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In witness whereof the undersigued Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at Brussels of Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the undersigned Minister for Foreign Affairs of His Majesty the King of the Belgians, have drawn up the present Declaration in duplicate, aud ha affixed thereto the seals of their arms. Done at Brussels, the 2nd May, 1891.


PROTOCOLE (Date upon which Declaration of May 2, 1891, shall

come into force).- Bruxelles, le 26 Août, 1891.

Les Soussignés se sont réunis à l'effet de procéder à l'échange des ratifications de Sa Majesté la Reine du Royaume-Uni de la Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande, Imperatrice des Indes, et de Sa Majesté le Roi des Belges, sur la Déclaration signée, le 2 Mai, 1891, entre la Grande-Bretagne et la Belgique, en vue de faciliter la procédure pour le réglement des conflits entre pêcheurs Anglais et pêcheurs Belges dans la Mer du Nord, en dehors des eaux territoriales, et de réduire les dommages qu'ils peuvent éprouver par l'effet du contact de leurs appareils.

Ces actes ont été trouvés exacts et concordants, etl'échange en a été opéré.

Les Soussignés, dûment autorisés, sont de plus convenus, de commun accord, que la Déclaration précitée sera mise en vigueur le 15 Septembre, 1891.

En foi de quoi les Soussignés ont dressé le présent procès-verbal qu'ils ont signé et revêtu de leurs cachets. Fait en double à Bruxelles, le 26 Août, 1891.


DECLARATION between Great Britain and Portugal, pro

longing the Duration of the Agreement of November 14, 1890,* respecting Spheres of Influence in Africa, until the 14th June, 1891.-London, May 13, 1891.

WHEREAS the Agreement between Great Britain and Portugal of the 14th November, 1890, relative to their respective spheres of

* Vol. LXXXII, page 336.

influence in Africa, would cease to be in force on the 14th day of Mav, 1891, and the two Governments having recognized the utility of prolonging its duration, the Undersigned, duly authorized to that effect, bave agreed to declare as follows:-

The said Agreement between Great Britain and Portugal of the 14th November, 1890, will continue to remain in force until the 14th June next.

In witness whereof the Undersigned have signed the present
Declaration, and have affixed thereto their seals.
Done at London, the 13th day of May, 1891.


AGREEMENT between Great Britain and Tonga, relative to

the Trial of British Subjects by the Tongan Courts.-Signed at Nukualofa, June 2, 1891.*

The Government of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Government of His Majesty the King of Tonga, being desirous of simplifying and rendering more efficacious the provisions of Article III of the Treaty of Friendship concluded between their said Majesties on the 29th November, 1879,+ the Undersigned, duly authorized to that effect, hereby agree and declare that,

1. Subsection (6) of Article 111 of the said Treaty is hereby cancelled, and the foilowing substituted in place thereof :

If any subject of Her Britannic Majesty is charged with the violation of any Law or Regulation in Tonga relating to Customs, taxation, public health, or local police, not cognizable as an offence against British law, he shall be amenable to the jurisdiction of the Tongan Courts, the proceedings of which shall be conducted in public, and the records of which shall be public and accessible.

2. Subsection (c) of Article III of the said Treaty is hereby cancelled.

3. The present Articles shall come immediately into operation, and shall be construed as forming an integral part of the Treaty of the 29th November, 1879.

In witness whereof the Undersigned have signed the present Agreement, and have affixed thereto their seals.

Signed also in the Tongan lavguage.

+ Vol. LXX, page 1.

Done in duplicate at Nukualofa on the 2nd day of June, in the year of Our Lord 1891.


TREATY between Great Britain and Portugal, defining the

Spheres of Influence of the two Countries in Africa.-Signed at Lisbon, June 11, 1891.

[Ratifications exchanged at London, July 3, 1891.]


HER Majesty the Queen of Sua Magestade Fidelissima Ei the United Kingdom of Great Rei de Portugal e dos Algarves, Britain and Ireland, Empress &c., e Sua Magestade a Rainha of India, &c., and His Most do Reino Unido da Gran BreFaithful Majesty the King of tanha e Irlanda, Imperatriz das Portugal and Algarves, &c., with Indias, &c., no intuito de regular a view to settle definitively the definitivamente a delimitação das boundaries of their respective suas respectivas espheras d'inspheres of influence in Africa, fluencia na Africa, e animados and being animated with the do desejo de assegurar as re-. desire to confirm the friendly lações de amisade entre as duas relations between


two Potencias, resolveram celebrar Powers, have determined

determined to um Tratado para esse fim, e conclude a Treaty to this effect, nomearam

Plenipotenand bave named as their respec- ciarios, a saber: tive Plenipotentiaries, that is to say:

