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The old Spaniard was constant in At Buenos A res, lieutenant Co- his enquiries for the safety of the Ionel Kington, of the bih regiment of Colonel's wound; and, though pressed Dragoons. This officer, havin ad. by hiin to receive a sum of money for vanced a considerable way into the his great humanity and tenderness, he tourn of Buenos Ayres, on the morning could not be prevailed upon to accept of the 5th of July, reccived a musket- the least pecuniary reward, yet by no ball through bis right leg, which oc- nieans in attluent circumstances. casioned him to fall, whilst cheering General Liniers' generous behaviour and animating his regiment to follow continued after the Colonel's decease, him, and endeavouring to take two on the qu of July. He directed the pieces of cannon opposed to them in body to be removed to the Viceroy's the centre of the street. Refusing any palace, and there to lie in state till the assistance from his men to carry him interment. The funeral was conducted off, he desired they would march for: after the English manner: General ward, and do their duty under the Liniers and all the principal military brave and much lamented Captain otticers and civil magistrates attended, Burrell, who received a mortal wound. with four reyiments of Infantry to fire In the mean time, the ('olonel con- over the grave. A tablet, with a suii. trived to remove from the centre into able insciiption, was ordered by the one of the cross streets, and there re- General to be placed over the remains mained till the Carabineers had been of the deceased. ordered to retreat, when the enemy To hear that this gallant voung hero, advanced, and used bim in a most cut off in the prime of life, received brutal inander. They were upon the such marked attention, and experipoint of dispatching him with iheir enced every comfort from his enemies, bayonets, had not an old Spaniard in his last moments, must be highly rushed from his house, and, thiowing gratifving to his afflicted widew, the his cloak over the Colonel, and his Marchior'ess of ('lanricarde, bis relaperson between tím and lois country- tions, and numerous frie ds. And men, beseeched them to spare his life,' should another experlition to South and not take advantage of a fallen fre. America prove more fortunate than

The old man then dragged him the Jast, his hiave countrymen may into his house, and, baving bound up have an opportunity of convincing his wound, laid him on his own bd, the enemy they are not to be outdone and watched hini vuring the day and in generosity and humanity, the grand night wiih the tenderness of a parent: characteristic of the British nation. he had him conveyed, on the 6:h, to Suddenly, CHRISTIAN VII. HING the citadel, where General Liniers or- of DENMARK. He was born on the dered every possible atien jou to be 29th of January, 1749. In the year paid to his wounded prisoner. The 1766, he was married to the Princess General told the Colonel, a relation of Carolina Matilda, sister of our mohis Mrs. O'Gormon) had offered to var h. The unfortunate bistory of that accommodate ore of the wounded of. princess, owing, it is generally sap-. ficers at her own house, and requested posed, to the enmity of her step-mou he would be removed to her dwelling, ther, has long been a subject of regret where he would have every possible in this country. The late king of care taken of his wound. In this bos- Denmark.can.c to England in the year pitable mansion the Colonel lay seven- 1767, and was received with every teen davs tefoie bis dissolution, re- possible demonstration of respect by ceiving from the hinds of his kind all ranks of people. Soon after his hostes and her relations, all kinds of return to Denmark, his faculties

, nourishment and mediciue directed which were never bright, sunk into a by the faculty. General Liniers at- decay, which wholly unfitted him for tended him daily, and visited him al- the duties of his situation, and his ways before he retired to rest.—He kingdom has ever since been governed shewed as much interest for the ('o- under his name, without ihe least Jonel's safety as be could have done chance that he would be able to re for his ownson in a similar situation. sume his royal functions.


MARCH 21, to APRIL 23, 1808, inclusive. (Extracted from the London Gazette |----- The Solicitors' Names are between Parenthesis.

