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Funds (68) for 17,799,000 dollars; and if from this I deduct 2,321,335 dollars, which, according to the Accounts, is still due from the Firms which took the Loans, to the Government, it will be evident that with something less than 15,500,000 of dollars, (15,477,665) Mexico might close her whole account for Foreign Loans.

Your Excellency will permit me to close this Exposé of the improvement which has taken place, during the last 2 Years, in the Revenue, with a few observations upon the increased expenditure of the Republick, and a short account of the present state of its resources. It is with unfeigned satisfaction that I am enabled to state to your Escellency, that, up to the end of the present Year 1826, and speaking of the whole period of my Administration, the Army and Civil Employés of the Federation have been paid every thing that was due to them; the Troops of the Chiapas aloue have been in arrear; the Debt of the Commis sary General for that Department amounted, at one time, to 60,000 dollars, but 10.000 dollars have been already remitted to him from Dajaca, and 30,000 from Vera Cruz, and the Commissaries of those States have received orders to continue a monthly remittance of 10,000 dollars, in order to provide for the Establishment on the frontier.

The purchases made by the Ministry of Finance, on the Publick account, have been almost all paid for, and for those which have not yet been settled, Bills have been given at fixed dates, upon the Custom Houses on the Coast.

Half a million of dollars has been already paid on account of the Crop of Tobacco which is now delivering; I cannot determine at present, what may remain due to the Planters, because, in some parts of the District, the quantity of Tobacco likely to be produced is not yet ascertained.

The War with the Yaguis, and Mayos, in Upper Sonora, has been sustained with honour to the Nation, and without any extraordinary expenses to the inhabitants of that unfortunate State.

The Army has been most abundantly provided, with Clothing, Arms, and every necessary.

It has also been augmented by new Corps placed upon the War Establishment.

To our Navy have been added, the line of Battle Ship Congreso (late the Ana), of 64 guns, the Libertad of 63 Carronades; the Corvette Morelos, 14; the Brigs of War Guerrero 22, Victoria 20, and Constante 12, two smaller Vessels, &c.

A number of Publick Edifices, Barracks, &c. have been placed in a state of repair, as have the Powder Mills at Santa Fé.

For Dividends, Interest on Foreign Loans, &c. including half a million of dollars which are about to be embarked in His Britannick Majesty's Ship Tweed, I have now remitted 1,288,000 dollars, which will fulfil our engagements up to the middle of 1827.

All the Laws, and Decrees relative to the Finance Department, have been carried into execution, with the exception of those upon which a reference to the Chambers has been made; and of the 16th Article of the Decree No. 70, of 4th August, 1824, which directs “that the States shall pay their contingents, by monthly instalments, to the Commissaries of the Federation;" a provision with which they have been unable to comply, being all occupied with the arrangement of their respective Financial Systems,

If your Excellency will bring to your recollection the first week of August, 1824, you will find that the Treasury of the Federation then contained 1,000 dollars in specie, and that the whole Amount of the Sums in hand, in all the Government Offices throughout the Republick, was 88,220 dollars. Six months pay were due upon the Civil List; the Army was in arrear, and without clothing ; the Tobacco Planters had received nothing since the Year 1820; and Claims upon the Government were being daily brought forward.

Such was the state of disorganization to which the Revolution had brought the Country, that 9,000,000 of dollars (taken up by my Predecessors on Account of the first Loan) had not enabled them to establish any sort of System: of this Loan only 3,629,160 dollars remained at my disposal, and 500,000 had been already taken up on account of the Second.

My Administration has lasted as long as that of my 3 Predecessors together; in it I have only made use of 5,225,949 dollars (the Amount of Bills drawn by me) and 1,481,578 dollars which I received in gold; the 2 Sums make together................

6,707,527. dols. Deduct, remitted to England in Specie............. 1,283,800

And there will remain ...,

...Dollars... 5,423,727

Take into account the sums due by the States for Contingents, and Tobacco, which amount to full 3,000,000, and it will be seen whether Mexico is not able to maintain her situation in the World, without Foreign assistance.

The Year 1826 is now terminated, but I have not yet received the Accounts from the distant parts of the Republick; I can therefore only lay before your Excellency an imperfect sketch of our Finances, at the commencement of 1827, which are as follows:Sums due by the States for Contingents, and Tobacco, at the lowest calculation...........

