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27 Oct.

the queen

Gorham v. the bishop of Exeter; ecclesiastical

case ; judgment given in the court of Arches against the plaintiff

2 Aug. 1849 [The bishop had refused to institute the rev. Mi Gorham into the living of Brampton-Speke, in Devonshire, alleging want of orthodoxy in the plaintiff, who denied that spiritual regeneration was conferred by baptisın ; the court held that the charge against the plaintiff of holiling false coctrine was proved, and that the bishop was justitied in his refusal. Mr. Gorham appealed to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, which pronounced its opinion (8 March, 1850) that “the doctrine held by Mr. Gorham was not contrary or repugnant to the declared doctrine of the church of England, and that Mr. Gorham ought not, by reason of the doctrine held by him, to have been refused admission to the vicarage of Brampton-Speke.” This decision led to subsequent proceedings in the three courts of law, successively, for a rule to show cause why a prohibition should not issue, directed to the juilge of the Arches court, and to the archbishop of Canterbury, against giving effect to the judgment of her majesty in council. The rule was refusell in each court, and in the end Mr. Gorham was insti

tuted into the vicarage in question, 7 Aug. 1850.) Manning and his wife, for murder of O'Connor ;

guilty: death Walter Watts, lessee of the Olympic theatre, for forgery, &c.

10 May, 1850 Robert Pate, a retired lieutenant, for an assault on

11 July, The Sloanes, man and wife, for starving their

ser vant, Jane Wilbred

5 Feb. 1851 The Board of Customs r. the London Dock Company, on a charge of defrauding the revenue of duties; a trial of 1 days ended in a virtual acquittal

18 Feb Sarah Chesham, for murder of husband, by poison ;

she had murdered several of her children and

others by the same means; hanged . 6 March, Thomas Drory, for the murder of Jael Denny: hanged

7 March, Doyle v. Wright, concerning the personal custody

of Miss Augusta Talbot, a Roman catholic ward of chancery, before the lord chancellor : protracted case

22 March, The murderers of the rev. George Ellwarl Hollest, of Frimley, Surrey : guilty

31 March, Miller v. ald. Salomons, M.P., for voting as a mem

ber without having taken the required oath ; verdict against the defendant

19 April, 1852 The case “ Bishop of London v. the rev. Mr. Gled

stone:" judgment of the Arches court against the defendant

10 June, Achilli v. Newman, for libel ; tried before lord

chief justice Campbell in the Queen's Bench :

verdict for the plaintiff, Nov. 1852; Lord Frankfort, for scandalous and defainatory

libels : guilty Richard Bourke Kirwan, for the murder of his wife;

guilty Eliot Bower, för murder of Mr. Saville Morton, at Paris; acquitted .

28 Dec. Henry Horler, for murder of his wife; hanged at the Olt Bailey

15 Jan. 1853 James Brbour, for muriler of Robinson ; hanged

at York George Sparkes and James Hitchcock, for the murder of William Blackmore at Exeter ; guilty

19 March, Five Frenchmen (principal and seconds) for the

muriler of a sixth Frenchman in a duel at Egham ; verdict, manslaughter

21 March, Moore and Walsh, for the murder of John Blackburn, at Stafford; hanged

21 March, Saunders, for murder of Mr. Toler; hanged at Chelmsford

30 March, The Stackpole family, four in number; two of them

females, and wives to the others, for the muriler of their relative, also a Stackpole; hanged at Ennis

28 April, Case of Holy Cross Hospital, Winchester, decidei against rev. earl of Guildford

The Braintree case respecting liability to church

rates, decided by the house of lords, against the rate

12 Aug. 1853 Case of Lumley v. Gye, respecting Madlle. Wagner; decided

22 Feb. 1854 Mr. Jeremiah Smith, mayor of Rye, convicted of perjury

2 March, Duchess of Manchester's will case

April, Mr. Carden, for abduction of Miss E. Arbuthnot, and assault upon John Smithwick; convicted

28, 29 July, Mary Anne Brough, for murdering her six curen; not guilty (insunity)

o Aug. Case of Pierce Somerset Butler v. viscount Mount

garret; verelict for plaintiff, who thus came into à peerage, defendant being proved illegitimate

lug. Courts-martial on lieuts. Perry and Greer; sen

tences reversel by lord Hardinge 29 July-Aug. Courts-martial on sir E. Belcher, captain McClure,

&C., for abandoning their ships in the Arctic regions ; acquitted

Oct. Emanuel Barthélémy, for murder of Charles Collard and Mr. Moore (executed):

31 Jan.

3 Dec.

Io Dec.

15 Jan.

7 Nov.

1 Aug. Smyth 1. Smyth, ended in the plaintiff being com

mitted on a charge of forging the will on which he grounded his claim

8. 9 10 Aug.

