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Proc. No. 21

of 1900.




IT IS EXPEDIENT, in the interest of Preamble. the Public Health, that the occurrence of all cases of infectious or contagious diseases should be notified, in order that measures may be promptly taken for preventing the spread of such diseases,

Now, therefore, I, FREDERICK SLEIGH, BAROX ROBERTS OF KANDAHAR AND WATERFORD, K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., V.C., Field-Marshal, Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty's troops in South Africa, do hereby declare, proclaim, and make known as follows: 1. Every occupier of any house, building, premises, Notification

by wagon, cart, or tent within the jurisdiction of any Municipality occupiers of infecor Township, on the occurrence of any case of any of the here- tious disease. inafter specified contagious or infectious diseases within the precincts of any such house, building, or premises, or in any wagon, cart or tent, shall notify the same in writing to the Magistrate or Burgomaster, or to some officer duly authorised for the purpose, within twenty-four hours of the occurrence of such case of contagious or infectious disease becoming known to him.

The written notice aforesaid shall contain the full name, sex, age, race and address of the affected person, the nature of the disease, the date of its occurrence; and he shall furthermore furnish any other particulars relating to the case as may be required of him by any duly authorised officer.

The notice may be delivered either by hand or througii the Post Office.

2. Every Medical Practitioner attending, or called upon to Notification by attend, any person suffering from any of the hereinafter Medical Practitioner

of infectious disease. specified diseases shall, within twenty-four hours of becoming a ware of the nature of the disease, forward to the Magistrate or Burgomaster, or to some Officer appointed for the purpose, a certificate in the form set forth in the accompanying schedule, specifying the nature of the disease from which, in his opinion, the patient is suffering.

By Proc. 16 of 1901 sect. 21 sub-sec. (10), Johannesburg Municipality were em powered to make byelaws for preventing the spread of infectious disease (see p. 47 post), and by Proc. Tr. 7 of 1902 sect. 19 sub-sec. (10), Pretoria Municipality acquired such power (p. 171 post); under Ord.' 58 of 1903 sext. 42 sub-sec. (15) all Municipalities have this power, and under Proc. No. 62 Admin. 1903 (Gazette, 16 Oct. 1903, p. 1010) various Urban District Boards, constitnted under Ord. 58 of 1903 sect. 73, are so empowered also.

of 1900.

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3. Any occupier or Medical Practitioner, as aforesaid, negligently or wilfully concealing a case of any of the hereinafter mentioned diseases shall be liable to penalty of Five Pounds sterling

4. For the purpose of this Proclamation the following diseases, and any other diseases which may from time to time * be proclaimed by the Governor, shall be held to be infectious or contagious diseases, viz. :

(a) Smallpox, chickenpox, and amaas.
(1) Typhus, typhoid, enteric, gastric, or typho-malarial

(c) Malaria.
(d) Scarlet fever and scarletina.
(e) Puerperal fever and puerperal septioemia.
(1) Dysentery.
(9) Diphtheria and membraneous croup.
(1) Erysipelas.
(1) Leprosy.


Fees of Medical 5. Medical Practitioners shall be entitled to a fee of 2s, 6d. Practitioner for noti- for each case notified in accordance with the terms of this fication.

Proclamation, and any Medical Practitioner can obtain a book of forms of certification on personal or written application to the Officer appointed for carrying out this Proclamation within the district in which such Medical Practitioner resides.


Name of Junicipality or Township

190. To the (b).....

I, the undersigned, a legally registered Practitioner of Medicine, hereby notify that on (a)............

190..., I was called upon to attend (c)........... sex («).........

aged (C)............, race (s) living at (9)...

and that in my opinion he is suffering from the disease known as (h) and that the disease is probably caused by (i)...


(a) Insert date. (6) Name and address of Officer appointed under the Proclama-

tion. (c) Insert full name. (11) Male or female, as the case may be.
Age in years; if an infant under twelve months, state age in months. (f) If
race cannot be given exactly, add E. (White or European) or C. (Coloured).
(9) Give fullest possible address. (h) Name of disease. (i) The Medical
Practitioner's opinion as to the cause is very desirable, but it is optional.

* See Pr. 20 (Admn.) 1903 : Gazette (12 June, 1903), page 1193, declaring Plague : ('holera : Intermittent and Relapsing Fevers to be contagious diseases.

of 1900.




