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BORX DIRD Gr. Aristophanes, an Athenian comic poet.

B. 0, 889 Gr. Aristotle, philosopher, founder of the Peripatetics

B, 0. 384 Gr. Arius, of Alexandria, the founder of the Arian sect

438 Span. Montanus, Benedict, orientalist

1527 1598 Eng. Arkwright, Sir Richard, inventor of spinning jennies

1732 1792 Fr. Arlincourt, Victor, vicomte d', novelist

1789 1856 Ger. Arminius, the deliverer of Germany

20 Dutch. James, a celebrated divine, founder of a sect

1560 1610 Eng. Armströng, John, M D., poet


1779 Amer. , John, general, statesman, and historian

1758 1843 Ital. Arnaud, Daniel, troubadour .

1220 r. - Francis Baculard, dramatist and poet

1718 1805 Eng. Arne, Thomas Augustus, musical composer

1710 1778 Gr. Arnobius, a defender of Christianity

1. 303 Prues. Arnim, L. A., poet and novelist

1781 1831 Amer. Arnold, Benedict, major-general, the traitor to his country. 1740 1801 Ital. of Brescia, a learned monk, disciple of Abelard

1555 Eng. , Matthew, poet, professor of poetry, Oxon.

1822 Thomas, D. D., theologian, historian, and philologist 1795 1812 Eng. Thomas K., author of classical text-books .

1800 1853 Scut. Arnot, I'iel, popular scientific writer.

1788 Gr. Arrian, historian, disciple of Epictetus

1. 140 Eng. Arrowsmith, Aaron, constructor of inape and charts

1823 Bar. Arsaces I., the founder of the Parthian monarchy.

f. B. 6. 250 Bar. Artaxerxes I., king of Persia

B. 0. 425 Bar.

--, founder of the new Persian kingdom Flem Arteve! e, Philip van, revolutionary popular leader

1832 Eng. Arthur, a prince celebrated in fable

472 542 Amer Arthur, Timothy S., author of tales and essays

1809 Eng. Arundel, Thos. H., earl of, importer of the Arundelian marbles

1646 Eng. Asbury, Francis, first Methodist bishop in the United States 1745 1816 Eng. Aschaia, Poger, a learned writer.

1515 1568 Bar. Asdrubal, a Carthaginian general

B. C. 220 Eng. Ashburton, Alex. Baring, lord, statesman

1774 1848 Amer. Ashman, Johp K., jurist, professor of law

1800 1833 Eng. Askew, Anne, protestant, burned at Smithfield

1515 Gr.

Aspasia, the accomplished wife (?) of Pericles .
Asser, John, historian

109 Ger. Ast, George A. F., philologist, Lexicon Platonicum'.

1778 1941 Ger. Astor, John Jacob, wealthy merchant at New York

1763 1848 Amer. Atchison, David L., senator, United States, from Missouri 1807 Gr. Athanaeius, St., Oze of the fathers of the church

296 871 Gr. Athenagoras, philosopher

L 177 Gr. Athenais, Empress of the West and authoress, called also Eu

doxia G;. Athenæus, a celebratec grammarian, the Greek Vairo.

1. 190 Bar. Attalus, founder of the monarchy of Pergamus, inventor of parchment

B. C. 1 -, Rhodius, mathenatician .

1 B. 0. 173 Erg. Atterbury, Francis, bishop of Rochester, exiled for conspiracy . 1662 1731 Rom. Atticus, a knight and author (works lost)

B. 0. 109 B. 0. 89 Auber, D. F. E., famous musical composer


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Swiss, Aubigné J. H. Merle d', historian of Reformation.

1794 Eng.

Auckland, William, lord, statesman Fr. Audoin, J. F. zoologist

1197 Fr. Augereau, Castiglione, duke of,

1157 G. Jew. Auerbach, Berthold, novelist

1 12 Augustine, St., a celebrated father of the church

354 the Apostle of the English-1st archbishop of Cante:5.53 Rom. Augustulus Romulus, the last emperor of the West Rom. Augustus, Caius Julius Cæsar Octavius-1st emperor

30. 63 Aurungzebe, last Mogul emperor in India

2018 Rom. Ausonius, Decimus Magnus, poet Eng. Austen, Jane, novelist

1775 Eng. Sarah, essayist and trans'ntor

(abt) 1800 Ainer. Austin, Stephen F., founder of first American colony in Texas . Fr. Auvergne, Theophilus-republican-military commander

