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as many Chinese labourers as he or they may, on oath, declare to be necessary for carrying on such several enterprises. Each of such special permits shall be issued in triplicate, ope to be held by the Chinese presenting the same, the other two to be disposed of as provided by $ 3 of this Act. Such permits shall be signed by a clerk of the Foreign Office, and numbered consecutively, which number shall be preserved in a record of the Foreign Office. Each of such permits shall contain the following conditions :

(1.) That the bearer who presents it for entry into the kingdom shall remain therein for a term not exceeding five years.

“(2.) That such bearer shall not engage in any other occupation than that of agricultural labour, provided that the term agricultural labour shall be held to include labour in sugar mills, rice mills, and coffee mills, and all labour incident thereto.

"(3.) That if such person shall be found out of employment at any time during such term or engaged in any other employment than that of agricultural labourer, or shall be found in this kingdom after the expiration of such term, he may thereupon be arrested and held in custody until an opportunity occurs to return him to China.

“(4.) That one-fourth of the money due to such person as compensation for work done shall be retained by the employer each month and forwarded by him to the Board of Immigration, to be by it deposited in the Treasury of the kingdom as a special deposit, subject to the order of the President of the Board of Immigration, and to be returned by the said Board to such person upon his leaving the kingdom. Provided, however, that such retention and deposit shall cease whenever the sum to the credit of any one labourer shall amount to the sum of 75 dollars. The said Board shall have the authority to pay the return passage of such person out of such sums so deposited. If such person shall enter into any other employment than that of agricultural labour or shall desert his employer, such money so deposited may be forfeited to the Hawaiian Government.

“(5.) That the said bearer shall not be entitled to exercise the rights of an Hawaiian citizen as to the term of residence or emplos. ment while in the Hawaiian Kingdom, but shall be restricted to the term and employment named in such permit."

§ 2. Before issuing the special residence permits as herein before provided, the Minister of Foreign Affairs shall require of the persons or parties applying for the same to execute and deliver a bond to him for the use and benefit of the Hawaiian Government, in the penal sum of 75 dollars for each man to be lauded under such special residence permits. The said Minister may in his discretion require one or more sureties to said bond. Said bond shall be conditioned, that the applicant will furnish the man named in such special residence permit with agricultural labour so long as he remains in the kingdom ; that he will at the expiration of the term of service named in the special residence perznit surrender the person therein named (except in case of death) to the Board of Immigration or its agent; that be will forward and pay to the Board of Immigration each month one-fourth of the money due for compensation for work and services done, until the sum so forwarded shall reach the sum of 75 dollars; that in case of desertion he will immediately notify the Inspector of Immigrants of the desertion of the person or persons so deserting, and that he will not be privy to nor assist the person named in such special residence permit from entering into or becoming engaged in any other trade, business, or calling than that of agricultural labour as defined by this Act. In case of forfeiture of the bond, and of the payment of the penalty by the obligor therein damed, the amount on deposit against the labourer named in the bond shall be paid over to such obligor.

$ 3. Special residence permits shall be issued in blank, and the name of the labourer may be inserted at the time of presentation to the Customs officer for entry into the kingdom or at any time previous thereto, aud a note of such presentation shall be indorsed on the permits. The duplicates and triplicates of such permits shall be filed in the office of the Board of Immigration and with the Collector of Customs.

§ 4. The presentation of such a permit by any person for admission into this kingdom shall be held to be a consent by such person to all of its terms, and shall prevent him or any person on his behalf from denying the validity of the same in any manner whatsoever in any Court of Justice.

§ 5. Any labourer deserting or leaving or refusing to do the work of his employer shall, besides the provisions of sub-division 3 of $1, be also subject to the penalties prescribed by law for desertion or refusal to work.

§ 6. If at any time a labourer coming under the provisions of this Act desert his employer, such employer shall immediately notify the Inspector of Immigrants of such desertion by mailing a registered letter to him. The Inspector of Immigrants shall thereupon cause a notice of such desertion to be sent to the Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff of every district of the kingdom. Such Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff shall thereupon post, or cause to be posted, a notice that such Chinese, giving name and description, has deserted from his einployer, with amount of reward (if any) offered for bis delivery into custody. In the city of Honolulu at least twenty of such notices shall be posted in conspicuous places.

§ 7. All expenses paid out or incurred by the desertion and consequent arrest of any labourer shall be paid by such labourer from and out of his wages, and the employer shall be authorized to deduct such expenses if paid by him from his wages.

$ 8. Any employer who shall fail to notify the Inspector of Immigrants of the desertion of any or one of his labourers shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than 25 dollars nor more than 100 dollars.

$ 9. Whoever shall furnish or give employment, or board, or lodging, or shall hide a runaway labourer one week after notice given as provided in $ 6 of this Act shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than 25 dollars nor more than 100 dollars for each offence.

§ 10. The Minister of Foreign Affairs shall charge for each special residence permit issued by him under the provisions of this Act the sum of 1 dollar, the money realized therefrom to be deposited in the Treasury for the use and benefit of the Hawaiian Government.