3,000,000 dols. Tobacco in leaf, and worked up, now in the Fac

tories of Orizaba and Cordova, taken at......... 4,204,711 In the Government Magazines of Tobacco, stock on hand........

1,262,760 In the Segar Manufactory here....................... 129,792

In the Government Magazines for the Army; Cloth. ing and Cloth ..........

282,038 In the same, Woollen Stuffs and other trifles......... 25,790 In the same, 51,675 Muskets, 852 Rifles, 5,000 Car

bines, 8,755 Sabres, 950 Pairs of Pistols, which compose the stock on hand after arming the whole Army; taken at the Price at which they were bought.....

670,839 40,000 Reams of Paper, in the different States.... 200,000 Do. in the Federal District............

46,564 Gunpowder in Santa Fé...........

51,220 Do. in Zacatecas...........

18,000 Uniforms made up..........

96,020 Tobacco Manufactory of Guadelupe...........

61,951 Mint, for Bars now in hand...........

55,000 Bars in the Office of the Commissary of Jalisco, sent from the Commissary of the West...........

49,955 Io the Treasury of the Customs....

52,631 In that of the Inquisition, &c.........

69 At Vera Cruz; duties upon Vessels now in Port..... 1,116,273 At Tampico de Tamaulipas; duties of Importation

and Internation, for which security has been given. 229,306 At Pueblo Viejo de Tampico; duties............ 44,937 Money in hand in the other Government Offices

throughout the Federation, not in this List........ 416,340 On the road for the Capital, from Refugio 73,000

dollars, and from Potosi, and Soto la Marina
30,000 : in all .......................................... 103,000

Total, Dollars... 12,117,203

Besides the sums here enumerated, others are due, in the Ports of San Blas, Acapulco, Mazatlan and Guaymas, which certainly do not amount to less than 300,000 dollars.

At Campeche, on the 28th December, 53,516 dollars were due, at Refugio 40,552, and, both at Sisal and Alvarado, there is still some small balance in favour of the Government, although Alvarado, as a Port, may be said no longer to exist.

In this Exposé I do not mean to strike a general Balance for the whole period of my Administration. I stated at the commencement, that I had not the necessary data for that purpose, from the more distant parts of the Republick, uor a sufficiently accurate account of the RPmittances in Specie, Tobacco, and other effects, which are now on their way from some parts of the Federation.

I can, however, assure your Excellency that every thing is caleulated at the lowest possible computation, particularly the Sums due in the Custom Houses on the Coast, as has been proved very recently, atı Vera Cruz, where a Vessel, the duty on which I had estimated at 20,000 dollars, has produced 35,000; besides I have not included ini my calculation, in any of the Ports, the internation duty, which alone amounts to 171 per cent.

With regard to the correctness of my statements, were they not calculated to stand the test of enquiry, I should become the sport of my Adversaries, to whose attacks I have been so long exposed; I trust, however, that this plain statement of my conduct as Minister will cone} vince both your Excellency and the Republick, that I have not been unworthy of the confidence, which your Excellency has reposed in me.

:: nel The preceding pages have been drawn up in the midst of increasing i occupations, a circumstance which will, I trust, entitle them to that indulgencé, of which your Excellency has given me so many proofs, amongst the greatest of which I esteem the admission of my resigna-a tion, which your Excellency, wearied by my entreaties, has, atlast consented to accept.

I have the honour to be, &c.

JOSE IGNACIO ESTEVA. Mexico, 10th January, 1827

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LETIER of the Secretary of the Navy, relative to the Etpenditure for the Naval Service of The United States, in 1826.-9th February, 1827.

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Navy Department, 9th February, 1827. In conformity to the Provisions of the Act of Congress of the 1st of May, 1820, I have the honour to transmit a Statement, showing the Appropriations for the Naval Service, for the Year 1826, the amount to of expenditure under each specific head, and the balance remainingu unexpended under each head, on the 31st day of December, 1826. ' A

The balances under the several heads will be required for the ohla jects for which the respective Appropriations were made: : 9mnes han!3

I am very respectfully, &c.'

SAMUEL L. SOUTHÁRD. The Hon. the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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Statement of the Appropriations for the Service of the Navy Department, for the Year 1826, made

pursuant to the provisions of the second Section of the Act of the 1st May, 1820, entitled, * An Act in addition to the several Acts for the establishment and regulation of the Treasury, War, and Navy Departments.

