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of the knavery of these villains, ought, long / upon the ground of expediency. A reform:1, ago, to have opened their eyes to the gross tion there could be ellected much sooner, deception which they constantly practise and at a far less expence, than it possibly even in this matter, nothing seems cal- can in a distant country. If, after the culated to undeceive them. The very condition of the Irish people has been amechildren, and even females of the higher liorated, and there are no other calls at rank in these countries, " who shed tears home for the exercise of philanthropy, let for the execution of a murderer, exult at the condition, the miserable, the abject the canonical murder of an heretic or a Jew, condition, of the inhabitants of Spain and burned for adhering to his conscience and Portugal, engage the attention. The dohis bible.”—The Inquisitors, with them, are mination now exercised over them, is the the best directors in religion, and the cruel worst of tyrannies, because it holds both ties which they practise, the only acceptable body and mind in slavery. To rescue a way of worshipping God. Can a people whole people from such a state is an obthus situated; can a nation labouring under ject truly desirable. To me it appears of such horrid delusion, be otherwise than in infinitely more importance than liberating a state of the most abject slavery? Is it all the negroes in the world. In the one possible to believe that greater ignorance case you emancipate the body only. In the prevails under the torrid zone, or in the other, you not only release the person from most distant regions of the East, than what arbitary power, but you deliver the mind pervades Spain and Portugal, two of the from the influence of the most horrible most fertile and delightful countries of F 1- darkness and superstition that ever overrope? Yet, to hear our zealots incessantly whelmed any

nation. bawling about sending missionaries to enlighten the natives of Indostan, and to con

RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE JESUITS. vert the savages of Africa, one would -Scarcely had I concluded the above rethink that al, our neighbours were alread; | marks on the Inquisition, when my attenconverted; that they were all enlightened tion was arrested by a subject nearly as and that there was nothing believed or interesting; I may almost say, nearly as practised, among the nations by which we important to the happiness of man. The are surrounded, contrary to genuine reli- Pope has restored the Society of Jesus, to gion, or true morality. One might be dis- the same plenitude of power which they posed to conclude, that that knowledge, nc- exercised in Europe before their intrigues cessary to the happiness and comfort of compelled Clement XIV. to decree their man, was universal in Europe; and that so final expulsion. This is another effect of complete a reformation had been wrought, the fall of Napoleon, for which, no doubt, by these means, on the people here, that no- the enemies of truth and liberty will find thing remained for the philanthropist to do many plausible excuses. The Ball issued but to search out objects, on which to be from Rome on this occasion, which I have stow bis regards, in distant quarters of inserted below, states, that it has been in the globe. Whatever I may think of the compliance with the unanimous voice of all motives of some of those who are active in Catholics, and “to relieve the spiritual promoting the abolition of the Slave Trade wants of the Catholic world, without any in other countries, and in sending mis- distinction of people and nations,” that sionaries to convert the heathen, I feel no his Holiness has been induced to adopt this hesitation in saying that they would appear extraordinary measure. I should regret to to me better employed at home, where there find that the French people, who are all is sufficient work already cut out, to em-esteemed Catholics, should have bad any ploy all their talents and all their capital. hand in this infernal affair. I shall not Let them look at unfortunate Ireland. Let indeed be rash in believing they had, until them recollect that the Irish people are 1 see better evidence of the fact than the their brethren; and then let them ask assertion even of the Pope, sanctioned as it themselves, whether they have not greater is by all the forms of an official Bull. But claims upon their benevolence than all the I am sorry to state, that I cannot entertaiu world besides? If they should be disposed the same doubts with respect to the conto dispute this position, on the ground that duct of the people of my own country, a they consider all men their brethren, and great portion of whom have given the Sally entitled to their bounty, I would most unequivocal proofs of their implicit then

