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184 Leicester & Rutland-Stafford-IV'urwick. [March 1,

LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND, in proportion to their carnings; and als At a meeting at Louglıbrw, at which by anotal subscriptions and collections 11 Mr. Jos. Pager, jun. presiiled, it was re- the different places of religions worstrip. solved to petition Parlianient against the Those persons who earn above 18$. per Property Tax. Mr. Cropper and Mr. week, io pay not less than 1d. per week; Bown made energetic speeches on the under that sum and above 7s. not less occasion.

Than d. and those under 78. to pay d. • The expences of enclosing Charnwood Abont 70001. is already subscribed iowardo Forest have already amounted 10 80,0001. The expence of the buildings, about 4,5001, žiearly equal, it is said, to the quantity towards a permanent fund, and annual enclosed,

subscriptions amongst the respectable inA considerable mortality has lately taken habitants to a considerable amount, besides place at Loughbro' from the neglect of the weekly contributions. vaccination.

Married.) Mr. Wm. Aslımall, of Eigell, Leicester, and indeed all the towns in near Lichfield, to Miss Elizabeth Line, of the midland counties, have petitioned, with Little Bromwich. great energy, against the continuance of George Wells, esq. of Erdington, to Miss the Property Tax.

Sarah Rose, of Great Bar, Subdued as is intellect in the county Died.) At Wolverhampton, 38, Mr.J.O. of Rutland, yet at Oakliain the petition Cook, merchant. At Walsall, 82, Mrs. against the Property Tax included, to the Woollait.-At Oken, 76, Henry Wood, honour of the county, a remonstrance esq.--15, Mr. Goodwin, grocer, of Leek.against the equal oppression of the Excise At Treutham, 77, Mr. Charles Smith.--Mr. Laws.

Cooke, of Horsley-fields.--At Parkfields, Marri.d.) Mr. R. Raby, of Leicester, to 81, Sarah, relict of the late estimable J. Miss E. Walker, of Preston.

Wedgwood, csq. of Etruria. At Ashby, Mr. W. Ragg, to Miss D. P. At Peokhull, in the Potteries, Mrs., Chapinan.---Mr. Roe, to Miss Coltman, of Shufflebotton.--Mr. Bennett, surgeon, of Wigston.—The Rev. W. M•Dowall, to Miss Abhot's Bromley.-At Hednesford, Mr. Gaudin.

Thomas Carr, a voted jockey.—Mr.ChambDied.) At Leicester, Miss M. A. Lomas. ley, of Penkridge.--34, Mr. John Ball, of --Mrs. Neale, of the Horse and Groom.- Newcastle. Mr. Simpson Carden, of Mr. Baxter, of Red Cross-street.-90, Mrs. Gravelly Bank.--Mr. Baggerley, ot tho Biown, relict of Mr. B, losier.

Rotten-row, Burslem. -- At Clayton, 84, At Louglıbro', 34, Mrs. Smith.—74, Mrs. Anne, relict of Thomas Lovati, esq.-05, Rowland, of Stanford.—83, Mrs. Steele. Mr. Thos. Wilson, of Walsall.-75, Mrs.

At Manton, 62, Mrs. Springthorpe.- Elizabeth Cooper, of Burton-ipon-Trent, At Kilby, Mr. J. Willianis.--At Little --At Leek, 83, Mrs. Wardle.–At Waltthorpe, Mrs. Kenny.--At Uppingham, 75, bridge, near Leck, Mr. Jackso11.---37,Mrs. Mrs. Ross.-At Harbro', Mr. D. Clipsham. Eardley, of Whitmore.--Mr. Woodfield, -At Long Whatton, 84, Mrs. Hayes. of Stone, late of Stafford. At Mounisorrel, Mrs. E. Simpson.--Ai At Green Bank House, 68, the Rev. Sleepshead, Mrs. "Thompson.--- Slaws. David Davenport, M.A. rector of Bardton, Mr. Tailby, curions in the antiquities well, and minister of Sapiston, Sutfolk.-of his neighbourhood, and an ingenious Clappel Woodhouse, csq. of the Close, correspondent of the provincial papers Lichtield.-73, Mr. Joliu Piper, of Har. and periodical publications. At Sealwood, borne Ravenhurst. Walier Patrick, esq. late of Jamaica.-At Bankstove, Mrs. Rebecca Blow.-At At the manufactory of Messrs. Jolinson Cossington, 84, J. Goode, esq.-At Qnor and White, the gazometer belonging to an don, suddenly, 58, Mr. John Wilson, a apparatus recently constructed for the considerable stocking manufacturer.--At purpose of lighting their premises, was Easton, Mrs. Bistal, fariner, killed by a exploded by the inadvertency of those emfall from his horse.

