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ABERDEEN, Lord, 15

Absenteeism, a disease, 493
Acoustics, science of, 142

Actors, want of accomplishment in, 398

Addison, anecdote of, 542

Advertisements, interest of, 205
Affair of Honour, 485

Affection, delicacy of, 294

Agriculture, Irish, 204

labourers employed in, 210

Althorp, Lord, his correspondence with Hulton
of Hulton, 97

Animals, on cruelty to, 393

Burdett, Capt., poisoned, 590
Burking, remarks on, 104
Butler, Dr., woes of, 286

Butterflies, thoughts respecting, 460
Byron, on his poems, 75

Cambridgeshire, ugliness of, 298
Canada, narrative of a Settler in, 335
Candour and Credit, 586

Canning, Stapleton's political Life of, 33-
character of, 367-his foreign policy, 495
Capital, utility of, 149

Capo D'Istrias, Count, particulars of his assas
sination, 369

Anne of Cleves, by Lord Leveson Gower, 206 Caroline, Queen, conduct of, 377

Ant, the vagrant, 61

Antilles, condition of the slave of, 411
Anti-Reformer, The, a Tale, 26

Arab tribes, affray with, 561

Arcadian child, lines to, while sleeping, 293
Aristocracy, thoughts on the, 466
Aristotle, phantasms of, 447
Armada, Spanish, account of, 49
Arrest, law of, 279

Asmodeus at Large, No. I. 38-No. II. 112-
No. III. 312-No. IV. 423
Atheist's Tragedy, the, 175

Athenian Lover to his Mistress, 292
Authors, their fate below, 112

Bachelor, young, Life of, 275

Balloon, its capabilities, 95
Banker-Premier, the, 296
Barricade of Liberty, 99

Bayly, T. H. Esq., Spirit of Song by, 413
Beggars, high price of, 98

Belisarius, or Injured Innocence,Tragedy of,176
Belle, Life of one, 568

Berni, Francesco, poetry of, 251
Bertini, Romolo, lines by, 62
Birds, remarks respecting, 464
Birth Song, 225

Blanchard, Mr., his " Lyric Offerings," 442
Boats, paper, amusement of, 143
Boke of the Governor, 533

Bonnets, large, nuisance of, 104

Books, education by, 188

Bores, how to avoid, 345

Boroughs, disfranchisement of, 403

Borrowing, advantage of, 190

Boulogne,apostrophe to, 46-vindication of, 491
Bourbon, Duke of, his will, 201

Braham, improvement in his acting, 44

Brain, development of, 451

Brereton, Col., suicide of, 200

Bristol stones, 204

Bristow, Lieut.-Col., Spanish work translated
by him, 149

Brougham, Lord, irony of, 12-remarks on,116
Buckle, the jockey, his death, 295
Burchiello, an Italian poet, 61


Castlereagh, Lord, death of, 34-his foreign
policy, 495

Catholic question, settlement of, 19
Cell, interior of one, 424
Cellini, Benvenuto, Life of, 60
Change, spirit of, 47

Child in Prayer, lines to, 575
Chili, earthquake in, 469

Cholera, observations on, 207-a few plain
and practical remarks on, 277-its arrival in
London, 284, 314, 396-falsely accused, 431
-in Paris, 489

or no Cholera, 296
Cisalpine Republic, 160
Clandestine Marriage, the, 572
Clarendon, statements of, 387
Clergy, benefit of, 100

Coburg Theatre, Spanish plays at, 591
Coffin-Maker, the, 257

Coimbatoor, classical scene in the mountains
of, 395

Colonial relief, measure of, 101

Colonies, on the establishment of, 576
Comfort, Mrs.and the Duke of Wellington, 589
Constitution, word for, 79

Contrast, 226

Contrast, the, by the author of "Yes and No,"
reviewed, 414

Conversations with an Ambitious Student in

Ill Health, No. VII. 71; No. VIII. 232
Co-operation and the Owenites, 207
Correspondents, 102, 207, 304, 400, 592
Court of Egypt, 555

of Plagiarism, 495

of Review, labours of, 297
Credit, how to live with, 184

Crime, connexion of ignorance with, 302
Criticism, retrospective, 441

true spirit of, 353

Croaker, a, 201

Cuckoo, reflections respecting, 458
Cyprus, costume of the ladies of, 290
D'Aguilar, Col., his translation of a Tragedy
of Schiller, 521
Dante, genius of, 539

