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Baker, Frank C.: Place of the museum in university

instruction, 33-35, no. 2, Oct.
Baltimore, Md.: Eastern High School, coaching stu-

dents of English, 185, no. 10, June; neighborhood
development, school as factor, 179, no. 9, May;
visual education, junior high schools, 185, no. 10,

Barnard, F. A. P.: On education, 146, no. 8, Apr.
Benefits of citizens' training camps clearly proved,

150, no. 8, Apr.
Best medium for bringing home and school together

(Cleveland), 194, no. 10, June.
Bible study: Virginia high schools, 57, no. 3, Nov.
Bill before Congress for Department of Education and

Relief (Hood), 8-9, no. 1, Sept.
Biology: Oregon grade schools, 37, no. 2, Oct.
Bird life: Conservation, Baker, Oreg., 79, no. 4, Dec.
Blind and dumb: Education, 47-49, no. 3, Nov.
Bohemia: Education week, 62, no. 4, Dec.
Bolivia summarily stops study of law, 150, no. 8, Apr.
Boston: Aid in selecting educational institutions, 149,

no. 8, Apr.; municipal university, establishment

under consideration, 154, no. 8, Apr.
Borer, U. S. S.: Lives saved in Arctic Ocean by crew,

6, no. 4, Dec.
Boykin, James C.: Without eyes they perceive; with-

out voices they learn to speak, 47-49, no. 3, Nov.
Brazilian state offers subsidies for private instruction,

187, no. 10, June.
“Bridge builder": Poem (page 3 of cover), no. 1, Sept.
Bridgeport, Conn.: Elementary schools, malnutrition,

31, no. 2, Oct.
Broadcasting, educational: Kansas, 14, no. 1, Sept.
Buckingham, B. R.: Shortening the elementary course

(page 3 of cover), no. 10, June.
Butialo, N. Y.: Workingmen in technical and trade

courses, 96, no. 5, Jan.
Bureau of Education a clearing house for research in

secondary education (Windes), 151, no. 8, Apr. See

also United States Bureau of Education.
Bureau's attitude toward immigrant education, 10,

no. 1, Sept.
Burrows, Thomas H.: On education, 187, no. 10, June.
Byington, Homer M.: Italian school of cameo cutting

and allied arts, 188, no. 10, June.


Citizens' military training camps. See United State

Army (citizens' military training camps).
Citizenship (instruction): Citizens' military training

camps, 141-43, no. 8, Apr.; land-grant colleges, 76, no.

4, Dec.
City schools: Costs continue to increase, 190, no. 10,

Civics: Instruction, 141-43, no. 8, Apr.; Syracuse

University, new school, 69, no. 4, Dec.
Class size: Relation to efficiency of teaching, 159, no. 8,

Classes: Effect of size upon efficiency, 38, no. 2, Oct.
Classical education: Basis for industrial work, 38, no.

2, Oct.
Classical knowledge a precious possession, 190, no. 10,

Classics: Service bureau for teachers, 65, no. 4, Dec.:

study in England, France, and Germany, 186-87,
no. 10, June.
Clearing house of information for classic teachers, 65,

no. 4, Dec.
Clendenin, T. C.: Supervised study increases pro-

motions by one-fourth, 157, no. 8, Apr.
Cleveland, Elizabeth: Best medium for bringing home

and school together, 194, no. 10, June.
Cleveland, Ohio: Garden club work, 55, no. 3, Nov.

higher institutions, plan of consolidations, 93-94, no.;
5, Jan.; platoon plan, 112, no. 6, Feb.; public schools,

conservation of eyesight, 199, no. 10, June.
Clinton, De Witt: On benefits of education, 62, no. 4,

Cohen, Mark: Problems of New Zealand offer lessons

for America, 125-126, no. 7, March.
Colby, Elbridge: Phenomenal growth of instruction

in swimming and watermanship, 183-85, no. 10,

College entrance examinations: Standards for deter-

mining credits, 12, no. 1, Sept.
College entrance requirements (page 3 of cover), no. 9,

Colleges and universities: Accrediting systems, 12,

no. 1, Sept.; psychological tests, freshmen, 9, no. 1,
Sept.; women, 56-57, no. 3, Nov.; women, swimming
requirements, 7, no. 1, Sept. See also Higher educa-

tion; Universities, and under names of institutions.
Colleges cooperate in training scout leaders, 167, no. 9,

Colleges require women students to swim, 7, no. 1,

Colombia: National Library of Bogota, 84, no. 5, Jan.
Colorado: Educational legislation, 72, 73, no. 4, Dec.
Combines class work, group work, and individual

work (Parkhurst), 168-69, no. 9, May.
Community center: Use of consolidated school, 29, no.