ployed about it. Somc repairs being ne. STAFFORDSHIRE.

cessary to a part of the apparatus, the Ingestrie Hall, wear Stafford, was lately pipes were opened on the preceding evenpearly destroyed by fire.

ing, in order to the dispersion of the gas, A meeting lately took place of the no- which unfortunately way not completely bility, clergy, and respectable inhabitants effected. On the following morning, Mr. of the northern part of Staffordshire, and White, with assistants, proceeded to make the adjoining parts of Shropsliire, Cheshire, necessary preparations, in the conrse of and Derbyshire, the Marquis of Stafford which, the bead of the gazometer rein the chair, to determine on the most ceiving a violent pressure, a portion of the eligible mode of carrying into effect the remaining gaseous fluid was forced through resolutions adopted at a former meeting, one of the principal conductors, and com. for establishing an Infirmary and House of municated with the flame of a lamp burnRecovery, to be supported by weekly ing near its mouth, in a contignons part of contributions from the labonring classes, the manutaetery, which iustaptly caused



Shropshire-Worcester Hereford.



185 the ignition of the whole, and the appa E. A. Addenbrooke, esq. of Kingswintatns blew up with a violent explosion, by ford, 10 Miss Emma Pidcock, of the Platts. which a man assisting was killed by one of Mr. T. Rogers, of Ramsgate, to Miss the counterpoise weights falling upon him, Rogers, of Osbaston. and Mr. White mnch burt, having his lez Major Gore, to Miss M. I. Ormsby, of and thigh fractured.

Porkington; in which vicinity great re· Muried.) Mr. Vanghan, of High-street, joicings took place on the occasion. to Charlotte, fourth daughter of Mr. Pal Mr. Thos. Burnett, of Oncott Hall, to lett, of Moor-street, both of Birmingham. Miss Hannah Carter.

At Nuneaton, Florence Egan, esq. of Died.] At Shrewsbury, S2, Mr. James Nenagli, to Miss Dorothea Greenway, of Waidson, printer.-Mrs. Mathews, of DogAtuleborough Hall.

pole.--Mr. Phillips, author of the Hitory At Hatton, Mr. S. Merry, of Haseley, to and Antiquities of Shrewsbnry. -- Mrs. Miss Elizabeth Ball, of Hattoa.

Brayne.-37, Mr. John Phillips, jun.Mr. T. Congrere, of Leamington, to Mrs. Evans,' of Dog-lane.—Mr. Mathew Inlia, second dangliter of the late Mr. Millington, sen. of Frodesley. Bary, of Coventry.

At Shifnal, Mr. Peak, sadler.–At Ches. Died.] At Birmingham, 49, Mr. John wardine, 83, Mrs. Jane Grinsell, and Mrs. Brunner, of Digbeth.--Sincerely regretted, Jervis.-At Weston, Mrs. Purton. - At 64, Mary, relict of the late James Yates, Baschurch, Mr. R. Cooper. - At High esq. of Bordesley. — At King Edward's. Ercall, Mr. Peter Elsmere. -- At Upton place, 52, Mr. Thomas Richards, brother Waters, the Rev. R. W. B. Hill, rector, of the above Mrs. Yates.--Anne, wife of deservedly regrelied.--At Derven-y-Pandy, Mr. Henry Allison. — 97, Mrs. Weston, John Povey, esq. relict of Mir, W. an eminent wire•drawer. -Mr. John Ainsworth, of Digbeth.-Mr. The number of pockets of hops weighed S. Smith.--60, Mr. James Hardman.—79, in Worcester hop-market, from December Mr. James Gill, of 'Thorpe-street.-57, 25, 1813, to December 25, 1814, was— Mrs. Parrý.—Mr. Thomas Ross, japanner, new, 19,893—old, 2,669. In the preceding of Fleet-street.-59, Mr. Richard Howle, year the quantity weighed was--new, of Coleshill-street.--18, Eliza, fifth daugh- 12,059_old, 2,036-difference, 234 pockets ter of Mr. Thomas Hadley.Mrs. Penn, in favour of 1814. of Temple-row.-Sincerely regretted, Mrs. Married.] At Hales Owen, Mr. W.R. Baker, of Great Charles-street.-18, Jos. Taylor, to Miss Sarah Parker, of Broadfourth son of Mr. Isaac Hill, of Digbeth. well.