2 P

Debates, on the secresy of, 583

Debt, duty of getting into, 253-imprisonment
for, 394

Demon's Offer, 41
Denouement, the, 440
Departure, the, 437
Dirge of Death, 225

Disposition, estimate of the, 189

D'Israeli, Mr., his Commentaries on the Life
and Reign of Charles I., 126-his' Eliot,
Hampden, and Pym,' 130

Drama, English, remarks on, 42-state of,
131, 392, 394

Foreign, in London, 591

Hall, Robert, Green's Reminiscences of, 298
Hampden, Memorials of, by Lord Nugent, 121
Haydon, Mr., on Design in Manufactures, 482
Hereditary Honours, 433

Hodges, Mr., on Emigration, 223
Honour, affair of, 485

Horace, Translation from, 432
Horse, remarks respecting, 463
House of Commons, reformed, 108

its usurpation in regard to

secresy of Debates, 583
House of Lord, temper of, 8
How to Live with Credit, 184
Hulton of Hulton, 97

Dramas, recent-the Hunchback-the Mer- Hunchback, the, 513

chant of London, 513

Dumont's Recollections of Mirabeau, 486
Ear of the Earth, 426

Earthquake in Chili, 469

Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews, 355
Education of the People, essential to the public
happiness, 66-two kinds of, 188-of wo-
men, 227

Egypt, Court of, 555

Eliot, Sir John, persecution of, 145
Ellenborough, Lord, speeches of, 16
Emigration, remarks on, 222
English Notions of Morality, 22

"Entlehner, Der," or The Borrower, 195
Evening, lines to, 443

Evidence, circumstantial, 436
Exportation of women, 480
Eyes, education by, 188

Farce, anecdote of a damned one, 43
Fast for the Cholera, 398
Fazio, tragedy of, its success, 134
Female Officer, farce of, 180
Fiddlers of Staines, 544

Fiesco, a Tragedy, from Schiller, 521
Fire, description of, 313

Firing at a Mark, amusement of, 141
First-Born, the, 292

Fletcher, Mr., suicide of, 294
Fly, luxuries of one, 460

Foscolo, Life of, by Giuseppe Pecchio, 153

France, trip to, 44-laws relative to the drama
in, 132-criminal law in, 302
Free-and-Easy Monarchs, 101
Free trade in theatricals, 392
Game Laws, new, 216

Garrick Correspondence, reviewed, 196

and his Writings, facts regarding, 568
Club, 42

Garth, Dr., anecdote of, 543

Ghosts and Apparitions, theory of, 237
Goethe, Iphigenia of, 407-his death, 429.
some account of, 507

Governess, qualifications of, 298

Hunt, Leigh, his Sir Ralph Esher reviewed,
288-poems of, 289, 456, 580

Hunting by Steam, 394

Ignorance, its connexion with crime, 302
Immortality, belief in, 235

Indicator, the, 457-the cuckoo, 458-life in
May, ib.-butterflies, 460-bees, 464-con-
dition of human society, 467
Industry, schools of, 69

Informer, office of the, 100

Iphigenia of Goethe, passages from, 407
Irish agriculture, 204

tithes, question of, 285

Italian humorous poetry, 58, 249

language, early formation of, 540

Jacopo Ortis, novel of, 156

Jealousy, the, 439

Jockies, the last of them, 295

John de la Casa, lines by, 63

Johnson, Dr., literary designs of, 541
Judge-Law, 396

Kemble, John Philip, his poetical and literary
character, 174

Miss, her tragedy of Francis I. 353, 441

King, Lord, his Life of Locke, 542
Knowledge, taxes upon, 304

Kosem Kesamim, 315, 318, 423
Labourer, his depressed condition, 221
Lamb, Mr., his bill respecting the drama, 133
Law of Arrest, a Tale from facts, 279
Laws, true guardian of the, 100
Lawyer Matched, the, 435

Legacy, the, or a Thousand Pounds Reward,
comedy of, 181

Legislation, one of the beauties of, 399
Lethe, representation of, 568

Letter from the Saint Simonian Envoys in
England, to the Supreme Father Enfantin,
at Paris, 282

