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Journal Hebdomadaire.


No. 126.]






ANTI-SCORBUTIC pills, price 2s. 6d. the box, containing 24 pills, are the most effectual and certain remedy in the above distressing complaints ever disco


HESE useful articles are manufactured in vered; they will never fail to cure in the most gentle

London by the inventor, on fine green baize, manner, and are so innocent, easy, and safe, that they prepared and printed in a variety of beautiful patterns may be taken at any age, requiring neither confinement

and borders, leaving their surface perfectly smooth, and or restraint in the manner of living.

made to fit all sorts of tables, chests of drawers, piano These pills, which are earnestly recommended to

fortes, &c. They are water proof and in wear will be the attention of every person labouring under either of found very durable. Tables well cleaned and covered the above complaints, are now first pul licly made

with then, after being in general use for moutlis, will known. They are carefully prepared from a prescription look as well as the day they were cleaned. The covers of the great Dr. Boerhaave's, who bestowed it upon a are not affected by heat, neither will ink nor any thing much-valued friend, as a remedy on which personis else stain them ; should ink dry on them, they only afflicted with Bilious or Scorbutie complain.ts might require to be gently rubbed with a damp cloth; also certainly rely, and, in the numerous cases in which the eficacy of these pills have since been tried, they have Table Mats and D’Oyleys invariably succeeded; convinced of the valuable properties of Dr. Boerhaave's pills, the proprietor has of the same, which will be found not only ornamental, resolved on making them more generally known, but much superior in use to cotton, as they lay firm on confident that he cannot render a greater service to society than io pointing out their utility; by persever

the table; consequently a glass cannot be upset, as is ing in the use of which, a certain cure may be confi- frequently the case in company where cotton d'oyleys dently anticipated.

are used, by the fringe catching and holding to the

clothes; they are recommended to merchants as worthy In any of the undermentioned cases they will be found their particular attention for exportation.

eminently successful. In extreme lowuess of spirits, so as to occasion inac

Patterns and some bespoke covers, may be seen and

orders received at tivity of the whole body,

Heaviness of the bead, accompanied with pain.
Frequent dryness, and unsavory taste in the mouth. MR. T. GREENSLADE'S.

Oppression of the breast and stomach, attended with
want of appetite.
A loathing of food, indigestion, and spasms, with an

Lymington, Hamshire. Swellings of the knees

, legs and feet, accompanied MSSES BEATON & GROVE, beg to inform with pain and inflamation.

open after the present recess, on Monday the 24ch of An uneasy fulness of the body, costiveness, and wind. July. Misses Beaton and Grove take this opportunity All Hysterical complaints.

of returning their sincere thanks for the patronage they In disorders incident to young woman, they are excel. have hitherto received, and beg to assure those parents lent, tbough not for women with child.

who may place their children under their care, they may
N, B. Captains, and other seafaring persons, should rely on every attention being paid to their Education,
never make a voyage without a sufficient supply of these Morals and Comfort.

Sold, wholesale aud retail, with proper directions, by To let immediately, a House situated opposite
S. M. Taylor, Chemist, &c. Guernsey.

the new Prison, well adapted for a tavern : apply

to James Arnold, High-Street. NOR sale, and to enter in immediate possession,

the house, yard and garden, situated in Pollet- JUST received by Brehaut and Tardiff, an elegant Street, and late occupied by the deceased Mr. John assortment of printed calicoes, to be sold at one La Serre. Apply to w. Robinson, bottom of shilling per yard, or 25s. per piece, containing 28 yards Fountain Street,

each. As also a beautiful lot of 8-4 shawls, well assort17th. June, 1815. too numerous to mention.

ed, and handkerchiefs, with many other kind of goods, OBERT COWAN and Co. have a parcel of THE most money, given for blacking bottles

, 100 pipes of superior Spanish red wine, just J. , . arrived, for sale.




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A Floor of rooms and a shop to let, in P. Tarditto: W. & N. LE LIEVRE, HAVE FOR SALE, house, Market-place, now in the occupation of

on reasonable terms, prime mess-beef and Doctor Brandenburgh ; for particulars, apply at the said pork in barrels, and a few bales of Irish bacon. house. TO 10 BE LET, IMMEDIATELY, A WINË FStor SALE, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND

Saturday, at the store belonging to the heirs of Vault, in Truchot-lane ; apply to Edward the late capt. Du Feu, near the Town Hospital. Collings.

Wheat at 20s. per quarter.

Flour, 42s. 6d. per sack.
Barley, 16s. per quarter.

