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rewarded by Lord Hardwicke. Lord In the Tagus, Captain Shipler, koyston was distinguished for great commander of the Nymphe frigate. ainability of disposition and activity Captain Shipley was about 26 years of mind." He wanted but a few weeks of age, and being of an enterprizing of attaining his 24th year. A private spirit, was emploved with eight boats letter from Memel, dated April 9, manned and armed from the Nymphe says, Lord Royston, and other passen. and Blossom frigates, to proceed up gers in the Agatha, had engaged the Tagus under cover of the pight, that vessel under Captain Koop, at in order to attack a large Porru- Liebau, to carry them over to Sweden. guese brig, mounting 20 guns, which They set sail on Sunday the Sd inst. lay moored near Belem Castle. It ap- and reached Bornholm without any pears they approached the vessel un. accident. The ice, and a violent perceived, but found all access to north-west wind, having obliged them boarding prevented by a very strong to return, the Captain anacquainted netting, which Captain Shipley was with the harbour of Memel, was in the act of cuting away, when he stranded about six in the morning of was shot by a musket, and fell dead the 7th inst. upon what is called the into the water. A midshipinan and Suder Hacken. The violence of the several seamen being also killed and wind, and the height of the waves, wounded by the fire of musquetry, made it extremely difficult to apwhich is supposed to have proceeded proach the ship with the life-boat; from French troops on board, the en- but with great exertions the boat was terprize was abandoned, and the boats brought so ucar the ship, that the got back without exciting any con- Captain, three sailors, and a servant, siderable aların ou shore. Captain succeeded in springing from the bowShipley, it is said, as a matter of pre- sprit into the beat, and were saved. caution, (should he have been made No other persons could be rescued prisoner), had taken his commission during the whole of that day. On the and a considerable sum of money with 8th, four passengers and two children him.

were saved. There were on board Near Memel, Viscount Royston, nineteen passengers, of whom three eldest son of Lord Hardwicke.' Vis. were children and six servants; and count R. left England some time there were nine belonging to the since for the continent, and was on vessel. The following were washed his return, on the 7th of last month, over-board and drowned: Lord Roya in the ship Agatha, of Lubeck, when ston and two servants ; Colonel Polthe vessel was wrecked in a storm, not len and one servant; D. T. Baclay, far from Memel and his lordship was from St. Petersburgh; Renney, unfortunately drowned. There is from Riga; Becker, from Hamsomething peculiarly remarkable in burgh; and one servant, one nurse, and the fate of Lord Rovstop and his com- five of the ship's crew; Mr. Focke, panjons. This noble Lord has not of Hamburgh, and one servant naid, been above two years from this coun- died on board the vessel during the try, and not one of those by whom nights of the 7th and 8th. Of those he was accompanied on his departure who were brought on board, and who has survived his fate. His tutor, pri- likewise died, one sailor and the vate secretary, and steward, all died youngest child of Mrs. Barris. The a natural death some time since; and others who were rescued, and are still his nther attendants, together with the living, are the lady of Colonel Pollen, companions of his tour, sunk with Mr. Holleday, from Petersburgh, Mrs. him into a watery grave.

His lord. Barris, with two children, and M. ship had twice, since he went to the Pereira, who had been sent by the continent, escaped being drowned. Portuguese Chargé des Affaires free In the course of the last winter he Petersburgh to Portugal; but the exs went dowy in a sledge, and was res- traordinary exertions he had made to cued by 'a Mr, Poole, who took him save his companions, occasioned his out of the ice by the hair of the head. death the day after. For this Ms. Poole was handsomely



APRIL 25, to MAY 23, 1908, inclusive. [Fxtracted froin the London Gazette. )----- The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.

NDERSON J. Dean-street, piano- Dawson E. Hinckley, hosiar, (Ware,

forie-maker, (Adams, Old Jewry). Gray's-Inn Armert T. Rainow, cotton - spinner, Edwards E. Liverpool, buicher, (Black(Townsend, Staple - Inn). Astwick, B. stock, Saint Mildred's-Court). Eaton 1). Flockton, (Evans, Thavie's Inu). Alvey Chatham, draper, (Dawei, Angel-court). J. Fleet, Lincoln, victualler, (Wilson, Gre. Evans T. Coveutry-street, liuen-draper, ville-streer).