Letter to the Editors of the New Monthly
Magazine, 33

Libel, extraordinary prosecution for, 544
Liberty, barricade of, 99

Gower, Lord F. L., his drama of Anne of Life, human, miseries of, 254

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Literary Gazette, information against, 488
Literature, vernacular, on, 529
Liverpool, Lord, conduct of, 34
Loans, system of, 191

London, appearance of the cholera in, 284
Londonderry, Lord, oratory of, 15
Lords, House of, its temper, 8

Novelty, apostrophe to, 117

Nugent, Lord, his Memorials of Hampden, 121
Old Maids, remarks on, 588
Opera, the, a novel, noticed, 294
Operas, badness of the, 490

Orestes, his longing for repose, 407
Our Anecdotage, 541

Louis XVI., affairs of France during his reign, Our Present State, 497

[blocks in formation]

Meeting, the, 433

Merchant of London, a drama, 517,
Merchant vessels, loss of life in, 203
Metropolis, present state of, 396
Meyer, the merchant, story of, 279
Mind, progress of, 532
Mirabeau, Recollections of, 486
Milton, a new Life of, 581

Mitford, Mr., singular Life of, 205
Monarchs, free and easy ones, 101

Monthly Commentary, 97, 200, 294, 392, 480,

Morality, English notions of, 22

More, Dr. Henry, works of, 544
Morning, lines to, 443
Mourning, philosophy of, 481

Mulgrave, Lord, his novel, "The Contrast,"
reviewed, 414

Murray, Mr., on pulmonary consumption, 98
Murtola, Gaspar, sonnet by, 250

Music,copyright in,295-the noblest of arts,419
Musical instrument, new, 98
Napoleon, his despotic spirit, 84
Narrative of a Settler in Canada, 335
Necker, character and administration of, 545
Ne Sutor, 202

Owen, Mr., opinions of, 2
Palmerston, Lord, reply of, 405
Paris, the cholera in, 489
Parliament newspapers, 587
Paul Pry, comedy of, 134

Peasantry, altered habits of the, 214'
Pecchio, Giuseppe, his Life of Foscolo, 153
Peel, Sir Robert, his oratorical reputation, 12
Peers, on the creation of, 306, 405, 499
Penny Papers, 397

People, education of, essential to public hap-
piness, 66

Perceval, Mr., fast, proposed by, 283
Philosopher, the, 438

Phrenology. By David Uwins, M.D.,, 445
Physic, dissuasions from taking, 255
Plagiarism, defence of, 301

Poetical compositions in the open air, 205
Poetry-to the Primrose, by the Author of
"Corn-Law Rhymes," 89-Birth Song, 225
-Dirge of Death, ib.-Spring, by the Au-
thor of "Corn-Law Rhymes," 289-The
First-Born, 292-The Athenian 'Lover to
his Mistress, ib.-To an Arcadian Child
Sleeping, 293-The Splendid Village, by
the Author of "Corn-Law Rhymes," 321-
Since I knew thee, 342-Passages trans-
lated from the "Iphigenia" of Goethe, 407
-Spirit of Song, by T. H. Bayly, 413-
Translations from Horace, by Archdeacon
Wrangham, 403-To Day, 442-Morning,
443-Evening, ib.-Poetry, Italian humor-
ous, 58, 249-To May, by Leigh Hunt, 456
-To a Flower brought from the Field of
Grutli, 468-To a Greek Girl with a Lyre,
554-On the Creation of Man, 556-Life of
a Belle, 568-To a Child in Prayer, 575-
To June, by Leigh Hunt, 580

Poison, dealers in, 590

Political Conveniences, or the Results of the
Reform Bill, a Dialogue, 241
Population, rural, state of, 209
Pork, admiration of, 59
Portugal, affairs of, 379
Prayer, price of, in England, 393
Present Prospects, by an M.P., 299
Press, gentlemen of the, 483
Primrose, lines to the, 89
Princes, awkwardness of, 201
Printing, on the art of, 484,
Producers and Consumers, 185


New Monthly Magazine, letter to the Editors Property, on maintaining it inviolate, 147

Newton, Sir Isaac, epitaph on, 543

of, 33

New Year, the, 1

Night Thoughts of Young, 75

Notoriety, necessity of, 200

[blocks in formation]