At Coventry, Mrs. Fawson.—95, Mr. Mr. W. Yates, of Tenbury, to Miss Mary John Simmonds, of Crow Moat.-Far ad- Webb. vanced in years, Mr. Thomas Collier, of Died.] At Bewdley, 74, Mrs. Mary Stoke-Mis. Broadhurst.

Barnett, widow of Wm. B. esq. formerly At Rugby, 11, Elward Ambrose Hume, of Cleobury Mortimer.--68, Mr. Francis youngest son of Abraham H. esq. of Bilton Sheriff.-87, Mrs. Mary Hants, of Drakes Grange.—77, Mrs. M. Avery, of Weather. Cross, King's Norton.-Mrs. Mason, wife cock Hill.—61, Mrs. Kettle, relict of John of Mr. Benj. M. of Dudley.–At Greåt K. esq. of Overseal.--Mrs. James Maullin, Malvern, Mrs. M. Hotham, widow of of Coseley; she fell a sacrifice to her Major H. and eldest danghter of the late hamane attention to a servant whilst ill of Thomas Bird, esq.of Norton.-At Leopard, a pestilential fever.-62, Mrs. Susannah 17, Miss E. Burnell, youngest danghter of Bromley, late of Brewood.-Mr. Edward the late Mr. B. of Tenbury.--At BroadCox, of Middleton. — 60, deservedly la. way, Mrs. Matthews.-At Worcester, 62, mented, Mrs. Greensill, wife of Mr. J. G. Mr. Poole, of Broad-street.--Mrs. Brockof Buck's Head House.--26, Miss Martha hurst.-John Fidkin, esq. thirty years Baly, of Warwick.-Mr. Wallington, of coroner for Worcestershire.-76, Mr. G. Thelsford.—Harriet, youngest daughter of Parker. R. Vaughton, esq. of Ashforlong.-19, Mr.

Isaac Swinperton, of Fillongley. Mr. Married.) Mr. Jones, jun. to Miss
Judd, of Stoneleigh.—27, Mr. Wm. Eden, Hooper.
land-surveyor, of Wellsbourne.-44, Mrs. Mr. James Owen Griffith, to Miss
Astley, of 'Wolverton.


Mr. J. Morgan, of Ross, to Miss At a meeting at Ludlow, it was deter. Jones. mined that no importation ought to be Died.) At Hereford, Miss Mary Palmer. permitted till wheat reaches 13s. per -At Tenbury, Miss E. Burnell. ---At Foy, bushel !

the Rev. John Jones, rector.--At KingsMr. R. Dalton is delivering his popular land, Mr. , 'cob Wyles.--23, Mr. Charles Conrse of Philosophy at Shrewsbury. Pritchard,

Married.] The Hon. Col. Deane, 38th, At Leominster, Mrs. Sayer.-76, Mrs. to Miss Haynes, of Bishop's Castle: Sherburne.--Mrs. Kinsey. BIOSTHLY M.ig. No. 266.


2 B




William Philips, printer.--Mr. Williana This county, its cities, and chief towns, Best, of the Hotwell Colonade. — Miss have remonstrated, with the energy of Sarah Gevers.-Mrs. Hall, of Somersetfreemen, against the coutinuance of the square. Property Tax.

