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189 esq.-At Great Baddow, 73, Mr. P. school at the Nunnery.--Mr. Grover, Larcher. Mrs. Honeywood, of Mark Hall. brewer.-Mr. Jolin Vidion, formerly prin-67, Mr. Wm. Shuttlewortlı, of Mangapps, ter and bookseller. Burnlam.–80, Mr. John Richardson, of At Canterbury, George, eldest son of Rochford.--61, Sarah Baker, of Barking. the late Mr. G. Chittenden, of Boughton-85, John Tabor, of Bocking.--85, Mr. under-Blean.-70, Mr.Henry Buckton, atEdw. Pitchey, of Billericay.

torney at law.

At Ashford, 14, Margaret, second daughThe petitions from this great and truly ter of Mr. Power, of a decline.--Captain independent coupty, on the subject of the Smart, of the Royal Engineers.-Sarah, property-tax and corn-bill, have been ge- danghter of Mr. Apsley. neral.

At Hawkhurst, Frederic Wilson, esq. of Among the benevolent institutions which Tongs.-At Goudhurst, of a paralytic afare established in Maidstone, none deserves fection, Mr. G. Johnson, sen.--76, the more notice than that lately established for Rev. James Morris, A.M. rector of Betseducating the poor, on the Madras sys. hanger, in this county.--In Argyle-street, tem. Of all theories for constituting a London, 49, Mary, wife of Win. Honyvirtuons people, it will at once be con- wood, esq. of Sibion, and formerly M.Þ. ceded, that early education and moral in- for this county.–At Folkstone, 8i, Mrs. struction is incomparably the best. This Kingsford.-At Preston, Mrs. has been opened about four months, At Blackheath, 31, H. R. Goodwyn, esq. and already contains upwards of three We invite the periodical communi. hundred children. The progress exhibited cations of S. P.S. by the scholars, is at once a testimony of

SUSSEX. the merits of the system, and of the zeal At a numerous and respectable meeting ? and assiduity of the superintendants. of the land occupiers of the county of Sus

The advantages derived from peace, are sex, Jolin Ellman, esq. in the chair, it was already felt in this and the neighbouring resolved unanimously.--1. “That the de. counties. Almost every article of provi- pressed state of agriculture in the United sion is considerably cheaper. Bread is at Kingdom, in consequence of the unbounded 9d. the quartern loaf, and mcat in propor- importation of foreign corn, at a time when tion; coals, which were last winter as high the price is insufficient to repay the British as 80s. are now at Rochester at 365. with farmer, and enable him to bear up' against every prospect of a further diminution. the heavy burthen of taxation, the natural

This county has lately been infested by a conseqnence of a long and expensive war, set of villains, whose practice has been to which will inevitably prove ruinous to the rob various farmers of valuable horses and grower, and injurious to the consumer, by colts, and by disfiguring them render it lessening our home produce, and making scarcely possible for the owners to recog. us dependent on foreign supply. And, 2. nise them. Associations are forming at That unless protection is given to the British Danbridge and other places to bring these farmers, in the sale of their produce, while depredaturs to justice.

struggling under the lieavy burthens of The following three two-yearling we- poor's-tax, tythe, highway-tax, malt-tax, thers were bred and fed upon grass only property, and assessed taxes, as well as by Mr. Jola Brisenden, grazier, of New other heavy outgoings from a farm, it will Romney, and slaughtered by his son : be totally impossible to bear up against

Carcases. Loose Fat. them, and in many cases (if no rent be 128 lbs.

20 lbs. paid) a considerable portion of the arable No. 2 126 lbs.

15 Ibs, land must be totally neglected, and let run No. 3 136 lbs.

18 lbs.

to waste." Married.] At Bexley, Jos. Watson, LL.D. Married.] The Rev. T. Kilgove, to Miss to Susannah, daughter of J.Littlewood, esq. Ç. Dyer, of Cockerhill.

