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225 - Sonnet to the Crocus, 226 Royal Academy, anniversary of ...... 54
The Supplication, 316- The Re-

account of the exhi-
proach, 420 To Cynthia, ib.


Sonnet, ib. -Sonnet lo a Friend, ib. Royal Institution, analysis of ihe lec-
- The courteous Lodging Letter,

tures at

144, 233, 329, 4:30, 520
421 - To a gathered Rose, ib. Royal Society, sketch of their proceeu-
Sonnet to Sleep, ib. Sonnet, by ings

.50, 342, 427 519
J.G. 514--Verses in Memory of a Royston, Viscount, account of bis
Young Lady, 515- Von Schlemmer death by shipwreck

and “ Pot Luck," ib.-Lying Dick, Russia, account of the carly trade with 294
ib -Sonnet to a Friend going to

literary and scientific news of
the East Indies, ib.

242, 4S7
Plowden's, Mr. patent for newly-in- Saint Patrick's Day, anniversary of... 259
venied apthartic viands

519 Salter's, Mr. patent for an apparatus
Plumer, IV. Esq. present of an elegant for drying mali, hops, &c.

vase by the freeholders of Hertford Schiller, a vindication of

to him....
543 Scotchman, the groans of a

Poland, view of the present state .... 133 Sea Suake, fatality of its bite clearly
Polyænas'Stratagems, translations from ascertained

14, 202, 279, 392, 482 Shakspeare, annotations on the text
Pomare, King of Otaheite, his letter of

...406, 489
to the missionary society ........ 484 Shakspeare and Johnson, criticisın on 27
Poor, on the management of ihe affairs Sheep, economical mode of feeding 175
of the

15 Shipley, Captain, account of his death,
Poor Laws, observations on the.... 464Further particulars of 537

105, 193, 281 Simmons, Thomas, trial and execution
Pope, Alexander, two original letters of, for murder

31 Snow, a severe fall of

Population, how retarded

193 Society of Antiquaries, proceedings of
various maxims for the

55, 144, 323
increase of

281 Society of Arts, distribution of the
Portsmouth Benevolent Society, pro- premiums of

... 521
ceedings of

88 Society for the Suppression of Vice,
Portugal, proclamation of the bishop 170 remarks on their igs .... 405
Potatoes, improved method of pre- Somersetshire, occurrences, marriiges,
servirig them

144 and deaths in ....89, 175, 268, 402, 544
Provincial Occurrences 88, 178, 263, Somerville's, Lord, or the Spring Cattle
354, 460, 541 Shew, account of

Prussia, declaration of the king of Spain, events in......353, 441, 456, 540
against England...

169 the king abdicates his throne,
Public Affairs, state of 61, 150, 245, S53 Disturbances that followed

SS1, 441, 525 this act, 441 - Narrative of the
Publications, list of new 64, 159, 25%, insurrection at Madrid, 456 -Ob-

339, 448, 533 servations on the present state of
Pyrosoma Atlanticum, description of 433 this country, 525---Bonaparte's Pro-

clamation to the Spaniards

Quakers, address to, on behalf of the

Speer's, Mr. patent for a new method
soeiety for superseding the climb-

of purifying fish and other vils .... 231
ing of chimneys .


Staffordshire, occurrences in.. 176
Raudolph, Mr. correspondence between Stanhope's, Earl, patent for improve-
him and Gen. Wilkinson ........ 167 ments in ship building

Religious Sentinents desirable in an State Papers - Decree of the King of

English Sovereign, thoughts on .. 102 Holland, 108 - Declaration of the
Remy's History of Jamaica, review of 507 King of Prussia against England, 169
Rice John, Esq. account of .. 349 Proclamation of the Bishop of lor.
Richards, Rev Henry, D.D. death of 89 tugal, 170 - Proclamation of the
Roddam, Adiniral, notice of his death, Russian General to th: Soldiers in
354—Further particulars of