Oats, 14s. per do. france of the Canichers, are for sale. The said holise is

Ship bread, 155, per cwt. well situated, and commands a beautiful prospect of the

Do. damaged, 9s. per do. sea and the adjacent islands, and is well adapted for

Clover seed, 63s. per cwt. a genteel family.

Buck wheat, gs. Furnished lodgings to let, in the above house.

A quantity of sacks. OR SALE, TWO TWELVE

TWO TWELVÉ POUNDS Reverend C. Milner's Academy, Upper cannonades, with slides and brass locks complete ;

Ryde, Isle of Wight. also several shots for the same: apply to capt. J. Grout.

DOBREE has the following goods for AT THIS ACADEMY, YOUNG GENTLEsale, viz.

MEN are prepared for the University, Navy, 120 Pipes Spanish red wine.

Army and Commercial Departments; the course of 300 Hogsheads Claret.

Education consists of Latin, Greek and French 300 Gross Leith Bottles.

Languages, Arithmetic, Merchants' Accompts, Geometry, 100 Bales Bretagne Linens,

Mensuration, Trigonometry, Navigation, with the most 160 Bags Malt.

approved methods of working the Lunar observations 24 do. Oats.

and fortification ; Geography, the use of the Globes, 170 do, Pease.

Astronomy and Dialling. 200 do. Ship Bread.

Mr. M. hias procured the most complete instruFrench wheat in bulk and in bags.

ments for each branch, and his pupils are practically French butter in casks.

instructed in measuring land and timber, laying plaus, Swedish Timber.

taking observations &c. T Le Terms per Amum. Pelley, in High-Street, is to be let, for Midsum

Guineas. mer vext.

Board and instruction, in English Arithmetic, 7M. AND H. ANGEL, HAVE BEAMS, Residence during each Vacation.

Merchants' Accompts, &c.

4 of different dimensions, for sale, 'at reduced

French (by a Native) residing in the house. prices, at their timber yard, New-Town.

Geometry, Trigonometry, Navigation, Mensuration 4 THE DWELLING-HOUSE SITUATED AT Geography, the use of the Globes, maps, &c. 9

Glatney, formerly bolonging to Mr. P. Robil Washing 2 guineas, Entrance. lard, and lately occupied by Capt. White, is to be Drawing, Feucing, Dancing, by the most approved

Latin and Greek let for Michaelmas Apply to Messrs. De Lisle,

Masters, each. New-Town.

Gentlemen to speak and write the French language, To be sold, or let, the House and Garden, situate

with purity and elegance. in High-Street, formerly the property of the late Mrs. Richard de Beauvoir,

The situation is the most desirable spot in this Also, to be disposed of, a fine large cow, to calve delightful Island, where the Young Gentlemev have in August.--Enquire to Peter Stephens, esq. or to Mr.

in addition to a fine play ground, the important AdvanBrock, Pollet-street.

tage of sea-bathing.

* No day scholars. To let, two rooms and a garret, with the use of For any other information, enquire of Mr. Longhurst

a wash-house, pump, &c. at captain P. 'Benests Glatney. house in Horn-Street.

CRS. Vyse, returns thanks to the Ladies of this FOR SALE, VERY CHEAP, AT "RICHARD Island for their kind patronage, and at the same

Jeune's, Candie-road, a neat gig, with plated harness,

a close bodied chaise, a maugle, a patent oven complete, time respectfully informs them, she has just received, from London, an elegant assortment of millinery aud

a kitchen grate, 9 feet 8. inches square, with a variety

of other articles. dresses. Public Bakehouse.

TUITION OF MUSIC and GERMAN LANGUAGE. JAMES cox, respectfully inform the public

that he has taken Mr. Wincey's Bake house, 61, High-street, for a long term, where he intends to bake for H.WALTHER, respectfully informs his friends the public and hopes by his assiduity and attention to Joand the public, that his quarter commences to day merit their favours. The Oven will be heated with furze. Saturday the 24th. instant, and that he readily executes

·any orders given for music from London. For termas or W , ng , apply to Mr, S.G.

CROIX, consisting of a shop, kitchen, wasb Hicks, Library, Šmith street. beure, cave and pump, is to be given to rent,

Attendance on Monday the loth of July 1816.