At St. George's, Hanover-square, the E. Dash, esq. to Miss Newman, of Chi. Rev. T. Hyde Ripley, vicar of Wootton chester.---The Rev. Jolin V. Button, to Bassett, Wilts, to Caroline, third daughter Mrs. Freeman. of the late Wm. Honeywood, esq. of Sib- At Hailsham church, Mr. John Putland, ton, and late M.P. for this county.

to Miss Mynn. At Chart Sutton, Mr. Thomas Austin, At Chichester, G. N. Cheek, esq. to Miss of: Yalding, to Miss Mary Southon, of Earl. Marden.

At Madehurst, Mr. Thomas Duke, to At Canterbury, Mr. John Luckhurst, of Miss Redwick. Ashford, to Miss Saralı Woodgate.

Died.] At Lewes, 100, Darid Gaul, esy, Mr. G. Merryweather, to Miss Taylor, Mr. R. Green, of Oving.–At Arundel both of Canterbury,

castle, 92, Mrs. Carleton. At Stockbury, Mr. T. Edmed, to Miss Hudson, of Stockbury.

Married.) Capt. Peake, of H. M. ship Died.) At Maidsione, 79, Mrs. Ben. Rosaria, to Leonora Maria, second dauglistead.-Mss. Joues, of the ladies boarding ter of Jas. Urmston, esq. of Walmer, Ken'.

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Bush, esq.


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At Havant, C. B. Longcroft, esq. to Miss At Corsham, Mr. P. Sharing, to Miss
Jane Padwick.

Lieut.H. A. Bates, R.N. to Miss Isabella Thomas Edridge, esq. of Monkton Jox.
Innes, ot Portsea.

ta, to Miss Ann Figgins.
Mr. Groves, sen. of the Halfway-lıouses, Rev. John Bailes, to Miss Susan Chap-
to Mrs. Smith, of Prince George's-street, man, both of Hilperton.

Died.) At Beaverstone, 79, Mrs. Ann Lieut. Agnew, of the 39d regt. to Miss Stockwell.–At Marlbro', 32, Mr. Thomas Drury, daughter of V. D, esq. of Portsea. Church.-At Malmsbury, Mrs. Andrews.

At Stoke, Lieut. Hills, R.N. to Miss Jane ---Mrs. Tovey, of Shrewton, daughter of Carter, Forton Mill.

J. Gilbert, esq.- At Stockton, 73, Mr. W. At Newport, Mr. Paul, to Miss Hay. Pinchard, esq. many years an active memball.

ber of the Bath Agricultural Society.--At At Burton, T. D. Shate, esq. to Miss Bradford, Charlotte Cameron.

Died.) At Portsea, Mr. Allport, linen The Batlı Petition against the Property
draper.-Mrs. Ford, at the Queen's Head. Tax measures 19 yards; that of the connty
--Suddenly, Mrs. Love, on the Hard. 60 yards.
Mrs. Dixon, wife of Mr.D. sen.--Suddenly, The Bath Penitentiary was enabled to
Jus. Bone, esq. of Hambledon.--Mrs. Col- expend 3781. last year; a sum vastly be-
lins, of Godalming.-Mr. Jas. Grist, many low its just claims on benevolence.
years a respectable printer and bookseller The Eye Infirmary of Bath relieved 275
in Portsea.-Mrs. Rattu.--Mrs. Lawrence, patients within the last year.
of the Red Lion, Queen-street.-Mr. T. We collect from the well-selected co-
Messum.--24, Mr. George Messum, ne- lumns of Mr. Savage's Tuunton and Bridge.
phew of the deceased.-- In Britain-street, wuter Journal, that an improved line of
Dir. J. Phillips.

road is determined on between that town
At Ryde, 10), Mr. Jas. Hatcher.--18, and Wellington.
Mr. George Lowe.-- Mrs. Holmwood, of The same paper records a shocking in-

stance, at Saltash, of the dreadful conse. At Newtown, Mrs. Goodeve, of Port. quences of presenting guns in joke. One chester.--Mrs. Hyslop, an old inhabitant young man took up a gun and snapped it of Gosport.