2, Oct.
Community orchestra promotes community spirit, 119,

no. Feb.
Community recreational programs, 27, no. 2, Oct.
Condon, Randall J.: On American flag, 47, no. 2, Oct.
Conrad, C. W.: Schools cooperate with churches in

teaching religion, 118, no. 6, Feb.
Consolidated school as the community center, (Lath-

rop), 29, no. 2, Oct.
Consolidation of schools: New Zealand, 125, no. 7,

March; South Carolina, 79, no. 4, Dec.
Constitution: Teaching in schools, 70, no. 4, Dec.
Constitutional Convention of 1787: And Benjamin

Franklin, 110, no. 6, Feb.; speech of Benjamin Frank-

lin, 112, no. 6, Feb.
Contributions of the General Land Office to education

(Spry), 43-46, no. 3, Nov.
Cook, Katherine M.: Cincinnati meeting of Depart.

ment of Superintendence, 145-47, no. 8, Apr.; Good
type of organization for rural schools, 111, no. 6, Feb.;
New departure in programs for State teachers associa-
tions, 89, no. 5, Jan.; Selection of County and other
local superintendents, 118, no. 6, Feb.
Coolidge, Calvin: America's one great staple product

is worthy men and women, 61-62, no. 4, Dec.; New
importance is attaching to the cause of education, 1-2,
no. 1, Sept.; Proclamation for Education Week
(page 4 of cover), no. 4, Dec.; Reflections on education

in address at Georgetown University, 24, no. 2, Oct.
Cooperation for week day religious instruction (Gra-

ham), 179, no. 9, May.
Correspondence courses: U.S. Marine Corps, 189, no.

10, June.
Cosmopolitan Club: Kansas State Agricultural College

131, no. 7, March.
Cost of education: Relatively one-third less, 23, no.

Costa Rica: Students, scholarships, 196, no. 10, June.
Costs Englishmen nothing to become dentists, 94, no.

5. Jan.
County unit: Rural schools, 111, no. 6, Feb.


A national and an international convention, 190, no.

10, June.
Abel, James F.: Celebrities in science join in centenary

of Franklin Institute, 58-59, no. 3, Nov.; Nearly a
million studying Latin in American institutions, 68-
69, no. 4, Dec.; Oklahoma Supreme Court holds
education a State function, 51, no. 3. Nov.; Practices
and laws concerning transportation of pupils to
school, 105-107, no. 6, Feb.; Reports of scientific ex-
amination of educational problems, 116-117, no. 6,
Feb.; School teaching under difficulties in settle-
ments of the Southwestern Desert, 77-79, no. 4, Dec.;
Study of the classics in England, France, and Ger-
many, 186-87, no. 10, June; The law of life is inter-
dependence, 27, no. 2, Oct.; Trained minds are sources
of untold benefit to all mankind, 21-23, no. 2, Oct.;
Wonders of modern science displayed within com.

prehension of laymen, 90-92, no. 5, Jan.
Accrediting systems: And Association of Colleges, 12,

no. 1, Sept.
Adams, John: On education, 65, no. 4, Dec.
Adaptation of individual instruction to small high

schools (Stoddard), 175–76, no. 9, May.
Adapting schools to individual differences, 177, no. 9,

Adult education: Chicago, 131, no. 7, March.
Agricultural education, 6-7, no. 1, Sept.; 21-22, 40, 09.

2, Oct.; 61-62, no. 4, Dec. See also Land-grant col-

Agriculture: Development of permanent, 75, no. 4,

Dec.; short courses, 101-104, no. 6, Feb.
Aid to adults in selecting educational institutions, 149.

no. 8, Apr.
Alabama: Amount of schooling, 69, no. 4, Dec.; educa-

tional legislation, 72, no. 4, Dec., 73, no. 4, Dec.;
training school buildings in normal schools, 16, no. 1,

Alaska: Lives saved by crew of U.S.S. Borer, 65, no. 4,

Dec.; vocational education for natives, 167, no. 9,

All the schools concern all the people, 88, no. 5, Jan.
American Classical League: Report on study of Latin

in secondary schools, 68-69, no. 4, Dec.
American Education Week: Community Day, 27, no.

