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ANSWERS TO PUZZLES IN THE NOVEMBER NUMBER AN AUTUMN PUZZLE. Initials, Armistice Day. Cross-words: Oneida. 6. Rugged. 7. Lovely. 8. Drowse. 9. Wrench. 1. Agape. 2. Rajah. 3. Merge. 4. Idiot. 5. Shark. 6. 10. Armory. 11. Rumple. From 1 to 11, Belleau Wood; 12 Tansy. 7. Imbed. 8. Chain. 9. Event. 10. Dives.


to 19, The Marne; 20 to 24, Ypres; 25 to 30, Verdun. Agent. 12. Young. From 1 to 12, Thanksgiving; 13 to 24, LETTER REMAINDERS. The Summer Vacation. 1. Cur-t-ail. John Pershing; 25 to 32, November.

2. All-h-ail. 3. Ben-e-fit. 4. Air-s-hip. 5. Ass-u-red. 6. TRIANGLE. 1. Trade. 2. Reno. 3. And. 4. Do. 5. E. Rum-m-age. 7. Cat-m-int. 8. Off-e-red. 9. Moo-r-age. 10. NOVEL DOUBLE ACROSTIC. Armistice Day. Cross-words: Can-v-ass. 11. She-a-the. 12. Kit-c-hen. 13. Car-a-van. 1. Alibi. 2. Rebec. 3. Maize. 4. Imbed. 5. Siena. 6. 14. Pan-t-ber. 15. Asp-i-red. 16. Arm-o-ire. 17. Ton-n-age. Taffy.

AN ALPHABET Puzzle. 1. T. 2. 0. 3. L. 4. A. 5. C. ILLUSTRATED ZIGZAG. Stevenson. 1. Spoon. 2. Steam. 6. T. Alcott. (Louisa May Alcott and A. Bronson Alcott.) 3. Bread. 4. Glove. 5. Stove. 6. Pound. 7. Roses. 8. CHARADE. Corn-wall-is. House. 9. Niche.

DOUBLE ACROSTIC. Initials, S: finals, Mark Twain. CrossA MILITARY ACROSTIC. Initials, The World War. Cross- words: 1. Spasm. 2. Samoa. 3. Satyr. 4. Shark. 5. Scout. words: 1. Tabriz. 2. Halter. 3. Eyelet. 4. Within. 5. 6. Shrew. 7. Syria. 8. Sinai. 9. Sheen.

TO OUR PUZZLERS: To be acknowledged in the magazine, answers must be mailed not later than December 28, and should be addressed to ST. NICHOLAS RIDDLE-Box, care of THE CENTURY CO., 353 Fourth Avenue, New York City, N. Y.

Solvers wishing to compete for prizes must comply with the LEAGUE rules (see page 221) and give answers in full, following the plan of those printed above.

ANSWERS TO ALL THE PUZZLES IN THE SEPTEMBER NUMBER were duly received from Ruth Tangier Smith John F. DavisHelen H. McIver—Miriam J. Stewart—"Allil and Adi" –"Oolong"'- "The Three R's"-Margaret Day.

ANSWERS TO PUZZLES IN THE JULY NUMBER were duly received from Elizabeth Stickney, 10-Esther Laughton, 10— Vera A. Skillman, 10—“Kemper Hall Chapter,". 10. Elizabeth Tong, 9—Rosalind Howe, 9 Dorothy Shears, 7–Virginia and Henry Jeone, 6–Nancy S. Seely, 6—"St. Anna's Girls," 5—Ena L. Hourwich, 3—Mary Scattergood, 3-H. Westerman, 1–N. Day, 1H. Selig, 1-C. Seiberling, 1–M. Cundiff, 1—"Passy," 1-E. A. Titus, 1-E. Keedwell, 1-M. R. Ramer, 1. “OUR OWN" ACROSTIC

CROSS-WORDS: 1. A large lake. 2. A city of Italy. 3. A city of Florida. 4. An eastern coun

try. 5. A country of Asia. 6. One of the 35 20 CROSS - WORDS: 1. To

United States. 7. A river of Scotland. 8. One 2

color the flesh_indelibly. 2. of the United States. 9. The capital of Bulgaria. 36 8 Altitude. 3. To come forth ANGELICA GIBBS (age 13), League Member. 9 33 7 from concealment. 4. A 10 seat for a rider. 5. A fowl.

ADDITIONS AND SUBTRACTIONS 31 1 6. According to established

(Silver Badge, St. NICHOLAS LEAGUE 21 34 4 rule. 7. To practise tricks

Competition) 6 11 3 or deception. 8. To carry.

EXAMPLE: Wheel – heel+age-e+on. ANSWER: 5 9. A defensive covering for

Wagon. 17 19 25 the head. 10. A fruit. 11.

1. Gray-ay+each-ch+tooth-ooth= ? 40 To give heed. 12. To vindi

2. Out-ut+ache-che+key-ey+son-on=? 24 13

cate a person by inflicting 12

3. Fry-y+only-nly+men-en= ? 18 14 pain on the wrong-doer. 13.

4. Light-ght+tea - ea+tee-ee+lean-an= ? 23 Holy. 14. To loiter. 15. To

5. And, nd + corps – ps + need – eed + sign32 15 register. 16. Receive. 17.

16 38 An ancient vessel propelled

6. Gross - Oss+off - ff+wet-et= ?
22 39 by oars. 18. Extreme. 19.
30 27 More comfortable.

What do the six resulting words spell? 26 37 . 29

CHRISTINE HAMMOND (age 13). When these words have

been rightly guessed, the initial letters (indicated by stars) will spell some

SOME SIMILAR SOUNDS thing on which your eyes have recently rested. 1. What three words pronounced alike may be The letters indicated by the numbers from 1 to defined as atmosphere, before, and an inheritor? 25 will spell some familiar words; and from 26 to 2. What three words pronounced alike may be 40, a familiar emblem.