twice at another, and the second time it Ar Newport, 94, Mr. Edw. Hayles, late discharged its contents into the head of of Southampton.---At Newcastle, Rear- the other, and killed him on the spot. Dis. Admiral Charleton.--At Kingston, Lieut. tracted by what he had done, he flew from W'm. Stagg, R.N.-51, Mrs. Smitli, of Ya- the room, and threw himself into a mill. verland Farm, Isle of Wight.--Ai Stoke, pond, where he was drowned. Mrs. Camby.–At Gosport, 80, Mrs. Cor. Married.] At Taunton, Major W. B. nelius.--Mrs. Hyslop, of Newtown, near Kersteman, 10th regt. to Susanna, daugbGosport. -- Mrs. Kerley, of Comphouse ter of the Rev. John Ambrose, D.C.L. of Farm, Southwick. Lieut. G. Green, late Dublin, commanding the Steady Gm-brig, on this At Freshford, Wm. Ancrnm, esq. of Ca station.--At the Vicarage House at Arre. vonbury Grove, to Miss S. Fisher Joyce. ton, Isle of Wight, 95, Henry Roach, esq. Mr. Thomas 'Purnell Luff, of Wells, to ---Miss Fulford, sister of Mr. Fulford, Miss Ann Meacham, of Shepton Mallet. King's Head, Halfway-houses.

Mr. George Kite, of Batheaston, to Miss At Over-Wallop, Mrs. U. K. C. Wake, Ann Tree, of Swainswick. wite of the Rev. Mr. W.--At ms, near John lensley, esq. to Susanna Maria, Fareham, 23, John Delme, esq. On the day second daughter of the late Egerton Allprevious to his demise he was dressing hini. cock, of Abbot's Broniley Park. self to attend ne races, which he had William Finch, esq. of Tullamore, to prepared for i amusement of the mem- Miss Coales, daughter of Philip Coales, bers of the Hanıpshire Hunt, when he was esq. They had previously been married at seized with an apoplectic fit, under the Gretna Green. effects of which he langnished until the At Bath, Edward Dolman Scott, esq. next morning, when he died.

of Great Barr, to Catharine Juliana, eldest At Sutton Scotney, suddenly, Mr. John daughter of Sir Hugh Bateman.--Hugh Ewens.

O'Reilly, esq. of Meath, to Margaret,

eldest daughter of the Rev. Joby Jones.The landowners and occupiers of this Capt. Francis Edward Seymour, R.N. to county bave presented a strong petition Elizabeth, second daughter of the late for relief against foreign corn, at the pre- Charles Cooke, esq.-Mr. Robert Penny, sent importation prices.

of' the Bladud Bank, to Miss Stothert, of The cloth manufactory of Mr, Lanfiare, Northgate.street.-Nr. Charles Caines Clit: of Calne, was lately destroyed by tire. ton, surgeon, to Mary Ann, daughter of

Nurr'ed.) Mr. Baber, of Bradford, to William White, esq. Miss Catharme Biggs, of Ivy Mill Faim. Died.] At Farley, 58, the Rev. Josepla 1


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191 Griffiths. Mrs. Stowell, of Bedminster.- Sibley. At Doreliester, 1o, Mr. Ga At Wincanton, 75, William Blacher, mem- Frampton. ber of the Society of Friends.--At Wells, Mrs. Wilkinson, relict of Mr. George W. At the late quarter-sessions it appeared brandy merchant.--At Mudford, 71, Mr. that it has for some time past been the Oliver Hayward.—At Monckton, near practice of a resident of St. Giles's, London, Taunton, Thomas Parry, labourer, 102: a to fabricate and sell to vagrants fulse pahard-working man, always frugal and tem- pers, describing them as discharged sol. perate in his mode of living, and an early diers, sailors, &c. on their way to their fariser. He retained the use of his facnlties milies. These impostors have in conseto the last.–114, Mrs. Johnson, mother of quence spread themselves over the kingMrs. Weymouth, Post office, Bedminster, She dom, and extorted money with great sucenjoyed her faculties to the last, and was cess from benevolent persons. confined to her bed only three weeks.--In Married.] At Tavistock, Hugl Snell, Shepton Mallet, Mr. Thomas Skone, 54 esq. to Miss Hill. years an eminent brewer.-Mary Anne, At Bishop's Teiguton, Col. Goodridge, eldest daughter of John Blackberrow, esq. to Miss Camden. of Banwell Court.-At Wrington, 82, Mr. At Trinity-church, Mr. Richard Legg, Thomas Cole, tellmonger.-At Midsomer to Miss Mary Dennis, both of Exeter. Norton, 71, James Savage, esq.--At Bath. At St. Edmund's-church, B. Flood, esq. paston, Mr. Blackford, schoolmaster.-At to Miss Hakewill, of Exeter. Kelstone, 62, Mr. James Steger.--69, Died.] At Exeter, Mrs. Arscott.--Mrs. Samuel Edwards, esq. of Cothain Lodge. Bidwell.---55, R. Rooke, esq.

