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practically all of the cases there was a fall of temperature, and a slowing and steadying of pulse and respiration. Cyanosis disappeared and the course of the disease was shortened, the temperature falling by lysis. Seibert's experience has recently been verified by the reports of Iverson, of St. Petersburg, who treated 81 cases with but 8 deaths. control cases there were 18 deaths.-Medical Standard.

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SODIUM CACODYLATE IN ERYTHEMA MULTIFORME.-W. Cuthbertson, of Chicago, reports a case of erythema multiforme in a woman aged 27 that had existed from childhood, occurring every fall and disappearing in the winter. Intramuscular injections of three-quarters of a grain of sodium cacodylate, given twice a week for several weeks, completely relieved the attack. Each injection was followed by relief and the disease disappeared entirely, leaving her in better condition, according to her own statement, than she had ever been in since it first occurred. From his experience in this case, Cuthbertson would recommend sodium cacodylate injections for trial in all cases of erythema, more especially in the angio-neurotic type.-Medical Brief.

HOW TO BECOME NEURASTHENIC.-Eat no breakfast, says the Critic and Guide. Indulge in but one meal daily; at any rate no more than two. Eat no meat. Eat freak cereals, vegetables, nuts and fruit. Masticate every morsel 268 times-267 times won't do. bath every morning.

Take a cold

Read all the
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Be massaged daily. Read the health magazines daily. books on how to gain self-control and on psychotherapy. the mind upon the digestion and upon all articles of diet. possible occasion discuss your imaginary troubles with your friends and coerce your wife into catering to every dietetic whim that you can formulate. Buy a lot of apparatus for indoor exercise and roll a cannon ball around over selected portions of one's anatomy.-Chicago Daily News.

THE PULSE IN DIPHTHERIA.-The pulse may be said to practically always indicate the seriousness of the disease. An intermittent pulse at any stage of the disease should always excite suspicion and alarm that all is not well. A thready, rapid pulse, is also a cause for alarm, and if, even in the convalescent stage, there should be an attack of vomiting, with aforesaid pulse, you will almost invariably lose your patient. -Hahn. Monthly.-Fleagle.

News Notes.

Dr. W. T. Webb has located at Nora, Nebraska.

Dr. Geo. E. Dienst has been made associate editor of the Critique. Dr. P. M. Cliver has gone to California for a six months' vacation. Dr. M. R. Waggoner, Jr., of DeWitt, Iowa, has built a beautiful new home.

Dr. A. B. Darling has left the Union Hospital, and located in Kokomo, Ind.

Dr. Frank Duncan, brother of the late T. C. Duncan, has located at Paxton, Ill.

Dr. H. W. Westover, of St. Joseph, Mo., gave the editor a welcome. call recently.

Dr. Gilbert FitzPatrick was laid up for a week with a severe cold during September.

Dr. D. P. Shattuck, Hahnemann '83, died at his home, Independence, Ia., Aug. 20.

Dr. E. S. Bailey attended the Southern Homeopathic Medical Association at Richmond, Va.

Dr. Jas. B. Brown, of Denver, has been elected president of the Colorado Homeopathic Society.

Dr. Annie W. Spencer, Batavia, Ill., spent a day in Chicago, recently, visiting Dr. Hobson.

Dr. H. V. Halbert has returned from his eastern trip, and is attending to his business regularly.

The Southern Homeopathic Medical Association will meet at Richmond, Virginia, Oct. 15 to 17.

Dr. W. C. Miller, Independence, Ia., was in Chicago recently, and paid a visit to Hahnemann College.

Dr. Dean T. Smith and Dr. Burrett, Ann Arbor, spent a few days in Chicago, attending Dr. Pratt's clinic.

Dr. K. B. Luzader, of Greenville, Illinois, has been spending some time recently in Chicago as a patient.

Dr. Hugo Branyan has taken up the practice of Dr. Hough, of Champaign, who recently died suddenly at his home.

The Riverview Homeopathic Medical Association will meet at Aurora, at Hotel Bishop, Thursday, October 24.

Dr. Frank K. Hill, of Rockford, will spend the winter in California, to recover from a severe attack of rheumatism last year.

Dr. A. K. Crawford, formerly professor of theory and practice in Hahnemann College, has been a Chicago visitor recently.

The thirty-first annual convention of the Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association will be held at Bloomington, October 15th.

Dr. W. A. Day was married to Miss Jacquelin Corcon in Sept. The doctor and his bride will make their home in Dayton, Wash.

Dr. A. L. Black wood has entirely recovered from his last year's illness, and is attending to his professional and college work, as usual.

Dr. Hyde West and Miss Ida May Wobig were married on the 9th of September, at Clinton, Wis. The doctor is located at Woodstock, Ill.

The faculty of Hering Medical College gave a reception to the students following the opening exercises at their college, 703 S. Wood St., September 24.

Dr. Nettie Campbell, Burlington, Ia., spent a few days in Chicago recently, bringing in a surgical case. The doctor practiced in Chicago for several years.

Dr. Armstrong, of Springfield, Ill., spent the summer in his cottage at St. Ignace, Mich., and returned to his practice in September, stopping in Chicago a few days on his return.