XFORD E. T. Toshill-s: reet, haber. Hart H. Great Coram - street, broker, A

dasher, ( Mason, St. Michael's-alley). (Isaacs, Mitre-cour'). Harman 1. Livere Barker J. and H. Morton, cutton-spin- poob banker, (Blackstock, Si. Mildred's, ners, (Hurel, King's-Bench walks) Baker court). Hayes W. Manchester, victualler,

Huntington T. s Southwark, upholsterer, (Ellis, Hatton Ellis, Cursitor-street). garden). Bartlett J. Whisecross-street,

Watford, calico-printer, (Jennings and Ca. wool · merchant, (Pullen, Fore-stre-t).

Great Shire Jane). Herron G. Bermondsey: Bak 2r G Tatheld, spirit-merchant, (El-tob, street, tell morger, (Heawood, Old Ciig

Hattun J. Lymm, butcher, Catherine-couri). Bull J. Kingston, Iile Chambers)

Hulbert J. of Wight, corn-dealer, (Gilbert, Newport) (Willis, Warnford-court). Bolton T Langton liitle, dealer and chap. Bristol, soap-boiler, (Sweet, King's-Bencho man, (Fairless, Sta; le Inn)., Bran W.

Hill J. Fountain-place, flour,

walks). Dover, hutcher, (Web!), Folkstone) Bar- factor, (Hes:er, Lincoli's Inn). Henders ber R. Oxford s reet, jeweller, ('Wilde, son W. Paternoster-row, draper, (Adams, Warwick-square). Beale J. Camberwell,

Old Jewry). mathena ical ins rument maker, (Surman, Ireland J. L. High-street, Shoreditch, Golden - squar). Boucher W. Birming- cheesemonger, (Clutton, St. Thomas-street) ham, toy-nsaker, (Kinderley and Co. Gray's Jefferson R. and Diekinson W. Kingston Inn).

upon-Hull, woollen-drapers, (Ellis, Cure Cole I Marnbull, woolstapler, (Tahour- sitor-s:rect). din, Argyle streer) Core R Bristol, hats Levy J. J. Aldgate, feather-merchant, manufacturer, (Andrews, Clare - street). (Gaity and Co. Angel-court) Loạt R. Cockrill W. Stallingborough, salesman, Long-acre, iroumonger, (Jennings and Co. (Lowndes and Co. Red - Lion - square) Great Shire-lane). Lawson W. St. Ca. Chattam, T. High Holborn, cork ruiter, therine's-street, biscuit-baker, (Noy, Mio. (Aspinall, Quality.comt) Connolly J. cing-Jane). Lardner R. Newton-PoppleManchester, lin-n-merchant, (Milme and ford, worsted-spinner, (Oakley, Martin's and Co Temple). Carlake J. G. Stepney, lane). (Fillingha Union-street). Clarke R V.

Mould H. Winchester, cabinet-maker, Wareham, limen-draper, (Blandford, King's (Ware, Blackman-street). Morgan S. and Bench-walks) CrockT. Oxford, dealer, Morley M R York-street, hop- factors, (Rose and Co. Gray's-19'-square). Cham- (Alcock and Co. York-street). Machau G. pion F. Beech-street, bout maker; (Higden Huddersfield, grocer, (Fletcher and Co. & Co Curriers' hall, London-wall). Croose Hyde-street). Ma'im M. Highgate, dealer, G. Liver's-0. le, Hereford, dealer in ca'tle, (Field, Richmond-buildings) M'Lean F. (Gregory, Cleinent's Inn). Chippendall Tower-street, merchant, (Collins and Co. 1. St. Martin's-lane, upholsterer, (Burgess, Spital-square). Curzon street). foton T Cornhill, stockbroker, (Winter and Co Swithin's-lane).

Neve J. Birmingliam, linen - draper,

(Kinderley and Co. Gray's Inn). Dand W. Whitehaven, muslin-man ofac

Ord W. and Ewbank J. Monkwearturer, (Wordsworth, Staple Inu.) Dand J. Kirby-Stephen, banker, (Bourdillon and mouth-Shore, , mercers, (Swain and Co.