2, Oct.; literature in demand, 89, no. 5, Jan.; observa.
tion, 50, no. 3, Nov.; Philippine Islands, 111, no. 6,
Feb.; proclamation of President (page 4 of cover),
po. 4, Dec.; purport, 30, no. 2, Oct.; reports received
by Bureau of Education (pages 3 and 4 of cover),
no. 5, Jan.; what to observe when visiting schools,

37, no. 2, Oct.
American Educational Association: Work, 49, no. 3,

American educational material desired for Italian ex-

position, 55, no. 3, Nov.
American English: Dictionary, 119, no. 6, Feb.
American equipment desired for Mexican school

(Struve), 87, no. 5, Jan.
American Home Economics Association: Design for

emblem, 138, no. 7, March.
American Legion: Essay contest, 12, no. 1, Sept.; 196,

no. 10, June.
American Library Association: Meeting, 18, no. 1,

America's one great staple product is worthy men and

women (Coolidge), 61-62, no. 4, Dec.
Anna, III.: Schools cooperate with churches in teaching

religion, 118, no. 6, Feb.
Another period of educational stimulation in prospect,

30, no. 2, Oct.
Apprenticeship combined with school work, Ponce,

Porto Rico, 163, no. 9, May.
Arizona: School teaching in arid region, 77-79, no. 4,

Army, United States. See United States Army.
Army's principal peace problem to teach soldiers to

train others (Weeks), 81-84, no. 5, Jan.
Arnold, Rosemary: A modern city high school, typical

of approved ideas of to-day, 63-65, no. 4. Dec.
Art schools: New York, exhibition of drawings by

pupils, 28, no. 2, Oct.
Athletics: Effect on life, 54-55, no. 3, Nov.; high school,

general participation, 37, no. 2, Oct.; interschool,
New York, 177, no. 9, May; interscholastic, Michi-

gan, 171, no. 9, May.
Attendance, school, 88, no. 5, Jan.
Auspicious beginning of Virgin Islands Teachers

Association, 99, no. 5, Jan.
Austrians are testing new school types (Heingartner),

32, no. 2, Oct.
Avocational education approaches vocational in

importance (Rogers), 136-137, no. 7, March.
Avon College, Conn.: Reproduction of New England
farm life, 163, no. 9, May.


Caldwell, Otis W.: Service the needed spirit of modern

science instruction, 85-87, no. 5, Jan.
California: Educational legislation, 72, no. 4, Dec.
Cameo cutting: School in Italy, 188, no. 10, June.
Camps, Citizens military training. See United States

Army (citizens' military training camps).
Case School of Applied Science: Plan oi consolidation

with Western Reserve University, 93-94, no. 5, Jan.
Celebrities in science join in centenary of Franklin

Institute (Abel), 58-59, no. 3, Nov.
Character education: Scientific study, 117, no. 6, Feb.
Chemistry: Western Reserve University, evening

courses, 62, no. 4, Dec.
Chicago, Ill.: High school teachers' council discon-

tinued, 38, no. 2, Oct,; "welcome hall," plans for
new junior high schools, 193, no. 10, June.
Chicago board provides classes for adults wherever

they are wanted (Fox), 131, no. 7, March.
Chicago playgrounds encourage winter activities, 94,

no. 5, Jan.
Child care: Detroit, Mich., 194, no. 10, June.
Child health demonstration for the West, 69, no. 4, Dec.
Child study, 117, no. 6, Feb.
Child with imperfect hearing in the public school

(Deland), 155, no. 8, Apr.
Children: Health, Virginia, 38, no. 2, Oct.; unwilling

to waste their efforts, 27, no. 2, Oct. See also Farm

Children's foundation, Valparaiso, Ind.: Establish-

ment, 18, no. 1, Sept.
Chilian professors retire after 30 years' service, 196, no.

10, June.
China: Schools, 126, no. 7, March; science education,

status, 53, no. 3, Nov.
Chinese achievements in art and culture: Exhibition,

71, no. 4, Dec.
Christmas program: Books recommended (page 3 of

cover), no. 4, Dec.
Church: Factor in education, 181-82, no. 10, June.
Cincinnati, Ohio: Fire insurance eliminated from

budget, 89, no. 10, June.
Cincinnati meeting of Department of Superintendence,

107, no. 6, Feb.; (Cook), 145-47, no. 8, Apr.
Cincinnati plan of teacher training requires cultural

and professional preparation (Robinson), 144, no. 8,

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