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(Limits. Genoa.]

No. 112.-TREATY between Sardinia and Parma, relative to

the Boundary of Genoa. Signed at Turin, 26th November, 1822.


TABLE. Preamble. Reference to Treaty of 10th March, 1766. 1.

Detailed Demarcation of Frontier separating the Duchy of Genoa from to 12.

that of Parma and Placentia. 13. Ratifications.


(Translation.*) Reference to Treaty of 10th March, 1766. The salutary effects produced in the preservation of good neighbourhood between the subjects of His Majesty the King of Sardinia and those of Her Majesty the Princess Imperial, Archduchess of Austria, Duchess of Parma, by the Treaty of Limits of 10th March, 1766,7 settling definitively the divisional line between the two States, from the confluence of the Aveto in the Trebbia to the Po, have decided their Majesties to afford a similar advantage to those of their Subjects who inhabit the Frontiers separating the Duchy of Genoa from that of Parma and Placentia, and thereby reciprocally to insure a new guarantee of the continuance of the bonds of friendship which happily unite the two august Sovereigns.

In order to attain that object, after having given the requisite orders to collect all the information necessary on the difficulties which have arisen on that Line of Boundary, as well as on the respective Titles on which the pretensions of the two States are founded, their Majesties have appointed on either side Plenipotentiaries, who, in jointly examining those Titles, as well as the reciprocal relations, shall reconcile them with the advantages of a regular Administration, which always more firmly secures the happiness of their subjects, object of their paternal solicitude.

These Plenipotentiaries have agreed as follows:

Arts. I to XII. Detailed Demarcation of Frontier separating the Duchy of Genoa from that of Parma and Placentia.


* For French version, see “State Papers," vol. xx, p. 1360.
+ See Appendix.

[Limits. Genoa.)

Ratifications. ART. XIII. The present Treaty shall be ratified by the High Contracting Parties, and the exchange of the Ratifications thereof shall take place in the term of two months, or sooner, if possible.

Done at Turin, 26th November, 1822.


[Congress of Verona. Slave Trade.]

No. 113.-RESOLUTIONS of the Plenipotentiaries of'

Great Britain, Austria, France, Prussia, and Russia, respecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Verona, 28th November, 1822.


(Translation, as laid before Parliament.*) The Plenipotentiaries of Austria, of France, of Great Britain, of Prussia, and of Russia assembled in Congress at Verona, considering, -that their August Sovereigns have taken part in the Declaration of the 8th February 1815 (No. 7), by which the Powers assembled at the Congress of Vienna, have proclaimed in the face of Europe, their invariable resolution to put a stop to the Commerce known by the name of the African Slave Trade :

Considering moreover, that notwithstanding this Declaration, and in spite of the legislative measures which have in consequence been adopted in various countries, and of the several Treaties concluded since that period between the Maritime Powerst-this Commerce, solemnly proscribed, has continued to this very day; that it has gained in activity what it may have lost in extension ; that it has even taken a still more odious character, and more dreadful from the nature of the means to which those, who carry it on, are compelled to have recourse :

That the causes of so revolting an abuse are chiefly to be found in the fraudulent practices, by means of which, the persons engaged in these nefarious speculations, elude the laws of their country and the vigilance of the cruizers stationed to put a stop to their iniquities; and veil those criminal operations, of which thousands of human beings annually become their innocent victims :

That the Powers of Europe are called upon by their previous Engagements, as well as by sacred duty, to seek the most efficient means of preventing a traffic, which the laws of almost every civilised country have already declared to be culpable and illegal ; and of punishing with severity those who persist in carrying it on, in manifest violation of those laws;

Acknowledge the necessity of devoting the most serious * For French version, see “State Papers," vol. ii, p. 1.

+ These documents are all to be found in “Hertslet's Treaties." See Subject Index, vol. xii.

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[Congress of Verona. Slave Trade.)

attention to an object of such importance to the honour and welfare of humanity; and consequently declare in the name of their August Sovereigns :

That they continue firm in the principles and sentiments manifested by those Sovereigns in the Declaration of the 8th of February 1815 (No. 7);—that they have never ceased, nor ever will cease, to consider the Slave Trade as—" a scourge which has too long desolated Africa, degraded Europe, and afflicted humanity ;” and that they are ready to concur in everything that may secure and accelerate the complete and final abolition of that traffic :

That in order to give effect to this renewed Declaration, their respective Cabinets will eagerly enter into the examination of any measure, compatible with their rights and the interests of their subjects, to produce a result that may prove to the world the sincerity of their wishes, and of their efforts in favour of a cause worthy of their common solicitude.

Verona, 28th November, 1822.



[War. France and Spain.]

No. 114.-DECLARATION of War by Spain against

France. Seville, 23rd April, 1823.

(Translation.) Office of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. The King has been pleased to address to me the followin Decree

Whereas the Spanish Territory has been invaded by th Troops of the French Government without a Declaration of War, and without any of those formalities which custom has sanctioned; and whereas this act of aggression can be viewed in no other light than as a violation of the rights of Nations, and an open commencement of Hostilities against Spain ; and it becomes my duty to repel force by force, to defend the integrity of the States of the Monarchy, and to chastise the audacity of the invading enemy: I have, therefore, resolved, after consulting the Council of State, pursuant to the provision in Article 236 of the Political Constitution, to declare War, as in fact I do now declare it, against France.

Wherefore I charge and command all the competent Authorities to carry on Hostilities, by sea and by land, against France, with all the means in their power, consistently with the Law of Nations; and I further order, that this my Declaration of War be published with all due solemnity.

You shall hold it to be promulgated for execution, making provision for printing, publishing, and distributing it. In the Alcazar of Seville, April 23rd, 1823.

(Subscribed by the Royal Sign Manual.) EVARISTO SAN MIGUEL.

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