ze the preferable claim of the Irish reliance upon the Holy Father, and entire

confidence in every thing that he can do.-1" asylum of canonised saints, and the last I shall not pretend to say, that we, the strong hold of religion, lift henceforth the people of England, properly so called," head, which a sanguinary and ignoble have absolutely solicited the Romair Pon- domination had weighed down. She tiff, either to sanction the restoration of “ may now, with safety, recollect, that the Inquisition, or of the Society of Jesuits;" within her precinct the federal altar of but surely our having lately reccived, in Christianity is established for cverlasting; so flattering a manner, a Nuncio of the “ that Apostles sit there enthroned, to dePope, while, at the same moment, 'our ac- liver judgment to the nations until the credited ageut at Rome was enjoying the “ worki shall end. Let the ashes of her caresses, and all the honours which his “ martyrs exult, and her Apostolic shrines Holiness could confer; are circumstances“ give token of rejoicing. And you, the not altogether calculated to remove s?ls- partners in founding an imperishable picion ; especially when these circum." Government under Christ's sway, 0 stances are coupled with this important “ Peter and Paul! shall not even your fact, that both the Bulls, establishing the “relics be agitated by this joy, for the retwo obnoxious Orders, were issued imme-" establishment of Pius the Seventh in the diately on the back of this mutual display" place of his home, and of your repose ?"of fra ternization. But whatever may be Whether there has been any commotion, in this, as far as it immediately respects any rattling, among the bones of the marourselves, there is no doubt that the dc- tyrs at Rome; a miracle which commonly crees issued by the Sovereign Pontisf, were precedes, and is held indictive of a earnestly desired, and are now bighly ap. sanction to all extraordinary measures ; proved of, by the great body of the people report says not. If we are to judge from of Ireland. It is well known, that the the silence of thie Bull before us on this parRoman Catholic College of Maynooth, ticular, we may conclude that the prayers speaks the sentiments of ail the Irish Ca- of the Irish Catholics have not been eftholics; and that, whatever letters or re- fectual. The Pope, however, assigns scripts they publish, are regarded, by these reasons, besides those I have noticed, for bigotted and ignorant people, as of as great the re-establishment of the Society, which authority as any Bull issued by the Pope.- carry with them, in my opinion, as little We have all seen the “ Congratulatory weight as the shaking of all the bones letter to Pope Pius VII,"addressed by this of all the martyrs in the world would have body to his Holiness, on the 27th of June done, even had that occurrence been aulast, about six weeks prior to the date of thenticated, in Holy Conclave, by the Pope the Bull restoring the Jesuits. In that and all bis Cardinals. His Holiness says, grecious document the Catholics of Ireland that he was induced, as early as the 7th of declare, that Pius has equalled Jesus Christ, March 1801, to issue a brief for the re" by resignation not less than by chief storation of this order in the Russian do. tancy," and, to this old and evidently su- minions, at the special request of the Em perannuated Pontiff, they apply these peror Paul I. who, it is known to all the words, which have ever been held appli- world, was then considered a madman ; cable to the divinity :-“ Thy right hand, and a similar brief was sent to Naples on O Lord, hath wrought for itself renown in the 30th of July, 1804, by desire of King mightiness. Thy right hand, O Lord, Ferdinand, who, although it is not said hath beaten in pieces thine enemy; and in that he is actually insane, has given suffithy multiplied grandeur, thou hast laid cient proofs of his total inability to conduct them low who warred against thee.- the affairs of any State. We shall soon Thou breathedst the storm, and a soa see, whether the magnanimoys Alexander, covered them !"_Who, that reads this the Liberator of Nations, will permit the fulsome panegyric, can doubt the entire sub- existence, in his extensive dominions, mission of the Irish Catholics to the Sec (where the Greek Church, in opposition to of Rome? or, who that peruses the follow- the Roman, is now established) of an Order, ing passage, from the same document, can whose fundamental principles are the submake it a question, that the College of version of all other ecclesiastical establishe Maynooth is one of those Catholic bodies ments, and the bringing of the whole uniparticularly referred to be the Pope, who verse under the unrestricted sway of tiza demanded the re-establishment of the Roman Pontiff. We shall soon learn company of Jesus ? “ Let Rome, the whether the Russian clergy, supposing the Emperor to have agreed to the measure, interesting quotation from the fourth secare so tame as to submit to so manifest an tion of a Discourse on the flutubility of encroachment upon their dignity and rights. Government, which forms one of the poFor my part, 'notwithstanding the wide litical discourses upon Sallust, the Roman strides which the Romish clergy are now Historian : making to