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filling the chair of government, or sitting on the bench of the Supreme Court, indicates a very different feeling from that now entertained. It is true, however, that in New York, Massachusetts, and other provinces, the desire to obtain the offices of Governor, Chief Justice, &c., had long caused divisions and parties amongst the principal families. have seen in a vision the mode in which all the higher offices of our If they could country are now filled, they would have entertained no apprehension unfavourable to the legitimate ambition of the natives of that land in which they were settlers and founders of communities.'



On Monday last his Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor commanded the attendance of the House of Assembly in the Council Chamber, when the Speaker presented the following address:

'To his Excellency Lieutenant-General Sir J. C. Sherbrooke, G.C.B., &c. 'The humble Address of the House of Representatives in General Assembly:


May it please your Excellency, the representatives of His Majesty's dutiful and loyal people of Nova Scotia feel it incumbent upon them at the close of the present session of the General Assembly to congratulate your Excellency upon the return of general peace which, through the blessing of Divine providence, is at length restored to His Majesty's dominions. During the whole of the late war with America we have felt a security and confidence arising from the evident propriety and efficacy of your Excellency's measures, and we have had the satisfaction to find those measures carried into effect with the smallest possible inconvenience to the Militia, and a trifling expenditure of the public money. That such benefits may not pass without some memorial of our estimation of them we have voted £1,000 to be expended in the purchase of a piece of plate, which we beg your Excellency to accept as a lasting proof of the grateful sense this province entertains of the wisdom of those measures by which your Excellency at the same time provided for the security of the country and consulted the ease of the inhabitants.'

To which his Excellency was pleased to make the following reply. 'Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly:

'It is very gratifying to my feelings to learn that the sums which were from time to time placed at my disposal by the Provincial Legislature during the late war with the United States of America have, in your opinion, been managed by me with care and economy. From you, Gentlemen, who have had an opportunity of obtaining the most correct information upon this subject, such an honourable testimony would in itself have

been ample recompense for any pains I may have taken in the execution of this part of my duty. But to these expressions of approbation you have most liberally added such a good proof of your opinion as claims my sincere and most grateful acknowledgments. Previous, however, to my acceptance of your valuable present, I consider it will be my duty to submit your offered kindness to the Prince Regent, and should His Royal Highness not object to my receiving it, I shall, with pride and pleasure, accept this distinguished mark of your esteem.' (The Weekly Chronicle, Halifax, April 7th, 1815.)

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