4 Jan. 1855 Handcock v. Delacour, otherwise De Burgh (cruelty

of Mrs. Handcock, and charges against lord

Clauricarde); comproinised
Earl of Sefton v. Hopwood (will set aside)

3-10 April, Luigi Baranelli, for murder of Joseph Latham (or Lambert); (executed 30 April)

12 April, Charles King, a great thief-trainer; transported

13 April, David M. Davidson and Cosmo W. Gordon, for frauds and forgeries of securities, &c.; convicted

24 May, Wm. Austin (governor), for cruelties in Biriningham gaol; acquitted

3 Aus Sir John Dean Paul, William Strahan, and Robert

M. Bates, bankery, for disposing of their cristomers' securities (to the amount of 113,625.): convicted

27 Oct. Joseph Wooler, on charge of poisoning his wife;

arquitted Westerton 1. Liddell(on decorations, &c., in durchi

in Knightsbridge ; decision against them) 5 Dee [Decided again by privy council, partly for both

parties; each to pay his own costs, 21 March,

1857) Celestina Sommers, for murder of her chillren; convicted (but reprieved)

6 Marel, 1856 Wm. Palmer, for murder of J. P. Cook by poison

14-27 May, (He was executed at Stafford on 14 June, in the presence of 50,000 persons.

If he had been equitted, he would have been tried for the murder

of his wife and brother.) Wm. Dove, for murder of his wife (executed 9.11g.)

19 July, Ditcher v, archdeacon Denison, respecting the doc

trine of the eucharist ; defendant deprived, and alreal disallowed

22 Oct. w S. Hardwicke and 'H. Attwell; convicted of

forgery Wm. Róbson, for frauds of Crystal Palace Com

pany (to the amount of about 28,000l.); trausported for twenty years

i lov. Earl of Lucan v. Daily News for libel; verdict for

(lefendant Pearce, Burgess, and Tester; see Gold Robbery,

14 Jan. 1857 Leopolii Redpath, for forgeries (to the amount of

150,000l.) upon Great Northern Railway Company: transported for life.

16 Jan. Miss Marleline Smith, on charge of poisoning Emile L'Angelier, at Glasgow; not proven

30 June-9 July, Thos. Fuller Bacon, for poisoning his mother, con

victed. [He was acquitted on a charge of murdering two

children, 13, 14 May, saine year. His wife con

fessed the murder, but appeared to be insane. ] James Spollen, on charge of murder of Mr. Little, near Dublin; acquitted .

7-11 Aug. Jem Saward, a barrister (called the Penman), Wm.

Anderson, and others, convicted of extensive

forgery of bankers' cheques W. Attwell and others, convicted of stealing the

5 March,

31 Oct.

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25 July,



31 Dec.

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27 July,

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countess of Ellesmere's jewels (value 15,000l.) from the top of a cab

15 Dec. 1857 Strevens v. Campion, for slander, in charging the

plaintiff with complicity in the murder of his
aut, Mrs. Kelly; damages 611..
The directors of the British Bank, Humphry Brown,

Edw. Esdaile, H. D. Macleod, aldermian R. H.
Kennedy, W. D. Owen, James Stapleton, ani
Hugh Innes Cameron, for fraud (see Banks, 1'. 67);

13-27 Feb. 1858
Rev. S. Smith and his wife, for murderous assault
on Jolu Leech; convicted

6-7 April, Edw. Auchmuty Glover, M.P., for false declaration of qualitication of M.P.

9 April, Simon Bernard, as accessory to the conspiracy against the life of the emperor Napoleon; acquitted

12-17 April, The earldom of Shrewsbury case; earl Talbot's claim allowed

I June, James Seal, for the murder of Sarah Guppy; convietei (and executed)


July, The Berkeley peerage case

23 July, Patience Swynfen *. F. H. Swynfen; a will case;

the will affirmeel [The plaintiff was Patience Swynfen, widow of Henry

John Swynfen, son of the testator, Samuel Swynfen. Her husband died 15 June, 1854, and his father on 16 July, following, having made a will 19 days before his death, devising the Swynfen estate (worth about 60,000l.) to his son's wife, but leaving a large amount of personal estate unrisposed of. The defendant, F. H. Swynfen, son of the testator's eldest half-brother, claimed the estate as heir-at-law on the ground of the testator's insanity. The issue was brought to trial in March, 1856 ; but proceedings were stayed by Mrs. Swynfen's counsel, sir F. Thesiyer, entering into an agreement with the opposite counsel, Sir Alex. ander Cockburn, without her consent, and in defiance of her instructions, After various proceedlings, the court of chancery orriered a new trial. She gained her cause, mainly through the energy of her counsel, Mr. Chas. R. Kenneily, to whom she had promised to pay 20,000l. for his extraordinary services. Mrs. Swynfen, however, married a Mr. Brown, and repudiated Mr. Kenneily's claim. The latter, in an action against her, obtained a verdict in his favour on 29 March, 1862, which was, on appeal, finally reversed in Fel). 1864. Mrs. Swynfen was non-suited in an action brought against her counsel (afterwards lord Chelnisforil and lord chancellor), in July,