Organisation of the South African Constabulary.




CHEREAS IT IS EXPEDIENT to organise, establish, Preamble.

and regulate a force for the better protection of life and property in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, to be called the "South African Constabulary”:

Now, therefore, I, FREDERICK SLEIGH, BARON ROBERTS, of KANDAHAR and WATERFORD, K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., V.C., Field-Marshal, Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty's Forces in South Africa, do proclaim, declare, and make known : 1. An armed and mounted force shall be established in the

Constitution Transvaal and Orange River Colony, and known as the “South South African ConAfrican Constabulary.”

stabulary. 2. The members of the said force shall be sworn before a Members Justice of the Peace, or Officer empowered by the Inspector- sworn in. General to administer the oath, to act as a police in and throughout the Transvaal and Orange River Colony for preserving the peace and preventing crimes, and apprehending offenders against the peace; and also as a military force for the defence of the Colonies. In addition to their ordinary duties

Duty to serve as in the Transvaal or Orange River Colony, the members of the military or police in force may be called upon to serve as a military or police force any part of South

Africa. in any part of South Africa,

3. The said force shall be under the command of Field Officers. Officers, to be styled Lieutenant-Colonel, and other Officers to be styled Major, Captain, and Lieutenant respectively, to be from time to time appointed as hereinafter provided ; and all such Officers shall be under, and subject to the orders and command of the Inspector-General of the said Constabulary, to whom such Field Officers shall from time to time, as occasion may require, or whenever they shall be called upon so to do by the said Inspector-General, report on the condition of the force under their command, and on all matters of importance connected therewith, and shall consult and be guided by the advice of the said Inspector-General in respect of the subjects of such reports. It shall be competent for the InspectorGeneral to appoint one or more of the Field Officers of the Force to be Assistant Inspector-General.

of 1900.



4. The Governor, Administrator, or other person for the Field Officers by the time being responsible for the administration of the Transvaal Governor.

and Orange River Colony (hereinafter called the Governor) shall, by warrant under his hand, appoint the Field Officers in the preceding section mentioned and such other Officers as he may deem expedient for the general superintendence and management of the said force, and may from time to time displace and remove such Officers and appoint others in their place as to him shall seem meet; provided that no Officer so appointed shall be promoted to any higher grade than that to which he was first nominated without passing a satisfactory examination in such subjects as the Governor shall from time to time settle and appoint, and before such examiners as the

Governor shall from time to time nominate. Inspector - General

5. The Inspector-General shall from time to time make may frame rules, &esuch regulations respecting the enlistment, discipline, discharge, as to enlistment, discipline, &c. training, arms, and accoutrements, clothing and equipment

of such force, and respecting all other matters connected therewith as may be required for promoting the discipline and efficiency thereof, and shall also direct the employment and distribution of the said force, within or without the boundaries of the Transvaal or Orange River Colony, as to him shall seem

meet, under the direction of the said Governor. Duties of Officers. 6. It shall be the duty of the Field and other Officers of

the said force to suppress all tumults, riots, and affrays, or breaches of the peace in any part of the Transvaal or Orange River Colony where they may be on duty, and to assist in the defence of the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, and to discharge military duties in connection therewith when called

upon so to do. Powers and duties 7. The members of the said force so sworn as aforesaid

throughout the Transvaal and Orange River Colony shall have
such powers and privileges and shall be liable to all such duties
and responsibilities as any Police Officers or Constables
Law have, or be liable to, and shall obey all lawful directions
touching the execution of their office which they may from time
to time receive from their officers.

of members.

may by

Part II.--DISCIPLINE. Penalties on mem 8. Any member of the force who may be charged with the bers

contravening offence of contravening any regulation which may be made, rules anů regulations.

under and by virtue of this Proclamation, or any of the offences
in the schedule hereto, may be tried by and before -1. Any
of the superior Courts of Law in the Transvaal or Orange River
Colony within the jurisdiction of which such offence shall have
been committed. 2. The Court of the Magistrate of the district
in which such offence has been committed; or 3. A Board of
Officers as hereinafter mentioned. And shall, upon conviction,
be liable to be punished as follows:
(1) If the conviction shall be before any of the said

superior Courts such Court may sentence the offender

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