-At Bathwick, Mr. Johannot, dramatist. At Tavistock, Miss P. Rundle. -At Hallatrow, Mrs. Martha Broadribb. At Dartington House, 53, Mr. Joha -At Wiveliscombe, Mr. James Leane, Skinner.-At Moreton Hanpstead, Miss formerly a banker.–At Crowcombe, 94, Mary Mardon.--At Berry Nardor, sinMrs. Mary Gard.—James Bennett, esq. of cerely lamented, Mrs. Jane Spencer.-Cadbury House.

Mrs. Jackson, late of Heavitree.-At OtAt Bath, 75, Mrs. Ann Breedon, of Cha- tery, Mrs. Phillips.-At Heavitree, 60, pel-row.--71, B. Bate, esq. son of the Rev. Mrs. Drewe, of Grange.--At Barnstaple, J. Bate.--Mr. William Ridings, assistant Mrs. Mullins.--At Stoke, near Plynoutli, serjeant to the Court of Requests._-59, Mrs. Cumby.-At Strawberry Hill, Jos. Mrs. Fanny Moger Lyne, of Kingsmead Lyons Walrond, esq.--At Sidmouth, Mr. Terrace. In Green-park-buildings, great. Jonathan Hewlett.-Mrs. Sarah Feltham, ly regretted, 77,Mrs. Farrer, wife of James late of Hinton St. George, Somerset.

In Milson-street, 7. Roberts, jun. Mrs. Wingyett, confectioner, Plymouth. esq. of Charter-house-square.—Justly la- -Mrs. Bidwill, of St. Thomas's, Exeter.mented, Mrs. Evans, relict of Charles E. 15, Elizabeth, ihe eldest daughter of Wm. esq. of Jamaica.-Mrs. Fuller, wife of Mr. Cutcliffe, esq. of St. David's Hill, Exeter. Thomas F. coachmaker.--In Alfred-street, At Chawlcigli, 87, Mrs. Cornal, widow. 69, suddenly, Mrs. Barber.

- 64, Mrs. Jane Reed, widow.-Miss Mary DORSETSHIRE.

Burrow. At Lifton, 73, Mrs. Mary Burne. A subscription is proposed for building --At Teigumouth, 36, Mr. Joha Carter.-a new church at Malcombe Regis, capable At Topsham, 87, Mrs. Brookc.-At Huaof containing 2000 persons. We have tre. ton, 96, Mr. John Hutchinson. quently lamented the inadequate size of churches as one, if not the chief, cause of Murried.) At St. Ives, Mr. T. Greenfell, the increase of Methodism, and it appears to Miss Mary Woodcock. to us that a government which has lavished At Llanivet, Mr. Win. Thomas, to Miss 1000 millions in purposes of political strife, Mary Ann Tinckum. ought to dedicate one or two to the At St. Columt, Mr. Wm. Bone, to Miss service of the established church, by build. Avery. ing ten or twelve spacious church in every At Boscastle, Mr. Wm. Janies, to Miss county.

Bellamy. Married.) Capt. W. Burchell, to Miss At Padstow, Mr. D. Morton, to Miss Bingham, of Bingham's Melcombe. Mary Mitchell.

Mr. Poole, of Sherburne, to Miss Jane Ai St. Tudy, Mr. Samuel Couch, to Miss Burfitt, of Zeals.