1859, and June, 1860.) Lemon Oliver, a stockbroker, convicted of exten

sive frauds Marchmont v. Marchmont; a disgracefu divorce

fase, begun W. H. Guernsey, for stealing tonian despatches

from the Colonial Office; acquitted . Evans 1. Evans and Rose, divorce case

Dee. Lieut-col. Dickson r, carl of Wilton, for libel ; verdict for the plaintiff

14 Feb. 1859 Black v. Elliott, 850 sheep poisoned by a sheep

wish sold by defendant; camages 14001. 23 Feb. Wagner, Bateinan, and others, a gang of bank forgers; convicted .

13 May, Earl of Shrewsbury v. Hope Scott, and others; the earl gains the Shrewsbury estates

3 June, Thellusson will case decideil(see Thelluisson)June T. R. Marshall, E. A. Mortimer, and H. S. Eicke, convicted of illegal sale of army commissions,

29 June, Thomas Smethurst, a surgeon, for the murder by

poison of Isabella Bankes, whom he had married

uring his wife's lifetime; convicted 15-19 Aug. [He was reprieved on the ground of insufficient evi

dence; but was tried and found guilty of bigamy,
16 Nov. 1859. Onu Nov. 1862, he proved Miss

Bankes's will, and obtained her property. ]
Oakley v. the Moulvie Ooddeen, "ambassador of

the king of Oude. Verdict for the defendant,

who seems to have fallen among bill-sharpers, David Hughes, an attorney, convicted of gross frands upon his clients

Jan. 1860 Eugenia Plummer, ageul 11 years, convicted of per

Thomas Hopley, a schoolmaster, convieted of manslaughter of Reginald Cancellor, by flogg: 12,

23 July, 1360 Mr. W. H. Leatham, M.P., convicted of bribery at Wakefield

19 July, Rev. J. Bonwell, of Stepney, degraded for immorality,

29 10 James Mullens, convicted for the murder of Mrs.

Elmsley: by endeavouring to inculpate one En

he led to his own conviction Miss Shedden *. Patrick (The plaintiff ahly

pleaded her own cause when the case was openni: her object, to prove the legitimacy of her father, was not attained)

9 Hooper v. Ward; disgraceful profligaey of a magis. trate; verdict for plaintiff .

19, 20 lee. Brook v. Brook; see Murriage with Irifes Siir.

The house of lords on appeal decided against the validity of such marriages, even when celebrated

18 Marh, Sér Thelwall d'hon. Major Yelverton. The plaintif sued for expenses incurred by defendant's wife; the major denied the validity of his druri with Miss Longworth, having since married the widow of professor Edwanl Forbes, the emineat naturalist. The court in Dublin support the first marriage

21 Feb, to 4 Marih, (Miss Longworth endeavoured to establish be

marriage. On appeal, the Scotch court annuli the marriage, July, 1862, and this judgment is affirmed by the house of lords, 28 July, 1864, an: again finally, 30 July, 1867. An attempt to set aside the judgment of the house of lonis rejectel

hy the court of session, 29 Oct. 1868.) Reade v. Lacy; the dramatising a novel restrainei,

17 Apri, Beamish . Beamish; the lords on appal decide that a clergyman cannot perform the ceremony of marriage for himself

22 April Emperor of Austria v. Day; verdiet for plaintifi

The defendant had printed 100 millions Horts notes on the bank of Hungary, for Lonis Kossuth. The notes were ordered to be destrural within one month, 6 May; judgment athimi

12 June Cardross case. John MacMillan, a free-churh

minister, was expeller for drunkenneas and misconduct, May, 1858. The Glasgow synesl ini the general assembly of the free church affirme the sentence. He appealed to the court of session, which set aside the detree (which involved temporalities), asserting that the assemblr had only spiritual authority

July, W. B. Turnbull v. Birl, secretary of protestant

alliance; libel; verdict for defendant 8-10 July, J. C. Charlesworth, M.P., convicted of briben it the Wakefield election

20 July, Baron de Vidil; convicted of wounding his son; the latter refused to give evidence against his father,

23 Aug Vincent Collucci: convicted of obtaining money on

false pretences, from Miss F. Johnstone John Curran, a Dublin (abman; convicted of a

violent assault on Miss Jolly, who heroically defended herself

25-30 Okt Patrick McCaffery; shot col. Crofton and capt.