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Youth, try the Surrey-Square academy and his friends and the public in gene- of the county of Surrey, in the vicinity of London, there

boarding school, situated in one of the pleasantest parts ral, that he has engaged a person from they may be genteely boarded and instructed in every London in the above art, and that he necessary department of commercial and polite litera

ture, on moderate terms: particulars and cards of executes all sorts of common and elegant information may be had of the Editor of this paper or Bindings in manner hitherto un of Messrs. Barry Le Patourel J. Ozanne and T. Gal. known in this island, at the shortest to returu his sincere thanks to his friends for their

Jiepne, sen. The master, T. Gallienne, begs theliberty notice and on the most moderate terms. liberal patronage and encouragement; having lately T. D. L. R. flatters himself that the removed to the above extensive premises, he has pared

neither pains nor expence, in fitting out the schoolattention which will be paid to the orders house, play-ground, &c. and in making them in every he may be favoured with, and the use of respect pleasant and comfortable to his pupils. the best materials, will ensure him that sup-children taken to, and returned from school by the

Parents may have ibe satisfaction of having their port which he has so liberally experienced master himself, who is in the habit of visiting the Ísland in the Printing-Business.

every Year. School will commence after Midsummer

vacation on the 24th July. Specimens of Binding may be seen 6 Commissions executed with dispatch. at his shop, 227, High-Street.


BERRY, presents his their libraries bound, have now an

has received since his residence in this Island, and begs opportunity of having them done in to inform them and the

public in general, that he is rethe most superb manner, and on the moved from Country Cross, 10 No. 350, Bordage street. lowest terms.

The present recess will terminate on Monday the 10th of July 1815.

At ibis Academy young gentlemen are taught, ReaEDUCATION.

ding, Writing, English Grammar, Arithmetic Vulgar THE THE Rev. Thomas Grut, begs leave to inform and Decimal, Merchants Accompts, Letter Writing,

his friends and the public, that his Aacdemy will Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration plane and sphere-open after the present recess, on Monday pext the rical, Land surveying, Geography with the use of the 3rd of July.

Globes, Navigation, French, Drawing, Dancing, &c.

An Evening school for Young ladies, from 6 to 8.

N.B. Gentlemen desirous of having W. BeBiBo Yo , for the liberal supportive




ENGLISH COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, Inscription adressée à Pigmalion, à la gloire du brave Conducted by

et trop brave Prince Duc de Brunswick. G. DOUBLEDAY,

O trop et trop cruel Napoléon,

De Brunswick, que n'as tu le renom,
WILL re-open after the present recess,

Estimable dans toutes ses actions,
Monday the 10th of July.

Admirable et trop brave en toutes raisons ;
Morning School for Young Ladies, from 6 to 8, and Tigre et turbulant Pigmalion,
from 11 to half past 12, and an Evening School from Sans meurs, même sans religion.
6 to 8.

Tu vaut peu, beaucoup ou rien, n'importe, Attendan ce at the Academy from 9 to 12, during the Tu vaut toujours celui qui t'emporte... Vacation,

Oui ; perturbateur à tout extreme, N. B, Parents or Guardians are requested to give a Archi ravisseur de Diadême; quarter's potice previous to a pupil finally leaving the Guidé par une trop grande ambition, school, or to pay for the ensuing quarter, as if they had A commettre toute abomination. regularly ailended,

0! Monstre qui n'est que trop connu dans tout Terms, &c. may be known by applying to Mr. D. at

l'univers, the Academy.

Plut à Dieu que tu fut depuis longtemps rongé

par les vers ; 10 BE SOLD, ABOUT TEN TONS OF

Que de milliers de pauvres malheureux, excellent upland hay; for particulars apply to Qui seroient encore sur terre très-heureux, James Champion, l'Hure!, St. Martin's.

Infernal ! qui n'étoit que trop connu sur la terre,

Tache donc maintenant de ravager l'Angleterre. J. & W. COLLINGS & Brothers, bare for

150 pipes of Benicarlo and Alogrio red Wine, O! vous digne Prince Duc de Brunswick,
40 pipes of panish Brandy,

Dans ce moment funeste et critique.
70 barrels and firkins of fine French butter, Nous saurons toujours apprécier votre courage,
20 bags of French Walnuts,

En dépit de toute sa rage et de son carnage. 40 do. of best cut corks.

Del Sigr. Rosetti. EDUCATION.

Mr. Rosetti a reçu une lettre anonyme, hier à 3 THE Rev. C. D. Isdell, begs to inform his friends si toutefois il fait paroître cet écrit ci-dessus dans cette

heures l'après-midi, par laquelle on lui fait des menaces and the public, that his School will re-open on feuille. Qu'elle en est la raison ? Monday the Srd. of July.



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On commencera, par devant des Commissaires ser LA

A maison d'Edouard Allen, écuyer, située à la mentés pour l'effet, à tirer, le 18 Juillet, la

rue de Paris et bordant les montés du Fort Joli,

occupée par LI. Cash, sera baillée à rente au plus offrant, LOTERIE DE GUERNESEY, Mercredi le 5e Juillet prochain, entre les 11'à 12 heures

du matin : pour les particnlarités, s'adresser à l'Office Contenant une liste nombreuse de prix considérables. de l'Avocat De Jersey, ou à madame "hampion La Serre.