establish their former domina- On the Jesuits in South America. tion, I do not think they will make any im- The settlement made by the Jesuits, pression upon Russia. The Inquisition upon the river Paraguay in America, is and the Jesuits may be restored in Italy, extremely remarkable. These good fabecause the people there are already de-thers, every where indefatigable in improvoted to the see of Rome. But in Russia, ving their Apostolic talents, and turning though the inhabitants are Catholic, they souls into ecclesiastic traffic and power, have a priesthood of their own, who have began there by drawing together, into one constantly been hostile to the Roman fixed habitation, about fifty families of priesthood; and the same causes wbich al-wandering Indians, whom they had per. wways existed for their being so, now exist suaded to take their word implicitly for in their greatest vigour. Neither does it whatever they told them: for this is what appear that the Inquisition, or the Society they call conversion; and is, indeed, the of Jesus, have any partizans in the Rus- true art of making Catholics, who have no sian dominions. I shall be told, however, other ground for their faith, but the asserthat the views and intentions of the Pope, tions of their priests. From this beginin wishing to restore the Jesuits, are of ning, and such encouragement, the assithe most bene volent kind. I shall be duous fathers, ranging the country, and referred to the Bull itself, as afford-dazzling the stupid savages with their ing proofs of these philanthropic inten- shining beads, charming them with their tions of his Holiness. It is very true, pious tales and grimaces, their tuneful de: that repeated professions are there made of votions and high professions, made such a the Pope's wish, that the members of this barvest of converts as to form a commonSociety should be enabled “ to apply them- wealth, or rather an empire-of souls :. for selves more easily, in conformity with every convert is a subject most blindly their institution, to the instruction of youth obedient.-The holy fathers, not fifty in ia religion and good morals, to devote number, are thus sovereigns of a noble themsidlves to preaching, to confession, and country, larger than some kingdoms, and the administration of the other sacra- better peopled. It is divided into several ments.” But does the history of this Order large districts, each of them governed by a shew, that they always conformed to the single Jesuit, who is, as it were, a provincial rules of their institution, and that no other prince; but more powerful and revered, objects were concealed under these regula- and better obeyed, than any European, or tians ? On the contrary, does not that his- even any Eastern monarch. His word is tory present the most memorable examples not only a law, but an oracle ; bis nod in of the ambition, the intrigne, the vice, and fers supreme command: he is absolute the cruelty of these men in almost every Lord of life and death, and property; may corner of the globe ? No sect, no order, inflict capital punishment for the lightest ia fact, that ever existed, have done more offence; and is more dreaded, therefore mischief, or occasioned more bloodshed in more obeyed, than the Deity. His first the world, than the order of the Jesuits. It ministers and officers, civil and military, was from a perfect conviction of this truth, are doomed by him to the meanest punishthat Pope Clement the XIV. in the year ments, and whipped not only like common 1773, sealed their expulsion, as he intend-slaves, but like common felons : nor is this ed, from Europe, for ever. Their restora- all their punishment, at least all their tion by Pius VII., in the year 1814, can abasement, which to a man of spirit is the only be regarded as the effect of a designing worst punishment. Whilst they are yet and crafty priesthond, operating apon the marked and mangled with the lash, they mind of an aged feeble man, who has been run (colonels and captains run) and intoxicated by the good fortune which has so kneel before their holy Sovereign, condemn unexpectedly overtaken him.-To give the themselves for having incurred his piors reader some idea as to bow far the Jesuits displeasure, and humbly, kissing his reve. were in use to conform to the original laws rend sleeve, thank him for the fatherly hoof their Order, I shall here subjoin an nour he has done them, in correcting them like dogs. So much tameness and vas-y God like beasts.-All these stores and salage is part, and an important article, of warehouses, so much grain, so many manutheir conversion. They are even pleased factures, so much gold and silver, so many with their servitude, and care not what commodities, from so fine, so large, and so they do and suffer here, for the mighty plentiful a country abounding in mines, in treasures of joy and liberty which are insu- rivers and meadows full of horses and sheep red to them hereafter by the good father, and black cattle, of timber and fruit-trees, who gives them all that he has to give in of flax and indigo, hemp and cotton, sugar, the next world, and, by way of barter and drags, and medicinal herbs, must enable amends, takes all that they have in the these good fathers, who have renounced all present. The poor Indians