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solutely impossible to go along on foot through the crowd. As it was, when I got into the place, and particularly the next day, my two hands were as sore as if they had been beaten with sticks : à pleasant pain, however, when I reflected that it proceeded from the squeezes of the hard hands of labouring men. Se-'

veral young men, in particular, in all the NORTHERN TOUR. pride of health and strength, approached

to be permitted to touch that hand from Todmorden, 17th January, 1830. the movement of which they had expeIn my last, I brought down the ac- rienced, as they said, so much instruccount of my tour to Saturday, the ninth tion and delight. There is no playhouse of this month, on which day I had been at Oldham; but a very good and 'spaat Stockport, and had delivered a lec- cious place had been provided, though ture at the theatre there, to a most re- with considerable expense and trouble spectable and numerous audience, the to prop up the floor. There had been a magistrates having taken for themselves committee formed for these purposes, the stage-box. We were entertained who had taken the management of the there in the niost generous and hospita- whole matter into their own hands; to ble manner by a family whose circle them I left every thing, 'coming away formed, to make use of a French phrase, as soon as the lecture was 'over, and tell. something à peindre. Three tradesmen ing Mr. Fitton, the surgeon, of Royof the town took upon themselves the ton, that, as to the money affair, I left arrangement and management of the it wholly to his discretion and that of whole affair; gave out the notices; committee; and any money that they thade all the preparations in the most might bave to give me, they might, judicious manner; attended to the pecu- at their convenience, deposit with Mr. niary part of the concern, and declared Jaanson, of Manchester ; but, before themselves amply rewarded by a shake the next day at noon, the money was of the band from me.

sent to 'Mr. Johnson, and in 'amount a From Stockport, we returned back to great deal larger than I either expected Manchester, or rather to Smedley Lane, or wished. The next day, Tuesday, the that night; passed the Sunday at twelfth, I proceeded to Bolton in the Smedley, and, on Monday evening, went afternoon; got there at dusk, and found to Oldham. I was aware of the enthu- my friends in a state of uncertainty about siasm that would prevail amongst the my arrival. Nevertheless, short as the good and sincere men of that very po notice was, the theatre was pretty nearly pulous place, and, therefore, I deferred full, the audience consisting, in great my arrival in it to as late an hour as part, of the most opulent persons in the possible, wishing, by all means, to avoid town. Here I found out my old friend, the collecting of a great multitude to- John Hayes, who was put into prison gether. In spite of all my precautions, in the month of November, 1919, by and in spite of the darkness of the even the magistrates of this place, for coming, the people were collected in great mitting the crime of going round the numbers. It was with great difficulty town, with a bell, to inform the people, that we got into the inn to which we that their countryman, William CODdrove, and with still greater' difficulty Bett, had arrived from America, in good that we got into the place provided for health. John Hayes, who is a poor, the lecture; and I was compelled to but very industrious man, now between take the carriage again to go from the fifty and sixty years of age, was taken in to that place, it appearing to be ab- up for the above crime, and ordered to

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give bail, which he refused to do. They possibly have the conscience to come kept him in prison ten weeks, and he plain, and how they could possibly be was liberated at the Sessions for want in distress, when they had, to take care of some one to make a charge against of their affairs and their interests, two him. Poor as he is, he found a sixpence such consummate statesmen as STANLEY to go to the lecture, and did not come and Wood, one of whom was already near me till I sent for him, I gave him found to be worth 1,5001. a year of the a shilling a week for the time that he public money, and the other of whom was in prison, to begin with, and I left would, in all likelihood, not fail to prove : with Mr. JEREMIAH BRANDRETS, five himself equally worthy as soon as posshillings a week for eighteen weeks to sible. After having endeavoured to recome. I found, at Bolion, that all the move from the minds of these poor men stories of the LEEDS Mercury, t|

that some errors that they had imbibed with great maudlin liar of the North, and respect to the causes of their distress, and those of its brother liar, the Manchester after having bestowed on their tyrants, Guardian; I found that all their stories as I justly called them, every species of about the improvement in trade at Bol- reproach that suggested itself to my ton, were utterly destitute of truth; that mind, I left the people with observing, the contrary was the fact; that the that it was impossible for the devil himdecline was gradual, and continued to self to ren their lot worse than it al. proceed ; that the families of weavers ready was, but that they might console were being sent away to their parishes themselves with the reflection, and in all directions; and that the wages of with the certainty, that one of three the weavers was so low, that three and things would take place. The destrucnine-pence a week formed the common tion of the system of corruption and tyearnings of a man; and that the misery ranny; a return to the base paper-money, was so great as scarcely to admit of an and all the consequences attending it; adequate description,

