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hundreds of gentlemen came to see the CORN, which stood on the side of this

NORFOLK COUNTY MEETING. piece of mangel-wurzel, which every Tuis, I find, is to be held on the 16th one said was the handsomest thing of instant. I was in hopes that I should the kind that he had ever seen. There get to Nottingham a day before it was was not a single degenerate plant in the held, and then I intended to go off to whole field; and the plants were sur- Norwich, be at the Meeting, and then prisingly uniform in size. From this come back again to Nottingham; and, field I took the plants and put them into if I had been there, I trust that the peten acres of fresh ground, to raise the tition of 1822 would have been carried seed from ; ' and, notwithstanding the over again ; for that is what we want. miserableness of the summer, I had a We want it, and every part of it, withlarge crop of seed, which I had the pa- out the alteration of one single word. tience to suffer to ripen thoroughly; and After the title of the petition, I would it is now thrashed out and winnowed. have proceeded thus : ' “Your humble I shall. sell this seed at my shop in “petitioners presented to your HonourFleet-street ; but I will not sell any “able House a petition passed in the before the first of March, because 1 " month of January, 1823, in which must be first in London to know “ petition they expressed their opinion what is the proper' price for me to sell “ with regard to the causes of the disat. I did not wish to retail this seed at “ tress, with regard to the necessary all, and had therefore offered it to “ remedies, and with regard to the fatal seedsmen; but as they told me that they consequences which must finally rewere over stocked, I determined, of sult from a disregard of their humble course, on retailing the seed, which I “ supplication; and time having only shall do at the common retail price, confirmed them in the correctness of selling from one pound to any number “ their opinions, they have now only to of pounds, and always at the same price,“ repeat their representations and their except to country correspondents, who “ prayers, and to beseech your Honourmay want to sell the seed again, and "able House not to repeat your disre. then I shall make the suitable deduc- " gard of them.” After this, I would tion. Middle of May is the proper time go on with the old petition, word for to sow mangel-wurzel seed for crop ; word, and letter for letter, and thus that is to say, in the south of England. the petition would be complete. From If you sow earlier, many of the plants what I learn, illness in SIR THUMAS go to seed in August and September ; Beevor's family, of a very serious naand that makes a considerable diminu- ture, will prevent him from being pretion in the solid amount of the crop. I sent. But I trust that some other Norshall have twenty acres, or more, of folk man will have the spirit to perform mangel-wurzel this year; and I hereby this duty. I hear that the Whig arischallenge beforehand all the whole tocracy are for doing nothing to take off body of bull-frogs of The Farmer's the taxes ; so that, if they have their Journal, to produce a single piece of way, there will be a curious mixture of the same extent, equal in amount of folly and greediness, and the petition crop to mine ; and if the tax-gatherer, be a dishonour to the county, which · and the steward, and the overseer, and has, for years, been the land-mark of the parson, have left a hundred pounds the whole kingdom. in any of their pockets, and they have the pluck to venture it upon this challenge, they know where I live, and I am their A TREATISE on COBBETT'S CORN; con. man. However, they will have plenty to taining instructiou for propagating and do in getting gold enough together to pay

cultivating the plant, and for harvesting their rates, taxes, tithes and rent. They

and preserving the crop ; and also an ac

count of the several uses to which the prowill have little time for making wagers duce is applied, with minute directions as or trying experiments.

to each mode of application Price 5s, 6d.


tise on the Situation, Soil, Enclosing, and

Laying-out, of Kitchen Gardens ; on the OR,

making and managing of Hot-Beds and A TREATISE

Green-Houses, and on the Propagation and On the preparing of groupd for planting ; on Cultivation of all sorts of Kitchen Garden the planting; on the cultivating; on the Plants, and of Fruit Trees, whether of the prunivg; and on the cutting down of Forest Garden or the Orchard ; and also, on the Trees and Underwoods;

Formation of Sbrubberies and Flower GarDESCRIBING

dens; and on the Propagation and CultivaThe usual growth and size aud the uses of

tion of the several sorts of Shrubs and Floweach sort of tree, the seed of each, the sea

ers; concluding with a Calendar, giving son and manner of collecting the seed, the

instructions relative to the Sowings, Plantmanuer of preserving and of sowing it, and

ings, Prunings, and other Labours to be also the manner of managing the young

performed in the Gardens in each month of plants until fit to plant out;

the year. Price 6s.