cultivate the wealth, and the world itself, to carry on an ground, dig and plough, and reap and sow; infinite and most lucrative trade, in which, they make stuffs, and other manufactures; though they have vowed poverty, they are they rear fowls, they breed cattle, they extremely active, and consequently must carry burdens, and labour hard above make that Jesuitical Government a most ground, as well as under it, where, in powerful one. It hath advantages which sweat and darkness, and in peril of no other Government ever had ; an absoperishing, they drudge in the mines : yet, lute independency upon its people, or their with all this industry, they earn nothing, purses; the whole wealth of the country in nothing for themselves : all their earnings, its present possession; the people absolutely all the profit and advantages, appertain not submissive, and resigned to its guod pleae to them, but solely to the good father, sure, and all its calls; no factions ; not a their spiritual sovereign, who rewards them malcontent; an army of sixty thousand to the full with what costs bim nothing; men, all tame and tractable, devoted to blessings, and masses, and distant pros- blind obedience, commanded in chief by a pects. Their grain and manufactures are Jesuit, and obstinately averse to be comall carried into his warehouses, their cattle manded by any other General ; a vast reveand fowls into his yards, their gold and nue of many millions; no trouble in taxing, silver into his treasury: they dare not no tine lost in collecting taxes. Such a wear a rag of their own spinning, nor taste Government, whilst it proceeds upon the - grain of their own sowing, nor a bit of same principles, is unchangeable. No meat of their own feeding, nor touch the wonder these Jesuits are extremely jealous metal of their own producing ; por 30 and tender, not only in keeping the poor much as an egg from the hens they rear: Indians slaves to ignorance and bigotry, in they themselves are fed and subsisted from order to keep them slaves to themselves ; day to day, by a limited allowance, fur- but in concealing so much empire and nished them by the appointment, and at wealth from all the world, especially from the mercy, of their great lord, a small Spain, from whence they were sent, at the priest. Yet, under all these discourage- expence of that Crown, to convert the Inments (which are none to them, who seem dians, and make them subjects to the Spato have sacrificed their feeling, as well as nish monarchy. The good fathers are so their reason, to the sorcery of superstition) far from meaning any such thing, that they they are diligent and laborious to the last not only carefully avoid teaching them the degree, and vie with one another for the Spanish tongue, but press it upon them as a bigh price and distinction bestowed by the point of conscionce, not to converse with father upon such as excel most in their the Spaniards. If any Spaniard bappens work and industry, even the bewitching ho- to come amongst them (a thing which the nour of kissing his sleeve. The second Jesuits are so far from encouraging, that they commandment in their table of duties is, care not to see it) he is indeed civilly used, to fear the Jesuit, and obey him; as the bat carefully confined within the walls of two next are much akin to it, and of the their holy citadel, the preshytcry; or if, by like tendency, even, to study humility, and earnest entreaty, be obtain leave to walk to contemn all worldly goods. The precept through the town, he is closely guarded by of fearing God, seems to be prefixed for the Jesuit at his side, and sces not an Inform, and in policy only, since it is impos- dian in the streets; for the Indians are sible there should be any knowledge of God ordered to shut themselves up, and fasten where the exercise of reason is not known, their doors, upon any such occasion.-Bepor permitted ; nor can God be said to be sides, these vigilant fathers keep five or six segarded by those who use the images of thousand men, employed in several detachments (Apostolic troops !) to watch and lowness of our deserts and abilities, makes it scour the frontiers, in order to cut off all our duty to employ all the aids in our power, iatercourse with the neighbouring countries, and which are furnished to us by the mercy of not yet subjected to the good fathers. To- Divine Providence, in order that we may be wards one of their frontiers particularly, able, as far as the changes of times and places Jest the rich mines in it might invite a set will allow, 'to relieve the spiritual wants of the tlement from abroad, they have destroyed Catholic world, without any di-tinction of people all the houses, in order to discourage any and nations. suci settlement. For these self-denying Wishing to fulfil this duty of our Apostolic Friars, who are sworu to poverty, have an Ministry, as soon as Francis Kareu (then living) ardest zeul to secure all these wealthy and other secular Priests resident for many mines to themselves for religious uses.- years in the vast empire of Russia, and who bad These pour, rich, humble, sovereign mis- been members of the Company of Jesus, sup-' sio:ari's, as they are masters of such im- pressed by Clement XIV. of happy memory, mense wealth, all consecrated to their own