or the almost total ruin of their tyranThe next day, Wednesday the 13th, nical masters. Having thus taken my I proceeded to Preston ; not with the leave of them, I prepared to set off for intention of offering myself as a lecturer Rochdale, and, as I came out of the to the once rich ruffians of that place, town, I saw Sam. Horrocks plodding towards whom I felt nothing but resent: towards home in a pensive mood. I ment and contempt. I gave notice that did not see brother Peter there ; and I I would address the people on the understood that he had quitted proud Thursday, at half-past twelve o'clock, Preston some time before.

There from the same window that I used to were two or three of the tyrant-masters address them from at the election. who had become bankrupts since the They assembled in great numbers, and election, at which I expressed my the greater part of their masters along satisfaction. with them. Every thing that I could Just as I was coming off, I found my say in the way of jibe, contempt, and carriage suddenly detained at the suit of hatred towards those masters, I said ; one HoffmaŅ. This Hoffman is a shoetelling them, at the same time, that I maker, and professed great patriotism has come on purpose to mock them be- at the beginning of the late election; fore the face of their men; to express but he behaved in such a way, that SIR my pleasure that some of them had al. Thomas Beevor, who had the control ready been broken up, and that the rest of the expenditure, absolutely refused to were trembling in their shoes, and that have anything more to do with him. their final ruin was at hand. The main He is a man perfectly illiterate, but by body of their masters was in a group no means deficient in point of assurance. within hearing, but as much out of my There required some person on the hustsight as they could get. I saw them, ings, who knew all the people in the however, I pointed to them with my town, to assert the right of my friends hand, turned the eyes of their men upon to be admitted to rote. Hoffman took them; reminded them of their base upon him that office. GRIMSHAW, the tyranny in forbidding their men to vote niayor, threatened to cominit him for me, and asked them how they could I prison if he interfered without having


authority from the candidate. Themen to such å state. The coverings of bustling chap came running to me to the bodies of these people of proud the inn, to get a line under my hand, Preston” (ir which borough, observe, telling the mayor that I appointed him Lord Derby has a mansion) were far my advocate, or agent, for the business. inferior to the coverings of many a shoyOld Nic kept this paper; and, a little hoy that I have seen in many of the while ago, gave it (as I was informed) fields in Surrey and in Hampshire. Yes, to Hoffman, whether with advice or not the stakes put up in the fields, twisted I cannot say. Upon this, HOFFMAN round with straw, and then covered over goes to an attorney. They hear of my with garments to frighten away the intention of coming to Preston; and birds, I have never seen covered with trump up a charge of ten pounds due such miserable rags as the people of to Horfman, as my “legal advocate "|" proud Preston" are now covered with. on the hostings. The laws of the bo- There might be a couple or three thourough, it seems, authorize a seizure such sand standing before me, and leaving as was made of the carriage, and enable out the garments of the insolent and the Borough Court to decide upon the tyrannical masters, I verily believe that

I had appointed to be at Roch- the covering of the whole, with the exdale in the afternoon, so that I gave ception of the wooden clogs upon their bail, released the carriage, and left my feet, was not worth forty shillings. I friend, Mr. THOMAS Smith, of Liver- remember that my father used to buy pool, (who had the kindness to meet me tons of rags to chop up for manure for at Preston,) to settle the matter as he his hop garden. Scores of garments pleased. What he did do, I do not yet have I seen amongst those rags far more know, and it is not of much importance. valuable, far better looking, than the A good lesson, however, for the future, things which covered, or in part coand a proof of the soundness of the vered, the nakedness of this shivering judgment of Sir Thomas Beevor, who, and ill-treated group. froin the first, protested against having The very day that we were at Preston, anything to do with this Horrman. the Quarter Sessions was holden there; HOFFMAX complained, amongst other and before the Grand Jury was disthings, that one of my sons kicked him missed, and while they were in the box, off the hustings. A very strange thing, a bowl of soup was brought into the that he should kick off the hustings a court,' and, after having been tasted by person whose services were so valuable! the Chairman, was handed round to the