(Nind, Great Prescot-street). Baily M. Lower James-street, fancy Forshaw R. Burscough, shopkeeper, trimming maker, (Naylor, Great Newpori- (Blackstock, St. Mildred's-court). Farstreet). Byrne J. Liverpool, wine and bridge R. Paragon-place, timber-merchant, spirit merchant, (Windle, John - street). (Sheffield, Great Prescot-street). Baker C. Saville-place, Lambeth, four Gresswell R. Stamford, inn-keeper, factor, (Alcock and Co. York-streer, South (Thompson, Stamford). Green W. Liverwark). Beattie, J. Longrown, Cuniber. pool, culler, (Rowlinson, Church-yardland, merchant, (Atkinson, Chancery- cuurt). Girdler J. Lambeth-road, sword. lane). Byre, J. and E. Lewin, Liverpool, cuiler, (Rogers Manchester - buildings, beer-merchants, (Urred, Liverpool). Beale, Westminster). Gregory J. Wakefield, L. and T. A. Basinghall-street, warehouse maltster, (Lainbert, Hatton Garden) men, (Hunt, Surrey.street). Bradley, J. Holines D. Piccadilly, warehouseman, Leeds, dealer, (Sykes and Co. New Inn). (Bleasdale and Cq. New-lon). Heeley D. Burtenwood, S. Leal - street, Mile End, Biriningham, tajlor, (Bleasdale and Co. dealer, (Davies, Lothbury). Bryan, R. New-Inn). Henriques J. New.square, Greek - streci, tallow - chandler, (Sweet, merchant, (Hughes, Clifford's-lun). Hux. King's-Bench-Walks). Buxton, T. Lang- ley C. Foster-lane, wholesale glover, frisi, liquor - merchant, (Wiglesworth, (Becke, Bream's Buildings). Holland J. Gray's-Inn-square). Bishop, T. Birming- Newman-street, coal-merchant, (Timbrell, ham, plater, : Egerton, Gray’s-Inn). Barrs, St. Martin's-street). Hamer. J. BiackW Jun. Birmingham, edge-tool inaker, burn, dauler, (Clarke and Co. Chancerya (Constable, Symond'; - Inn). Bell W. lane). llogg W. Chiswell-streei, mere Bristol, linen-draper, (Whitcombe and chani, (Williams, Austin-Friars). Hindle, Co. Serjeant's-Inn). Bell J. Trowbridge, J. and W. Kenyon L. and Stansfield A. clothier, (Williams, Red - Lion - square) Scatcliffe, calico-printers, (Wordsworth Bilford T. Kent Road, soap-manufacturer, and Co. Staple-Inn). Hill G. Tottenham(Syildali, Aldersgate-street). Baselcy H. court-road, cabinet-maker, (Tourle and Co. E. Brackley, money-scrivener, (Hilditch, Douglıtv-street). Iligh Holborn). Brown J. Berwick-upon- Junes J. (id Gravel-lanc, Wapping, Tweed, corn-merchant, (Burn, Old Jewry). (Barber and Co. Old Broad-street). Jack

Courtney J. Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorgan, son J. Topsham, Devon, lime.hurner, inn-keeper, (Jenkins, New-Inn). Clutton (Williams and Co. Lincoln's-Inn). Jacobs 0. Tooley-streel, corn-merchant, (Broad, M. Portsea, slopseller, (Isaacs, George, Union-street) Clarke J. Dorset strect, street, Minories). jeweller, (Mayhew, Sy inond's-Inu). Chey- Kendall R. H. Little Carter-lane, Doc. ney J. Oxford-street, linen.draper, (Birkiit, tor's Commons, sugar.refiner, (Pearce and Bond-cuurt). Chapman S. Woolpit, shop. Co. Swithin's-lane) keeper, (F gerton, Gray 's-Inn). . Crakan. M‘Lachlan A. and Galt J. otherwise Galt thorp H. Liverpool, corn - merchant, J. B. Great St. Helen's, (Swain and Co. ( Windle, John-street). Clough T. Bram- Old Jewry). Lister P. Slater-Jug, York, ley, Leeds, clothier, (Lambert, Hatton cotton-spinner, (Milne and Co. Temple). Garden). Coles J. Stepney, tailor, (Van- Lister P. Hepionstall, Halifax, Lister W. dercom and Co. Bush-lane). Casson C. Morton, Bingley, and Longbottom J. Halifax, merchant, (Coulthurst, Bedford- Streeton, Kedwick, Yorkshire, coton-spinrow). Craven E. Clayton-le-Woods, Lan- ners, (Exley, and Co. Furnival's-Inn). Castera colion and muslin manufacturer, Lazarus L. Brown's Buildings, London, (Chosshire and Co Manchester). Chapple slopseller, (Isaacs, Mitre-court, Aldgate). 3. Grace's-alley, hosier, (Smith and Co. Mosely, J. late of Goole, but now of Chapter-house)

