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met, Vice Admiral, and Minister of the termined by her marriage contract. For Marine of the Batavian Republic, decorated this time it is agreed, that this dowry be with the Grand Eagle of the Legion of Ho- fixed at the annual sum of 250,000 florins, nour ; Isaac John Alexander Gogel, Mi- which shall be taken from the domains of the nister of the Finances ; John Van Styrum; Crown. After the deduction of this sum, Member of the Assembly of their High | half the remainder of the reverues of the Mightiness ; William Six, Member of the Crown shall be expended in the maintenance Council of State; and Gerard de Brantzen, of the household of the minor King; the Minister Plenipotentiary of the Batavian Re: other half shall defray the expenses of the public to his Imperial and Royal Maj., deco- regency. -VI. The King of Holland shall rated with the Grand Eagle of the Legion of be in perpetuity a Grand Dignitary of the Honours; who, after exchanging their full | Empire, by the title of Constable. The powers, agreed to the following articles:-Art. functions of this high dignity may, never1. His Maj. the Emperor of the French, and theless, be fulfilled, at the pleasure of the King of Italy, both for himself and his heirs Emperor of the French, by a Prince Viceand successors for ever, gnarantees to Hol- Constable, when he shall think proper to land the maintenance of her constitutional create that dignity.-VII. The members of rights, her independence, the integrity of the reigning House in Holland shall remain her possessions in the two worlds, her poli- personally subject to the dispositions of the tical, civil, and religious liberty, as sanctioned constitutional statute of the 30th of March by the laws at present established, and the last, forining the law of the Imperial Family abolition of every privilege in the way of of France. VIII. The offices and employ, impost —II. On the formal demand made ments of the state, other than those connectby their High Mightinesses, representing the ed with the personal service of the King's Batavian Republic, that Prince Louis Na- household; sliall be conferred only on pas poleon be nominated and crowned heredi- tives -IX. The arms of the King sball be tary and constitutional King of Holland, his the ancient arms of Holland, quartered with Maj

. complies with this wish, and authorises the Imperial Eagle of France, and surmoent. Prince Louis Napoleon to accept the crown ed with the Royal Crown.-X. A treaty of of Holland, to be possessed by him and bis commerce shall be immediately concluded legitimate and male desceirdants, in order of between the contracting powers, by virtue primogeniture, to the perpetual exclusion of of which the subjects of Holland shall at all females and their descendants.-In conse- times be treated, in the ports and in the ter quence of this authorisation, the Prince ritory of the French Empire, as the most Louis Napoleon will possess that crown by high favoured nation. His Majesty, the Emthe title of King, and with all the power and all the authority that shall be deter

peror, moreover engages to employ his in

terference with the Barbary Powers, that the mined by. the constitutional laws, which the Dutch flag may be respected by them, as Emperor Napoleon has guaranteed in the well as that of his Majesty the Emperor of preceding article. It is, nevertheless, de- the French.-The ratification of the present creed, that the Crowns of Frapce and Hol- treaty shall be exchanged at Paris in the land shall never be united on the same head. space of ten days.-- Paris, May 24, 1806. -III. The domains of the Crown shall signed Cr. M. TALLEYRAND, CH. HENRY comprize : 1. A palace at the Hague, which VERHUEL, J. J. A. Gogel, John VAN shall be allotted for the residence of the STYRUM, W. Sıx, BRANTSEN. (A correct Royal Family ; 2. The house in the wood; copy.) The Minister of Exterior Relations, 8. The domain of Soestdick ; 4. A revenue Signed CH. M. TALLEYHAND. in funded property of 500,000 forins. The law of the State assigns to the King a farther Proclamation given at Paris, June 5, 1806 annual sum of 1,500,000 florins sterling being the 1st Year of Our Reign. money of Holland, payable one twelfth

Louis Napoleon, by the grace of God and monthly:--IV. In case of minority, the re- the constitutional laws of the state, King of gency belongs by right to the Queen, and if

Holland, to all those who shall see and read there be none the Eniperor of the French, in this, greeting ! Make known to all and every his quality of perpetual Chief of the Imperial

one, that we, with the approbation of his Family, shall nominate the regent of the Majesty the Emperot and King Napoleon, kingdom, who shall be chosen from among our illustrious brother, have accepted and do the Princes of the Royal Family, or, in fai- accept the Royal Dignity of Holland, in conJure of them, from among natives of the formity to the wish of the country, with the country. The minority of Kings shall ter- constitutional laws; and the treaty presented minate on the completion of their 18th us to-day, and the reciprocal ratifications, by year.–V. The Qucen's dowry shall be de- the deputies of the Dutch nation. On our accession to the throne, it shall be our most Grand Pensionary. He likewise enjoys thes sacred care to be alive to the interests of our pre-eminence and the prerogatives hitherto people. It shall be our constant wish to give attached to that dignity. The coin of the them incessant and manifold instances of our state shall bear his naine. Justice shall be love and of our solicitude; to that end administered in his name. He has the right maintaining the liberties of all our subjects, of granting pardon, abolition, or the mitigaand their rights, and continually employing tion of the pains pronounced by judiciary ourselves to their welfare. The indepen- awards; nevertheless, he shall not be authodence of the kingdom is guiaranteed by his rised to exercise this right, but after having Majesty the Emperor and King. The con- heard the members of the national court in stitutional laws, with our firm will, serve no his privy council. 2. Upon the death of less for every one as a pledge to the creditors the King, the office of guardian to the Mis of the state, to personal security, and to li- nor King shall be vested in the Queen Dowberty of conscience. Conformably to this ager; and, in case of her death, in that per: declaration, &c. &c. (Signed) Louis. son who shall be nominated for the purpose On behalf of the King, VERHEUL.