A Boutique et appartemens situées au bas de Il n'y a que 6,000 billets, qui seront tirés en six jours.

la Grand'rue, présentement occupée par Mr. N. De Garis, sout à louer pour la St. Michel prochain: s'adresser

à Esther Collas. PLAN


DAN, veuve de Pierre Goguet, fait savoir, 1 de £400

•qu'elle a un set de tables à dîner, une table carrée, fait £400

des Wash-hand stands, le tout de mahogany, à vendre, à 1 .. 300


très-bas prix, à sa maison No. 18, Grand'rue. 1


La susdite, fait savoir, que le comptoir dernièrement 1 100 100

occupé par Messrs. Mansell et Price, est à louer, dès.

à-présent, ou à la St, Michel prochain.

ICHARD GIFFARD, fait savoir, qu'il vient de

recevoir de la Farive de Pontoise, première qualité, 18 5 90

de l'avoine à 13s. Je quarlier, et du savon par le cent, à

30 Schellings 105

20 Sch. 1,000
3,000 premiers blancs qui sorti-

offrant, Mardi prochain, le 4 Juillet à leur waga.

plus ront de la roue, et que le

sins de l'Hôpital, les articles suivans. Contracteur s'oblige de

50 Pièces Vin d'Espagne rouge, r'acheter à 20sch. chaque,

10 Caisses de sucre de la Havapne, avarié, après le premier tirage,

La vente commencera à 10 beures du matin.
ou qui seront tirés de nou-
veau dans la Loterie ci-

dessous, au gré des pos-

dès-à-présent, dans la maison de Thomas Mellish,

au Pollet. Le premier Billet tiré le 1er jour, aura droit à A LOUER, UNE BOUTIQUE, ET CELLIER 200 livres sterling.

(très-commode,) en derrière, avec ou sans des appartemens, daus la maison d'Anne Falaise, rue des

Cornêts. Seconde Loterie, créée d'elle-même. DEUX MAGASINS ET UN GALETAS, A. PLAN.

louer, dès-à-présent, à la Bataille; s'adresser à P.

De Havilland, éc.
1 de £500 fait £500


T 100

froment de bonne rente foucière, à recevoir du Sr. 4 50 200

Hélier De Putrou, à vendre. S'adresser à l'office du



100 E. cite d'indiennes, qu'elles vendent au prin contant 60

SO Schellings 90 1,000. 25 Sch. 1,250


Page, agissant pour Messrs. Adams, et Bowen, Billets, 20 schellings.--Demi-Billets, 11 sch.

de Londres, font savoir qu'ils ont une maison à loner,

dès-à-présent, ou à donner à rente; située à la Ruette EXPLICATION DU PLAN.

Brûlée, ci-devant appartenant à Nicolas Le Huray, et Les trois mille blancs qui auront été tirés les femme. premiers, seront remis dans la roue, et tirés une seconde fois, formant ainsi une seconde Loterie. Or, comme SIEUR JOSUE SLEQUE, TENANT DE chacun de ces blancs vaut 20s. Mr G. en donnera cette Delle. Henriette Le Mesurier, ci-devant saisie somme à ceux qui ne désirent pas les garder pour cette héréditalement de l'héritage du Sieur Hélier Du Puits, seconde Loterie, à condition qu'ils soient présentés dans aux fins d'acte des plaids d'héritage du 8e Mars 1914, dix jours après qu'on aura achevé de tirer la première ayant été obligé de prendre la dite saisie aux fins d'acte Loterie de 6,000 billets.

du 4e Mars 1815, fait savoir aux habitans de cette ile, Par le moyen de ce plan. libéral, avantageux et qui que ceux qui prétendent leur être dû quelque chose ne peut qu'être approuvé, le public recevra tout étrange sur le dit héritage, aient à s'enregitrer au Greffe dans qu'il puisse paraître £5475 pour la première Lotrice, 40 jours de la dernière publication, avec la date ct et £2370 pour la seconde pour 6,000 billets qui lui nature de leurs dettes sur les peines échéantes en tel cas. auront été distribuées.

Le 19e Mai, 1815. On recommaude donc à ceux qui désirent faire fortune, et ils de s'adresser M.

sa maison, située à la Contrée-Croix, contenant Loterie, par qui tous les billets seront certainement une boutique, cuisine, laverie, pompe et cave, est à vendus avant le jour du tirage.

donner à rente.

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Loote suite, a T. Greenslade, contracteur pour ad reft WOMAILLARD, FAIT SAVOIR, QUE

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