Swintleet, potatoe-merchant, (Lourdillon Dixon T. Biriningham, money scrivener, and Co. Little Friday-street). Mills J. (Alexander, Bedforil-row). Deacon H. T. Maze, Southwark, coal-merchant, Tokenhouse-yard, stock-broker, (Hackett, (Hayward, Great Ormond-street). Malden, Chancery-lane). Davies c. St. John J. Grafton street, St. Pancras, grocer, (WilSleet, carpenter, (Harvey, Cupsilos street). Siams, Upper John-street, Fitzroy-square). Mills R, A. and Harding J. late of Sher- factor, (Kearsay, Bishopsgate Within). rard - street, Goldin - square, japainers, Rutter k. Blackburn, currier, (Ellis, Cor(Howell, Sion-Coilege-Gardens). Middle- sior-street). Restorick W. ('ole's Mill, cat N. Treginy, inn keeper, (Palmer and Colyton, miller, (Abbott, Old BroadCo Cophall-court. Mason W. Heartlıy- street). Rumbold R Burr-street, merplace, Kent road, brands-inerchant (lup chant,- ( Bourdillon and Co. Little Fridaypon, Bermonds-y-utreet, Southwark). street

Le Nordauland Dornant Mary Henry, Sules J. Air-stree“, carpenter, (Rice and otherwise Dornant M. H. Kent-road, soap Co. Dufour's place, Broad-street). Skaite mariacturer, ( Kighe, Temple). Newell R. Liverpool, ironmonger (Shephard and J and S. Stokis Stafford, carriers, (Rose Co. Bediord-row). Smith J Marche ler, and Co. Gays-inna-square) Nappes P. cotron manufacturer, (Kay and Co. ManPristol, haberdasher, (James, Gray’s-inno chiester). Shepherd J Horton - Mills, square).

Colebrook, Ica her sexl. Ilavies, LothUgden J. Oldham. haller, Lancaster, hury:. Su mors J. Leicester, drugoist, (Townshend, Staple-lon). Oakley F. (Egerton, Gray’s-Inn) Spotiswooje, R. Ilerefore, wool

sider, (Walton, Girdler's. Austin Friars, skrivener, (Wodeson and hall, Bating-hall treet)

10. Austin Friars). Paike, S F. East Smithfeld, liquor. Topp T. Nanchester, cotton- manufac. merchant, (Smith and Co. Great Si. turer (Ellis, Cursitor-sireet) Trontbeck Helen's). Payne W. Bath, druggist, C. Rathbone-place, upholsterer, (Anrici, (Sweet, King's-Bench-Walks). Prentis J. Sinn-College-Gardens). Tebb T. War, Poston, Yorkshire, dealer and chapman, dour-street, currier, (Swinfr, Nicholas. ( Edmund's, Lincoliis-Inn). Parkinson F. lane). Kingston upon-Iloll, merchant, (Rosser Unsworin E. Ardwick, Manchester, and Soul, Bartlett's-building's, Holben). cotton - spinner, (Ellis, Cursi or - street). Perring 1. Chaltorii, clo fint, (Chilion, Underhills Sheerness, siopselier, (TemExchequer Office, Lincoln's Inn). Peters pler, Burr--treer). J G. Chathan, confectioner, (Cooper and Wickstead R. Cary-lane, scrirener, Co. Southampton-building,). Pines W. (Falcon, Elin court). Whecler J. Abing. Chester-stree, kennington, bricklayer, don, grocer, (M.ddock and Co Lincoln's (Howard, Teinpla).