PROTESTANT “ REFORMATION, in THE TREES Being arranged in Alphabetical Order, and

England and Ireland, showing how that the List of them, including those of Ame

event has impoverished and degraded the rica as well as those of England, and the

main body of the people in those countries ; English, French, and Latin name being

in a series of letters, addressed to all sensible prefixed to the directions relative to each

and just Englishmen. A new edition, in

two volumes; the price of the first volume tree respectively.

48. 6d., and for the second 3s. 6d. This is a very handsome octavo book,

COTTAGE ECONOMY ; containing inforof fine paper and print, price 14s. and

mation relative to the Brewing of Beer, it contains matter sufficient to make any Keeping of Cows, Pigs, Bees, Ewes, Goats, man a complete tree-planter.

Poultry, and Rabbits, and relative to other

matters deemed useful in the conducting TULL'S HUSBANDRY.-The Horse-hoeing

the Affairs of a Labourer's Family; to which Husbandry; or, A Treatise on the Prin- are added, lustructions relative to the Seciples of Tillage and Vegetation ; wherein

lecting, the Cutting, and the Bleaching, of is taught a method of introducing a sort of

the Plants of English Grass and Grain, fur Vineyard Culture into the Corn-fields, jo the purpose of making Hats and Bonnets ; order to increase their product, and dimi

to which is now added, a very minute acnish the common expense. By JETHRO

couut (illustrated with a Plate) of the AmeTULL. With an Introduction, containing

rican manner of making Ice-Houses. Price an Account of certain Experiments of re.

2s. 6d. cent date, by William CobbeTr. 8vo. 155. LETTERS FROM FRANCE; containing This is a very beautiful volume, upon fine

Observations inade in that Country during paper, and containing 466 pages. Price 158. a Journey froin Calais to the South, as far bound in boards.

as Liinoges; then back to Paris; and then,

after a residence there of three months, I knew a gentleman, who, from reading the former edition which I published of Tull,

from Paris through the Eastern parts of has had land to a greater extent than the

France, and through part of the Netheru bole of my farm in wheat every year,

lands ; commencing in April, and ending without manure for several years past, and

in December, 1824. By Join M. COBBETT, has bad as good a crop the last year as in

Student of Lincoln's Ion. Price 4.s. the first year, difference of seasons ouly ex- MR. JAMES PAUL COBBETT'S RIDE cepted ; and, if I recollect rightly, his crop OF EIGHTHUNDRED MILESIN has never fallen short of thirty-two bushels FRANCE, Second Edition, Price 2s. 6d. to the acre. The same may be done by any This Work contains a Sketch of the Face of body on the same sort of land, if the prin- the Country, of its Rural Economy, of the eiples of this book be attended to, and its Towns and Villages, of Manufactures, and precepts strictly obeyed.

Trade, and of such of the Manners and

Customs as materially differ from those of YEAR'S RESIDENCE IN AMERICA ; treat

Englaud; Also, an Account of the Prices ing of the Face of the Country, the Climate,

of Land, House, Fuel, lood, Raiment, Lathe Soil, the Products, the Mode of Cultivat

bour, and other Things, in different parts of ing the Land, the Prices of Laud, of Labour,

the Country; the design being to exhibit a of Food, of Raiment; of the Expenses of true picture of the present State of the People House-Keeping, and of the Usual Manner

of France. To which is added, a General of Living; of the Manners and Custums of View of the Finances of ibe Kiugdom. the People, and of the Institutions of the Country, Civil, Political, and Religious. POOR MAN'S FRIEND; or, Essays on the Price 5s,

Rights and Duties of the Poor. Price ls.

EMIGRANT'S GUIDE. “ We have marked so many passages in this

sensible and pleasing volume for extract, that Just published, at my shop, No. 183, we are now actually at a loss which to select.” Fleet Street, a volume under this title, - Morning Advertiser.

in I vol. 121no. Price 7s.6d. price 2s.6d. in boards, and consisting of ten letters, addressed to English Tar

2. PUBLIC EDUCATION.-Christian Epayers, of which letters, the following ner of a New Day. In a course of Lectures,

ducation, in Spirit and in Truth, thc forerunare the contents :

delivered in London, in spring, 1829. By Dr. Letter 1.-On the Question, Whether it be BIBER. In I vol. 8vo. Price 78. 6d.

advisable to emigrate from England at this “The great complaints brought forward by time?

