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in Mexico, should be strictly and cano, debe haber sido realmente literally observed, and immediate construido en Mejico, fuese exacta ly brought into operation,—it is y literalmente observada, é inme. agreed that, for the space of 10 mediatamente puesta en egecucion, years, to be reckoned from the date -se conviene en que, por el espaof the exchange of the Ratifications cio de 10 años, contados desde el of this Treaty, any Ships, where- dia en que se verifique el cambio soever built, being bona fide the de la Ratificacion de este Tratado, property of, and wholly owned by, todo Buque de cualquiera conone or more Citizens of Mexico, struccion, que sea, y que perteand whereof the Master and three- nezca bona fide, y en todas sus fourths of the Mariners, at least, partes, á alguno ó algunos de los are also natural born Citizens of Ciudadanos de Mejico, y cuyo Mexico, or Persons domiciliated in Capitan y tres cuartas partes de Mexico, by Act of the Goverment, la tripulacion, al menos, sean Ciuas lawful Subjects of Mexico, to be dadanos Nativos de Mejico, o Percertified according to the Laws of sonas domiciliadas en Mejico, sethat Country, shall be considered gun un Acto del Gobierno que

los as Mexican Ships; His Majesty the constituya Subditos legitimos, cerKing of the United Kingdom of tificado segun las leyes del Pais, Great Britain and Ireland, reserving serán considerados Buques Mejito himself the right, at the end of the canos; reservandose Su Magestad said term of 10 years, to claim the el Rey del Reyno Unido de la principle of reciprocal restriction Gran Bretaña é Irlanda el derecho stipulated for in the Article VII. de reclamar, luego que se haya above referred to, if the interests of cumplido el referido termino de 10 British Navigation shall be found años, el principio de restriccion to be prejudiced by the present ex- reciproca, estipulada en el Articulo ception to that reciprocity, in fa- VII'. si los intereses de la Navegavour of Mexican Shipping. cion Inglesa resultasen perjudica

dos por la presente ecsepcion de aquella reciprocidad, en favor de

los Buques Mejicanos. II. It is further agreed that, II. Se estipula ademas, que for the like term of 10 years, the durante el mismo espacio de 10 stipulations contained in Articles años, se suspenderá lo convenido V. and VI. of the present Treaty en los Articulos Vo y VI°. del shall be suspended; and, in lieu presente Tratado; y, en su lugar, thereof, it is hereby agreed that, se estipula que, hasta la concluuntil the expiration of the said term sion del termino mencionado de 10 of 10 years, British ships entering años, los Buques Británicos que into the Ports of Mexico, from the entren en los puertos de Mejico, United Kingdom of Great Britain procedentes del Reyno Unido de and Ireland, or any other of His la Gran Bretaña é Irlanda, ó de Britannick Majesty's Dominions, cualquiera otro de los Dominios and all articles the growth, pro- de Su Magestad Británica, y todos duce, or manufacture of the United los articulos de producto, fruto, ó Kingdom, or of any of the said manufactura del Reyno Unido 6 Dominions, imported in such Ships, de alguno de los dichos Dominios, shall pay no other or higher duties importados en tales Buques, no than are or may hereafter be pay. pagarán otros ni mayores derechos able, in the said Ports, by the Ships, que los que se pagan, ó en adeand the like gouds, the growth, pro- lante se pagaren, en los referidos duce or manufacture of the most fa- puertos, por los Buques é iguales voured Nation: and, reciprocally, articulos de fruto, producto, ó mait is agreed that Mexican Ships, nufactura de la Nacion mas favoentering into the Ports of the recida; y, reciprocamente, se estiUnited Kingdom of Great Britain pula, que los Buques Mejicanos and Ireland, or any other of His que entren en los Puertos del Britannick Majesty's Dominions, Reyno Unido de la Gran Bretaña from any Port of the States of é Irlanda, ó en cualquiera otro de Mexico, and all articles the growth, los Dominios de Su Magestad produce, or manufacture of the said Británica, procedentes de los EsStates, imported in such Ships, tados Unidos de Mejico, y todos shall pay no other or higher duties los articulos de fruto, producto, ó than are or may hereafter be pay- manufactura de los dichos estados, able, in the said Ports, by the importados en tales Buques, no paShips, and the like goods, the garán otros ni mayores derechos growth, produce, or manufacture que los que se pagan, ó en adeof the most favoured Nation; and lante se pagaren, en los mencionathat no higher duties, shall be paid, dos Puertos, por los Buques y or bounties or drawbacks allowed, semejantes articulos de producto, on the exportation of any article fruto, ó manufactura de la Nacion the growth, produce, or manufac- mas favorecida; y que no se pature, of the Dominions of either garán mayores derechos, ni se conCountry, in the Ships of the other, cederán otras franquicias y desthan upon the exportation of the cuento, á la esportacion de cuallike Articles in the Ships of any quiera articulo de producto, fruto, other Foreign country.