173 Ara. Averroes, philosopher, physician, and author Ital. Avezzana, Joseph, patriot soldier, refugee in New York

1797 Ara. Avicenna, philosopher, physic'an and author

980 Eng. Ayscough, Samuel, compiler of Irdex to Shakespeare, &c. Boot. Aytoun, Wm. E., professor, poot, and essayist

1813 Fr. Azais, Pierre H, philosophic writer

1736 Ital. Azeglio, Massimo T. marquis d', statesman and author


430 601 476

14 1707

394 1817

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Eng. Babbage, Charles, mathematician and machinist

170 Fr. Babeuf, Franc. N. agrarian and socialist author

1732 Port. Baccellar, a civilian, historian, and lyric poet

1724 Gr. Bacchylides, lyric poet

1). S. 450 Amer. Bache, Alex. D. scientific engineer and writer

1806 Amer. Bachman, John, naturalist and theologian

1790 Eng. Back, Geo. Capt. R. N., Polar navigator and author

1796 amer. Backus, Isaac, a divine and historian

1724 Amer. Bacon, Delia, writer on Shakespeare Amer. Bacon, Leonard, theological writer and preacher

1802 Eng.

Roger, a monk celebrated for his scientific knowledge 1214
Francis, Lord Verulam, the celebrated philosopher and t' to

1561 Dan. Baden, James, one of the founders of Danish literature

1735 Eng. . Baffin, Wr., navigator, discoverer of Baffin's Bay

1584 Ger. Bähr, John C. F., classical philologist

1793 Amer. Bailey, Jacob W., professor of chemistry, botany, &c.

10.1 Eng.

Nathan, a grammarian and lexicographer
Eng. - Philip James, poet, author of Festus
-, Samuel, metaphysician and political essayist.

1787 Fr. Baillet, a learned theologian, historian, and miscellaneous writer

1619 Eng. Baillie, Joanna, poet and novelist

1762 Sot Matthew, physician and anatomist.

1761 Fr.

Bailly, John Silvain, a learned author, and a leader in the revo-

1736 Eno, Baily, Francis, astronomer and mathematician

1774 Amer. Bainbridge, William, naval commander

(Princeton) 1774


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1641 1842 1862

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Aner. Balrd, Robert, D. D., author of travels

1798 Beste - Sir David, military commander

1757 Tark. Bajazet, sultan--conquered by Tamerlane Amor. Baker, Edward D., U S. senator and general (Ball's Bluts) 1811 lial. Balbi, Adrian, geographer and ethnographer

1782 Span. Balboa, Vasco Nunez de, early navigator to South America Fr.

Baldwin, who became emperor of the East Irish. Balfe, im. Michael, musical composer

180S Scot. Baliol, intriguing rival of Robert Bruce

1:259 Scot. Ballantyne, Jas., printer, publisher for Sir Walter Scott Amer. Ballou, Hosea, universalist minister and author

1771 Eng. Baltimore, Geo. Calvert, løt lord, founder of Maryland

1582 Fr.

Balue, Jean de la, cardinal, premier of Louis XI. • Fr. Balzac, Houvro de, novelist

1799 Amer. Bancroft, Georgo, historian of the U. S., secretary of navy,

&c. 1800 Swe, Banier or Banner, a celebrated military commander .

1596 Irish. Banim, John, novelist

1800 Amer. Bangs, Nathan, D. D., minister of Methodist church and author 1778 Amer. Banks, Nath, P., speuker of House of Rep., U. S., gov, of Mass. 1816 Eng Banks, Sir Joseph, navigator, president Royal Society

1713 Fr. Baraguay d'Hilliers, Achille, marshal of France

1795 Fr. Barante, A. G. P. B., baron, histori'ın

1782 Pruse. Baratier, a Hebrew lexicographer before ten years of age

1721 Eng. Barbauld, Anna Letitia, a popular miscellaneous writer

1713 Turk. Barbarossa, the celebrated corsair, usurper of Algiers Amer. Barber, Francis, officer in revolutionary army

1751 Fr. Barbeyrac, John, mircellaneous writer

1674 Amer. Barbour, James, statesman and diplomatiet

Va. 1775 Amer. Barbour, P. P., statesman and judge of Supreme Court . Va, 1783 Eng. Barclay, Robert, the celebrated vindicator of the Quakers