Dr. Biber against the moderu system of EduLetter 11.-On the Descriptions of Persons to cation are, that it has no moral object in view;

wbom Emigration would be most beneficial. that it is merely a worldly education, having re: Letter III.-Öu the Parts of the United States ference to the things of this world” only, and

to go to, preceded by Reasons for going to in but few respects calculated either to increase no other Country, and especially not to an the happiness of the individual here, or to fit English Colony

him for enjoyment hereafter; his Lectures are Letter IV.-On the Preparations some time characterized throughout by great eloquence previous to Sailiog.

of style and much shrewd observation, and Letter V. Of the sort of Ship to go in, and we shall indeed be greatly mistaken if they

of the Steps to be taken relative to the are not as extensively read as they deserve to Passage, and the sort of Passage; also of be most maturely considered." the Stores, and other things, to be taken out

Chilblains, Corus, &c. This Day, with the Emigrant. Letter VI.- or the Precautions to be observed FINGERS, AND TOES; which iucludes the

3. ECONOMY OF THE HANDS, FEET, while on board of Ship, whether in Cabiu Prevention, Treatment, and Cure of Corns,

or Steerage. Letter VII. of the first Steps to be taken on removal of Excrescences, superfluous Hairs,

Bunions, aud Deformed Nails, the effective Landing: Letter Viil. Of the way to proceed to get a and certain method of rendering the skin

Freckles, Pimples, and Blotches ; with a safe Farm, or a Shop, to settle in Business, or white, soft, and delicate, without detriment to to set yourself down as an Independent health. By an Old ARMY Surgeon. To a

Gentleman. Letter IX.-On the means of Educating Chile eat pocket volume, royal 18mo. with a Frundren, and of obtaining literary Knowledge.

tispiece. Price 3s. 6d.

. This little work will be interesting to Letter X.-of such other Matters, a kuow- many; there is scarcely one out of a hundred ledge relating to which must be useful to who does not complain of corns or bunions, every one going from England to the United and as few who would not be glad to receive States,

advice for their exiraction or cure." It grieves me very much to know it

4. RECREATIONS IN SCIENCE; or, a to be my duty to publish this book ; but complete Series of Rational Amusemeut. By I cannot refrain from doing it, when I the Author of “ Endless Amusement.” In see the alarms and hear the cries of 18mo. Illustrated by numerous Eugraviugs.

Price 38, 6d. thousands of virtuous families that it

“A vecy valuable addition to popular sci. may save from utter ruin.

ence has just been made by a little publicativn The ubove may be had at No. 183, Flect Street. called ' Recreations iu Science. it possesses

The singular advantage of ouly describing those experiments that can be performed with

the aid of simple apparatus." - Atlas, Dec. NEW & IMPORTANT PUBLICATIONS. 1829. 1.-HEALTH WITHOUT PAYSIC; or

Second Edition, Just Published, Cordials for Youth, Manhood, and Old Age : 5. COMPOSITION AND PUNCTOAincluding Maxims, Medical, Moral, and Fa-TION Familiarly explained, for those who cetonus, for the Prevention of Disease, and have neglected the study of Grammar. By the attaininent of a long and vigorous life. JUSTIN BRENAN, By an Old PHYSICIAN.

“We have read this little book with much With a beautiful emblematical Frontispiece, satisfaction. Something of the kind has been desigued by Richter.

loug wanted, and the want is now very ingeni. “Numerous as have been, of late, the pub- ously supplied. My object,' says the author, lications on medical subjects, written in a' is to instruct those who kuow how to read popular style, and for the instruction of non- and write, but who are unacquainted with medical persons, we question much whether grammar. I propose, strange as it may apany of them have had an object of greater u-pear, to show such persons bow they may tility to accomplish it than the present," - compose sentences, of which they may not at least he ashamed, and how they may express are rendered as clear as possible, so that the meaning intelligibly, without exciting a laugh meanest capacity may readily profit hy them. at their expense. This object Mr. Brenan It may further be added in its favour, that it has attained in a simple and agreeable man has obtained the special approbation of Mr. ner; and we, therefore, confidently recom- Abernethy. It is, in short, a work of most meud his book to those wbose early education extended usefulness, equally free from medical has been neglected, and who are now afraid mysticism on the one hand, and the imposito enter upon all the difficulties of grammar. tion and cant of quackery on the other. We We shall ourselves present copies of it to se- can safely recommend it even to hypochonveral mechanics and others, in whose progress driacal readers."-New Monthly Magazine, we take au interest. — Edinburgh Literary Oct. 1829. Journal, Nov. 14, 1829.