ó manufactura de los Dominios de cada uno de los dos Paises, en los Buques del otro, mas que á la esportacion de dichos articulos en los Buques de cualquiera otro Pais

Estrangero. It being understood that, at the Debiendo entenderse, que al fin end of the said term of 10 years, del termino referido de 10 años, the stipulations of the said Vth and las estipulaciones de los mencioVIth Articles shall from thence- nados Articulos V°. y VI°. regirán forward, be in full force between en adelante con todo su vigor entre the two Countries.

las dos Naciones..

The present Additional Articles Los presentes Articulos Adici. shall have the same force and va- onales tendrán la misma fuerza y lidity as if they were inserted word valor que si se hubieran insertado, for word, in the Treaty signed this palabra por palabra, en el Tratado day. They shall be ratified, and de este dia. Serán ratificados, y the Ratifications shall be ex- las Ratificaciones serán cambiadas changed at the same time.

al mismo tiempo. In witness whereof, the respec

En fé de lo cual, los respectivos tive Plenipotentiaries have signed Plenipotenciarios los han firmado, the same, and have affixed thereto y sellado con sus sellos respectheir respective Seals.

tivos. Done at London, the 26th day of Fecho en Londres, á los 26 dias December, in the year of our Lord del mes de Diciembre, del año del 1826.

Señor 1826. (L.S.) WM. HUSKISSON. (L.S. SEBAST. CAMACHO. (L.S) JAMES J. MORIER. (The Ratifications of the above Treaty were exchanged in London, the

19th of July, 1827.]

PROTOCOL of Conference, between the British and Russian

Plenipotentiaries, relative to the Mediation of Great Britain, between the Ottoman Porte and the Greeks. Signed at St. Petersburgh, 4 April,

23 March, 1826.

(Translation.) Sa Majesté Britannique ayant His Britannick Majesty having été invitée par les Grecs à inter- been requested by the Greeks to poser ses bons offices, afin de les interpose his good offices, in order réconcilier avec la Porte Otto- to obtain their reconciliation with mane,-ayant conséquemment of the Ottoman Porte-having, in fert Sa Médiation à cette Puis- consequence, offered His Mediation sance, et désirant se concerter, à to that Power, and being desirous cet égard, avec Sa Majesté l’Em.. of concerting the measures of his pereur de toutes les Russies ;- Government, upon this subject,

D'un autre côté, Sa Majesté with His Majesty the Emperor of Impériale étant également animée all the Russias; and His Imperial du désir de faire cesser, par un Majesty, on the other hand, being arrangement conforme aux veux' equally animated by the desire of de la religion, de la justice, et de putting an end to the Contest of l'humanité, la lutte dont la Grèce which Greece and the Archipelago et l'Archipel sont aujourd'hui le are the theatre, by an arrangement, théatre;

which shall be consistent with the

principles of religion, justice, and

humanity; Les Soussignés sont convenus : The Undersigned have agreed :

I. Que l'arrangement à pro- I. That the arrangement to be poser à la Porte, si elle accepte la proposed to the Porte, if that GoMédiation qui lui a été offerte, vernment should accept the prof. placeroit les Grecs dans les rela- fered Mediation, should have for tions suivantes envers l'Empire its object, to place the Greeks Ottoinan :

towards the Ottoman Porte, in the

relation hereafter mentioned : Les Grecs relèveroient de cet Greece should be a dependency Empire, et lui payeroient un tribut of that Empire, and the Greeks annuel, dont le montant seroit should pay to the Porte an annual fixé, une fois pour toutes, d'une tribute, the amount of which commun aocord.