Dr. Frank Wieland has been appoinetd chief surgeon for Montgomery Ward & Co. He will have two assistants to aid him in his work. An institution of this magnitude has one major operation every two days, on an average.

Dr. R. G. Knapp is spending his vacation in an auto trip through Iowa and Wisconsin. During his absence his practice is being cared for by his son, Dr. Harry Knapp, who has recently finished two years in the Flower Hospital N. Y.

Dr. Lillian Thompson has opened a down-town office in the Reliance Bldg.

Dr. Jas. H. Hutton is taking Dr. P. L. Clark's practice while he is in Europe.

Dr. C. E. West, Lincoln, Ill., was in Chicago recently in the interest of a patient.

Dr. S. H. Aurand has returned from his trip to California, and is again at work, feeling better for the rest.

Dr. C. B. Tiel is taking the practice of Dr. Ziun in Iowa, while the doctor is doing post graduate work in Chicago.

Dr. F. J. Dudley, Decatur, Ill., visited Chicago recently. His son, Dr. E. F. Dudley, is an interne in the Chicago Union Hospital.

Dr. A. K. Crawford, Oakland, California, spent a few weeks in Chicago in September. The doctor enjoyed visiting his old friends and his old college.

Dr. Gilbert FitzPatrick visited the local society in San Francisco and the state society of Washington, in Tacoma, and had a most enjoyable time in both places.

Dr. C. W. Lane, '05, is located in Miles, Wash. This was reported to us by Dr. J. Glen Harbison, Spokane. Anyone else noticing addresses in catalogue as wrong or omitted kindly post us.

Hahnemann College has now four all-time paid teachers, and will have five when school opens, thanks to the generosity of the alumni. Those who have not contributed should do so, and give an opportunity for another.

The literary bureau is very active these days, and Dr. Mitchell has a list of men and subjects which is sent to the presidents of the local societies, and will be found in the CLINIQUE. Arrangements can be made for these lectures anywhere by writing Dr. Clifford Mitchell.

The opening meeting of the Chicago Homeopathic Medical Society will occur on Thursday, October 17, and will take the form of a banquet, or dinner, at the Hotel Sherman, at seven o'clock, in the crystal room. A short program will follow the dinner, the speaker of the evening being Dr. Frank Blackmarr. Dr. Blackmarr will first give his experiences as a passenger aboard the Carpathia when that vessel picked up the survivors of the lost Titanic, and later will discuss "Radium Research in the Continental Laboratories." Mrs. Richard H. Street will tell one of her very entertaining stories in the interval between Dr. Blackmarr's talks.



The Secretaries are requested to send official data promptly to THE CLINIQUE, 22 East Washington St., Chicago.

ILLINOIS HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION holds its annual meeting for 1913 in Chicago, beginning the second Tuesday in May.

President, Dr. Burton Haseltine, Chicago.

Secretary, Dr. G. M. Cushing, Chicago.

Treasurer, Dr. E. C. Sweet, 159 North State St., Chicago.

CENTRAL ILLINOIS HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY holds its next annual session in October 1913.

President, Dr. J. W. Calvert, Dwight, Ill.

Secretary, Dr. L. T. Rhoades, Lincoln, Ill.

EASTERN ILLINOIS HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY meets October 10th, 1911, and April, 1912.

President, Dr. J. J. Rose, Marshall, Ill.

Secretary, Dr. M. H. Whitlock, Charleston, Ill.

ILLINOIS VALLEY HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION meets semi-annually in April and November.

President, Dr. C. H. Long, Pontiac, Ill.

Secretary, Dr. Alfred Houston, Joliet, Ill.

MILITARY TRACT HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY meets in October and May, exact time and place determined at each preceding meeting.

President, Dr. E. N. Nash, Galesburg, Ill.

Secretary, Dr. F. M. Dickinson, Galesburg, Ill.

MISSISSIPPI VALLEY HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY meets quarterly at Rock Island or some adjacent town the third Wednesday in the months of December, March, June and September.

President, Dr. Eli Bradford, 602 18th St., Rock Island.

Secretary, Dr. H. C. Hoefle, 314 Brady Ave., Davenport, Iowa.

NORTHWESTERN HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY holds semi-annual sessions at Rockford, the second Thursday in April and October.

President, Dr. C. A. Walker, Rockford, Ill.

Secretary, Dr. E. C. Maas, Rockford.

RIVERVIEW HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. October 19, 1911, and April, 1912. President, Dr. F. A. Bartlett, Aurora, Ill.

Secretary, Dr. Harriet B. Ward, Elgin.

ROCK RIVER INSTITUTE OF HOMEOPATHY holds quarterly sessions in the months of January, April, July and October, on the first Thursday of the month.

President, Dr. W. B. Ryder, Clinton, Iowa.

Secretary, Dr. A. W. Blunt, Clinton, Iowa.

CHICAGO HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY meets the third Thursday of each month, October to April.

President. Dr. Belle Gurney, 6854 Wentworth Ave.

Secretary. Dr. Theodore Bacmeister. 4041 No. 42d Ave., Chicago. Tel., Irving 55. Treasurer, Dr. John W. Cornell, 4634 Vincennes Ave.

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