Inn). Wolfe B. Charlotte street, BlackRobinson C. Wood-streer, cloih-worker, friar's, oidman, (Hation, Dean - street). (Gale aniel Son, Beriord-streer). Rovd“, Wright W. Ashbv-de la Zouch, draper, Li'tleborough, Woollen - manufacturer, Leicester, ( Arkinson, Castle street). Wile (Ilurd, Temple). · Rowntree R. Holder- liams W. Park street, Hlington, carpenter, ness, miller, (Roser and Son, Barleti's. (Jacksm, Huion-Garden). Walis W. building). Robinson I Great St. Helen's, Gloucester, victualler, (Siinmons, Bristol).


May 21, 1508. London Dock Stork, 1171. per Cent. Hopelitto dito, 258. per Share prem. Fritlilia disin, 1201, stilo.

Rock Lite Assurance, 5s, dilto.
West India ditto, 1531 dito,

East London Water works, 601. ditto.
(om rca Dock Shares, 1201, ditto. West Middlesex ditio,
Grand Junction Canal, 971 per share. South London ditio, 551, ditto.
Grud Surrey disto, Filodiito.

Golden-lane Brewery, 801. per share.
Imperial Fire Insurance, 111. per cent. Southwark dito, Par

London lostitution, 85gs. per share Globe Fire and Life ditto, 1151. par cent. Eagle Insurance, 58. per share prem. Albion ditio ditto, 31. per cent. prem.

L. Wolfe and Co. Canal, Dock, & Stuck Brokers.

AGRICULTURAL REPORT. T TUF inte intervals of warm and seasonable weather, with the intervening genial

showers, have produced a favourable alteration upon the whears and spring

The cross harrowing and ploughing of fallows have succeeded well. In some pares the breaking of summer pastures lias commencer with tolerable promise.

The scarcity of cattle food is no longer apprehended as the effects of a long and cold winter, and of the relief from grass no doubt is in general entertained Vegetarios, winch had been retarded through the absence of the sw and warmtb, has recovered sur

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d. s.

prisingly; the spring grasses in particular have been much benefied.

The spring corn is generally sowni, and the young crops begin to look well and healthy. The accoun's from the north are no longer alarming.

With very few exceptions, every agricultural process is going on prosperously, and in the usual train. Early potatoes promise to plant finely, and if the season should be tolerably moist, it may possibly be a great potatoe year

Though all sorts of catile and pigs are in great plevty all over the country, the probability that fat stock would be scarce in the summer, from the backwariiness of the Spring, has somewhat declined in consequence of the late tavourable change of the Wtaller.

In the late scarcity of ca:tle food, experienced in the early part of the season, the thousand headed cabbage mentioned in the last report has been found to be of the urmost utiluy: happily this new plant is found to resist the severest climates. The late scarcity and dearth of hay and fodder, in general, is still felt in the vales, and prices of lean stock, the value of which is not yet recovered

Smithfield-Beef, 4s. 6d, to 5s. 6d.; mutton, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 4d.; lamb, 6s. lo 7s. 4d.; veal, 5s. to os. 4d, ; pork, 4s, 8d. to 55. 8d.

Middlesex, May 25. :

! AVÉRAGE PRICES OF CORN, By the WinchesterQuarter of 8 Bushels, and of OATMEAL per Boll of 140lbs. Averdupois, from the Returns received in the Week ended May 14, 1808. INLAND COUNTIES.

MARITIME COUNTIES. Wheat Rye Barley Oats

Whea, Rye, Barley, Vats. d. s. d.


d. Midd x 75 2 49 101 45 2 39 11 Essex

73 2146 0:46. 2.39 9 Surrey 77 81 50 0 44 8 42 of Kent

73 3

S37 6 Hertford 70 101 43 01 43

ol 30 olsusex


46 Bedford 68 91 50 2 42 6 37 5 Suffolk

70 2 48

01 45

26 Huntin66 7 43 11 34 Cambridge 68 7

4.1 10.8 5 Northa. 68 8 45 61 40 10 35 OlNorfolk

67 11

41 81.3

0 kutland 75 0 50 01 33 Lincoln

11 55

04.) 11/33 3 Leicest 73

9 47
1 41
8 39 24 York


4 ،2 11 Notting: 80 8 48. 41 48 O 35 8 Durham

74 0 Derby 61 6


0 95 Northumberland 63 9 48 5 44 85 7 Stafford 78 7

39 61 32 2 Cuinberland 85 61 63 5 44 995 I Salop 79 81 60 61 41 6 34 5|Westmurland 80 11 68 048 0:34 11 Herefor. 67 61 S3 4.33 2]Lancaster