Old Jewry). Ogden C. Haworth, worsted Co lit:le Friday-street). Dinwiddie W. Manchester, insurance-broker, (Dennetis manufacturer, (Evans, Thavies Inn). and Co King's-Arms-yard). Davies R. Perkins C. Swansea, shop-keeper, Bernard-street, saddler, (Reynolds, Castle. (Field, Friday-street) Pettigrew J. LiverStreet).

Denbam S. Bermondsey-street, pool, mariner, (Windle, John - street, tailor, (Ilurs', Lad-lane). Delannay A, Bedford-row). Parloto J. Sandgate, catR. L. Blakeley, dyer, (Swale, Great Or- penter, (Jackson, Gray's Inn). Pulfer D. mond-strect).

Cannon-street-road, Ratcliff-Highway, maEvans J. Monmouth, Saddler, (Pugh, riner, (Aspinall, Quality-court). ParBernard stree!). Elliot G. Liverpool, tingion, W Manchester, money-scrivenet, merchant, (Will amson, Liverpool). (Hurd, Inner Temple).

Fenton F. Sheffield, merchant; (Sykes Rhodes E. Leeds, currier, (Batiye, and Co New Inn).

Chancery-lane). Rudge M. Gloucester, Green J. Kingston - upon - Hull, fax- tanner, (Chilton, Exchequer Office). dresser, (Elis, Cursitor-sireét).

Redfera S. Stockport, cotron - spinner, (Edge, Inner Temple). Renfree T. Fal- Cook's-court). Tyson J. Liverpool, talmouth, cordwainer, (Shephard and Co. low-chandler, Avison, Liverpool). Tytlar Bedford-row.). Roylands T. Į. Princes-. G. Hounsditch, slopseller, (Collins and street, barge-builder, (Benton, Union Co. Spital-square) Tunnicliffe: J. Repe street).

ton, draper, (Hurst, Lad-lane). Touse G. Smith R. Cross-street, Wilderness-row, Lloyd's Coffee-house, underwriter, (Kear

Taylor J. dealer in oil, (Stratton, Shoreditch). Sa sey, Bishopsgate Within). vory G Soutiwark, victualler, (Evans, Salford, victualler, (Willis, WarnfordKennington cross). Sams S. Bahwick, court). Taylor T. Liverpool, tea-dealer, stationer, (Edmunds, Exchequer Office). (Avison, Liverpool). Shynn J. Bow, whitesmith, (Harding, Primrose-street). Stevens R. "Percival. len-draper,

Williams B. Liverpool, linen and wool.

(Blackstock, St. Mildred's. street, silk dyer, (Wilson, Devonshire- couri).' Whitehead P. Scockport, cottonstreet). Stevens G.jun. Bedford, grocer, merchant, (Willis, Warnford-count). ('Townshend, Staple Inn). Smith G. Wright S. Leeds, victualler, (Edmunds, Warnford-court, merchant, (Dawes, Angel- Exchequer Office of Pleas). Wilkinson R. court). Shawford W.C. Albany, con- Manchester, insurance-broker, (Dennetts fectioner, (Field, Richmond - buildings). and Co. King's Arms-yard). Whitham G. Staniforth S. Radford, Nottingham, joiner, Adingham, drover, (Exley and Co. Fur. (Bleasedale and Co. New Inn). Steele nival Inn). Winter W. and Hay T. F. W. Brentford, linen-draper, (Dawes, Long-acre, lacemen, (Allen, Bridge-street) Angel - court). Singer N. P. Westbury, Wright B. Biriningham, factor, (Webb common-brewer, (Ellis, Halion garden). and Co. Birmingham) Whitehead J. Seddon T. Salford, victualler, (Ellis, Cure Stockport, victualler, (Edmunds, Exche. sitor-street).

quer Office of Pleas). Watkinson S. Li. Travis R. Manchester, silversmith, verpool, brush-manufacturer, (Blackstock, (Foulkes and Co. Gray's Inn). Tiver s. St. Mildred's-court). Bridgewater, inn-keeper, (Blake and Co.


April 21, 1808. London Dock Stock, 110i. per Cent. Hope ditto ditto, 11. per Share premn. Fast-India ditto, 1201. ditto.