Second edition, one vol. 12mo., price 6s. 18mo. Price 2s.6d, boards,

8. BLUE-COAT SCHOOL, with a correct 6. BOOK.KEEPING.–Pourth Edition, en- List of the Governors, and the Mode of obtain

larged and improved, with copious Illus- ing Presentation. A BRIEF TREATISE OF trations of luterest, Accounts, Joint Ad- CHRIST'S HOSPITAL IN LONDON, from ventures, and Joint Purchases.

its Foundation to the present Time ; with a

View of the New Hall, &c. Fifth edition, in This Day is Published, price 6s. boards,

12mo., price 5s. boards. A NEW CHECK JOURNAL, upon the 9. A familiar TREATISE ON NERVOUS Principle of DOUBLE ENTRY, which exhibits a AFFECTIONS, Disorders of the Head and continued, systematic, and self-verifying Re- Chest, Stomach and Bowels, &c. Also on the cord of Accounts, of Individuals, and Part- Means of repairing a Debilitated Constitution, dership Concerns, and shows at one view, the through the Establishment of a Healthy Direal state of a Merchant's or Trader's Affairs, gestion; including Prescriptions in plain by a Single Book only, whereby the tedious English, from the Writings and Private Pracrepetitions in journalizing inseparable from tice of eminent Physicians. By J. STEVENSON, the present practice) are wholly avoided, the M.D., Author of the History and Treatment of balancing of Books made a speedy and easy Coughs, Colds, and other Winter Complaints, operation, and the use of the Common Jourual &c. Second edition, royal 18mo., price 3s. 6d. and Cash Book rendered unnecessary: com- boards. bioing the advantages of the Day Book, Journal, and Cash Book, and by which a saving of and Perfection, of social Happiness and Duty:

10. MARRIAGE:-The Source, Stability, three-fourths of labour is obtained, both for furms for Merchants, Uuderwriters, Wholesale Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of DuuTeacher and Book-keeper; with particular by the Rev. H. C. O'Donnoghue, A.M., of and Retail Dealers; the whole familiarly ex:

lu one vol., 12mo., price 4s. boards. plained, and forming a Complete and Practical System of Book-keeping, by Single and Dou.

11. The History and Treatment of the geble Entry. To which is appended, a New and Derally-prevailing Affections usually denomimore Simple Method, or Double Entry by nated COLDS AND COUGHS, with ObserSiugle. By George JACKSON, Accountant. vations on the local and general lufluence of

Climate over the Human Body, at all Seasons « Mr. Jackson is the author who appears to of the Year. An Epitome of Precepts on Diet have chosen for his model the system pearest for elderly People, &c. &c. With Directions perfection."-Vautro. " From what we bave seen of this book the Sick-room; the Selection and Use of A pe.

for the Management of Colds ; Regulation of (evilenily the result of much labour on the rient and other Medicines, &c. &c. By J part of a practical map of business), it will soon Stevenson, M. D., Author of “Treatise on hold a distinguished place, not only in every Nervous Affections, and Disorders of the Stocounting-house, but what is of far greater im- mach," &c. Royal 18mo., price 3s. boards. portaoce, in every school in the empire." Public Ledger, Nov. 12, 1827.

London : published by Effingham Wilson, 3. SIMPLICITY OF HEALTH, exempli Royal Exchange; and all booksellers. fied by HORTATOR.—The main object of this Treatise is, the Preservation of Health, inde Published by CHAPPLE, Royal Library, No.59, pendent of Medicine, as far as is consistent Pall-Mall, and SHERWOOD, Paternosterwith prudence and safety; and the best crite- row, ls. 6d. stitched, or 28. boards. rion of its merit is, the important fact, that AN ECONOMICAL and NEW METHOD of Mr. ABERNETHY has given it a favourable COOKERY; describing upwards of Eighty character, which is inserted in the work by Cheap, Wholesome, and Nourishing Dishes, his permission.

consisting of Roast, Boiled, aud Baked Meats, ** This is a very useful manual to be in every Stews, Fries, and above Forty Soups; a variety one's hands. There is great good sense in the of Puildings, Pies, &c.; with vew and useful advice it offers, so interesting and momentous Observatious on Rice, Barley, Pease, Oatmeal, to all readers. Its contents are divided into and Milk, and the numerous Dishes they four hundred and thirty-three sections, and allurd, adapted to the necessity of the times, Hospital Reports. Camblet and Plaid Cloaks, Witney Wrappers,


equally in all ranks of society. By ELIZA MELROE.