Aged 30, Mr. Capes, surgeon, of TetThe laudable example of Oxford has been bury:-The Rev. Samuel Pickering, rector followed at Gloucester, and we hope with of Bishop's Cleeve.—59, Mr. Thos. Bovey EQUAL ATTENTION TO THE CLAIMS OF Green, solicitor, of Campden.-At PainsHUMANITY. The magistrates have given wick, 77, Mr. Thos, Clift. -80, Mrs. Winpublic “notice to distressed travellers, ter, formerly of Tewkesbury: -- James and others, who may have occasion to pass Montgomery Watts, only son of the Rer. 'through the city on their way to their re- Jas. Watis, vicar of Ledbury. spective homes, that their cases will be severally investigated on application at The number of degrees in Michaelmas the Tolsey, or Town Hall, daily, (Sundays Term were--D.D. 1; B.D.2; B. Med. 1; excepted,) between the hours of nine and B.C.L. 1; M.A. 30; Hon. M.A. 2; B.A. eleven in the morning, and four and six in the '60; Matriculations, 184. afternoon ; but all vagrants and disorderly The Rev. Edward Copleston, Bachelor persons who may be found begging, or at. in Divinity, and senior fellow of Oriel Coltempting to obtain relief under false pre- lege, has been unanimously elected Pro. tences, within the liberties of the said vost, in the place of the Rev. J. Eveleigh, city, will be immediately apprehended and D.D. deceased. proceeded against according to law."

It is proposed to take down and rebuild Cirencester and Minchinlampton have Folly-bridge, at the south of Oxford. petitioned for the Property Tax, under The bencfactions to the Lunatic Asy. modifications as “just and equitable.” lum amount to above 85001. A Mrs.

Married.) At Chelteuham, Capt. Barron, Shepherd, lately gave 5001. and an anony. to Miss Bolton.

mous frieud 3507. Wm. Crawshay, esq. of Cyfarthfa iron The inhabitants of Oxford have resolved works, Glamorganshire, to Miss Thompson, to receive no country bankers' notes which niece of Robert T. esq. banker of Chep- are vot payable in London. An act of stow.

parliament ought to prohibit them. Mr. Thomas Walker, to Miss Hill, both The tone of the petition against the of Gloucester., from Oxford, evinces a rising The Rev. T. Davies, vicar of Oxenhall, spirit of political independence in that to Miss Gatfield.

wealthy and loyal city. Mr. Geo. Pennell, to Miss Sarah Rose, Narried.] Mr. J. Dutton, of Bampton, both of Tewkesbury.

to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Tuckett, of Bristol, to Mary, Rev. W. Underwood, of Lincoln college. third daughter of J. Fothergill, esq. of Mr. Knapp, to Mrs. London, both of Tredegar iron works.

St. Ebbe's. At Monmouth, Capt. W. Bennet, R.N. to Mr. Thomas Neale, of Evenload, to Mrs. Aldred.

Miss Mary Hale, of Long Compton. At Usk, Mr. Francis Woollett, surgeon, Mr. Samuel Gunnel, jun. clerk to the to Miss Prosser.

House of Commons, to Miss Deacle, of Mir. Lax, to Miss Ford, of Richmond. Banbury. terrace, Bristol.

Mr. Henry Hollom, of Cherrington, to Mr. J. Dutton, surgeon and apothecary, Miss Mary Clark. of Bampton, to Eliza, youngest daughter Mr. George Paine, to Rachael, second of the late Rev. W. Underwood.

daughter of Mr. Edward Nicholls, of Ho. Died.] At Gloucester, 59, Mr. Hyam liwell Mills, Oxford, Barnett, silversmith, of Westgate-street, Died.] At Oxford, 56, William Rhodes, well known, during a period of near forty M.A. formerly fellow of Worcester colyears, for the extent of his dealings lege. In Easter tern, 1792, he was elected Hiroughont this county, Hereford, Mon- superior beadle in the faculties of medicino meutli, and South Wales.- Mr. John and arts, in which office he conducted Cooper, cheese-factor, of Westgate-street. himself with the strictest integrity and -70, J. Mills, esq.

