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of 1900.

15. Malingering, feigning, or producing disease or infirmity, or wilfully maiming or injuring himself or any other member of the force, whether at the instance of such other member or not, or causing himself to be maimed or injured by any other person, with intent thereby to render himself, or such other member, unfit for service.

16. Taking any bribe or gratuity whatever with reference to any duty imposed upon him, or wilfully neglecting to execute any warrant entrusted to


17. Selling, pledging, or otherwise disposing of any horse, saddle, bridle, gun, clothing, ammunition, or other article or equipment, which by the regulations of the said force for the time being he shall be required to keep and possess.

18. Conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.

(Repealed by Proc. 4 of 1901.)


Defacement of Coin.

THEREAS DIVERS PERSONS have, for their own profit, altered and defaced coins issued by the late Government of the South African Republic:

And whereas it is advisable to prevent the repetition of such acts, and to warn the public against accepting such coins:

Now, therefore, I, Frederick Sleigh, Baron Roberts of Kandahar and Waterford, K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., V.C., Field-Marshal, Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty's Forces in South Africa, do proclaim, declare, and make known :

of 1900.


That whosoever shall deface any of the Queen's current gold, Penalty for defacesilver, or copper coin, or any of the gold or silver coin issued by ment of coin. the Mint of the late South African Republic, by stamping thereon any names or words, or by affixing any metal or other device thereon, whether such coin shall or shall not be thereby diminished or lightened, shall be guilty of a crime and offence, and shall be liable, at the discretion of the Court, to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding one year with or without hard labour, and that all such defaced coin wheresoever found shall be forfeited to the Crown.

of 1900.


Imperial Penny Postage.


NDER AND BY VIRTUE of the powers vested in me, I, FREDERICK SLEIGH, BARON ROBERTS, of Kandahar and Waterford, K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., V.C., FieldMarshal, Commanding-in-Chief Her Majesty's Forces in South Africa, do hereby proclaim, declare and make known that on and after the 1st December next the rate of postage on letters posted in the Transvaal and Orange River Colonies and addressed to the United Kingdom and places hereafter to be notified by the Administrators of Civil Posts in the above-mentioned Colonies, will be reduced to One Penny per Half Ounce or fraction thereof.

The existing Post Office Law, No. 18, 1898, of the South African Republic will, therefore, be amended accordingly.



Registration of Births and Deaths.

HEREAS IT IS ESSENTIAL for the better government of the Colony of the Transvaal that all Births and Deaths occurring within the Colony should be registered as accurately and with as little delay as possible.

Now, therefore, I FREDERICK SLEIGH, BARON ROBERTS of Kandahar and Waterford, K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., V.C., Field-Marshal, Commanding-in-Chief Her Majesty's Troops in South Africa, hereby declare, proclaim, and make known as follows:

That Registration Officers shall be appointed in the various urban and rural districts of the Transvaal whose duty as such will be to keep Registers of Births and Deaths.

The information may be given verbally to the Registration Officer, by one of the parents or some one present at the birth, and the officer shall forthwith record the same by filling up the form hereinafter prescribed in Schedule No. 1. Or the form already filled may be posted to the Registration Officer, in which case it must be duly attested by a Justice of the Peace, the Government Surgeon, or a Minister of Religion.

In case of a living new born child found exposed, the person finding the child shall forthwith report the fact to the nearest Police Station or Field Cornet, and the Police Constable or Field Cornet shall register the birth of such child.

Every birth, together with the information contained in the accompanying Schedule, must be registered within three tration. weeks of its occurrence.

of 1900.

Any medical man who has attended any person during his or her last illness, or who may have been called upon to attend any deceased person, shall give to the nearest relative, or to the person having legal charge of the corpse, or to the occupier of


* For Registration of Births and Deaths in Burghers Camps, see Pr. Tr. 22 1901, see!. 6.


Appointment Registration Officers.

Period for regis

Registration of unchild by

In the case of illegitimate children, the name of the father or putative father shall not be placed upon the Register unless bastards. the father shall expressly desire to register the birth in conjunction with the mother.



Registration of

Certificate of


of 1900.

Information as to death by medical


Burial permit.


To whom certifi- The person to whom the medical man shall have given the cate of death to be certificate shall hand the certificate to the Registrar within twenty-four hours if the death shall have occurred in any urban area, and shall supply the further information necessary to fill in the form prescribed in Schedule No. 3.


the house in which the death took place, a certificate in terms of the hereinafter mentioned Schedule No. 2. Unless the medical man in attendance, or who has been called upon to attend the deceased, shall have reason to withhold such certificate, in which case he shall immediately inform the Resident Magistrate of the fact, and the Resident Magistrate shall decide whether it may be necessary to hold an inquest.

Information as to

Should the deceased not have been attended by any death by next of kin, medical man during his or her last illness, and should no occupier, &c. medical man have inspected the body, then the next of kin, or some person present at the death, or the occupier of the house in which the death occurred, shall report the death to the Registration Officer, in terms of Schedule No. 3, within twentyfour hours if the death should have occurred in an urban area, or by the next post if in a rural district, and the Registration Officer shall either authorise the burial of the body, or shall report the case to the Resident Magistrate, who shall cause an inquest to be held if he shall consider it necessary.

In the case in which the form prescribed by Schedule No. 3 shall have been filled in and posted, it shall be previously attested by a Justice of the Peace, a Government Medical Officer, or a Minister of Religion.

In case the death shall have occurred in a rural district, the medical certificate shall be forwarded to the Registrar by the next post, and the form prescribed by Schedule No. 3 shall be filled in, and having been attested by a Justice of the Peace, a Government Medical Officer, or a Minister of Religion, shall be posted with the medical certificate.

When a death has been registered, the Registration Officer shall give the informant a burial permit, and no burial shall take place in any urban district without the production of such a permit, or in any ground other than a licensed Cemetery. Any person who shall, without reasonable cause or excuse, fail to register any Birth or Death in the manner aforesaid, shall, on conviction, be liable to a penalty not exceeding £5.

Any person who shall wilfully make, or cause to be made, for the purpose of being inserted in any notice or information, or in any Registration Book of Births and Deaths, any false statement touching any of the particulars set forth in this Schedule, shall, in accordance thereof, be guilty of the same pains and penalties as if he were guilty of perjury.

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