never more laden with blossom. Throughout all the barley districts the opposition to the distillery bill is general, but in the strongest probability none of those inconveniences or mischiefs will ensue which are apprehended from the measure. Should it induce the custom of growing spring wheat upon some of the strongest barley lands, the change may be beneficial.

Much live stock has perished this spring from scarcity of food in Scotland and Ireland—a sure sign that there are parts of those countries into which improvement has not yet penetrated. Markets for lean stock looking upwards, and every fat article increasing in price and likely to be dearer. Wool low.

Smithfield.-Beef, 4s. 6d. to 5s. 6d. Mutton, 5s. to 6s. Lamb, 6s. to 8s. Veal, 4s. 6d. to 7s. 6d. Pork, 5s. to 7s. Bacon, 6s. to 6s. 4d. Irish ditto, 48. 6d. to 5s. 4d. Fat, 4s. 3d. Skins, 10s. to 20s.

Meadow hay, 6 guineas per load. Clover ditto, 7 guineas. Straw, 45s. Oats in Mark-lane, 45s. to 50s. per qr.


The mild warm weather we have recently had, accompanied with frequent refreshing showers, has been exceedingly favourable to vegetation. The crops of wheat on fertile light lands, and those on deep strong soils, which were well water-furrowed and kept dry in the winter, appear vigorous, strong, and lux. uriant, covering the ground well; and the wheats only, upon thin poor land, VOL. III.

4 I


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