punctuality: he was also proctor in the Ai Bristol, Aliss Sophia Duberly, young- university court, and coroner for the uniest daughter of the late Mr. George D. versity -Greatly regretted, Mrs. Gill, of Edward, eldest son of Mrs. Hill, of Queen- Magdalen college. - Mrs. Browning, of sq'are. -- George, yomgest son of Mr. the corn-market.-Mr.Hoare, of the HighHisenbeth.-J. S. Harford, esq. of Blaize street. -32, regretted, by a large circle of Castle, an eminent banker of Bristol.- acquaintances, Mr. Charles Moore, lioen. Mrs. Goodwin, of Redcliti-street.-- Mr. draper, and one of the chamberlains.Willian Stone, acconiptani.- in College. Mrs. Wells, of the Wheatsheaf.--76, Mrs. street, 31, Capt. B. K. Hatchins.--Mr. Ward, of George-lane.--75, Mr. Hibbets,




1815.] Bucks and Berks-Herts and Beds-- Northampton, &c. 187 mercer, in the High-street.-58, Mr. Tho. mas Eddle.-83, Mrs. Crozier, cork-cutter. The Rev. Joseph A. Batten is appointed

Mrs. Mary Wood, of Cut Mill, near principal of the East India College, near Stanton Harcourt.

Hertford, in the room of Dr. Henley, At Combe, S2, Mrs. Tustin, wife of Mr. resigned. Tustin.

Married.] William Hale, jun. of King's 80, Mr. Jolin Trinder, sen. of West-end, Walden, to Elizabeth, only daughter of near Stanton Harcourt.

the Hon. Wm. Leeson. At Great Rollwright, 66, Mr. Henry Mr. J. Lewer, of Royston, to Miss Mead. Hunt, cabinet-maker, leaving a wife and Died.] At Baldock, 87, Mrs. Fryer, who eight children.-At Caversham, 101, Mr. lived in the service of George II. and was Henry Cottrell, late of Burghfield. in the room at the time of his death.

57, Mr. Thomas Morris, watchmaker, At Tring, Mrs. Mary Seare. of Bicester.-85, Mr. Samuel Rolls, of Miss Catharine Nodes, of Sheephall. Henley-upon-Thames. — At Chiselhamp- bury.--Mrs. Mary Tilmers. ton, 21, Mr. Robert Tidman, late of New At Broxbourne, where he was engaged College.

in superintending an edition of the Syriac At Hook Norton, Mr. James Harris, New Testament for the rise of the Syrian apothecary, &c. whose integrity procured Christians in the East, the Rev. Claudius him the esteem of an extensive circle of Buchanan, D.D. deservedly celebrated for friends.

his interesting Travels in Hindoostan, and At Sparsholt, near Wantage, Mrs. Bush,' a man of rare worth and extraordinary 16, Anne, eldest daughter, of the Rev. learning, whose loss will long be felt by W. Mairis, D. D. rector of St. Peter's, his connections and the public. Wallingford.—80, Mrs. Burgess, of Steeple Aston.

Two robbers lately escaped from conBUCKS AND BERKS.

finement at Peterborough; and, by the The old established bank of Marsh, newspaper accounts, it incidentally apDeane, Westbrook, and Deane, stopped pears that they were chained together in a payment lately for a large amount. cell. We thought Howard, and the Com

The French College established at Penn, mittees of the House of Commons, had and maintained during nineteen years by humanely reformed such practices; and the munificence of the British nation, will we lioped the chaining of men in cells now be transferred to Paris in the course of characterized only the dungeons of the Inthe ensuing summer, and continued there quisition, and the administration of popish under the patronage of the King of monks and friars. As Lord Milton is France.

chairman of the Peterborough sessions, his Merried.] At Wingrave, Mr. Robert liberal feclings, joined to those of the other Seabrook, of Hogshaw, to Miss Drusilla magistrates, will doubtless lead to the Cook, of the former place.

adoption of a more worthy system. At Quainton, in this county, Mr. Lewis Maried.] Mr. W. Heighton, of Kęt. Lloyd, to Miss S. King, daughter of the tering, to Miss I. Leake, of Nottingham, late Mr. C. K. of the same place.

