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to his Excellency on account of the money received on behalf of the creditors.

In confirmation of all the articles in the preceding treaty, Sir Archibald Campbell, governor of Fort St. George, invested with full powers on behalf of the India company, has fubfcribed and fealed two inftruments of the fame tenor and date, at Tanjour, on the 10th day of April, in the year of Chrift one thoufand feven hundred and eighty-feven.

And his Excellency Maha Rajah Amer Sing, for himfelf, his heirs and fucceffors, has also fubfcribed and fealed the fame inftruments, at Tanjour, the twentieth of the month Jamad ul Awker, and in the year of the Hegyra twelve hundred and one.


Archd Campbell.


Signed and fealed by the honourable Sir Archibald Campbell, governor, &c. and by his Excellency the Rajah of Tanjour, in the presence of

Alex Macleod, Refident.

(Signed) { 4. Stuart, Colonel Commanding.

By order of the honourable the Governor.
(Signed) A. Montgomery Campbell,


Schedule of Private Debts referred to in the XIVth, Article.

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Mr. Swatz, for money fubfcribed by gentlemen for the benefit of orphans

Star Pagodas

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The above debts bear intereft at the rate of 12 per
cent. per annum; and there is now between four
and five
intereft due



Arclad Campbell,



1763. T

1766. 23 Feb.

1769. 3 Aug.

HE grant from the Nabob Ally Khan,
Behauder, for establishing a factory
at Onore, and regarding trade.
E. Ind. Treat. p. 233.

1784. 11 Mar.

The grant from Hyder Ally, Khan, confirming the grants and privileges made to the company, by the feveral Malabar Powers, with regard to trade.

E. Ind. Treat. p. 253.

The treaty of perpetual friendship and peace, between the governor and council of Fort St. George, at Madras, and Nabob Hyder Ally, Khan.

E. Ind. Treat. p. 58.


The treaty of peace, friendship, and com8 Aug. merce, between the prefident and council of Bombay, and Nabob Hyder Ally, Khan, which confirmed the grant of the 23d of February, 1766.

E. Ind. Treat. p. 254.

The treaty of perpetual peace and friendfhip, between the East India company and the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun Bahauder, which confirms the commercial privileges and immunities which were given by the late Nabob Hyder Ally Khan, Bahauder.

E. Ind. Treat. p. 269.


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[The following is printed from the treaty, which was published by authority, in 1784.].

Articles for a Treaty of Peace and firm Friendship, between the Honourable Thomas Hodges, Efq; Prefident and Governor, and the Council of Bombay, in Behalf of the Honourable United English Eaft India Company, on the one Part, and the Nabob Hyder Ally Khan Behauder, &c. Titles, for the Countries of Myfure, Hyder Nagur, and Soondah, on the other Part.

I. THAT agreeable to the third article of the treaty of peace, concluded between the honourable the prefident and council of Madras, and the Nabob Hyder Ally Khan Behauder, there be, from this day, a firm peace and friendship between the honourable English Eaft India company and the faid Nabob, and their fucceffors, to continue for ever.

II. That the honourable company may have free liberty to build a commodious factory and warehouses at Onore, by the water-fide, or any place they may pitch upon; and that they may enclose the compound with a fuitable wall; and the ground allotted them shall be rent-free; they fhall alfo have permiffion to cut timber, bring ftones, hay, and wood, for their use: in like manner, they fhall have a factory at Carwar; and the Nabob promifes to oblige the Rajah of Bilguey, to give all the pepper, produced in his country, to the honourable company, at the fame price as they may purchase this article at Onore.

III. That the honourable company fhall likewise have the fole and exclufive right of purchafing all the pepper, and fandal-wood, produced in the Nabob's dominions, the prices of which must be fettled agreeable to former cuftom; the amount, or as much of it as the honourable company choofe, to be made good in guns, muskets, falt, faltpetre, lead, and gunpowder; and the balance made good in ready money.

IV. That

IV. That the honourable company fhall have free liberty to export from Mangulore, or other ports of the Nabob's dominions, whatever rice they may want for Tellicherry or Bombay; three hundred corges of which is, as ufual, to be free of the duty called Adlamy.

V. That the English shall have free liberty of trading in the feveral ports of the Nabob's dominions, on the Malabar coaft, paying cuftoms at the rate of one and a half per cent. on the fale of all goods; and to have permiffion to re-export any goods which will not fell, free of customs, on fignifying the fame to the cuftom-mafter: no cuftoms to be charged on gold and filver, nor on any articles for the immediate ufe and confumption of the Englifh, their fervants, and dependants.

VI. The Nabob obliges himself to affift the English in recovering their juft debts from his fubjects, by compelling them to make good the fame, on the debts being fully proved to his fatisfaction.

VII. That the honourable company, and the Englifh in general, fhall have free liberty to cut and purchase masts, timber, and plank, at Onore, Mangulore, or any other ports of the Nabob's country, teal excepted.

VIII. That no veffels, of what kind or denomination foever, belonging to the English, fhall pay anchorage in any of the Nabob's ports, but have free liberty to go out and come in, without hinderance or moleftation.

IX. Whatever veffels, belonging to the English, may be drove on fhore, on any part of the Nabob's dominions, whether by ftrefs of weather, or otherwise, his killedars, officers, and fubjects, are to affift them, that their goods may be faved, and delivered to the proprietors.

X. That

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