defined as a coin, dispatched, and odor? MILDRED CATHERINE BALL (age 11). 3. What three words pronounced alike may be

defined as gladly, a temple, and to pretend? GEOGRAPHICAL ZIGZAG

4. What three words pronounced alike may be All the words described contain the same num- defined as flesh, to unite, and to measure? ber of letters. When rightly guessed and written 5. What three words pronounced alike may be one below another, the zigzag (beginning at the defined as to build, to destroy, and beams? upper, left-hand letter and ending with the 6. What three words pronounced alike may be lower, left-hand letter) will spell the range of defined as in place of, at the head, and a number? mountains having the highest peaks in the world.

RUTH CONIS (age 14), League Member.




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20-7-6-26 In this enigma the words are pictured instead 2. Transpose confident, and make one who uses. of described. The answer, consisting of thirty 3. Transpose a fish, and make a sudden rush. letters, is a quotation from Shakespeare, well 4. Transpose hedges, and make to cleanse. suited to the Christmas season.

5. Transpose part of the face, and make a

measure of length. A FAMOUS ARCH

6. Transpose a serving boy, and make to yawn. 1

CROSS - WORDS: 1. A 7. Transpose to bathe, and make a dale. 2

heroine of France. 2. A 8. Transpose to thrash, and make to incite. 3

festival. 3. The title of 9. Transpose a square piece of glass, and make 4

a famous poem by Long- the lowest tides. 5

fellow. 4. A day of the 10. Transpose a young animal, and make an 6

week. 5. A famous con- aromatic plant.

queror. 6. A famous lit- 11. Transpose repose, and make previously. 8

15 tle town associated with 12. Transpose part of a sofa, and make a point 9 16 the second cross-word.

of the compass. 10

17 7. (Three letter words.) 13. Transpose a feminine name, and make to 11

18 A common object. 8. A capture. 12

19 kind of snow-shoe. 9. A 14. Transpose a pronoun, and make an inter13 20 number. 10. A masculine jection urging silence.

nickname. 11. A chart. 15. Transpose an entrance way, and make 12. A tree. 13. A pronoun. 14. An insect. 15. aroma. A bird. 16. An extinct bird. 17. A fish. 18. 16. Transpose vital, and make mean. Useful on the breakfast-table. 19. A "rare old 17. Transpose actual, and make a nobleman. plant." 20. A number.

18. Transpose completed, and make a knob. When the foregoing words have been rightly When the foregoing words have been rightly guessed, the letters represented by the figures guessed and transposed, the initials of the new from 1 to 13 will spell a famous arch; from 14 to words will spell the name of a famous musician 20, the birthplace of the man who built the arch. who was born in December, more than a hundred ALMA MILLER (age 16), Honor Member. and fifty years ago.

ALBERTA MOONEY (age 13), League Member.

1. In diagonal. 2. A tavern.
3. Wrath. 4. At no time and on My whole was loved of all the gods;
no occasion. 5. Pertaining to a

He charmed the flowers and trees;
monarch. 6. Uncooked. 7. In Without a two, one wish for gain

He played; and round his knees

There gathered nymphs and satyrs
League Member.

And every living thing;

To three poor mortals 't would be bliss

To hear his sweet voice ring.
All the words described contain the same num-

ALICE EMERY. ber of letters. When rightly guessed and written one below another, the initial letters will spell an

METAMORPHOSES honored group of persons.

The problem is to change one given word to CROSS-WORDS: 1. One who supports a cause another by altering one letter at a time, each or an institution. 2. Interior. 3. Affectionate. alteration making a new word, the number of 4. A game bird. 5. Agitated. 6. Strictly at- letters being always the same and the letters tentive. 7. Tiny. 8. Useful to an equestrian. always in the same order. EXAMPLE: Change NORMA V. STEMM (age 13), League Member.

wood to coal in three moves. ANSWER: Wood,

wool, cool, coal. TRANSPOSITIONS

1. Change beach to place in three moves. EXAMPLE: Transpose crippled, and make 2. Change place to stale in four moves. flour. ANSWER: Lame, meal.

3. Change stale to score in three moves. 1. Transpose a tropical tree, and make a light- 4. Change score to scale in two moves. producing vessel.

VIRGINIA MILLER (age 12), League Member.






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A-SWING in their tall and windy towers, where the meadows meet the sea,
The bells rang out in the Land of Bells and jangled silverly:
Peal and ripple and carillon, tinkle and trill and chime,
Telling the white-capped folk below of the passing of happy time.

All in a night the deed was done

And the flowering fields laid bare:
The Wizard passed in a thunder-cloud,

With the lightning in his hair.
The white-capped people were snatched away in the dread Lost Lands to roam
Till every child should at last forget, nor seek for the pathway home.

Far over the sea where the white cliffs rose, where the Sea-girt Green Space lay,
A shadow fell on the Wondering Boy and he paused in his lonely play:
“Oh, why do the bells no longer ring? Oh, where can the people be?
Will any good Knight from the High King's court seek the Country of Bells with me?"

There on the terrace a tall Knight stood;

Of birchen green was his plume;
His cloak was as gray as the silver mist,

And his face was dark with gloom;
But his eyes were filled with a faery light, and he reached a friendly hand;
Then on, and the High Hall left behind; and on to the white sea strand.

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