Mr. Kemp, of Uppingham, to Miss E, At Wargrave, Capt. Hanmer, to Miss Godfrey, of Fotheringay. Ximenes.

Died.] At Staverton, 72, the Rev. Wm. James Coombs, esq. banker, of Wind- Chase, B.D. prebendary of Wells, and a sor, to Miss Brown, of Marlborough. justice of the peace. For a few months

At Newbury, Samnel Wm. Neate, esq. only he was rector of St. Martin's, Bir. of Chilvester-hill, to Mary Ann, only mingham; which living be resigned from danghter of the late Wm. Smith, esq. a conscientious scruple of retaining the

Died.) At Olney, 72, Mr. Rt. York. charge of so populous a parish, and reAt Low Grounds, 75, Mr. Thos. Taylor. turned without prefermeni to his student.

At Aylesbury, Mrs. Dixon.-17, Mr. ship at Christ Church, Oxford.
Thos, Hogg, and Mrs. Bailey,

T'he Rev. Thomas Hind, rector of Ard. At Wokingham, Mrs. Webb.Mr. R. ley, and of Westwell, Oxfordshire, and W. Hollaway, of Reading.

vicar of Culworth. He was a man of At Lilly Hill, the Hon. General Hervey, strict integrity, strong understanding, and whose life and fortune were devoted to the a scholar of the first class. discovery and relief of deserviog objects. At Nassington, 62, Mrs, Lamb.--At This excellent man was nearly related to Cranford, Lady Robinson, relict of Sir the Earl of Bristol and the Countess of George R.--92, Mrs. Steer, relict of W.S. Liverpool, and was a favourite of his Ma. esq: of Northampton.--The Hev. Thos. jesty.

Wright, rector of Calde, At Abingdon, 63, Mr. Norrington,

CAMBRIDGE AND HUNTS. builder, whose death was occasioned by At the Bachelors' Coinmencement Jan. a fall from his horse.--Sincerely regretted, 20, the degree of B. A. was taken by 44 , Mr, Benjamin Glanvell,

of St. John's, 33 of Trinity, 5 of Benne't,



Norfolk-Suffolk-Esser. [March 1, 4 of Caius, 5 of Christ's, 3 of Emmanuel, –48, Mrs. Godfrey.-63, Mrs. Blunder, 4 of Jesus, 6 of Magdalen, 4 of Queen's, field.-65, Mr. John Eldridge. and 9 of Sidney colleges; 2 of Catharine, At Thetford, 76, Mrs. High. 5 of Clare, 8 of Pembroke, and 3 of Tri At Watlington, 56, Mrs. Ann Hawes, of nity halls; and 4 of Peter-House.

Riddlesworth.--Mr. Brett, of Swaff bam. By some extraordinary mistake, the -At Hempnall, 68, Mrs. Dorothy Leeder. sheriff recently appointed for Huntingdon -At Swaff ham, Mr. John Brooks. 69, and Cambridge had been dead more than Mr. Tho. Hotson, of the Swan Inn, Long 12 months,

Stratton.-Mrs. Susanna Ayton, of Dick. The following are the subjects for Sir leburgh.-82, Mr. Jobn Viting, of SwaffWm. Browne's gold medals for the present ham.--85, Mrs. Ann Palmer, of St. Peter's year :-For the Greek Ode, In Augustissi- Mancroft.-26, the Rev. Henry Marsham, mum Galliæ Regem solio avito redditum.-- of Stratton Strawless.-66, Mrs. Stannard, For the Latin Ode, Vicos ducent de murmore of Newton Flotman.-At Lynn, 76, Mr. vultus.--For the Epigrams, Quicquid dicam, Sam. Bunnett.-Mrs. Burgess, vicar of aut erit aut non.