454 Finland, 262-Notice of the Pope's
Rome, decree of Bonaparte, uniting departure from Italy, 263-Procla-
the papal territory with Italy ..... 540 mation of Bonaparte


Roscoe' Considerations on the Causes Spaniards

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and Consequences of the present Sterne's Eliza, on the monument of 198
War, review of

190 Stockdale's Lectures on the truly eini.
his speech at a meeting of the nent English Poets, review of 511
inhabitants of Liverpool

266 Stocks, prices of 96, 194, 272, 350,
Rosemary, poetical andress to ...... 35


469, 560

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Stone, Rev. Mr. account of his trial, Waite, James, account of.......... 175

for preaching contrary to the articles 446 Wales, occurrences, marriages, and
Suffolk, occurrences, marriages, and deaths in ..

r...177,954, 555
deaths in

469 Walker, Mr.John, biographical sketch
Suspicion, the Evils of, a narrative ... 174 of, 56–His literary productions ... 58
Sussex, occurrences, marriages, and Wanrlerer, a new Comedy, account of 50
deaths in

.89, 176 Warden, Capt. Wm. death of ...... 180
Sweden, literary news of

149 Weather, in 1807, remarks on the.... 95
events in

.262, 44-3, 460 Weller's. Mr. patent for manufactur.
Switzerland, literary and scientific ing and engraving copper-plates for
news of

.242, 524
printing policies, &c.

.. 518
Symonds, Rev. N. D. account of .... 462 Wernerian Society, proceedings of
Talbot, Mary Ann, sketch of her life 342 Wheat, extraordinary production of a

325, 429
Tares, plan for improving the growth of 145
Theatrical Recorder

44, 138, 227,

single grain of..
$18, 421, 516

White, Henry Kirke, memoirs of J2, 111

critical and illustrative estima-
Thistles, description of an instrument
for destroying them


tion of the genius of, with various
Thomond, the Marquis of, death of 166

specimens of his poetry 206, 290, 493
Thomson, strictures on the poetry of 125

Whitelocke,John, biographical sketch

of the life of, 185–Tried by a court
Thomson, Dr. his bequest to the Uni-
versity of Edinburgh


martial, for his conduct at Buenos
Toulmin's, (Dr.) translations from Po.

Ayres, 187–Sentence of the court 191

Who wins? or the Widow's Choice, a
jyænus' Stratagems 14, 202, 279,

new Farce, account of ...... 227
392, 482

Townsend, Rev. Joseph, on the poor

Wilkes, character of ....

Wilkinson's, Mr. patent for a melhor!
. 105, 193, 281
on health anri longevity 480
of making pig or cast metal from

Tramontaine, critique on ihe word ... 18
Transactions of Learned ad Econo-

Williams', Mr. patent for preventing

noinical Societies ....53, 144, 233,

carriages from overturning
322, 427, 519
Willis', Mr. patent for improvements

Two Faces under a Hood, a Comic

in tillage and cultivation

Wison, C.H. short account of.... 455
Opera, review of


Windsor Castle packet, reward to the
Vaccination, state of in Italy
61 officers and crew of..

Varieties, literary and philosophical Wives, literary and domestic, their

59, 146,2 8,528. 431, 521 respective merits discussed....39.5, 498
Vauxcelles, his character of Wilkes 300 Woburn Sheep Shearing, account of
Vindication of Lord Lyttleton and Mr. the implements of husbandry, &c.

99 exhibited, with the distribution of
Vine Leaves, on the use of as a sub-

the prizes

stitute for tea, beer, &c.

500 World, The, new Comedy, account of 319
Virey, J.J. on the affinities of nature
in birds and animals

470 Yorkshire, occurrences, marriages, and
Volcano, account of an extinct one .. 236

deaths in ......

..90, 177, 555

the ore

Portrait of Earl Moira

J. P: Kemble, Esq.
General Whitelocke
Lord Lake ....
James Paull, Esq.
Sir Samuel Auchmuty

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Printed by C. Squire, Furnival's-Inn-Court, Holbom.

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