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dealers. Selected stamps for young folks are their specialty. Mention St. Nicholas in writing them and be sure always to give your name and complete address, as well as that of parent, teacher or employer as reference. Be sure to get permission first. We are careful to accept the advertisements of only the most 'reliable stamp dealers, and if you have any unfair business dealings with St. Nicholas advertisers advise us promptly. We are always glad to help solve your stamp problems. Write us when you want information.

Rare Stamps Free 15 all different Canadian and 10

India with Catalogue Free. Postage 2 cents. When possible send names and addresses of two stamp collectors. Large wholesale list for Dealers free. We offer these sets, great bargains, cheapest ever offered, no two stamps allke in any set, all different, One condition. Postage 2c. extra. 50 Spain, 11c.; 40 Japan, 5c.; 100 U. 8., 20c.; 7 Siam, 15c.; 50 Asia, 17c.; 20 Chlle, 10c.; 4 Malta, 5c.: 30 Holand,9c.: 10 Jamaica, 10c.; 10 Straits, 7c.; 10 Egypt, 7c.; 7 Persia, 4c.; 10 Ceylon, 15c.; 8 Haw911, 20c.; 20 Denmark, 7c.; 30 Sweden, 10c.; 50 Brt.Colla, 6c.; 8 Peru,4c.; 25 Persia, 25c.; 10 Brazil, 5c.; 50 Africa, 24c.; 6 FIJI, 15c.; 25 Italy, 5c.; 7 Iceland, 20c.; 4 Sudan, 8c.; 10 China, 10c.: 17 Mexico, 10c.; 10 Uruguay, 7c.; 6 Reunion, 5c.; 5 Panama, 13c.;20 New Zealand, 150. Remitla stamps or Money Order. Fine approval sheets 50% discount. 50 Page List Free. We buy Stamps. MARKS STAMP Co.. DEPT.N, TORONTO,CANADA. Why my approvals are the best: (1) No trash. (2) Lowest price: 50% with extra discounts for quick returns. (3) Attractive Sheets arranged by countries. (4) Aguinaldo Philippine stamp cat. 50c. premium to customers who expect to buy. (5) 2. 4. 1c. stamos for small boys if desired. Hundreds of St. Nicholas boys have tried them. Why not YOU.

D. M. WARD. 608 Buchanan St., Gary, Ind. 158 Genuino Foreign Stamps-Mexico War Issues,

Venezuela, Salvador and India Service, 10c Guatemala, China, etc. Only...

Ju) Finest Approval Sheets 50% to 60%. Agents Wanted. NAMESBig 72-2. Lists Free. We Buy Stamps. Estab. 25 yrs.

Hussman Stamp Co., Dept. 52. St. Louis. Mo. 65 Different Foreign Stamps from including Africa, Asia, 65 Different Foreign countries Australia, Europe, West Indies; and our pamphlet which tells you "How to make your collection of stamps properly." FOR ONLY 16 CENTS-A BIG BARGAIN.

Queen City Stamp & Coin Co., Room 32, 604 Race St., Cincinnati, O.



Packet No. 8, Contains 1000 Different Stamps

of Exceptional Grade Price $5.00

Post Free Incl:ides ancient and modern issues seldom seen at anywhere near this price. A bargain. Ask for our 96-page illustrated price-list, which is free on request.

SCOTT STAMP & COIN CO. 33 West 44th Street


Price lists free. (Estab. 1883)

Rob't LANGZETTEL Box 734

NEW HAVEN, CONN. Stamps 50 all diff., Transvaal, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Ceylon, Java, etc., and Album, 10c. 1000 Finely Mixed, 40c. 60 diff. U. S., 25c. 1000 hinges, 10c. Agts. wtd. 50%. List Free. I buy stamps. C.Stegman, 5940 Cote Brilliante Ave., St.Louis.Mo. WAR issues, In sets: 5 Ceylon, 15c: 4 Czecho-Slovakia, 10c;

3 Cameroon "Occupation" on Middle Congo, o. g. 70; 2 Trinidad and Tobago, 0. g. 9c; 3 Switzerland “Peace," 0. g. 14c. Postage extra. "Stamp Specials' sent on request.

FRANKLIN COOPER, 108 Claremont Ave., Jersey City, N. J. STAMPS 500 Cat. for 10c., $1.00 Cat. 25c: $2.00 Cat.

50c.; $4.00 Cat. for $1.00. Freo Premiums with 50c order. All Stamps genuine, no duplicates. Jos. GALLANT, 28 Main Street,

Hempstead, N. Y. Stamps on Approval No premiums)But value. All the novelties at the right prices,

ALFRED, LECHNER 83 Nassau St., New York City POSTAGE STAMPS WORTH FORTUNES A valuable book, fully illustrated, describing and pricing all valuable stamps ONLY 15c. Mekeel's Stamp Weekly, Beverly, Mass. 6 mos. for 25c. with 100 difl. foreign stamps FREE.