Hanham, at Preston; convicted
Inquiry into sanity of Wm. Frel Wyndham on

behalf of his relatives), with a view of annulling
an injudicious marriage; trial lasted 34 days: 140
witnesses examined; verdict sane mind (se

16 Dec. 1861, and 30 Jan 1862 [Each party adjudged to pay its own costs, March,

1862.) Capt. Robertson, by court-martial; convicteil of

submitting to ungentlemanly conduct from his brother officers:--30 days' inquiry : endel.

24 March, [The court was much blamed by the public and the

sentence was annulled ] Mrs. A. C. Vyse for poisoning her two children; acquitted as iusane

9 July, Roupell v. Waite; during the trial. W. Roupeii,

M.P., a witness, confessed himself guilty of

10 Nov.

30 Nov.

15 Dec.

13 Dec

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jury against rev. Mr. Hatch Nottide v. Prince (see Agitpemone)

25 July,

forging a will, and other trauds 18, 19 Aug Jessie McLachlan; convicted for the murder of

Jessie Macpherson, at Glasgow; she confessed to being accessory after the inurer, which she im

14 May,


3 Dec.

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27 Feb.


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puted to Mr. Fleming, a gentleman 80 or 20 years old

17-20 Sept. 1862 (She was respited 27 Det. 1862.) Wm. Roupell, M.P., for forgery; convicted on his own confession

24 Sept. Catherine Wilson, convicted of poisoning Mrs. Soames in 1856

25-27 Sept. 27 indictments and 24 convictions for savage personal outrages in the streets of the metropolis during the month

Nov. Wm. Digby Seyinour, M.P., v. Butterworth; libel;

verdict for plaintiff, damages 404. Hall 2. Semple; verdict for plaintiff, who had been

consigned to a lunatic asylum tirough his wife's getting the defendant to sign a certificate of lunary

with culpable herligence; damnges 150! 10 Dec. George Buncher, Wm. Burnett, Richd. Brewer, and

James Griffiths, for forging bank-notes, printed on paper stolen from the paper-Inill at Laver. stoke; convicted

: 7-12 Jan. 1863 Clare v. The Queen; petition of right for infringe

ment of a patent; verlict for defendant 2-6 Feb. Rev. John Campbell v. Spottiswoodle (as printer of

a libel in Saturtluy Reriew): verdict for plaintiff, Queen on appeal of earl of Cardigan v. col. Calthorpe for libel, charging the earl with des

ing his men at Balaclava, 25 Oct. 1855: verdiet for derendant (who, however, adınitted his error),

9, 10 June, Attorney-general v. Sillim and others, for having

built the Alesandro for the Confederates, against the Enlistinent act; verdict for defendants,

25 June, [Decision finally affirmed on appeal to the house of

lords, 6 April, 1864.) Col. Lothian Dickson v. viscount Combermere, earl

of Wilton, and gen. Peel, for conspiracy to expel him from the arny; verdict for defendants,

27 June, et seq. Morrison (Zadkie!) v. sir Edward Belcher; libel; verdict, 205. damages.

29 June, Richard Roupell v. Haws: arising out of Roupeli forgeries; no verdict

16-24 July, Woolley?. Pole for Sun Fire Office: verdict for

plaintiff, awarding him his claim for 29,00ol, for his insurance of Campden-house; burnt 23 March, 1862

29 Aug. George Victor Townley, for murder of Miss Good man, through jealousy: convicted .

12 Dec. [He escaped execution through a certificate of in

sanity, too hastily signed : and committed suicide

in prisou, 12 Fel), 1865.) Lieut.-col. Crawley, by court-martial at Aldershot,

for alleged oppression and cruelty to sergeantmajor John Lilley, in consequence of a courtmartial at Mhow, in India; honourably acquitted,

17 Nov.-23 Dec. Franz Müller, for inurder of Mr. Briggs in a railway Carriaze, 9 July; convicted

27-29 Oct. 1864 Geiney r. Smith, a supposititious child 'detected and deprived of much property

Io Nov. E. K. Kohl, for nurder of Theodore Fuhrkop; convicted.

11, 12 Jan, 1865 Queen v. Wm. Rumble, for infringement of Foreign

Enlistment act, in equipping the Rampahannoch

for the Confederate government; acquitted, Woodgate 1. Ridout (for Morning Post), for libel

respecting the great will case of the earl of Eg

mont v. Darell; verdict for plaintiff, 1000l., 10 Feb. Bishop Colenso's appeal to privy council against

decision of bishop of Capetown, deposing him, which is annulled

21 March, Roberts, Jeffery, Casely, and others, for jewel roba beries in London: convicted

13 April, J. W. Terry and Thos. Burch, for misdemeanor in connection with the Unity Bank; acquitted,

April, Elw. Wm. Pritchard, M.D., for murder of his wife and her mother, by poisoning: guilty

3-7 July, Charlotte Winsor, a child murderer, convicted on the evidence of an accomplice