Rock Life Assurance, 55. to 75. prein. West-India ditto, 1471. ditto.

East Lond. Water-works, 551. to 601. prep. Commercial Dock Shares, 1261. ditto. West Middlesex ditto, 18gs. prem. Grand Junction Canal, 921 per share.

South London ditto, 561. to 601. prem. Grand Surrey ditto, 601. dilto.

Golden-lane Brewery, 751. per share. Imperial Fire Insurance, 11l. per cent. Southwark disco, 201 ditto. prem.

London Institution, 85gs. per share Globe Fire and Life ditto, 111l. per cent. Commercial Road, 1161. per share. Albion ditto dicto, 31. per cent. prem.

Eagle Insurance, 5s. per share

prem. L. WOLFE and Co. Canal, Dock, & Stock Brokers.


AGRICULTURAL REPORT. THE wheals, and spring crops of every description, look well, and are in want

of nothing but warm and seasonable weather, with genial showers. The spring sowing is in general finished, and the seed got in after the best possible manner; the lands working as kindly as has ever been known. The fallows are in excellent order.

The scarcity of cattle-food has been severely felt during this extreme cold and backward spring; and, unless a great change take place very soon, the relief from grass will be late indead. Accounts from the North, and from Scotland, are dis. tressing; the snow, in inany parts, lies deep upon the ground, and cattle-food 80* scarce, and the stocks of cattle so large, that the conseynences may be most serious. The northern farmers and graziers, who have taken farms at the late enormous replin



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from four to seven and eight pounds per acre, must certainly be, under the present circumstances of the times, in a most critical situation.

Accounts continue extremely favourable of the thousand-headed cabbage, the seed of which is sold by Gibbs, Piccadilly. It has been of infinite service, where cul. tirated, during this distressing season; and, as it resists the frosts, will doublless succeed in the climate of Scotland. In Norfolk, it has produced heads of great weighis and a yart in diameter. It gives several crops.

All sorts of cattle and pigs are in great abundance, throughout the island; and keep being so scarce, the price is declining; but probably far stock may be scarce in the summer, from the backwardness of the grass. In some of the northern counties, lean stock are cheaper than has been known for years.

Smithfield--Beef and mutton, 4s. 6d. to 5s. 4d per stone of 8 lb. to sink the offal; mutton, ditto; lamb, 64. to 8s.; veal, 4s. to 75.; pork, 5s. to 6s. 60.; bacon, os. to 6s. 2d.; Irish ditio, 33. to 5s. 2d.; fat, 4s. 8d. ; skins, 12s. to 203. 1 dliddlesex, April 25.

AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN, By the WinchesterQuarter of 8 Bushels, and of OATMEAL per Boll of 140lbs. Averdupois, from the Returns received in the Week ended April 16, 1809. INLAND COUNTIES.

MARITIME COUNTIES. Wheat kye ,Barley | Oats

Wheat Rye Barley, Oats S. d. s. d d

d d. s., d. Midusx. 74 5 50 041 739 1Essex

71 6| 46 046 659 S Surrey 77 046 043 0 596 Kent

70 31 47 0 43 3 36 6 Hertford 68 6 43 044 7 S4 61Sus ex

69 4

43 034 Bedford 67 71 48 0 42 0 35 1 Sufrolk


44 933 8 Huntin 63 5 422 31 | Cambridge

67 0 47 41 42 031 7 Northa. 66 0 39 6 32 8f Norfolk

66 61 49 0 40 8:32 0 Rutland 71 3 43 9.33 Lincoln

69 71 51 240 530 6 Leicest 69 10 44 31 59 1 30 1 York

68 7

41 0.30 6 Noiting. 70 of 46 61 47 0 32 6 Durham

71 11

44 030 9 Derby 78 10

0 34 8 | Northuinberland 65 0 48 043 634 6 Stafford 75 0

42 0 32 Cuinberland 80 101 61 10142 833 7 73 758 10 39 10 94 C Westmorland 84 8 62 이 42. 1 33 4 Herefor. 65 10 41 6| 32 11 33 0 Lancaster

