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registration, and shall, if such article is included in the classes thirteen or fourteen (a) in the Third Schedule hereto, cause each such article to be marked with the abbreviation "REG" ".

(a) Classes 13 and 14 include printed or woven designs on textile piece goods and handkerchiefs and shawls.



33. On such days and during such hours as the Office Comptroller shall from time to time determine and notify by a placard posted at the Patent Office any person paying the prescribed fee (a) may, on production of the number of any design of which the copyright has ceased, inspect such design (b), and any person paying the prescribed fee (c) may take a copy or copies of such design.

(a) 18. for each quarter of an hour. See Designs Rules, 1st Schedule. (b) See S. 52 as to right to inspect such designs.

(c) Fee is according to agreement. See Designs Rules, 1st Schedule.


34. Where a certificate is required for the purpose of Certificate any legal proceeding or other special purpose as to any in legal proceeding. entry, matter, or thing which the Comptroller is authorised by the said Act or these Rules to make or do, the Comptroller may, on a request (a) in writing and on payment of the prescribed fee (b), give such certificate (c), which shall also specify on the face of it the purpose for which it has been requested as aforesaid.

(a) For Form of Request see Designs Forms, I. (b) 58. See Designs Rules, 1st Schedule.

(c) For Form of Certificate see Designs Forms, J.

SEARCHES ON PRODUCTION OF SKETCH OF DESIGN (a). 35. The Comptroller may, on receipt of the prescribed Search. fee (b), make searches among the designs registered at the Patent Office after the commencement of the Act, and inform any person requesting him so to do whether a particular design produced by such person, and to be

Notice of exhibition.

Repeal of previous Rules.

applied to goods in any particular class, is or is not. identical with or an obvious imitation of any design applied to such goods and registered since the commencement of the Act.

(a) See S. 53. (b) 58.

INDUSTRIAL AND INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS (a). 36. Any person desirous of exhibiting a design, or any article to which a design has been applied, at an industrial or international exhibition, or of publishing a description of a design during the period of the holding of the exhibition, shall, after having obtained from the Board of Trade a certificate that the exhibition is an industrial or international one, give to the Comptroller seven days notice (b) in writing of his intention to exhibit the design or article, or to publish a description of the design, as the case may be.

For the purpose of identifying the design in the event of an application to register the same being subsequently made, the applicant shall furnish to the Comptroller a brief description of the nature of the design, accompanied by a sketch or drawing thereof, and such other information as the Comptroller may in each case require.

(a) See S. 57.

(b) For Form of Notice see Designs Forms, L.


37. All general rules and regulations made by any authority under the Acts relating to the Copyright of Designs, and in force on the 31st December 1883, shall be, and they are hereby repealed as from that date without prejudice nevertheless to any application then pending (a).

(a) See S. 113.


President of the Board of Trade.

21st December, 1883.

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1. The Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act, 1883, Copies of and the Rules published in pursuance of that Act for the Registration of Designs, should be carefully studied.

Copies of the Rules, together with the Act, may be obtained on payment of 2s. for each copy at the Patent Office, Sale Branch, 38, Cursitor Street, London, E. C.

Copies will also be sent by post, on a prepaid application to that address, accompanied by a Post Office Order for the amount payable to H. Reader Lack, at the Chancery Lane Post Office, London, W.C.

2. In order to obtain registration application must be made to the Comptroller in pursuance of Rules Nos. 6-12.


3. Stamped Forms of Application to register have been Where issued, and can be obtained at the principal agencies in Forms obthe United Kingdom, hereinafter mentioned.


List of Places at which Stamped Forms under the Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act, 1883, may be obtained.

(a.) At the Inland Revenue Office, Royal Courts of Justice.

(b.) At the following Post Offices :—

London General Post Office, E.C.

District Post Office, 226, Commercial Road, E.

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(c.) And at the chief Post Offices in the following

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4. An application consists of the following :

(1.) The form of application, Form E., properly filled up, and such evidence as will enable the Comptroller to identify the design.

(a.) If it is desired to secure a date of registration at once, one sketch of the design may be sent with the application form. In this case the design, if accepted, will be registered as of the date on which it was received; but no certificate will be issued until three exact drawings or specimens. have been sent in substitution for the sketch. Or, (b.) The application may be complete in the first instance if applicant sends three exactly similar drawings, photographs, or specimens.

The appli


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