Halvergate.-64, Mrs. Eliz. Seaman.-At The following are the subjects for the Catton, 82, Ann Cubitt.-62, Mr. Dawson, prizes given by the representatives in par. of East Derehain. Ijament for this university, for the present year:--Senior Bachelors, Quid causa est, At the Suffolk county meeting against cur apud Romunos, postquam sub Impera- the property-tax, Sir Wm. Middleton and toribus essent, eximia minus florerent inge. Mr. Grigby spoke with a degree of energy nia ?–Middle Bachelors, Utrum clemen. worthy of the best periods of our history. tioris sit unimi, leviter delinquentes suppli. In a cause between the proprietors of ciis, pro ratione culparum adhibitis, coercere, the Bungay Canal and this county it has an impunitos dimittere?

been decided that the proprietors are Jas. Wood, B. D. was lately elected bound to keep in repair the bridge of a master of St. John's college.

public road, which crosses their canal. Died.) At Cambridge, 85, Mrs. Day. Married.] At Brandon, Mr. W. Morte 33, Mr. Timothy Johnson.-Rev. William lock, to Miss Eliz. Noble. Craven, D.D. master of St. Jolin's college, Mr. Garner Wright, of Knettishall, to to which headship he was elected in 1789. Miss Salter. At Bourn, 26, Mr. J. White.

At Copdock, Mr. H. Buckingham, 10 At Earith, 88, Mr. J. Brown, S.F.-.-48, Miss Martin. Mr. W. Tibbutt, an opulent grazier. Mr. Thomas Cornell, to Miss Mary At Newton, 79, W. Stephenson, esq. Fyson.

Mr. Tho. Murrells, to Miss French. A mercantile house at Norwich has been Mr. J. Easter, tó Miss J. Rice, of prosecuted on the apparently frivolous Woodbridge. charge of sending some letters of business Died.) At Bury, 82, Mrs. Groom.--53, by a carrier. We thonght the Post Office · Mr. Wm. Rawlinson, baker.-96, Henry had been instituted for the purpose of con. Cook. veying letters, which it would be inconve Aged 67, the Rev. David Davenport, nient to send by other means. If any law forty-three years rector of Bardwell. ----77, give it a right to deliver letters whether its Mr. R. Claxton, farmer, of Frittun.--76, services are desirable or not, such law Mr. Wm. Goate, of Thrandistone-75, seems to merit reconsideration.

Mrs. Frances Amys, of Woodbridge.-69, On the oth inst. 50,000 people were Mr. John English, of West Bergholt.--71, collected at Norwich to witness the ascent Mrs. L. Chase, of Stradbrook.-Mt. Riof a Mr. Stewart in a balloon. Its power chard Webb, of Haverliill.–At Weston, of ascension being deficient, it rose but 150 Lieut. Cha. Jahn Molyneux.--Eliz. Gar. feet, and fell at the distance of a few hun- land, of Rockinghall.--At Lakepham Pars dred yards, where it was torn in pieces by sopage, 88, Mrs. Adams. the mob, and the aeronaut narrowly escaped with his life.

Married.] At Greensted, the Rev. Geo, Married.] The Rev. T. Deeker, to Mary Hughes, to Miss Ord, of Greensted-ball. Chapman.

At Horndon-on-the-Hill, Jos. Squier, Jas. Leeder, jan. esq. to Miss A. Bugg, esq. of Balpham, to Miss Mary Westwood, of Gately.

of Hornden. Mr. John Nickerson, of Lyng, to Miss At Ramsey, Mr. Wm. Leech, of ManNorton,

ning, to Miss Daniels, only daughter of Mr. J. Hardy, to Mrs. Pavioor, of Nor. Joseph D. esq. of Stution. wich.

Mr. T. Cawkwell, of Clielmsford, to Miss Died.) At Norwich, 59, Mrs. S. Rivett, Wades, of Bradwell Mill, of St. Martin's Place.---27, Mr. W. Dring, Died.] At Colchester, 89, Mr. John of St. Giles':-41, Mrs. Mary Lacy, of St. Kendall, s.F.-At Malden, suddenly, 76, Peter's, Mancroft.

Samnel Bewtree, esq. of Conthemustin At Yarmouth, 50, Mis. Eleanor Hawkes. Hall.–At Parudon, 21, Jehosaphat Postle,




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