should be permanently fixed by Ils seroient gouvernés par des common consent. They should Autorités qu'ils choisiroient et be exclusively governed by Aunommeroient eux-mêmes, mais à thorities to be chosen and named la nomination desquelles la Porte by themselves, but in the nominaaurait une certaine part; tion of which Authorities the Porte

should have a certain influence. Dans ce mode d'existence, ils In this state, the Greeks should jouiroient d'une entière liberté de enjoy a complete liberty of conconscience et de commerce, et science, entire freedom of comgéreroient exclusivement merce, and should, exclusively, mêmes leur administration inté- conduct their own internal Go. rieure.

vernment. Pour opérer une séparation en- In order to effect a complete tière entre les individus des deux separation between Individuals of Nations, et pour prévenir des the two Nations, and to prevent collisions, suite nécessaire d'une the collisions which must be the lutte aussi longue, les Grecs fe- necessary consequences of a conroient l'acquisition des propriétés test of such duration, the Greeks Turcques qui pourroient être should purchase the property of situées, ou sur le Continent, ou Turks, whether situated on the dans les Iles de la Grèce.

Continent of Greece, or in the

Islands. II. Que si le principe d'une II. In case the principle of a Médiation à interposer entre la Mediation between Turks and Turquie et la Grèce avoit été Greeks should have been admitted, admis, à la suite des démarches in consequence of the steps taken, déjà faites, dans cette vue, par with that view, by His Britannick l'Ambassadeur de Sa Majesté Bri- Majesty's Ambassador at Contannique à Constantinople, la stantinople, His Imperial Majesty Russie feroient, dans tous les cas, would exert, in every case, His


servir son influence au succès de influence to forward the object of la dite Médiation. Le mode that Mediation. The mode in d'après lequel Elle s'associeroit which, and the time at which, His aux Négociations ultérieures que Imperial Majesty should take part cette Médiation amèneroit avec la in the ulterior Negotiations with Porte Ottomane, et l'époque où the Ottoman Porte, which may be Elle y prendroit part, seroient dé- the consequence of that Mediation, terminés ultérieurement, d'un com- should be determined hereafter by mun accord, entre le Cabinet de the common consent of the GoLondres et celui de St. Peters- vernments of His Britannick Ma bourg.

jesty and His Imperial Majesty. III. Que dans le cas où la Mé- Ill. If the Mediation offered by diation offerte par Sa Majesté His Britannick Majesty should not Britannique à la Porte Ottomane have been accepted by the Porte, n'auroit pas été acceptée par cette and whatever may be the nature of Puissance, et quel que soit d'ailthe relations between His Imperial leurs l'état des relations de Sa Majesty and the Turkish GovernMajesté Impériale avec le Gou- ment, His Britannick Majesty and vernement Turc, la Grande Bre, His Imperial Majesty will still tagne et la Russie regarderont consider the terms of the arrangetoujours les termes de l'arrange. ment specified in Article I. of this ment mentionné au 1er Article du Protocol, as the basis of any recon. présent Protocole, comme la base ciliation to be effected by their inde la réconciliation à effectuer par tervention, whether in concert or leur entremise, soit en commun, separately, between the Porte and soit séparément, entre la Porte et the Greeks; and they will avail les Grecs; et ils saisiront toutes themselves of every favourable oples occasions favorables de faire portunity to exert their influence valoir leur influence, auprès des with both Parties, in order to effect deux parties, afin d'opérer cette this reconciliation on the abovemême réconciliation sur la dite mentioned basis. base. IV. Que la Grande Bretagne et

IV. That His Britannick Majesty la Russie se reservent d'adopter, and His Imperial Majesty should par la suite, les mesures nécessaires reserve to themselves to adopt, herepour déterminer les détails de after, the measures necessary for l'arrangement en question, ainsi the settlement of the details of the que les limites du Territoire, et arrangement in question, as well as les noms des Iles de l'Archipel the limits of the Territory, and the auxquelles il sera applicable, et names of the Islands of the Archi. qu'il sera proposé à la Porte de pelago to which it shall be apcomprendre sous la dénomination plicable, and which it shall be de Grèce.

proposed to the Porte to comprise under the denomination of Greece.

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