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&pr 6, 1922 )
a A.E. Winshit


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This plan is a whole. It is composed of three chief features: general disarmament, arbitration and the sanction of non-intercourse. Each is a complement of the other two and all are essential for its successful operation. Many persons have seized one, become enthusiastic and started off to make some use of it; but my observation has yet to embrace the first instance in which I have felt that the balance in their interdependence had been fully grasped.

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Only one kind of disarmament is practicable general disarmament-and the assertion is ventured, that, under no other plan can it be achieved and maintained, as the lines on which this is formulated are basic. No other one provides the first condition for it, which is the compulsory settlement, without resort to war, of all classes of disputes.


As soon as the laborers of the world realize, that there is a plan by which wars can be stopped, they will refuse to allow lords, titled, or nontitled, to maintain immense war establishments,

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