July, [On account of legal irregularities in her trial, her


4. Feb.


execution was long deferred, and her sentence was

commuted to life-imprisonment, 23 May, 1866.) Trials of Fenians for treason-felony: Thos. Clarke

Luby, convicted and sentenced to 20 years' penal

servitude, 28 Nov.-1 Dec. ; O'Leary and others convicted; O'Donovan Rossa (previously convieted) sentenced to imprisonment for life, 13 Dec.; others convicted at Cork

Dec. 1865 Stephen Forwood (or Ernest Southey), for murder of his wife and children: guilty

20-21 Dec. Other Fenians convicted at Dublin (see Fenians),

Jan. 1866 Breadalbane peerage: succession decided in favour of Campbell of Glenfalloch.

26 Jan. Ryves and Ryves v. the attorney-general; an endeavour to prove the marriage of king George III. with Hannah Wilmot, and that of his brother Henry, duke of Cumberland, with Olive Wilmot; the jury decided that the claim was not made out, and that Olive Serres, the alleged mother of Mrs. Ryves, was not the legitimate daughter of the duke of Cumberland, and that the $2 documents brought in evidence were forged (Mrs. Ryves died 7 Dec. 1871)

13 June, Banda and Kirwee prize case (Indian mutiny);

court of admiralty decide that 700,000l. are to be divided between the soldiers commanded by generals Whitelocke, Rose, Roberts, and others,

30 June, Bishop Colenso r. Gladstone and others, trustees of

colonial bishopric fund (for withholding his

stipend); verdict for plaintiff, with costs 6 Nov. Hunter v Sharpe (Pall Mall Gazette), for libel

(charging him with quackery); one farthing damages gained by plaintiff

1 Dec. James J. Wilkinson, manager of joint stock bank, convicted of fraud

9&c. Jan. 1867 [Liberated with free pardon, after investigation,

July, 1868] Bryant v. Foot; decision against prescriptive right of a rector to claim a marriage-fee

23 Jan. C. W. Lee Webb, Lionel Holdsworth, and others,

convicted of fraud (scuttling a ship, and claiming

insurance) c. Anderson, a Swede ; convicted of murdering a mulatto, from superstition

12 April, Breadalbane peerage ; Wm. J. Campbell declared

heir, on appeal to house of lords 16 July, Smith v. Tebbitt and others; a will case, disposing

of upwards of 400,000l. ; verdict for defendants, annulling the will of Ann Thwaites, who is declared of unsound mind, after a long trial, in April and May; judgment given

6 Aug. Oakes v. Turquand, and others; appeal case, house

of lords ; decision affirining liability of shareholders of the company of Overend, Gurney, and Co. (limited)

15 Aug. Geo. Druitt, 'm. Lawrence, and John Anderson,

leaders of the operative tailors' association, convicted of a misdemeanor (organising the system of “picketing," or watching men on strike; and intimidating non-unionists ; which began 24 April, 1867)

21 Aug. 13 tailors convicted of " picketing”

22 Aug. Fenian trials at Manchester, Allen, &c. (see Fenians).

30 Oct. -12 Nov. Frederick Baker convicted of brutal murder of 'à child

6 Dec. Mr. Righy Wason v. Walter (for publication of an

alleged libel in the Times ; viz., a correct report of a debate in the house of loris, &c.); verdict for defendant, settling that such a report is privileged

18-20 Dec. ¡Verdict'affirmed again, 25 Nov. 1868. ] Martin v. Mackonochie (for ritualistic practices) ;

before dean of arches, 4 Dec. 1867, and 14 days ; recommenced; closed

18 Jan. 1868 Crossley v. Elsworthy for fraudulent misrepresentation; verdict for plaintiff, damages 35,000l.

18 Feb. Flamank v. Simpson; similar case ; begun 5 Feb. ;

verdict condemning elevation of sacrament, use of incense, and mixture of water with the wine in the communion service

28 March, Trial of Fenians for Clerkenwell outrage (see

Fenians), begun go April; all acquitted except
Michael Barrett

: 20-27 April, Lyon v. Home (the spiritual medium). The plaintiff, a widow, sought to recover 60,00ol, stock, given to Home at the alleged command of her deceased husband's spirit, between Oct. 1866 and Feb. 1867 ; suit instituted 15 June, 1867; trial, 21

4 Feb.

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23 July

30 ct.