Her Majesty the Queen of Sua Magestade Fidelissima El the United Kingdom of Great Rei de Portugal e dos Algarves, Britain and Ireland, Empress a Joaquim Thomaz Lobo d'Avila, of India, Sir George Glynn Conde de Valbom, do Conselho Petre, Knight Commander of de Sua Magestade e do d'Estado, the Most Distinguished Order Par do Reino, Gran Cruz da of St. Michael and St. George, Ordem Militar de Nosso Senhor Companion of the Most Honour- Jesus Christo, Cavalleiro da Orable Order of the Bath, Her dem Militar de São Bento d'Aviz, Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary e Gran Cruz de differentes Orand Minister Plenipotentiary at dens extrangeiras, seu Ministro the Court of His Most Faithful e Secretario d'Estado dos NeMajesty, Sc.; and

gocios Estrangeiros, &c.; e

Ilis Most Faithful Majesty Sua Magestade a Rainha do the Kiug of Portugal and Al. Reino Unido da Gran Bretanha garves, Joaquim Thomaz Lobo

e Irlanda, Imperatriz das Indias, d'Avila, Count of Valbom, Coun. a Sir George Glynn Petre, Comcillor of His Majesty and of mendador da Muito Distincta State, Peer of the Realm, Grand Ordem de São Miquel e São Cross of the Military Order of Jorge, Cavalleiro da Muito Nobre Our Lord Jesus Christ, Knight Ordem do Banho, seu Enviado of the Military Order of St. Extraordinario e Ministro PleniBento d'Aviz, and Grand Cross potenciario na Côrte de Sua of various foreign Orders, &c., Magestade Fidelissima, &c.; His Majesty's Minister and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, &c.;

Who, having communicated to Os quaes, depois de haverem each other their respective full trocado os seus respectivos plenos powers, found in good and due poderes, que acharam em bôa e order, have agreed upon and devida forma, convieram nos concluded the following Ar- seguintos Artigos :ticles :ART. I. Great Britain agrees

ART. 1. A Gran Bretanha con. to recognize as within the do- corda em reconhecer como comminion of Portugal in East prehendidos dominio de Africa the territories bounded-- Portugal na Africa Oriental os

territorios limitados1. To the north by a line 1. Ao norte por uma linha which follows the course of the

que, subindo o

curso do Rio River Rovuma from its mouth Rovuma, desde a sua foz até up to the confluence of the

ao ponto de confluencia do Rio River M’Sinje, and thence M’Sinje, d’ahi segue na direcção westerly along the parallel of de oeste o parallelo de latitude latitude of the confluence of do ponto de confluencia d'estes these rivers to the shore of Lake dois rios até á margem do Lago Nyasa.

Nyasa. 2. To the west by a line which, 2. A oeste por uma linba que, starting from the above-men- partindo do citado limite sobre o tioned frontier on Lake Nyasa, Lago Nyasa, segue a margem follows the eastern shore of the oriental d'este lago lake southwards as far as the direcção sul até ao parallel 13° 30' parallel of latitude 13° 30' south; de latitude sul; corre d'ahi na thence it runs in a south-easterly direcção sueste até á margem direction to the eastern shore of oriental do Lago Chiuta, a qual Lake Chiuta, which it follows. accompanha até ao seu extremo. Thence it runs in a direct line Segue d'ahi em linha recta até á to the eastern shore of Lake margem oriental do Lago Chilwa

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Chilwa or Shirwa, which it fol- ou Chirua, pela qual continua lows to its south-easternmost até ao seu extrem) limite a sul point; thence in a direct line e oriente; d'ahi por uma [sic] to the easternmost affluent of recta até

ao affluente mais the River Ruo, and thence fol- oriental do Rio Ruo, correndo lows that affluent, and, subse- com este affluente e seguindo quently, the centre of the channel subsequentemente pela linha of the Ruo to its confluence with media do leito do Ruo até á conthe River Shiré.

fluencia d'este com o Rio Chire. From the confluence of the Da confluencia do Ruo e do Roo and Shiré the boundary Chire, a fronteira seguirá a linha will follow the centre of the central do leito do ultimo d'estes channel of the latter river to a rios, até a um ponto logo abaixo point just below Chiwanga. de Chiuanga. D'ahi correrá Thence it runs due westward exactamente para oeste até enuntil it reaches the watershed contrar a linha divisoria das aguas between the Zambezi and the entre o Zambeze e o Chire, e Shiré, and follows the watershed seguirá essa linha entre estes between those rivers and after- rios e depois entre o primeiro wards between the former river rio e o Lago Nyasa até encontrar and Lake Nyasa until it reaches o parallelo 14° de latitude sul. parallel 14° of south latitude.

From thence it runs in a D’ahi correrá na direcção de south-westerly direction to the sud-oeste até ao ponto em que o point where south latitude 15° parallelo de 15° de latitude sul meets the River Aroangwa or encontra Rio Aroangoa, e Loangwa, and follows the mid- seguirá a linha media d'este rio channel of that river to its até á sua juncção com o Zamjunction with the Zambezi. beze.

II. To the south of the Zam- II. Ao sul do Zainbeze os bezi, the territories within the territorios comprehendidos na Portuguese sphere of influence esphera de influencia Portugueza are bounded by a line which, são limitados por uma linha que, starting from a point opposite partindo d’um ponto fronteiro á the mouth of the River Aroangwa embocadura do Rio Aroangwa ou or Loangwa, runs directly south- Loangoa, vae na direcção sul wards as far as the 16th parallel até ao parallelo 16° de latitude of south latitude, follows that sul, segue este parallelo até á parallel to its intersection with sua intersecção com o 31° de the 3ist degree of longitude east longitude leste Greenwich, corre of Greenwich, thence running para leste direito ao ponto onde eastward direct to the point o 33° de longitude leste de where the River Mazoe is inter- Greenwich corta o Rio Mazoe e pected by the 33rd degree of segue esse 33o para o sul até á longitude east of Greenwich; sua intersecção pelo parallelo

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