77 2

41 130 S Wor'st. 68 4 S 35 21|Chester

71 1

42 434 10' Warwic 72 41 36 11 Flint

68 6

42 8
69 0
37 0 S4 4 Denbigh

77 8


531 2 2 74 8 399 36 21 anglesia

38 024 Oxford 70

0 32 Carnarvon 79

36 0124 Bucks 72 3 41 7 37 10 Merioneth


39 0126 8 65 444 9 32 10 26 8 Cardigan .. 74

50 022 0 Alongo. 73 11

71 34 2 Pembroke 66 9

35 1023 6 Radnor. 65 21 30 9] 29 5.Ca: marthen.... 66 0

36 822 8 Glamorgan 70

$6 824 Gloucester

66 7

35 638 9 Somerset.. 68 10


425 11 Average of England and Wales. Monmouth 74 2

33 792 0 Wheat 71s. Od.; Kye 49s. 1d.; Barley Devon ...... 69 7

33 1127 Oats Sts. 8d.; Beans|Cornwall.


34 1025 555. 8d.; Pease 68s. 7d.; Oatmeal Dorset.

67 5

36 30 45s, 11d.


69 2

98 7133


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Wilts Berks


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399. 6d.;


BILL of MORTALITY, from MARCH 29, to APRIL 26, 1808.

% and 5 213 160 and 70' 157 Males Males, 969

5 and 10 73 | 70 and 80 189

1888 Females 9135 Females 919

10 and 20 59 80 and 90 · 67 Whereof have died under two years old 493 20 and 30 , 116 | 90 and 100

30 aud 40 1911 Peck Loaf, 3s. 8d. 3s. 8d. 3s. 88. 3s 8d.

40 and 50 214 Sait, 806. per bushel, 4. per Ib. (3s. 8d.

943 } 1860



50 and 60 = 1111

PRICE OF STOCKS, from MARCH 26, 1808, to APRIL 25, 1808, both inclusive. : Days Bank tip Cent 3p Cent. 4 p. Cu

Navy N. Long

lirish Imperial Imperial Irish Irishs. Seals. Sel India India frixche. Lutters

Oinn. 180 Stock. Cuisods. Reduc Cons. 5 p. Cent1p.Ct. Anns.

Om.3 p. Ceni Anns. Pp.C Am. Stoch Anns. Sto. Bonds. Bills. Tickets










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7 13-1611 Shut

Shuilis. dis lys. pm. 21

Shui Shut

Do. lis, disis. pm 21

Do. Do.

17 1S-1611. Co.

Do. is. disis. pm 21
Do. Do.

vo. Do.

17 13-16th Do.

Do. 2s. dis 13. pm. 21 691

8 Do Do.

991 Do. Do.


Par ós pm 21 8

Do. Do. 97 Do. Do.


Do. 2s. dis 4s. pm 21 8

1641 a

Do Do.

17 15-100 Do

is diss. p. 1


Paris. pm 21

8 41 97 D.. Do.


Do. Is. diss. pm. 21 8
Do. Du

Do. Do,


Par los. pm 21 16 0 221 6+3 64 10 971 D. 118

Pars. jm. 21 16
7 22-) 643 651
81 9. Do. 185

Do. 18 3-16ths

Par. As. pm. 21 16
8 229



Par 7s. pin 23 10: 9

64) 971 Do. 181



$ pin 23 10


'781) Pa

79. pm 23 10 12 658 813 98 1 1181



s, pm 24 10 13 651 647 82

18 5-16hs 98


Par s. pn.-5
14 2321 655 06 651

13 holiday
16 2 611

Pas 17:. pit.


18 holiday
19 Do.

Par s. p,
20 234

Paris. pm.
21 238 661

22 233 66


981 23 223 653 66

S.;' 9:1

15-1Cths 25 holiday

N.R. In the 9 per Cent Consols the highest and Imrest Price of each day is given; in the oth Stocks the highest only. City Lottery Tickets 71. Ios.




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