STAM. Belgium (large bi-color) China, Jamaica, Portugal,

FREE. 1.00 U. S. Parcel Post Stamps to Applicants for Approvals. Give Reference.

J. R. NICHOLS, 2322 Loring Place, N. Y. City COMETS!! Ask about them! 20 Different Africa $.12; 50 Different Latin America $.22. Address Dept. B. THE ZENITH STAMP Co., Box 383, New Britain, Conn.

only 5c

Venezuela, etc., 10c; 100 all diff. only 200; 1,000 well mixed 40c; 100 var. Ú. S. 50c; 1,000 hinges, 100; Agts. wtd. 50% List free. I BUY STAMPS. L. B. DOVER, Overland, Mo. BARGAINS EACH SET 5 CENTS

8 Luxembourg; 8 Finland: 20 Sweden: 8 Honduras: 8 Costa Rica; 10 Porto Rico; 8 Dutch Indies: 6 Hayti. Lists of 7000 low-priced stamps free. CHAMBERS STAMP CO., 111 G NASSAU STREET, NEW YORK CITY

AGENTS WANTED for our fine app. sheets. Large discounts. Send rer. We Buy Stamps. Service. Satisfaction.

B. H. FEHLIG CO., 3021 E. 11th Ave., Denver, Colo. 25 diff.stamps (including British Colonies) free to applicants

for my approvals. 50% discount. Fine stock. Give them a trial. Premium coupon with 50c. net purchase. References please. JULES E. CAGNON, 30 No. Court St., Providence, R. I. STAMPS FREE, 60 ALL DIFFERENT For the names of two collectors and 30. postage. 10 coins, 25c; 20 coins, 350. TOLEDO STAMP Co., TOLEDO O., U.S.A. DANDY PACKET STAMPS free for name, address 3

collectors, 2c. postage, with 50% apprs. 125 dii. U. S. Inc. high values. 50c. U. T. K. STAMP Co., UTICA, N, Y, STAMPS 20 VARIETIES UNUSED, FREE to all sending for our approval sheets at 50% discount. Postage 2 cents Mention St. Nicholas. QUAKER STAMP CO., TOLEDO, OBIO.

5 unused French Colonies to Approval Applicants. ROESSLER'S Stamp NEWS, 6 mos. 15c.

EDWIN H. BAILEY, Box 25 Farmingdale, N. Y. All For—20 different stamps from 20 different countries, 6 Cents

10 different South American, 2 different Malay

(Tigers) FOYE STAMP CO., Detroit, Mich. FREE 7 varieties Newfoundland including war stamps.

postage 2c. PROVIDENCE STAMP Co., 109 Washington St., Providence, R. I. BOYS. May we send you stamps on approval? Send

two references. WM. H. WILKERSON, JR., 1432 Duncan Street, N. E., Washington, D. C. FREE 5. big unused French Colonies to approval appli

cants. GEO. D. LINY COMPANY, Columbus, Ohio. 25 dif. stamps, duplicate book, 3 new entires, Lists, 10c.



20 different Turkey, and Big Bargain Lists,

JOHN M. LONG, 67 Public Square, Water town, N. Y. 9)

Different only 10c. Good approvals with premiums.

RICHARDS STAMP CO. Dept. A. East Orange, N. J. 75 Different stamps for 30 to applicants for our Popular Ap

CHRISTENSEN, 1673 3rd St., Milwaukee, Wis. STAMPS 105 China.etc.,stamp dictionary.list 3000 bargains, 2c. Album (500 pictures), 3c. BULLARD & Co., Sta.A, BOSTON GENUINE U. S. AND FOREIGN STAMPS On Approval. HUB POSTAGE STAMP CO., 345 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 100


Approvals. MICHAELS, 5602 Prairie, Chicago. 5 NEWFOUNDLAND FREE with trial Approvals. 1000 Peelable Hinges, 8c.

F. E. THORP, Norwich, N. Y. FREE 25 diff. Brit. Colonies to approval applicants. 2c.

postage. PEQUOT STAMP Co., Box 85 Bridgeport, Ct. FREE Serbia deathmask stamp tree to new approval ap

plicants. FRANK HADLEY, Box 73, Plainfield, N. J. 57 STAMPS—Wide World Variety, .040 with

universal approvals.

C. N. WINEGAR, West Fort Ann, N. Y.

$.25 each-30 ditt. Fr. Col.; 25 din. Port. Col.: 50 din. Eng. Col.; 40 diff. U. S. Col. F. ONKEN, 630 79th St., B'klyn, N. Y.