80 1


130 11 Wor'st. 72

9 37 21Chester

70 10

47 4 Warwic! 76 4 45 S 37 41 Flint


8 Wilts

4 S6 2 Denbigh

80 8

43 0129 3 Berks 75 8

ol 37 10 | Anglesea . Oxford 71 10

4 95 Carnarvon

82 0

37 6126 6 Bucks 724

81 41° 2 Merioneth


40 0 23 0 Brecon 63 10 41 9 84 226 Cardigan

75 5

33 022 8 Monigo 74 8 83 7 33 1( Pembroke

62 8

55 6233 10 Rudoor. 66 5 34 51 29 5 Carmarthen. 64 6

35 922 10 ustainorgan 70 11

42 820,8 Gloucester

72 5 Somerset.. 69 9

36 790 2 Avernge of England and Wales. Monmouth 76 2 Wheat i Ys. Ild. ; Rye 507d.; Barley Devon.

70, E

38 6 27 11 413. 10.; Oats --3s Od.; Beans Cornwall


16 S 25.6 578. 6d.; Pease 66s. hd.; OatmealDorset

69 1

40 0 45s. 3d.



40 11:30)

6100 9


66 10

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1 2 and

BILL of MORTALITY, from MAY S, to MAY 24, 1808.

5 174 | 60 and 70 126 Malcs. 7006 Males, .7257

5 and 10 67 1421

70 and 80,- 81 1475 Females 739 S Fem las 6965

10 and 20

80 and 90

S3 Whereof havedied under two years old 409 20 and 30

79 90 and 100*. 6

30 and.40 136) Peck Loaf, 3s, 8d. 3s. Odr. 35. 10d. Ss. 10x!. 40 and 50 13) Salt, 20s. per bushel, 4. per Ib.

50 and 60 123


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Navy N. 51

- PRICE OF STOCKS, from APRIL 26, 1808, to MAY 26, 1808, both inclusive. Days Bank Sp.Cent. 3p Cent. 4 p.C.

Long furish(Imperial Imperial Irish Irishs. Sens. Serindi India Exche Lottery
1808 Stock. Cunsols. Reduc.

Cons. 15 p. Cent.p.Ct. Anns.

Om.3 p. Cent Anns. 5p.C. Ann. Stock. Anns. Sto. Bonds Bi Is. Tickeis


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261 2341 661 653
IS 7. 16ths

180 20 19
18 7-16ths

180 pur 11s pm20 19
28 234} on

us. pm 20 19 29 235

6:3 83 9x á 187-16ths

184/15. jm 8s. pm 20 19 83

's. pin os. pm.20

2 2.35 66

65 9s. pm.20 19
83 99





181. is pmils pm: 19 5 237 1673 84 100


182 5s 20 19
6 2,71 167

841 99
18 11-16th

181is pm 20 19
843 92

182 1s. 20 19
673 1,8

7 11-16th

162 pis. pin 9. pm 20



1 toaliti. pins. pm 20 11

993 18 13-16:h

60 03


. . 12 2981 167 68 993 66 17 13-16111991

ds. 181 1. pin

pm.20 19 151 299, 1681

85 100
18 13-16th

:80s pois. pow. 20 19


1794 5. po os. pm 20 13
16! 01

18 11-16th


s pos pin 20 19 17 holiday 18 2394 1684 1

851 100 18 11-16ths GC1

179 4. pm fós. pan 20 19 19 29 6*** 100

i 11-16th

1781 ts. pin fris pm 20 19 20 2673 08

8.1 100) 18 661

178 ts po os. pm 20 19 21 2394 67 68

671 84

118 9.16ths

ts.pms. pm 20 19
(671 1
18 9-16ths

178 5. pos. pin 20 19
67 68 671


117 is pms. pin. 20 25 2:391 67 68

811 100 19 9 10ths 66 73


1176 s por los pin 20 26 holiday

NB. In the 3 per Cent Consols the highest and loucest Price of each day is given ; in the other Stocks the highest only. City Lottery Tickets 71. 195.







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