§ 11. Upon the expiration of the term of said residence permit the Minister may, upon due cause shown to him by the person named in such permit, extend the term of such special residence a further term not exceeding five years.

§ 12. Upon the arrival of such labourers a registry and description of them shall be prepared in such manner as the Board of Immigration may deem necessary to insure identification. And the said Board of Immigration is hereby authorized to make any and all such rules and regulations in the premises and as to identification, and the same to alter and amend as they may deem necessary for the proper carrying out of the provisions and intentions of this Act. Any such regulations made, altered, or amended shall have the effect and force of law after due notice thereof printed and published in a newspaper in Honolulu.

$ 13. Any person admitted to the Hawaiian Kingdom under the provisions of this Act who shall be found in the kingdom after the expiration of the term allowed by his permit, or who shall transfer such permit to any other person prior to its expiration, or who shall do any other matter or thing contrary to the provisions of this Act, or to the conditions of his special residence permit, or who shall violate any of the rules and regulations issued by the Board of Immigration, according to the provisions of this Act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and upon conviction thereof before any Police or District Magistrate, shall be fined not over 200 dollars or imprisoned at hard labour not over two months, and after the satisfaction of such sentence shall be held in custody, at his own expense, till an opportunity arises to send him to China, whereupon he shall be thither deported.

§ 14. This Act shall take effect and become a Law from and after the day of its approval. Provided, however, that should the Hawaiian Government at any time after the approval of this Act enter into a Labour Convention with the Empire of China, that then and in such case the Cabinet may in their discretion, after due notice given by publication in two newspapers printed and published in Hon lulu, suspend the provisions and operations of this Act. Approved this 14th day of November, A.D. 1890.

KALAKAUA REX. By the King : C. N. SPENCER, Minister of the Interior.

ACT of the Government of Canada, respecting Copyright. [38 Vict., cap. 88.]

[1875.] (Re-enacted as cap. 62 of the Revised Statutes, 1886.) [Note.—The original Act is chaptered 88 of the Statutes of 1875, although

there is another Act passed in the same year also chaptered 88.] HER Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:

Short Title.

1. This Act may be cited as "The Copyright Act" (38 Vict., cap. 88, sec. 31).


2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires

(a.) The expression “the Minister” means the Minister of Agriculture.

(6.) The expression “the Department" means the Department of Agriculture.

(c.) The expression “ legal representatives ” includes heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, or other legal representatives.

Registers of Copyrights.

3. The Minister of Agriculture shall cause to be kept, at the Department of Agriculture, books to be called the “Registers of Copyrights," in which proprietors of literary, scientific, and artistic works or compositions may have the same registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act (38 Vict., cap. 88, sec. 1).

Subjects of Copyright and Conditions to be complied with.

4. Any person domiciled in Canada or in any part of the British possessions, or any citizen of any country wbich bas an International Copyright Treaty with the United Kingdom, who is the author of any book, map, chart, or musical composition, or of any original painting, drawing, statue, sculpture, or photograph, or who invents, designs, etches, engraves, or causes to be engraved, etched, or made from bis own design, any print or engraving, and the legal representatives of such person or citizen, shall have the sole and exclusive right and liberty of printing, reprinting, publishing, reproducing, and vending such literary, scientific, or artistic works or compositions, in wbole or in part, and of allowing translations to be printed or reprinted and sold, of such literary works from one language into other languages, for the term of twenty-eight years, from the time of recording the copyright thereof in the manner hereinafter directed (38 Vict., cap. 88, sec. 4, part).

5.-(1.) The condition for obtaining such copyright shall be that the said literary, scientific, or artistic works shall be printed and published or reprinted and republished in Canada, or in the case of works of art that they shall be produced or reproduced in Canada, , whether they are so published or produced for the first time, or contemporaneously with or subsequently to publication or production elsewhere ; but in no case shall the said sole and exclusive right and liberty in Canada continue to exist after it has expired elsewhere.

(2.) No immoral, licentious, irreligious, or treasonable or seditious literary, scientific or artistic work shall be the legitimate subject of such registration or copyright (38 Vict., cap. 88, sec. 4, part).

6.-(1.) Every work of which the copyright has been granted and is subsisting in the United Kingdom, and copyright of which is not secured or subsisting in Canada, under any Act of the Parliament of Canada, or of the Legislature of the late Province of Canada, or of the Legislature of auy of the provinces forming part of Canada, shall, when printed and published, or reprinted and republished in Canada, be entitled to copyright under this Act; but nothing in this Act shall be held to prohibit the importation from the United Kingdom of copies of any such work lawfully printed there.

(2.) If any such copyright work is reprinted subsequently to its publication in the United Kingdom, any person who bas, previously to the date of entry of such work upon the registers of copyright, imported any foreign reprints, may dispose of such reprints by sale or otherwise ; but the burden of proof of establishing the extent and regularity of the transaction shall, in such case, be upon such person (38 Vict., cap. 88, sec. 15).

7. Any literary work, intended to be published in pamphlet or

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