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limit the acceptance of them by many states, but also that they shall have been in practice between nations for a shorter or longer period, until they have acquired such force from custom that the right retained by each state to denounce individual conventions of the Hague Conferences, or the Declaration of London as a whole, shall have ceased to have any practical application. So long as a nation has the legal right to refuse to continue to abide by a given rule, it is hardly safe to regard the rule as settled law. It is true that a nation may violate even the longstanding and well-defined rules of customary law; but in such a case the condemnation of the civilized world would operate as a sanction which could not be applied to the exercise of a legal right to withdraw from the practice of a rule of statutory law. It need hardly be observed that in some cases the conventions of the Hague Conferences embody previously existing rules of law which, of course, lose nothing of their force by reason of the fact that nations retain the right to denounce a given convention as a whole. It is to be hoped indeed that not only will nations not avail themselves of their right to denounce a given convention, but that those individual states which have made reservations of important articles of the conventions will in time yield in favor of rules which commend themselves to the great body of nations.

In illustration of Professor Oppenheim's admirable method of discussing disputed questions, we may refer to his treatment of the so-called doctrine of "continuous voyages” (pp. 499–506). The doctrine is first stated as it was held by the British prize courts in such cases as that of the William (5 C. Rob. 385) in which the condemned cargo was captured while the vessel was on her way to the enemy port. The later doctrine of the American prize courts is next stated, justifying the condemnation of the cargo when the vessel was captured on her way to the neutral port from which she was later to proceed to the enemy port. The next step was to condemn a cargo captured on its way to a neutral port because it was proved that the cargo, contraband if bound for a hostile destination, was to be transhipped by other hands to an enemy port, as in the cases of the Springbok and the Peterhoff, arising during the American Civil War. Later British practice during the South African War is next cited, showing the adoption of the American doctrine. After citing the opinions of certain Continental writers on the subject, the author next proceeds to explain the compromise offered in the Declaration of London, which recognized the application of the doctrine of continuous voyages with regard to absolute contraband and rejected it with regard to conditional contraband.

Nothing short of the highest praise can be given to this simple and logical method of presenting a subject. It is preëminently the part of a teacher to exhibit not only the actual state of the law at the time, but the growth of the law and the fundamental principles underlying a given system of rules. It is in this respect that Professor Oppenheim's treatise will be of especial service to the students for whom the author says that it is primarily intended.



(For table of abbreviations see Chronicle of International Events, p. 375)

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