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THE purchafers of D. Hume's History of England having been long defirous of a continuation; the proprietor of Dr. Smollett's Hiftory (being in poffeffion of a copy with the author's laft corrections) has been induced to reprint that work from the Revolution, where Hume's Hiftory ends, to the death of George II. in the year 1760.

To make this work more acceptable, the Sections, and other divifions, are given in a manner correfpondent with thofe obferved by Hume; fo that any gentleman, poffeffed of the latter, may up his Hiftory at the Revolution, where Hume breaks off, and find a regular connection in this complete Hiftory given by Smollett.


In the latter part only of this work has the prefent Editor found it neceflary to make any altera

tions. The war before the laft had its fource in America, and thereby drew forth our fettlements there into confequence. This, with the lofs of most of thofe fettlements fince to Great-Britain, had brought with it fo many changes, that what was found politicks and good fenfe then, is now totally deranged:

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even facts themselves are become changed, and the very state of the two countries has undergone a metamorphosis which was impoffible to be foreseen by the fhrewdeft politician. To affift the views of so eminent a writer as Smollett, as well as to gratify the expectations of the judicious reader, a few, very few, alterations have been made on those heads. To have proceeded farther would have been a kind of facrilege, and no lefs a fraud upon the original author, than upon the publick.



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Published August 21.1790, by T.Cadell, and R.Baldwin.

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