1648 Ital. Baretti, Joseph, lexicographer-author of Travels, &c.

1716 Eng. Barham, Richard Henry, humorist Ingoldsby Legends'

1788 Amer. Barker, Joseph, noted financier

1779 Amer. Barlow, Joel, a statesman and poet

1756 Amer, Barnard, Henry, distinguished educator

1811 Amer. Barnes, Albert, theologian and commentator

1798 Ing. - Joshua, an eminent Greek scholar

1654 Amer.

Daniel H. a distinguished conchologist Dutch. Barneveldt, John, statesman, (beheaded)

1547 Amer. Barney, Joshua, a distinguished naval commander

1 759 Fr. Barras, Paul, count de, mcm. of the direct, in tbe Revolution

1735 Eng. Barré, Isaac, colonel, M, P., friend of America

1726 Irish. Barrington, Sir Jonah, lawyer and anthor

1767 Amer. Barron, James, commodore (in the affair of the Chesapeake) 1768 Eng. , Isaac, a divine and mathematician

1630 Eog.

Sir John, traveller, author, secretary to Admiralty 1764 I.ish, Barry, John, the first American coinmodore

1745 Eng. Sir Charles, architect of houses of parliament

1795 Amer. W. T., statesman and diplomatist,

VA, 1785 Ger. Barth, Henry, traveller in Africa

1821 Fr. Barthelemy, John James, author of ' Anacharsis,' &o.

1716 Amer. Bartlett, John R., author of explorations, &o


1:40 1825 1518 1783 1728 1842 1841 1690 1789 1815

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1712 1618 1619 leg 1829 1802 1835 1851 1667 1818 1863 1860 1835

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DIED. 1795 1854 1815 1849 1777

379 177€ 1723 1839 1850

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1864 1764 1775 1780 1854 1849

1691 1524 1515 1627 1738




Amer. Bartlett, Josiah, statesman, gov, N. II., &c.

1729 Eng. Wm. H., artist and author

1809 Amer. Barton, Benj. Smith, M. D., a learned physician and botanist 1766 Eng. , Bernard, the Quaker poet

174 Amer. Bartram, John, an eminent botanist

11-1 Gr. Basil, St., a celebrated father of the Greek church

326 Eng. Baskerville. John, eminent printer and publisher

1706 Fr. Basnage, de Beauval, James, historian

1653 Bassano, H. B. M., duke of, political writer and statesman

1758 Fr. Bastiat, Frederick, political economist

1. 01 amer. Bates, Edward, statesman and jurist .

1780 Amer. Bates, Joshua, banker, (Baring Bros.) in England,

17-8 Eng. Bath, William Pulteney, earl of, statesman

1682 Eng. Bathurst, earl of, statesman, friend of Pope, &o.

1684 Fr. Batteux, Charles, rhetorician and miscellaneous writer

1713 Hung. Batthyani, Kasimir, count, statesman

107 Hung. „Lajos, statesman, (shot by Haynau)

1802 Ger. Bauer, Btuno, an audacious opposer of Christianity

180° Ger. Baur, Ferd. Christ., professor of theology and author

1792 Eng. Baxter, Richard, an eminent divine and author

1615 Fr. Bayard, Peter, military commander

James A., a distinguished statesman and lawyer

Ger. Bayer, John, astronomer
Theophilus, chronologist and historian

Bayle, Peter, an eminent philosopher and critic, (' Bayle's Dic-

1617 Eng. Bayly, Thos. Haines, poet

1797 Eng. Beattie, James, L.L.D., poet

1735 Fr. Beauharnais, Hortense, ex-queen of Holland

, Eugene, son of the Empress Josephine, mil. com., viceroy of Italy, &c.

270 Fr. Beaumarchais, P. A. C. de, an eminent dramatist

1733 Fr. Beaumont, Elie de, mineralogist and geologist .

1748 Eng. Francis, dramatic writer

1955 Fr. Beauzée, Nicholas, an eminent grammarian .

1.4 Ital. Beccaria, John Baptist, an ecclesiastic and philosopher

1716 Ital.

Marquis, professor of political rconomy and author 1735 Amer. Beck, Lewis C., chemist and mineralogist

1800 Amer. Theo. Romeyn, author of medical jurisprudence .

1791 Eog. Becket, Thomas à, celebrated prelate and statesman

1119 Eng. Beckford, Wm., traveller and novelist (* Vathek)

1760 Ger. Beckmann, Johann, “ History of Inventions,' &c.



1706 1839 1803 1837


1824 1799

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1616 1789 1781 1743 1858 1855 1170 1844 1811

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1739 Fr. Becquerel, Antoine Cæsar, natural philosopher

1788 Brit. Bede, styled the Venerable, a learned Saxon monk and historian 672 Amer. Bedell, Gregory T., D. D., eloquent pulpit orator

Eng. Bedford, John, duke of, military commander
Amer. Beecher, Edward, theologian, (sun of Lyman).