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All the Partsand Plans

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Plain Model 75c, "A" $1.00, "B" $1.50
Completed Models: "A" $1.50, "B" $2.00.
Prepaid. Don't send stamps nor coin.
Send a P. O. Money Order or Check

Money back if not satisfied.
Made like a SKEETER, but not very limp,
No other can BEAT 'ER, made very jimp;
Made in a JJFFY, fly it in the Park,

Made very NIFTY, strong as Noah's Ark.


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Send for 25 packages of our famous patriotic Christmas seals, tags, cards, 2tc. Sell for 100 a package. When sold send us $1.50 and keep ode dollar. We trust you. Don't delay. Write to-day.

K. NEUBECKER, 961 E. 23rd St., BROOKLYN, N. Y.

Factory to Rider

Buy direct and save $10 to $20 on a bicycle.
RANGER BICYCLES DOw come in 44 styles, colore
and sizes. Greatly improved; prices reduced.
Other reliable models also. WE DELIVER
FREE to you on approval and 80 days' trial and
riding test.

Our big FREE catalog shows everything
new in bicycles and sundries. Write for it.
TIRES Tampe, wheels, parts and supplies

Do not buy a bicycle, tires, or sundries until
you get our wonderful new offers, low prices
and liberal terms. A postal brings everything.



THE BABY TANK The smallest tank in the world. 242 in. long. Goes by its own power. Camouflaged in bright colors and in a camouflaged box. Leaflet "PRANKS" shows what it will do. A fanciful rhyme goes with each.


for a 100% AMERICAN BOY 25 cents at any toy store or send 30 cents in stamps

(includes packing and postage) to ANIMATE TOY CO., 31 East 17th St., NEW YORK


The A.B.C. Adjustable Car


GROWS WITH THE CHILD Preventing the development of bowed legs and round shoulders caused by riding a car that is too small.

Ask your dealer to show you an A.B.C. Car. McLAREN & COMPANY



What books do YOU like?



like to read books that tell you how to make a model airplane, a camera, a magic lantern, a printing press ?

the first real one since before the Wor!! War!

Do you like a rattling good adventure story?

Do you like stories about animals, or travel stories ?

We have printed a booklet which is yours for the asking, telling all about a lot of mighty interesting books we publish. Shall we send you a copy? Address

Frederick A. Stokes Company 443 Fourth Avenue

New York

AMERICA has played a proud part in the war. We all know of her wonderful armies of sturdy manhood—alert and keen. We all know of wonderful inventions—of huge sums of money given freely—of that love of our flag and Country which made success for our Allies and ourselves possible.

New fields of industry were opened, because we were shut off from European markets. There was no other way but to manufacture things for curselves since we could not iniport or buy elsewhere.

What would have happened to the joy of Christmas, had not American brains and American hands turned to and made toys for our boys and girls? For years and years Germany, and more recently Japan, had made almost 70 per cent of the toys we bought. And when the war shut off Germany had not American ingenuity come again to the front, we would have been practically without toys. But once more we arose to the occasion and began to develop our own toy industry. What was the result? It is this. Today America is making the finest toys in the world, superior in design, quality of materials used, and workmanship, to any that can be purchased outside our own Country.

We have but to stop and think for a moment to find the reason. With the American toy inanufacturer ultimate value is the standard. He manufactures the very best thing possible. The American product is real quality merchandise. Defects are not covered up with the paint brush, nor is construction done in a hurried, cheap way.

When the finished toy leaves the shop it is the best that the manufacturer can make. He has used care and attention to make it that. Our toy makers do not make their toys with their original idea one of price, which has been the foreign manufacturers' first thought. Price comes later, after the finished product is completed.

One of the most difficult things to compete with, which the American toy man has been forced to meet, is this very question of price. You see, in foreign countries labor, even

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You Need No Better Guide
ALTHOUGH the buckskin-clad fur hunters who

over-ran the Northern wilderness a century and more ago were very poorly armed, their example is an excellent guide for your shooting. They could not be sure of their guns, so they shot right. Right shooting is fully explained in the four free Remington Right-from-the-Start instruction bookieis, which will be mailed to you if you mention this magazine. These booklets also tell all about the U.S. Government's two official decorations for boys who qualify as Junior Marksman under direction of the National Rifle Association. Remington UMC.22 Caliber Rifles and Cartridges, made for shooting right, are the choice of experienced marksmen. Sold by Sporting Goods Dealers in your town. THE REMINGTON ARMS UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE COMPANY, Inc.

Largest Manufacturers of Firearms and Ammunition in the World


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Transportation — The Real Sport

Fine, big, Ives trains-electrical or mechanical—with passenger, freight, baggage and coal cars, and tracks, stations, switches, siding, signals, tunnels-enable you to be a real railroad president, engineer and conductor—all in one.

Ives Boats are the newest and finest toys out. Made of steel and driven by a screw propeller and strong, long-running motor. Twelve models. Great fun. Send 4c in stamps-for fine railroad or boat book-6c for both books.

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