The situation of Preston is deplorable. magistrates, and then to the Grand To so low a state has the trade come, Jury, who appeared to have feasted that some, or, at least, one (one was upon this occasion, à la gammelle, as named to me) of the manufacturers who the French call it; that is to say, sitting have hitherto used power-looms, now round the mess in a circle, and handing employ band weavers instead of the the spoon from mouth to mouth. After power-looms, being able to get the work the repast was over, the Chairman exdone at a lower price in that way. Let horted the Grand Jurors to encourage any one judge, then, whatare the wages the making of similar messes in all their that the poor creatures must receive who districts, in order to relieve and comfort do the work now! Indeed, when I the poor! To this art thou come at last, looked at the body of good and sincere bragging John Bull! This is the result men, industrious and ingenious men, of having “ twice-conquered France," who stood before me at Preston ; when and restored the Bourbons ! This is that l'beheld the rags that covered them, un- indemnity for the future." which heaworthy of the name of clothing; when ven-born Pitt promisen as the effect I beheld their pale and thin faces, their of the war. What the soup was made of sunk eyes, and their anxious and mise- I cannot say; but this I know well, that rable looks, the picture presented by any thing so horrible as this picture, so my own group of men and boys at Barn humiliating to the nation, never was Elm, rushed into my mind, I could not heard of before. I wish that the poor forbear cursing the horrible system people to whom this soup is tendered, which had reduced so many meritorious could come in a body of fifty thousand,

and see the tax-caters roiling in Hyde form, with regard to the French, exactly Park. or going toʻq' levée. They would the reverse of that contrast which was then at once see eause and effect. exhibited in the days of our fore

In my harangue at Preston, I did not fathers ? Before we got to Haslingdon, forget the conduct of the aristocratic it was nearly dark; and thence to Catholics of that place and neighbour- Rochdale the road was both hilly and hood; and described their incomparable rough. It snowed and blew very baseness in strutting at the heels of much, and the night was dark. We got Stanley and Wood, dressed out in redlin, however, and were safely deposited ribbons, with their priests at their head, at the “ Wellington Hotel,” by half-after and proudly marching in the costume of six o'clock. There were plenty of gentheir ingratitude. Those Catholics, with tlemen to receive us, and the inn was whom I conversed, lamented rather than the nicest and most comfortable that I rejoiced at what is called their eman- have seen since I left London. Here, cipation ": they said, and truly said, that as elsewhere, all the trouble was taken it had done nothing, and would do no- off our hands; the theatre was prepared thing for thein, except expose them still in a very nice manner; and the house more to the tyranny of their obdurate was full, boxes, pit, and gallery. We masters. They seem to understand the had no trouble of any sort, We had thing perfectly well. They have not one room above stairs, and one below; been disfranchised, as the Irish have in one or the other of which, every one, been; but they see that emancipa- who chose it, had access to me ; and a tion, as it is called, without a reform of nicer place, kinder or more sensible the House of Commons, can only tend people, treatment more friendly or corto add to the numbers of the tax-eaters. dial, I never met with in the whole In conclusion, with regard to Preston, it course of my life. Of this immense would be ungrateful in me not to notice parish, the benefice belongs to that the handsome conduct of the printer of Parson HAY, who received it as a gift the" Preston Chronicle," a paper which from the Archbishop of Canterbury, reflects great honour on the talents as some time after the horrible affair at well as on the integrity of that gen- Manchester in the year 1815. This tleman.

living is said to be worth from two to I had appointed to be at the town of three thousand pounds a year, and this Rochdale by six o'clock; and I had Hay has another living in Yorkshire. thirty miles to go. The day being snowy From Rochdale, we proceeded to Todand windy in the extreme. I went morden (where we now are) on Friday through Blackburne and Haslingdon, morning; and, in the evening, I gave changing horses at each of those places, a lecture in the Unitarian Chapel, beI did not stop at Blackburne ; but it is ing, myself, stationed in the pulpit. I sufficient merely to ride along to be must not scold the Unitarians any more. convinced that the misery is even greater I cannot be of their religion ; but, every than it is described to be. A regiment where, I have found then perfectly of soldiers has been stationed there for ready to tolerate every other sect; and a considerable tiine; and the part of to laugh at my innumerable attacks the working people who are best clad, upon their own. I wish, of course, that are clad in the cast-off garments of the they were church people ; but I cordisoldiers. They have seldom a hat wor- ally thank them for the use of their thy of being called a hat, and no small chapels, and particularly for their friendpart of their heads are covered with the ship. cast-off caps of the standing arıny; Here, at Todmorden, we are at the several of whom I saw in the streets, house, or, rather, houses of friends