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Balances Appro

Repay. Amount
of appro-

drawn by

of priations priated ments

appre Requisi

to the on the


tions from priations Ist of

on the in in of the

the Trea

Sist of January,

sury, dur

December 1826. 1826. 1826. 1826.

ing the Year 1826.

1838. Pay, &c. of the Navy afloat

Dollars 111,163 975,492
Do Shore Stations

118,886 1,205,542 1,144,476 61,05

1,117 141,613 54,041 Provisions

196,772 185,865 10.90

42,912 421,739 Contingent expenses prior to the Year 1824

115,190 579,843 414,752 165,061 2,458

2,458 Do. for 1824


769 Do. for 1824, not enumerated


9,540 2,966


195 3,162 for 1825

500 for 1825, not enumerated

2,631 2,536 805

217 1,022 for 1826

891 Do. for 1826, not enumerated

243,349 242,213 Ordnance



1,217 Medicines and Hospital Stores 170: 39,262


48,241 45,372 Repairs of Vessels.


52 49,439 72,124

32,855 15.63 Gradual increase of the Navy

440,000 20,249 532,373 506,220 2153 Pay of Naval Constructors, Superintendents, &c.

1,089,024 500,000 21,711 1,610,736 815,70 23486

82,1 Pay of Labourers, &c.

82,115 56,389 Ship Houses


17,693 15,122 Inclined plane


44,296 44,236 Agency on the coast of Africa-Slave Trade


10,017 10,017

32,000 Suppression of Piracy

32,000 22,220 9.773 Navy Yards (Old) :


3,722 1,369

2,559 Navy Yard at Portsmouth

8,295 4,685 452

1,216 10,000
Do. at Charlestown, Mass.

11,216 11,216

29, 196

69, 196
Do. at Philadelphia

18,098 35,000


490 Do. at Washington


Do. at Norfolk




14,063 Do. at Pensacola



54,063 Building 10 Sloops of War



57,860 Repairs, &c. Sioops of War, Act 3d of March,

350,383 350,000
923 701,306 516,464 1825 Surveying the Harbour of Charleston, South



29,191 Carolina, of St. Mary's, Georgia, &c. Act 26th

May, 1824
Survey of the Harbours of Savannah and Bruns-


138 wick, in Georgia; Beaufort, in South Caro

42 labda lina; and Baltimore, in Maryland, Act of 14th

March, 1826
Rewarding Captors of Algerine Vessels, Acts 27th


1,299 Contingent expenses prior to the Year 1824, (old



100 Pay of superintendents, &c. (old account), re.

10,470 10,470

10,65 Pay of Labourers, &c. (old account) refunded in

2,759 2,759 Relief of Edward Lee, Act 29th December, 1826


1,660 Pay, &c. of the Marine Corps

2,812 Clothing

85,191 176,158

2,812 do.

10,627 271,977 231,406

478 Fuel



29,252 25,268 Medicines

3,321 6,000

9,321 9,321 2,369

2,369 Contingent expenses do: :


14,675 14,186 Military Stores


4,839 Barracks

2,616 do.

2,615 1,550

9,000 5,838 3162 Amount - Dollars 1,964,905 3,748,985 427,431 6,141,822 4,637,854 1,533

RECAPITULATION. 1st Column, "Balances of Appropriations on the ist day of January, 1826." 22 Column, " Appropriations in 1826'

1,964,905 32 Dol.. 3d Column, “Repayments in 1826"

- 3,748,985 23

427,431 67 4th Column, will make the Column of "Amount applicable to the service of the Year 1828 Sth Column, from which deduct this Column of "Amount drawn by requisitions from the} 465 XN

Treasury, during the Year 1826"
Sth Column, will leave this Column of " Balances of Appropriations on the 31st December, 1885,"

Recapitulation of the Expenditures of the Navy Department, for the Year 1826. th Column Amount drawn by requisitions from the Treasury, during the

Year 1826" 2 Column, from which deduct this Column of “ Repayments in 1826"

"} 4,657,884 14

427,431 67 Vill leave this amount expended by the Navy Department, in 1826

Treasury Department, Second Comptroller's Office, February 7, 1827.

* To Surplus Fund,

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