7-9 Nov,

19 Nov.

15 Dit

23 Dec.

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April to 1 May, 1868; verdict given for plaintiff, Dr. Kinglake convicted of bribery on behalf of his by the vice-chancellor, sir G. M. Giffard, 22 May, 1868 brother at Bridgewater

26 March, 1870 [The judge, in concluding said, regarling Wicklow peerage case: claim for an infant deln

spiritualism, that "the system, as presented to be unfounded by House of Lords (reinarkable
by the evidence, is mischievous nonsense ;


31 March, well calculated on the one hand to delude Demetrius Papra, a bank manager, sentenced to the vain, the weak, the foolish, and the

5 years' penal servitude for embezzlemnent, 6 May, superstitious; and on the other, to assist the Sir Charles Mordaunt c. lady Mordaunt, and others, projects of the needy, and the adventurer.")

for divorce: preliminary trial of her sanity (deRichard Burke (alias Geo. Berry, &c.), Theobald

clared insane on 30 April, 1869), 16-25 Feb 1870; Casey, and Henry Shaw (alias Mullady), Fenians, appeal, 27 April, 1870; judgment affirmei 2 June, for treason felony, at Old Bailey; Burke and Bishop Goss (R.C.) v. Hill and Whittaker: will Shaw convicted, Casey acquitted ; 28-30 April,

case; Mr. Moreton's will, bequeathing the chief Mornington v. Wellesley, and Wellesley v. Morning

of his property to the bishop, set aside 16 June ton, a 29 years' suit in chancery, decided (costs Phillips v. Eyre, for imprisonnent during Jamaica above 30,000l.); 22,000l. awarded to the countess

rebellion ; verdiet for defendant

23 June, of Mornington

7 May,

Chelsen Murders: Walter Miller convicted of inunier

case, Dublin ; Lady Esinonde

of Rev. Elias Huelin and Anne Boss, his housebequeathed property to support protestantism in

keeper (8 or 9 May, 1870)

13, 14 Juiy, Ireland, by endowing a college, &c. : will disputed Michael Davitt and John Wilson, treason felony, by her family: no verdict by jury

3-13 June,
see Fenians

18 July,
(New trial; will affirmed, Aug. 1869.]

Jolm Jones or Owen, convicted of murder of EmiThomas Edgeley, convicted of fraud against Leeds nuel Marshall and family ( 7 persons, early 22 May, Banking Company

II-13 June,

1870), at Denham, near Uxbridge 22 July, Risk Allah v. Whitehurst (for Daily Telegraph)? Shepherd r. Bennett (Arxhes); decision that defeilibel case ; damages for plaintiff, 960l., 19 June,

dant had retracted herty; appeal to privy cutincil, Attorney-general v. Dakin : appeal case; decision

that privilege of exemption from execution of Margaret Waters convicted of murder of Jolin legal process does not extend to Hampton Court Cowen, infant; her sister and accomplice, Sarah

20 June,

Ellis, was convicted of fraud, 22 Sept (baly Madame Sarah Rachel Leverson convicted of con- farming case; see Infanticide) 21-23 Sept. spiracy

25 Sept.

Rev. C. Voysey r. Noble: appeal to privy council [Writ of error: new trial refused, 11 May, 1869.) judicial committee against condemnation for Fred. Aug. Farrar convicted of forgery against lord


10 Nov. Dudley

Evdy v. McGowan: verlict against an architect for Chornford v. Lingo : female suffrage declared illegal refusing to give up the plans of a builling he was

about to erect.

16 Nov, Baxter v. Langley: Sunday evening lectures Catch v. Shaen: for libel on master of Lainbeth declared not illegal

workhouse; verdict for plaintiff, 600l. damas; Martin v. Mackunochie: see Church of England, execution stayed

Diamond Robbery: London and Ryder's man made Phillips v. Eyre: verdict for defendant; see

insensible and robbed of diamonds, 12 Jan.: Mar. Jamaica

20 Jan. 1869 tha Torpey acquitted, 1 March; James Torney Saurin v. Star and another (convent case ; a sister pleaded guilty (sentenced to 8 years' penal servisued her mother superior, for ill-usage and ex


1 May, 1871 pulsion); verdict for plaintiff, damages 5ool.

E. Boulton, L. C. Hurt, F. W. Park, and others 3-26 Feb.

(frequently dressed as women) tried for a conspi[Case compromised, April, 1870.]

racy; acquitted

9-15 May, James Thos. Gambier, admiralty clerk, and Wm.

Rumble, engineer, convicted of fraud and seeking Tichborne v. Lushington: the plaintiff declared bribes from contractors

9 April,

himself to be sir Roger Charles Tichborne, supCooper v. Gordon : verdict for plaintift; the vice

posed to have been lost at sea; and claimed the chancellor decides that a congregation of dissen

baronetcy and estates, worth about 24,0001 ters may dismiss their minister for unsound

a year. doctrine

28 May, Roger Charles Tichborne, son of sir James, born 16:29 Major Frederick Beswick, constable of Birkenhead, Educated in France till

about 1843 convicted of forgery

10 June,
Entered the army.

18 Farrer (president of the Amalgamated Carpenters' Proposed marriage to his cousin Kate Doughty; Society) v. Close (the secretary), for misappro

Jan. 1852 priation of money. In 1867 the justices dismissed Sailed from Havre for Valparaiso (March), and arthe charge because the society had illegal rules.

rived there.

