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ORDER IN COUNCIL, regulating the Duties payable on the

Vessels, and Cargoes, of Buenos Ayres,

Colombia, and Mexico, iu British Ports... 780

permitting the exportation of Salt and

Fruit, from the Bahama Islands, in

Vessels of The United States.......


relative to the prevention of certain Armed

Vessels, under the Greek Flag, from

committing depredations on British

Commerce .........16th November, 1827... 784

extending the privileges of a Free Port, to

Charlotte Town, in Prince Edward's



appointing certain Ports in America and the

West Indies to be free Warehousing



granting to French Vessels certain privileges

of trading with the Island of Mauritius... 809

PROCLAMATION of the Lieutenant Governor of Gibraltar,

respecting Neutrality towards the Belligerent

Subjects and Vessels of Europe and America.

12th October, 1826...1111

PROTOCOL of Conference, between the British and Russian

Plenipotentiaries, relative to the Mediation of Great

Britain, between the Ottoman Porte and the Greeks.

St. Petersburgh,

4th April,

...... of the Admirals commanding the British, Russian,

and French Squadrons, respecting an Armistice

between the Turks and the Greeks.

Off Navarin, 18th October 1827...1050

SPEECH of the Lords Commissioners, on the Closing of


.2d July, 1827... 1


BRAZIL. Convention. Abolition of Slave Trade.

Rio de Janeiro, 230 November, 1826... 609

Treaty. Amity and Commerce.

Rio de Janeiro, 17th August, 1827...1008

FRANCE. Pacification of Greece.

London, 6th July, 1827... 632

Mexico. Amity, Commerce, and Navi-

gation....London, 26th December, 1826... 614

Morocco. Explanatory Articles to Treaty of 1801.

Administration of Justice.

Fez. 19th January, 1824... 641

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CORRESPONDENCE with Great Britain, relative to the

Slave Trade ..........

........1826... 254

Speech of the Commissioners, on the Opening of the Chambers.

20 January, 1827...1126

CONVENTION with Great Britain, relative to the maintenance of

a Corps of British Troops in Portugal.

Brighthelmstone, 19th January, 1827... 454
Additional Article to do.

London, 13th March, 1827... 459
Report of the Minister of Finance to the Chamber of Deputies.

15th February, 1827...1152

Speech of the Commissioners, on the Closing of the Chambers.

31st March, 1827...1129

Decree of the Emperor, appointing the Infant, Don Miguel,

Lieutenant of the Kingdom of Portugal.

30 July, 1827...1 130

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