Mary Sideman. At Sherborne, T. Tulk, esq. to Miss J. At Helston, Mr. H. Plomer, of Mapace E, Brice,

can, 10 Miss Eliz. Martin, daughter of Mr. Died.] At Bridport, 87, Mrs. Hayter, of Cosworth M. of Million. the Golden Lion Inn.-At Chernole, 91, Died.] At Launceston, Miss Honor Mrs. Mary Hewlett, relict of the late Mr. Lenn.--At Gwithian, the Rev. Rowland Timothy it. and mother of the Rev. John Veale.-At Gwinear, 19, Mrs. Osborne.H. morning preacher at the Foundling At Mawgan, 78, Mrs. Eliz. Bennett. At Hospital.-Mr. Jas. Castleman, of Hintou Chacewater, Mr. Wm. Richards.--At Tre. St. Mary, 96.-Ai Child Okeford, 61, Mrs. vere, 80, Mrs. Moon. At Polruan, Mrs.





Jane.-At Street-au-Nowan, near Pen- enjoyed more than Mr. Creech did, the zance, Mrs. Kelynack.--At East Looe, 74, correspondence and confidence of most of Mr. Jonathan Jackson, one of the officers the great literary characters who flourished of the Customs at that port.–At West in Scotland from about the middle to the Looe, Mr. Chas. Bowden, of Looe.---At end of the last century. He continued in Padstow, Mrs. Rowe.-25, George, eldest business for the long period of forty-four son of Mr. George, of Tetcott. He was years, and has been concerned in all the thrown from bis horsc, on returning from principal publications during that time. Holsworthy, and killed on the spot. At Edinburgh, Lient.-General the Right

Hon. Francis Lord Seaforth, Baron MackThe Montgomeryshire canal is to be car- enzie, of Kintail, his Majesty's lieutenant ried up to Newtown, and 40,0001. is to be of the connty of Ross. The wonderful raised by mortgage for that purpose. powers of bis mind, undiminished even by

The new and advantagevus road between the privation of the sense of hearing; the Merthyr-Tydvil and Abergavenny will be stores of information which he had acquired opened to the public on the 1st of June. in almost every branch of science, and his

Married.] Ai Llanbadarn Fawr, James rare proficiency in several, will be long Newall, to Miss Emily Locke.

remembered. Died.] At Glanrhyd, the Rev. Jonathan Hughes.- John Bower, esq. of Aberthol- Died.] At Madeira, 28, Mr. Thomas Carwyn.--At Machan, 104, Mrs. Eliz. Tho. rick, son of T. Carrick, esq. banker, of Car. mus.-At Rythen, 103, David Lewis, lisle, deeply lamented by all who were acSCOTLAND.

quainted with his benevolent disposition. Parish banks have been established in At Berlin, 77, the Prussian General many parts of Scotland, for the deposits of Lestocq, late governor of Berlin. the small savings of mechanics, servants, At Rome, 39, the Rev. Francis Deacle, and labourers, which are accumulated at B.D. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. compound interest, and withdrawn at At Vienna, in bis 82d year, Field Marpleasure.

shal the Prince de Ligne, celebrated as a It merits notice as a decision worthy of wit, a scholar, and a soldier; and whose the dark ages, that the Faculty of Advo- Letters on the Turkish Canipaign, equal cates have determined that decisions of the productions of Voltaire. On his deathScottish Juries need not be unanimous; bed he remarked, that the confederated --which is as much as to say that, instead sovereigns had been treated with all sights of their verdicts being truths, as mnst at Vienna, but he proposed to treat them necessarily command unanimity, the de- with the funeral of a Field Marshal! cisions of the Scottish courts need only be At Gottenburgh, 43, C. E. Brandstrom, probabilities, true or false, in the ratio of esq. of Hull. the numbers on each side!