-, Henry Ward, theologian and politician Amer.

Lyman, theologian and preacher
Eng. Beechey, Frederick W., admiral, Arctic voyager .

1796 Pruss. Beer, Michael, dramatic poet, (brother of Meyerbeer)

1800 Qer. Beethoven, Ludwig von, celebrated musical composer


185 1834 1435


1868 1856 1833 1827

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Bebaim, or Bohem, navigator and geographer .

1459 1506 Elg. Behn, Aphra, dramatic writer

16 10 1689 Russ Behring, Vitus, Arctic vavigator

1680 1701 Gur. Bekker, Emmanuel, philologist

1785 Eng. Belcher, Sir Edward, admiral, Arctio navigator

Rcm. Belisarius, a celebrated general and conqueror
Ital. Belgiojoso, Christina, princess of, accomplished & philanthropio 1808
Amer. Belknap, Jeremy, D. D., historian of New Hampshire .


1799 Scot. Bell, Henry, first successful steam navigator in Europe

1767 1830 Amer. John, statesman

1797 6co.. John, surgeon, anatomist, and physiologist

1763 1825 Scot Sir Charles, anatomist and physiologist .

1781 1812 Arcer. Bellamy, Joseph, D. D., a learned divine and author

1719 1790 Ita.

Bellarmin, cardinal, the champion of the Roman Catholic church 1542 1626 Fr. Bellau, Remi, poet

1533 1577 Fr. Beileisle, count de, military commander

16:4 17 1 Bog. Bellingham, Richard, royal governor of Massachusetts

1634 1.72 Itel. Belini, Vincenzo, musical composer

1808 1:35 Amer. Belɔws, Henry W., Unitarian clergyman and author

1814 Eng. Beloe, Wm., a divine and critic, translator of Herodotus, &c., 1756 1817 Fr. Belcn, William, naturalist and traveller

1518 1564 Eng. Belskam, William, historical, political and miscellaneous writer 1752 1827 Ital. Balzoni, the celebrated traveller in Egypt

1778 1823 Pol, Bem, Josef, general in Hungarian war against Austria

1795 139 Ital. Bemio, cardinal, one of the restorors of literature


1542 Eng. Bemb:7, John, a gallant admiral

1650 Ital. Benedict, St., one of the originators of monasteries

480 547 Ital. , XIII., pope, theological writer

1649 1728 Ital.

1675 1758 Fr. Benezet, Antony, pbilanthropist and historian, (died in America) 1713 1754 Ger. Bengal, Johann A., Lutheran theologian and philologist

1687 1752 Eng. Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy, author of historical memoirs

1778 1827 Amer. Benjamin, Park, poet, lecturer and journalist .

1809 1864 Sp. Jew of Tudela, rabbi, traveller in the East

1173 Bar. Benkadad, king of Syria

B. 0. 895 Scotch. Bennett, James Gordon, journalist

1800 Fr. Benserade, Isaac, wit and poet

1612 1601 Eng. Bentham, Jeremy, a political and philosophical writer

1742 1832 Eng. Bentley, Richard, an eminent critic and scholar

1662 1742 Amer. Benton, Thomas Hart, statesman and historian

1782 1858 Fr. Béranger, Pierre Jean de, lyrical poet


1857 Fr. Bérenger, A. M. M. F., statesman and jurist

1.85 Egypt. Berenice, the name of seven different queens of Egypt and Syria B. O. Ist to 3d cent Gor. Berghaus, Henry, mathematician and geographer,

1797 Swe. Bergman, professor of chemistry at Upsal

1786 1784 Bel. Beriot, Charles A. de, violinist and composer

1803 Irish. Berkley, George, bishop, an eminent prelate and philosopher 1684 1753 A mer. , William, governor of Virginia

1867 Er. Berlioz, Hector, musical composer

1903 Fr. Bernadotte, J. B. J., elected king of Sweden, as Charles XIV.

1844 Eng. Bernard, Edward, divine, Astronomer and author

1638 1897 Amer. Francis, governor of Massachusetts


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