19 June, 1833 At the trial at the Queen's bench the court was

Sailed from Rio Janeiro in the Bella, which fourequally divided, and no verdict given

dered at sea

20 April, 1854 Fanny F. M. Oliver convicted of murder of her [A Chancery suit was instituted, and his death legally husband

20 July,

proved.) Lyons v. Rev. N. Thomas and others, for abułuction His mother advertised for her son

19 May, 1865 of Esther Lyons, a Jewish girl, a proselyte; The claimant (found by Gibbes and Cubitt in Ausdamages sol.

31 July,

tralia) asserted that he and eight of the crew were Frederick 'inson convicted of murder of his para

saved from the wreck of the Bela; that he went mour, Maria Death, and Win, Douglas Boyd

to Australia, and lived there, roughly, 13 years

under the name of Castro; married as Castro, Rev. James John Merest, convicted of simony;

Jan.; as Tichborne.

3 July, 1866 deprived.

26-29 Nov He set up his claim; and is accepted by the dori Martin v. Mackonochie: before judicial committee ager lady Tichborne as her son at Paris

Jan 1607 of privy council, defendant censured for evading (No others of the family recognised him; but sir verdict, and condemned in costs

Clifford Constable and some brother officers did.) Mrs. Kelly v. Rev. J. Kelly : judicial separation for His claim was resisted on behalf of sir Henry (a ill usage (not violence) decreed,

minor), son of sir Alfred Tichborne; and after Messrs. Gurney and others, for conspiring to de- Chancery proceedings, a trial began in the court fraud; acquitted

of common pleas before chief justice Bovill, 11 May, 1871 Smith v. Earl Brownlow: after long litigation de- The claimant was examined 22 days; the trial ad

cision against the enclosure of the common at journed on 40th day, 7 July; resumed, 7 Nov.;

Berkhampstead by lord of the manor 14 Jan. 1870 case for claimant closed James Clifford, a retired artilleryman, convicted of Trial resumed, 15 Jan.; the attorney-general, sir J. sweating" sovereigus by the voltaic battery,

D. Coleriilge, spoke 26 days; on 4 March the i Feb.

jury expressed themselves satisfied that the clainJacob Spinass, a Swiss, convicted of murder of

ant was not sir Roger; on the touri dar he was Cecilia Aldridge, an unfortunate

3 March,
declared nonsuited,

6 March, 1872

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He was lodged in Newgate to be trier for perjury, O'Keefe ». Cardinal Cullen (for libel, and virtually 7 March; indicted as Thos. Castro, otherwise

suspending him from liis office); consideration of Arthur Orton, for perjury and forgery 9 April, 1872 demurrer; juulges (at Dublin) divided in opiThe court of queen's bench deride that he may be

nions ; three decide that the papal ordinance on admitted to bail, 23 April: released. 26 April,

which the cardinal relied was prohibited by the Lady Doughty, mother of sir Henry Tichborne, lies

statutes of Elizabeth ; demurrer set aside, 7 May;

the trial began 12 May: verdict for plaintiil; the The trial of the claimant for perjury and forgery jury gave one farthing damages 27 May, 1873

begun before chief justice Cockburn, and justices

Mellor and Lush at bar 23 April. (proceniling, Jul!) 1873 TRIBUNES OF THE PEOPLE (Tribuni Plebis), Eltham Murder: E. W. Pook for murder of Jane magistrates of Rome, tirst chosen from among the Maria Clousen; acquitter

12-15 July, 1871 Hannah Newington, or Flora Davey; convicted of

commons to represent them, 494 B.C., when the manslaughter of Frederick Moon; she was his

people, after a quarrel with the senators, had retired mistress, and excited by insult

to Mons Sacer. The first two tribunes were C. Capt. H. Hamilton Beamish and others trieci for

Licinius and L. Albinus; but their number was strandling the Agincourt (see Navy), 26 July; re- soon after raised to five, and 37 years after to ten, primanded by the court

8 Aug. which number remained fixed. The office was Robert Kelly: for murder of Talbot (a police-con

annual, and as the first had been created on the 4th stable and inforiner against Fenians) on night of 12 July; acquitted (extraordinary verdiet)

of the ides of December, that day was chosen for 30 Oct. ---Io Nov.