At Triconopoly, 52, her Highness HabiMurried.] At Dunbar House, J. Balfour, dal Nissa Begiim, wife of the brother of the esq. of Gorton, to Lady Eleanor Maitland, late Nabob of the Carnatic. third daughter of the Earl of Lauderdale. At Paris, the young Princess of Leon,

Died.] At Edinburgh, William Creech, aged 26, celebrated for the charts of her esq. bookseller, and late lord provost of wit and the qualities of her heart. She was that city. He was long known as an engaged to dine with the Duke of Orleans, excellent and elegant scholar; and althought, and at five o'clock, her dressing was finished, from the extent of his business as one of consisting of a crape dress; a lighted the most eminent booksellers of his day, taper at the fire-place attracted the crape, and his many social engagements, he had and set it in flames. The Princess, by her little leisnre to direct his mind to any de- agitated efforts to extinguish the blaze, liberate literary work, yet the frequent only assisted it to spread more rapidly. light pieces and essays which came from The house was ronsed by her cries, and the his pen, evinced the elegance of his taste, servants ran to her assistance, but she was his knowledge of character, and his capa- found in a borrible state, and all the exer. bility of a higher attainment in composition, tions of medical skill could not save her. if he had chosen to aim at it. It has per- Our often-published remedy would have haps fallen to the lot of few men to have saved her.

TO READERS AND CORRESPONDENTS. Various opinions relative to the Corn Bill have, we trust, acceptably occupied several pages of our current Number. In the mean time, Parliament has adopter a palliative to diminish the symptoms, instead of removing the cuuse of the disease; and, during the discusa sions, the cause itself has been kept wholly out of sight, the primary effects being tregted as causes, and nothing proposed, but a means of palliating the symptoms !

As soon as the intercourse is rencued with America, we shall endeuvour to recover our arrears of Literary and Scientific Intelligence from that Country.

Several unpaid Letters have recently been returned to the Post.nffice, for want of the Indorsement of the Writer on the outside for mer guile. Our Correspondent at Galway is in formed, that good original Poetry is always acceptable to us.



No. 267.]

APRIL 1, 1815.

[3 of Vol. 39.

Waca the Monthly Magazine was first planned, two leading Ideas occupied the minds of those who undertook to con

duct it. The first was, that of laying before the Public various objects of information and discussion, both Amusing and instructive; the second was that of lending aid to the propagation of those liberal principles re. specting some of the most important concerns of mankind, which have been either deserted or virulently upposed by other Periodical Miscellanies, and upon the manly and rational support of which the fame and rate

of the age must ultimately depend. Preface to Montbly Mag. Vol. I. as long 13 those who write are ambitious of making Converts, and of living their Opinions a Maximum of

Iaduerse and Celebrity, the most extensively circulated Miscellany will repay with the greatest Effect the Curiosity of those who read, whether it be for Amusement or for Instruction. -JOHNSON.

For the Monthly Magazine.

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N the 21st volume, page 197, of the the attention of philosophers. At the Malborealy avamine , page 10 o duceche

same time it is not improbable but the view of Dr. Gall's Science of CBANIo- doctrine may have been carried too far, LOGY, accompanied by an engraving of and that too nice a discrimination of heads, shewing the dependance of the passions and powers may have been atexterior physiognomy on the shape of the tempted by the ingenious professors. skull.

Dr. SPURZHEIM has however afforded Since that time the labours of Dr. the British people an opportunity of beGall, and of his coadjutor Dr. SPURZ- coming acquainted with the foundations REIM, have increased the celebrity of the of his deductions in lectures, which he system; and, whatever may be its founda- has been engaged in delivering during the tion, or with whatever success they may past winter, in London and other places; have analyzed the powers of nature, the and also in an elaborate Treatise, ia public curiosity on the subject is a suffin which he has unfolded at large his own sient justification of our attention to it, views, and those of Dr. Gall.

It is probable that the shape of the From that ingenious work we have coskull, and consequently of the excesses of pied the above map, and, with the aid of particular portions or functions of the the index, it will convey to our readers a brain, may be links in the chain of se. clear view of the system. The figures incondary causes hitherto unobserved; and dicate the localities of the ORGANS OG FUNCis that sense the new. science merits Tions, and an enlargement of that part is MONTHLY MAO. No. 267.


2 C

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