had supplicated our permission to unite in a use, that is, to the use of religion, make a body, for the purpose of being able to apply proper display of it.

The churches are themselves more easily, in conformity with their Spacious, magnificent in their structure, Institution, to the instruction of youth in reliand set off with all ponip and decorations, ginu and good morals, to devote themselves ta grand portices and colonnades, rich aitara, adorned with bas reliefs, pictures in of the other sacraments, we felt it our duty the

preaching, to confessinn, and the administration frames of massy gold, and saints of solid silver, the foot and sides covered with cloth inasmuch as the then reigning Emperor Paul I,

more willingly to comply with their prayer, of gold, and the pedestals with plates of had recommended the said Priests in his gracious gold; the tabernacle made of gold; the pyx or box for the sacrament, of gold, set dispatch, dated the 11th of August, 1830, in mund with emeralds and other jewels; the which, after setting forth bis special regard for vessels and candlesticks made of gold; the them, he declared to us that it would be agreewhole, when illuminated, making a shew able to him, to see the Company of Jesus estabalmost beyond belief.

A proper
bait for

Vislied in his empire, under our authority: and the eyes of deluded Indians, who, by such, we, on our side, considering attentively the fine sights, and the pious mountebånkery great advantages which these vast regions might attending them, are retained in due awe thence derive; considering how useful those and wonder. The princely person of the ecclesiastics, whose morals and doctrine were poor Jesuit is suitably lodged in a spacious equally tried, would be to the Catholic religion, palace, containing grand apartments, furthought fit to second the wish of so great and nished with many pictures and images,

beneficent a Prince, with proper lodgings for his train of officers In consequence, by our Brief, dated the 7th and domestics; the quadrangles and gar

of March, 1801, we granted to the said Francis dens all in proportion; the whole court Kareu, and bis Colleagues residing in Russia, making a square of some miles. Observe, or who should repair thither from other coun: that all the many opulent warehouses be- tries, power to form themselves into a body or longing to the holy disinterested man, are congregation of the Company of Jesus: they are contained in it. Such is the situation, such at liberty to unite in one or more houses to be the state and inimitable authority, of every pointed out by their Superior, provided these Jesuit in Paraguay. There are but forty houses are situated within the Russian empire. ndd of these Monks in all that great track We named the said Francis Kareu general of of country, and in it they have above a the said congregation; we authorised them to million of souls, not only to obey them, but resume and follow the rule of St. Ignacius of to worship them; nor do these, their sight- Loyola, approved and confirmed by the conless and abject slaves, know any other stitutions of Paul III. our predecessor, of happy God : for where the true God is ever so

memory, in order that the companions, in a little known, no man will worship Friars, religious union, might freely engage in the inwho always paint him as like themselves, struction of youth in religion and good letters, as theythemselves are, in reality, unlike him. direct seminaries and colleges, and with the PIUS, BISHOP, SERVANT OF THE SERVANTS OF GOD.

consent of the Ordinary, confess, preach the

word of God, and administer the sacraments.(ad perpetuam rei memoriam.) The care of all the churches confided to our

By the same Brief we received the congregation humility by the Divine will, notwithstanding the l of the Company of Jesus under our immediate

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