the election. In A.D. 1347, Nicolo di Rienzi Peek 1. Gurney and others (Overenland Co.: plain- assumed absolute power in Rome as tribune of the

titl's claim for loss incurred through misrepresen- people, and reformed many abuses; but committing tations in the company's prospeitus; disallowed extravagances, he lost his popularity and was comby master of rolls on account of liis neglecting to pelled to abdicate. He returned to Rome and was verify the prospectus ar his too lat claim;

assassinated, 8 Sept. 1354. costs refused to defendants

6 Nov. Mr. Pigott condeinned to imprisonment for illegal

TRICHINIASIS, a fatal disease, occasioned comments on it trial, in the Irishnan Res. John Selby Watson, eminent scholar, killed

by eating raw or underdone pork containing a his wife in a fit of passion, 8 Oct.; convicted and minute worm named Trichina spiralis. Professor imprisoneil for life

10-12 Jan. 1872

Owen discovered these worms in cysts, in human Christiana Elmums; convicted of poisoning at muscle, in 1832. The trichinæ are thoroughly Brighton; she purchased chocolate creams, and

destroyed by proper cooking. The disease excited returned poisoned ones to the confectioner, and

much attention in 1865, and was the subject of a thus caused death to one child and nearly killed

lecture by Dr. Thudichum at the Society of Arts on other persons; reprieved as insane

15, 16 Jan. The Queen v. the Lords of the Treasury: for not

18 April, 1866. repaying expenses for prosecutions to the county of Lancaster; mandamus refuse.

TRICOTEUSES (knitters), a name given to Park-lane Murder: Margaret Dixblancs, a Belgian

a number of French republican females, who zealemigrant, murdered her mistress, malame Riel, ously attended political meetings and executions in on Sunday, 7 April; escal; taken at Paris; 1792, knitting at intervals. confessed to killing her mistress in a quarrel; convicted, but recommended to mercy, 11-14 TRIDENTINE, sce Trent, and Catechism. June; sentence commuted to penal servitude for life

21 June, Ellen Kettel: charged with poisoning her husband's


Feb. 1641, an act was passed providing for the meetfirst wife in order to marry him; acquitted,

ing of a parliament at least once in three years. Chelsea Tragoly: Hermann Nagel and Paul May,

This law was broken by the Long Parliament, and young Prussians, came to London to avoid con- was repealed in 1664. Another triennial bill, passed scription; their money being spent, they agreed in 1694, was repealed by the Septennial act, 1716; to commit suicide; after wounding May, Nagel see Parliaments, and Septennial Parliaments. shot himself deadl, 21 Aug : May recovered, and was indicted for murder, tried, and acquitted,

TRIESTE, an Austrian port on the Adriatic,

declared a free port by the emperor Charles VI., [He was convicted and punished for forgery at 1719, confirmed by Maria Theresa in 1750. It was

Berlin, Feb. 1873.)
Baker 2. Loader: widow, to whom 107,000l, had

held by the French in 1797 and 1805. Since the been bequeathed; in ten years is reduced to

establishment of the overland mail to India, it has poverty by imposition; she sues the widow of risen to great commercial importance. After her friend Leader and solicitors: verdict of vice- various changes of rulers it was restored to Austria chancellor Malins, ordering deeds to Loader to in 1814; see Lloyd's, note. be cancelled; the solicitor to pay his own costs,

20 Noy.

TRIGONOMETRICAL SURVEY, Mr. Hepworth Dixon v. Smith (Pall-Mall Gazette), Ordnance.

for libel; damages, one farthing 26-29 Nov. Mr. Guildford Onslow and Mr. G. H. Whalley, TRIMMER, a term applied to Charles Monta

M.P.'s, tined for contempt of court in speeches gue, earl of Halifax, and others who held similar respecting the Tichborne case, 20 Jan; Mr.

political opinions, midway between those of the Skipworth, barrister, for same offence, condemned to three months' imprisonment and fined; the

extreme Whigs and Tories, about the latter part of claimant made to give securities for 1000l., for a

the 17th century. He assumed the title as an similar offence

29 Jan. 1873 honour, asserting that it could be rightly given to Parke r. Harvey Lewis, sir Joseph McKenna, anil the British constitution and church. Macaulay

others: for misuse of a company's funds while says that Halifax was a trimmer on principle, and

directors; 10days' trial; verliet for plaintiff, 30 Jan. not a renegade. He died in 1715. Onuogh Murder: (of Mr. Glass, 29 June, 1871);

sub-inspector Montgomery tried; 12 days; strong TRINACRIA, a name of Sicily. The title evidence; jury not agreed.

19 March, Broughton r. Knight: will of Mr. Knight set aside

“King of Trinacria," was temporarily assumed by on account of unsound mind

31 March,

Frederick II. (1302), and Frederick III. (1373). Andrews v. Salt: decision by lord-chancellor that a child shall be educated as a protestant by grand

TRINCOMALEE (Ceylon), was taken from inother, not by Roman catholic uncle; contirmel the Dutch, by the English, in 1782; it was retaken on appeal

6 May, by the French the same year; but was restored to

24. 25 Oct.

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21 Nov.



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