by the Emperor of the French, &c. &c. THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

OF THE LAW. 1. The law is established General dispositions.-Art. I. The con- in Holland by the concurrence of the legis, stitutional laws actually in force, especially lative body, formed of the asseinbly of their the constitution of 1805, as the civil, politi- high mightinesses, and by the King. The cal, and religious laws, the exercise of which legislative corps is composed of 38 members, is conformable to the regulations of the elected for five years, and nominated as foltreaty concludedMay 24 of this year, shall lows: for the Department of Holland, 17 be preserved inviolate, with the exception of members; Guelderland, 4; Brabant, 4; those only which shall be abolished by the Frjesťand, 4; Overyssel, 3; Zealand, 2 ; present constitutional laws. 2. The admi- | Groningen, 2; Utrecht, 2; Drenthe, 1. nistration of the Dutch colonies is regulated But the number of their high mightinesses by particular laws, and the expenses of the may be augmented by a law, in case of ag. colonies shall be estimated as a part of the grandizement of territory. 2. To complete revenues of the state. 3. The public debt is the number of members authorised by the guaranteed by the present laws. 4. The foregoing article, their high mightinesses. Dutch language shall continue to be employ- shall present to his Majesty a list of two caned exclusiyely in the laws, the publications, didates for each of the vacant places. The ordonnances, urdgments, and all public acts, King shall make the election out of the canwithout distinction. 5. There shall be no didates proposed. 3. The present Grand changes made in the name or the value of the Pensionáry shall take the title of President of current coin, unless it shall be authorised by their High Mightinesses, and exercise his a particular law. 6. The ancient colours of function in this quality during life. The the state sha!l be preserved. 7. The coun- choice of his successor shall take place in the cil of state shall be composed of thirteen manner determined by the constitution of members. The ministers shall hold their 1805. 4. The legislative body shall chuse a rank, their sitting, and their votes of delibe- recorder out of its own body, by a plurality ration, in the said council.

of votes, '5. The legislative corps shall asOf Religion.}-1. The King and the law semble in ordinary twice in the year, yiz. grant equal protection to all religions which from the 15th of April to the 1st of June, are professed in the state. By their autho- and from the 15th of the 15th of Jan. rity every thing necessary for the organiza. On the 15th of Nov, a fifth of the oldest tion, the protection, and the exercise of every members shall go out from the body. The kind of worship is to be confiped to the in- first members shall go out on the 15th of terior of the churches belonging to the dif- Nov. 1807. Such members, notwithstandferent communions. 2. The King shall en- ing, may be re-elected. joy the public exercise of his religion in his OF JUDICIARY POWER.-1. The judiciary Palace, and in every other place where he institutions shall be preserved in the mode shall reside.

they have been established by the constituOF THE KING. 1. The King shall have, tion of 1805. 2. Relative to the judiciary exclusively and without restriction, the com- power, the King shall exercise all the rights plete exercise of the government, and all the and all the aụthority yested in the Grand power necessary to secure the execution of Pensionary by virtue of the constitution of The laws, and to cause them to be respected. 1805. 3. Every thing that relates to the He has the nomination to all the charges exercise of military criininal justice, shal? and offices, civil and military, which, accord- be separately regulated 9, an ulterio lay: ing to anterior laws, were vested in the

Table of the Number of Christenings and Burials within the Bills of Mortality, from December, 1805 il

May, 1836, inclusive.

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TO 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Toral kuried
to to to
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to to
TO.20, 30, 40. 50. 60. 70. 80.90.100, &c. Males. Femali


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076 295 122! 85169209 230 198174 1:0 70 19 1189

419 197 78 59132 163 139 130 114 68 39

785 777

149. 59' 47100140 132115 91 67 30
370 145. 69 39 927144 139.128.95 72 37

39) 106 65 39 98137 128114 94.69 37


493 188 84 52137,169 167139 106 68 34

2715 11140477 307 722936 935 825 674 464247 60 4832 4820

Tutal Burlais.. 9001




5401 4932
15 al Christenings : 1033

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62.10 62.60

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April May

Table of the Number of Bankrupicies in Eng-
land, from Dcc. 1805 to May 1806, in-

Feb. | Mur.


I 2


Talle oi che l'rices of the English

Three per Cent. Consols, from December,

1805 to May, 1806, inclusive.
Day. Dec. jan. frelsi Mar. April May
1 015 col 633593 60 60

61 60$
61 593614 593

615 508


611 591 591
6614 59 | 601 59*



595 601! 6.

601 604
ou 61

bij 606 60601
13 61560
61 604

604 61 601

бор 6
61 604

6t 6 601 60
17 612 60 61 601


61$ 39,7
19 613


60$ 6


00# 597

604 597 592


2+ 623

60 605 60 665
60 60




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60 | 60 oo
28 bil ?
6n4 503 603 59

594 60

30 6:41 607

602 60

29 50.2561.751

62 0.




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