Quebec, situation of, 335

Sydney, letter from, 481

Talleyrand, M. de, notice of, 80
Tatler, noticed, 103

Question, great one, a few plain words on, 305 Tale of Love and Mystery, 433

Rail-road newspaper, 585

Recess, the, 401

Reform Bill, remarks on, 4, 8-its results, 241, Taxation, on the reduction of, 220

402, 499

Retrospective Criticism, 441

Reviews, Edinburgh and Quarterly, 355
Revolution, the threatened, 585

River, its beauty by night, 313
Rome, apostrophe to, 255
Rural population, state of, 249
Russelton, Mr., lines by, 494

St. Simonian Envoys in England, letter from,
to the supreme Father Enfantin at Paris, 282
St. Vallery, suicide of, 557
Salvetti Pier, lines by, 62
Sausages, famous, 58
Scheneider, story of, 190
Schiller, tragedy by, 521

Schlegel, M. de, his forthcoming work, 382
School for Scandal Scandalized, 178
Sentiments, enlightened, 436
Shelley at Oxford, 90, 136, 343
Sieve, the, 65

Since I knew thee, 342

Sir Ralph Esher, by Leigh Hunt, rev., 288

Slavery, remarks on, 408

Smuggler, the, by Banim, 587

Taxes upon knowledge, 304

Temper of the House of Lords, 8

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Theatres, minor, prosecutions against, 135
on keeping places at, 202
Theatricals, free trade in, 392
Tierney, Mr., 372
Time, flight of, 136
Times, signs of the, 588

Tithes in Ireland, question of, 285
To-Day, 442

Tour of a German Prince, noticed, 300
Tragedy on, and comedy off the stage, 206
Trevisa, John de, his translation of Polychro-
nicon, 530

Trollope, Mrs., her book on America, 428
Tucuman, tale of, 45

Tuileries, the palace of, 115

University honours, 489

intelligence, 98

Useful Knowledge, Society for the Diffusion
of, 145

Utilitarians, the, 417

Uwins, Dr., on phrenology, 445

Van Rennselaer, M., seminaries founded by, 68

Society, human, condition of, 467-altered Venice, oligarchy of, 156

state of, 498

Solitude, love of, 358

Songs found in a Grecian urn, 290
South Bank, near the Regent's Park, 164
Spain, entry of the French troops into, 377
Spanish Account of the Armada, 49
Spectator newspaper, influence of its opinions, 4
Spinsters, what will they do? or, what shall
we do with them? 273

Spirit of Song, by T. H. Bayly, 430

true criticism, 353

Splendid Village, by the Author of "Corn-
Law Rhymes," 321

Spring, by the Author of "Corn-Law Rhymes,"

Squatting in Canada, 336

Staël, Madame de, influence of, 73-her re-
marks on music, 419

Stanley, Mr., speech of, 285

Stapleton's Political Life of Canning, 33
Steam Act, on the repeal of, 2
Steam, hunting by, 394

Stewart, Dugald, opinions of, 445
Steyning, population of, 66
Street-keepers, the, 397

Student, ambitious, conversations with, 71, 232
Sublime and Beautiful, 320

Sugar, average importation of, 409
Swindlers, devices of, 102
Swing at College, 98

Vernacular literature, on, 529
Voice, mysterious, 38
Wanderer Departed, 328
Returned, 321

Waste lands, cultivation of, 222
Wellington, Duke of, oratory of, 10-his op
position to reform, 106, 107-character of,
119-and Mrs. Comfort, 589

West Indies, state of, 393

What everybody says must be true, a Tale, 358
What's in a name? 102

What shall we do with the West Indies? 408
What will our spinsters do? or, what shall we

do with our spinsters? 273
Wheat, annual importation of, 217
Whitehall, royal library at, 534
Wicklow, Lord, appointment of, 16
Wilhelm Meister, novel of, 430
Wines, duties on, 486
Witches, visit to, 315

Women, on their influence and education, 227
-exportation of, 480

Word for the Constitution, 79

Words, a few plain, ou a great question, 305
Wrangham, Archdeacon, his Translations from
Horace, 432

Yankee Criticism, 587
Year, the new, 1

Young, poetry of, 71-his Night Thoughts, 75


London: Printed by W. CLOWES, Stamford-street.

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