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Selected from
The Writers of all NATIONS.

In which the

Several vain Editors and Translators are

Every Relation is made concise and plain,

The Divisions of Countries and Kingdoms are

clearly and distinctly noted.

Illustrated and Embellished
With Variety of Maps and PRINTS

By the best Hands.


Printed for J. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun,

in St. Paul's Church-Yard; and J. Hoe y, jun.
in Skinner-Row, Dublin, MDCCLX.

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The Holstein AMBASSADORS Travels into

Moscovy, TARTARY, and PERSIA.

CHAP. VI. A Description of the Province of

Schirwan, and the Village of Niasabath. They set out for Scamachie ; arrive at the Village of Pyrmaraas, and visit the Tombs of two Persian Saints. They make their Public Entry into Scamachie, where they are entertained by the Governor An Account of the Ceremonies used by the Armenians at the Baptism of the Cross, and at a Festival observed by the Persians in memory of the Prophet Hali; with a Defcription of the City of Scamachie, and the adjacent Country.

P. 1 Char.

CHAP. VII. They leave Scamachie and proceed

to Ardebil. Their entrance into that City. The manner in which are celebrated the Festivals of Kurban and Ashur; the latter of which is particularly described. A Description of Ardebil, and of several rich Sepulchres near that City, particularly that of Shah Sefi.

P. 25

CHAP. VIII. They leave Ardebil, and travel

to Sulthania. That City, with its Mosques described. They thence proceed to Cafwin, and from thence to Kom and Katschan, with a Description of those Cities, and of the Scorpions and Spiders of Katschan ; and continuing their Travels, they approach the City of Ispahar.

P. 42

CHAP, IXThe Ambasadors enter Ispahan, and

are entertained out of the King's Kitchen. A Quarrel between the Ambassador's Servants and those of the Ambasador from the Great Mogul. Their first Audience of the Sopbi, with the Manner in which they were entertained. They are invited by fome Auguftine Monks to the Festival of St. Augustine. Are entertained by the Governor of Armenia, and afterwards by the English A D fcription of the Marriage of an Armenian, with the Manner of their receiving the Eucharift, and the Baptism of an Infant. A Swiss bravely suffers Death rather than forsake the reformed Religion. A curious Account of a bunting Match to which the Amballadors were invited by the Sophi, and which

lafted lafted several Days. The Manner in which the Sophi's Women Travel. The Ambassadors are entertained by the Lord Chancellor, after which they receive a Prefent from the Sopbi, of whom they take their Leave in order to return to Ger

many. CHAP. X. 'The Situation of Ispahan, its Gar

dens, Summer Houses, and public Buildings.

P. 55

P. 64

Chap. XI. They leave Ispahan, and are re

fused Admision into several Villages. A Defcription of the Pass of Pylas at the Entrance of Ghilan, and a View of that fine Province. They arrive at Scamachie, with an Account of the Ceremonies with which the Khan received from the Sophi a rich Habit, as a mark of the continuance of his Favour. A Description of Derbent: Of the Ruins of a Wall 50 Miles in length, and the great number of Tombs near that City.

p. 92

CHAP. XII. They leave Derbent without a

Convey. A Description of the Dagheftan Tartars, who are affronted by the Ambasador Brug. man. The Vexations they meet with at Tarku the Capital, and the dreadful Apprehenfons they are under of being attacked by those, and other Tartarian Nations. They at length arrive at the Town of Andre, where they are kindly entertained. They leave that City and enter Circafia, where they see many Serpents and a pe

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