Miscellaneous Bills: Hearing Before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-first Congress, Second Session on S. 2222, a Bill to Authorize the Allowance of Leave Credit to Officers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the Reserve Components Thereof, who Were Denied Such Credit as the Result of Certain Changes in Their Status Between September 8, 1939, and August 9, 1946; S. 4028 ... ; S 4088 ... ; S. 4117 ... ; S. 4118 ... ; S. 4128 and S. 4135 ... ; H.R. 8677 ... ; Nomimations (as Per References Nos. 388, 392, 403, 409, 410). First Report of the Preparedness Subcommittee. September 7, 1950

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Page 14 - If any of the persons appointed or employed as aforesaid shall be persons in the military or naval service of the United States, the amount of the official salary paid to any such person shall be deducted from the amount of salary or compensation provided by or which shall be fixed under the terms of this Act.
Page 29 - In accordance with regulations and standards prescribed by the Secretary of Defense (or the Secretary of the Treasury...
Page 33 - Act, such section or provision shall be deemed to continue in full force and effect so long as may be necessary to the exercise or enjoyment of such proceeding, remedy, privilege, stay. limitation, accounting, or other transaction.
Page 15 - Tolls shall be prescribed at a rate or rates calculated to cover, as nearly as practicable, all costs of maintaining and operating the Panama Canal, together with the facilities and appurtenances related thereto, including interest and depreciation, and an appropriate share of the net costs of operation of the agency known as the Canal Zone Government.
Page 27 - Act provides that with certain exceptions every male citizen of the United States and every other male person residing in the United States between the ages of 18 and 65 shall register.
Page 15 - America, be obligated to reimburse the Treasury of the United States of America, as nearly as possible, for the interest cost of the funds or other assets directly invested in the Commission by the Government of the United States...
Page 27 - States, except that any such alien shall be relieved from liability for training and service under this title if, prior to his induction into the Armed Forces he has made application to be relieved from such liability in the manner prescribed by and in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by the President; but any alien who makes such application shall thereafter be debarred from becoming a citizen of the United States.
Page 13 - ... under way and in motion, unless at the time such injuries are incurred the navigation or movement of the vessel is under the control of a Panama Canal pilot.
Page 13 - ... (b) INJURIES OTHER THAN IN LOCKS. — The Panama Canal Company shall promptly adjust and pay damages for injuries to vessels, or to the cargo, crew, or passengers of vessels...
Page 15 - Stat. 814) , as an agency and instrumentality of the United States, for the purpose of maintaining and operating the Panama Canal and of conducting business operations incident to such maintenance and operation and incident to the civil government of the Canal Zone.

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