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ELINDA, with affected mien,

Trys all the power of art,

Yet finds her efforts all in vain,
To gain a fingle heart:
Whilft Cloe, in a different way,
Is but her felf to please;
And makes new conquests every day,
Without one borrowed grace.

Belinda's haughty air destroys
What native charms inspire;
While Cloe's artless fhining eyes
Set all the world on fire:
Belinda may our pity move,
But Cloe gives us pain;
And while fhe fmiles us into love,
Her fifter frowns in vain.


ORGIVE, fair creature, form'd to please,
Forgive a wond'ring youth's defire:

Those charms, thofe virtues, when he fees,
How can he fee, and not admire?

While each the other ftill improves,

The faireft face, the faireft mind; Not, with the proverb, he that loves, But he that loves you not, is blind.



HILE filently I lov'd, nor dar'd
To tell my crime aloud,

The influence of your fmiles I fhar'd,
In common with the crowd.

But when I once my flame expreft,
In hopes to ease my pain,
You fingled me out from the rest
The mark of your difdain.

If thus, Corinna, you fhall frown
On all that do adore,

Then all mankind must be undone,
Or you must smile no more.


INDLY, kindly, thus, my treasure,

Ever love me, ever charm;

Let the paffion know no measure,
Yet no jealous fear alarm.

Why fhou'd we, our blifs beguiling,
By dull doubting fall at odds?
Meet my foft embraces fmiling,
We'll be happy as the gods.


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T Winchester was a wedding,

The like was never seen, 'Twixt lufty Ralph of Reading,

And bony black Befs of the green:
The fidlers were crowding before,
Each lafs was as fine as a queen;
There was a hundred and more,
For all the country came in;
Brisk Robin led Rofe fo fair,

She look'd like a lilly' o'th' vale,
And ruddy-fac'd Harry led Mary,
And Roger led bouncing Nell.

With Tomy came smiling Katy,
He helpt her over the stile,
And fwore there was none so pretty
In forty and forty long mile:
Kit gave a green gown to Betty,
And lent her his hand to rife;
But Jenny was jeer'd by Watty,
For looking blue under the eyes:
Thus merrily chatting all,

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They pafs'd to the bride-house along, With Jonney and pretty-fac'd Nanny, The fairest of all the throng.




The bridegoom came out to meet 'em,
Afraid the dinner was spoil'd,

And ufher'd 'em in to treat 'em,

With bak'd, and roasted, and boil'd.
The lads were frolick and jolly,
For each had his love by his fide;
But Willy was melancholly,

For he had a mind to the bride:
Then Philip begins her health,

And turns a beer-glass on his thumb; But Jenkin was reckon'd for drinking The best in Christendom.

And now they had din'd, advancing
Into the midst of the hall,

The fidlers ftruck up for dancing,
And Jeremy led up the brawl;
But Margery kept a quarter,

A lafs that was proud of her pelf, 'Cause Arthur had ftoln her garter,

And fwore he wou'd tie it himself:
She struggled, and blufh'd, and frown'd,
And ready with anger to cry,
'Cause Arthur, in tying her garter,
Had flipp'd his hand too high.

And now for throwing the flocking,

The bride away was led;

The bridegroom got drunk, and was knocking

For candles to light him to bed:


But Robin, finding him filly,

Moft friendly took him afide,
The while that his wife with Willy

Was playing at hooper's-hide:
And now the warm game begins,
The critical minute was come,
And chatting, and billing, and kiffing,
Went merrily round the room.

Pert Stephen was kind to Betty,
And blith as a bird in the spring;
And Tomy was fo to Kitty,

And wedded her with a rush-ring:
Sukey, that danc'd with the cushion,

An hour from the room had been gone, And Barnaby knew, by her blufhing,

That fome other dance had been done:
And thus of fifty fair maids,

That came to the wedding with men,.
Scarce five of the fifty was left ye,
That fo did return again.

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