THE LANCET. Economy is the Source of Plenty." “ Bury not your Talent.”

No. 333, published this day, contains :To those in all ranks of society who are Mr. Lawrence's Sixteenth Lecture on Union advocates for economy, and bave inclination

by Adhesion; the Nature and Treatment of and ability to diffuse a knowledge of it to others, this Treatise of Economical Cookery,

Injuries; Incised Wounds; Talliacotian suggested through necessity, and soinewhat Operation ; Sutures; Ligatures. perfected by subsequent study and applica- Interesting Case of Disease of the Lymphatic tion, is humbly dedicated, by their most de

System, by M. Amussat. voted and must obedient humble servant, the Singular Case of Lethargy in a Female lasting Author.

Four Years, by Dr. Muller. A TREATISE on the RADICAL CURE of HERNIA, or RUPTURE, by intentional Remarks on the employment of Opium in Acute Means. With Cases, most unexceptionably

Abdominal and Pelvic loflammation, by Mr. attested, particularly by Overseers of Parishes, Bates, in reply to Mr. Godrich. and by Private Individuals, effected without Rejection of Students at the Hall, after passing any Surgical Operation, Pain, or Suspension at the College. of the Patient's ordinary Avocations; also, Surgical Reform-British College of Surgeons Observations upon the Management of Rup- - Medical Policy. ture, and upon the Construction, Use, and Medical Education—The Graces versus the Adaptation of the Truss. By W. Dufour,

Sciences. Surgeon to the Daranian Dispensary, for the Mr. White on the Cause of the Pulmonary Cure of Strictures, Author of a “ Practical Crepitous Rattle. Treatise on Diseases of the Urethra," &c. &c. Mr. Moore on the Efficacy of Cubebs in Go5s, boards

norrhæa. A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the DROP- Western Hospital - Reply of Mr. Brodie to Mr. SY; published by desire for Public Benefit, Sleigh. price Is.

Reply of Mr. Sleigh to Dr. Ayre and Mr.


The Anatomy Bill-Price of Subjects.

Rebuilding of Westminster Hospital-West-

minster Bats.

The Fire King and his Pretensions. CLOTHIERS, DRAPERS, AND TAILORS,

Glorious Triumph for General Practitioners No. 93, Fleet Street, (a few doors below the Legality of Charges for Medical attendance.

new entrance to St. Bridė's Church,) Handey versus Henson-Trial at the Court of Beg to inform the Public, that they have

King's Bench on Saturday, to recover a Pro

fessional Bill. opened the above Shop, with a large Assortment of Goods, of the Best and most Fashion- Charges, at the Medico-Botanical Society able Description, and which they are deter

against Mr. Director Frost. mineul shall not be surpassed, either in Qua- Review of Reid's Practical Chemistry. lity, Style of the Cut, or Workmanship.

Remarks on the Study of Botany as a part of The following is a list of their Prices for

Medical Education. By D. Huwisou, of Cash :

Edinburgh. Superfine Coats, of Fashion.

London Medical Society Letter from Dr. able Colours, from Patent £. s. £. s.

Blicke on the Case of alleged Aneurism of finished Cloths

2 5 to 3 0

the Renal Artery.

Dr. Woodforde on certain alarming Symptoms Ditto, Blue or Black

2 10 3 5 Extra Saxony Wool, Blue or

produced by the administration of the Col. Black.

chicum Autumnale.

3 10 & upw. Letter from a Sufferer on the Illiberal Conduct Superfine Frock, with Silk Facings

2 18 4 0

of the Colleges of Surgeons in London aud Ditto Trousers

0 18 1 10

Edinburgh. Kerseymere Waistcoats

0 10

Westminster Medical Society-Letter from

0 14 Marseilles ditto

0 7 0 10

Dr. Tuthill ou a Case of Dropsy. Valencia ditto

08 0 12

Death of Sir Thomas Lawrence,

The “Coward." Silk ditto

0 14 0 18 A Suit of Livery

4 0

Literary Intelligence. Ladies' Hahits aad Pelisses, Children's Correspondents and Errata. Dresses, Shooting Jackets and Hunting Coats,

London : Published at the Ofice of The and every other Garment, equally cheap.

LANCEr, No. 210, Strand.
A large Assortment kept Ready Made.
Export Orders executed with punctuality.

Printed by William Cobbett, Johnson's.coort; and 93, Fleet-street, near St. Bride's Church

published by him, at 183, Fleet street,

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