i rosy and gay as rectors and vicars with friends whoin we never knew before, good fat livings. How precisely this but who had the kindness to bespeak us picture corresponds with that which at Manchester. I never was induced to Fortesque has left us of the situation go into a factory, in England, before ; of the miserable French in his day! but here is one for weaving by powerAnd, is it thus that we are always to looms, belonging to the Messrs. Fieldremain ? Are we always, in future, to ing, consisting of one room on a ground

floor, which is of the surprising dimen- exceedingly good in this case, that it sions of a hundred and eighty feet would be injustice in the extreme for square ; and covering a statute acre of me to withhold the acknowledgment. ground all but twenty-eight rods ! In Mr. MANLY is an Irishman, and his this room, which is lighted from above, generous and bold conduct has served and in the most convenient and beauti. to wipe away a large part of the inful manner, there were five hundred gratitude which I have experienced at pair of looms at work, and tive hundred the hands of some of his countrymen, persons attending those looms; and, It was eight o'clock when we went owing to the goodness of the masters, to the theatre, and the audience had the the whole looking healthy and well- patience to listen to me until nearly dressed. Were I to attempt to describe eleven. Then we had to return to the our treatment here, I should do one of inn. There is no parting, in such a two things, neither of which I wish to case, without a great deal of delay. Every do : fall very far short of what justice one wants to see me, and to shake me by and gratitude would demand, or give the hand; and here I must observe that i offence to the really modest characters was particularly delighted with a very of the parties. On Saturday the 16th, I fine young man, very well dressed, and went to Halifax. I should have ob- about seventeen years of age, who served before, that the boundary-line of squeezed himself through a crowd in the two counties, cuts this romantic and the lower room to get up to me, to beautiful place asunder. The parish shake hands with me, and, while he church of Todmorden stands in York. had hold of my hand, he said “I am shire; and I stepped my foot into “ coom'd a purpose to tak houd of the Yorkshire for the first time, when I fingers and the thumb that wrote the went into the Unitarian Chapel. Hali- " Advice to Young Men.Something fax stands at twelve miles distance from resembling this I have, since I have been this place. Thither I went yesterday, from home, met with in hundreds of arriving there about the middle of the instances. If this be not fame, what is day, and accompanied by one of our fame? If this be not honour, what is kind friends from Todmorden. Upon honour ? And if this: be not happiour arrival, great complaints of want of ness, what man is ever to expect to be due notice : great despair, amongst our happy? friends, of an audience, for want of such We did not get' from Halifax until notice, especially as Halifax, they said, past twelve o'clock, and we got back to was such an aristocratical place. I be- Todmorden about three this morning; sought them not to despair; when the time and I was not up and dressed until ten. came, the very beautiful little theatre Pretty work for a man accustomed to was filled chock-full, gallery, pit, boxes, get up at four o'clock in the morning, and all ; a finer audience, more opulent and go to bed at eight. However, the in appearance, better pleased, and, above rigid adherence to the milk and water all things, more attentive, I have not renders these irregularities of little conmet with. Towards the conclusion of sequence. At my outset, it was thought my barangue, I noticed what I heard necessary to have a glass of wine and about the aristocratical spirit of the water at the end of the harangue, in town, and ridiculed, with all my power, order to revive, or to do something or the silly vanity of men in the middle another; but 1 soon found it to be rank of life, who expected that they, by mischievous, rather than beneficial ; I separating themselves from the lower found milk and water just as restoring class, by affecting to belong to the aris- as the wine and water : I go to sleep toeracy, could possibly accomplish any the moment I am in the bed, and I thing but the ruin of their own fortunes, rise with my head as clear and sound as and inaking themselves more the tools a bell: and I join the woinen in saying of those who fill the seats.

to all my male readers, if you approve I must here make my public acknow- of my writings in other respects; if you ledgments to Mr. Manly, who is lessee think me right in all other things; if of this theatre, as well as of that at Derby, you admire my exertions and listen to and who has behaved in a manner sol my precepts, I beseech you, in this re

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