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SIERRA LEONE. (General.)

No. 1.-J. T. Williams, Esq. to Mr. Sec. Canning.-(Rec. April 24.) SIR,

Sierra Leone, January 28, 1826. I HAVE the honour to acquaint you that I arrived at this Place on the 5th instant, and that I lost no time in proceeding to make the requisite arrangements, previous to entering on the functions of the Office which His Most Gracious Majesty has been pleased to entrust to me.

On the 10th, I took the Oaths, in the form prescribed, before the Principal Magistrate, and in the presence of His Excellency MajorGeneral Turner, and the Members of the several Mixed Commissions.

The various Despatches, of which I had the honour to be the bearer, were laid before His Majesty's Acting Commissioners, and, as they relate principally to circumstances of previous occurrence, I beg to refer you to their Despatches, for such information and explanation as may be deemed necessary.

I am given to understand, that some delay has taken place in transmitting the Reports of the Cases of several Vessels adjudicated. I am also aware that this has been mainly owing to the multifarious duties which have occupied, and still continue to occupy, the time and attention of His Excellency the Governor, in carrying into effect matters which are highly important to the present interest, and which materially concern the future prosperity, of this Colony. Some difficulty has also arisen from the absence and sickness of Clerks attached to the Commissioners.

I purpose having the honour again to address you in a few days, and to communicate such information as I have been able to acquire on the present state of the Slave-trade.

I am duly impressed, Sir, with the great importance of the Trust which has been reposed in me; and it shall be my endeavour to prove, by the most strict and conscientious attention to the performance of the duties of my Office, rather than by any present professions, how very anxious I am to merit your approbation, and how highly I value the Charge which has been confided to me.

I have the honour to be, &c. The Right Hon. George Canning.


No. 2.-Mr. Secretary Canning to His Majesty's Commissioners. GENTLEMEN,

Foreign Office, May 6, 1826. I HEREWITH transmit to you, for your information, four Copies of Papers, marked A. and B., relative to the Slave-trade, which have been presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Majesty's Command, in the course of the present Session. I am, &c. His Majesty's Commissioners.


No. 3.-J. T. Williams, Esq. to Mr. Sec". Canning.-(Rec. May 22.) SIR,

Sierra Leone, February 28, 1826. I have the honour to inclose herewith, the Copy of a Letter addressed to me by the Commissioners of West African Enquiry, together with Copies of my Reply, and of the Documents with which they were furnished in accordance with their Application.

I have the honour to be, &c. The Right Hon. George Canning.


(Enclosure 1.)-Commissioners of West African Enquiry to

J. T. Williams, Esq. SIR,

Sierra Leone, February 14, 1826. We request the favour of you to direct that we may be furnished, from the Records of the Mixed Commission Court, with a Statement shewing the number of Slaves (whether men, women, or children,) captured; the number adjudicated; and the number condemned at Sierra Leone, in each Year; from the earliest period for which the same can be made out.

We have the honour to be, &c.

JAMES ROWAN. J. T. Williams Esq.


(Enclosure 2.)-J. T. Williams, Esq. to the Commissioners of

West African Enquiry. GENTLEMEN,

Sierra Leone, February 15, 1826. I HAVE to acknowledge the receipt of your Letter of yesterday's date, and in reply beg to acquaint you, that I have instructed the Registrar of the Courts of Mixed Commission to furnish you, as early as possible, with the Documents which you require.

I have the honour to be, &c. Major J. Rowan, and H. Wellington, Esq. J. T. WILLIAMS.

(Enclosure 3. A.)-W. Smith, Esq. to the Commissioners of West

African Enquiry. GENTLEMEN,

Sierra Leone, February 23, 1826. In accordance with the directions of His Majesty's Judge of the Mixed Commissions, established at this place for the prevention of the illicit Traffick in Slaves, I have the honour herewith to send you a Return of the number of Slaves captured, emancipated, and registered, with such other particulars concerning them, as appear by the Records in my Office, from the Establishment of the Courts of Mixed Commission up to the 6th day of February 1826, that being the date of the adjudication of the last Vessel.

I have the honour to be, &c. Major J. Rowan, and H. Wellington, Esq. WILLIAM SMITH.

(Enolure 3 B.)- List of Vessels Aljudicated in the Court of the British and Netherlands Mixed Commission, showing the Number

of Slaves Captured, Emancipated, and Registered, from its Establishment to the 6th Day of February 1826.

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(Enclosure 3 B. continued.)- List of Vessels Adjudicated in the Court of the British and Spanish Mixed Commission, shewing the Number of Slaves Captured, Emancipated, and Registered, from its Establishment to the 6th Day of February 1826.

Date of the

Number Emancipated
Where Captured.


and Registered.
By what Vessel
Vessel, and of


Captured. COMMANDER.
Latitude. Longitude.

pation of the

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Anna Maria - Mar. 23, 1821 4. 26. N. Off the SH.M.S. Tartar & Sir G. R. Collier
River Bonny: (H. M. B. Thistle and Lieut. Hagan

May 16, 1821 491
La Caridad - Sept. 4,

River Bonny, Bight of

H. M. S. Myrmidon - H. J. Lecke

- Nov. 7,

La Nueva Virgen Sept. 7, –

River Bonny, Bight of H.M.S. Myrmidon - H.J. Leeke - Nov. 7,


One man died after emancipa

tion, but before his descrip-
41 10 5 3 593 tion could be taken to be re-

This Vessel had no Slaves on
board, but was condemned for
being engaged in the illicit
Traffick in Slaves.



(Enclosure 3 B. continued)

Date of the


tion of the
By what Vessel


Vessel, and

of the Emancipation of the Slaves.

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(This Vessel was not condemn

ed, but no Claimant appear-
ing, the Court decreed the
sale of the same on the 17th
June, 1823, and that the
proceeds thereof should be
lodged in the Registry to
await further proceedings in

this case,
These Slaves were emancipated

by decree of the Court, but
could not be registered here,

they having been landed and

delivered over to the Com-
manding Officer at Cape-
Coast-Castle on the 6th Au-
gust, 1823, in consequence of

their very debilitated state.
183 Total in the Year 1823.


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