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carelessly. I would not base a single calculation on them, contrary to general opinion.

Mr. Emery-We who have frequently done testing for other people, have had to burst many bubbles. Even when the fuel used is accurately stated, parties are apt to reckon the economy from the maximum power, so when the diagrams are taken regularly every fifteen minutes the average economical results are much lower than those generally stated.

Mr. F. W. Gordon-I would like to ask Mr. Worthington, in connection with this matter, if he used the high pressure cylinder steam full stroke, as he does in the pumps.

Mr. Worthington-Yes, sir.

Mr. Gordon-You obtained, then, three per cent. saving?

Mr. Worthington-Well, not over that. I would not like to testify to that, if I could help it.

Mr. Gordon-I would like to ask Mr. Leavitt if the new steamer, "City of Rome," which has six cylinders, has a large receiver between the high and low-pressure cylinders, or is there any receiver? Has the high-pressure cylinder any cut-off?

Mr. Leavitt-No, it has not a receiver, but there is a cut-off on the high-pressure cylinders.

Mr. Porter-I have occasionally loaned an indicator, and I never had it come back again in a condition fit to be used at all. It had to be thoroughly repaired before it was fit to take a diagram with. Still, it had been used in that condition, and the diagrams taken were used as a basis of calculation.

Mr. Leavitt--If I may say a word about steam jackets, I have made a great many experiments with them, and was very much interested in what Mr. Worthington said about gain. I think he would make a greater loss than three per cent., if he shut his jackets off. I used to shut them off, and the fireman would come and want to know what was the matter as he could not keep up steam. In my opinion, while steam is expanding from twelve to fourteen times, the jacket efficiency is from fifteen to twenty per cent. I think the experiments we made confirmed that.

Mr. Worthington-I think they may be larger, but then, I would use the jacket as a matter of advantage to the engine.

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