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Electric Motor Car at

Thomson-Houston Electric Co.'s Factory, Lynn, Mass. THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIFRARY



Fig. 6.

Electric Motor Car at Nashua Manufacturing Co., Nashua, N. H.

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The tram-road at the Washington Mills, Lawrence, Mass., is used entirely for the transportation of coal. The motor car, in this case, is used as a locomotive and is capable of hauling a load of five thousand pounds. The illustration (Fig. 4) shows the car while making one of its trips in the yard.

A tramway was early put in use about the factories of the Thomson-Houston Electric Company, at Lynn, Mass. The track runs in and about all of the different factory buildings and yards, and abounds with curves, some of which are twelve feet radius, and grades, the maximum reaching fourteen per cent. This heavy grade is easily climbed with the greatest loads. Three motor cars are constantly in use, and the work of the factory is facilitated by them in a marked degree. The illustration (Fig. 5) shows one of the smaller cars in the yard.

Among the later tramway installations may be mentioned two roads at the Nashua Manufacturing Company, Nashua, N. H., and one at the Jackson Manufacturing Company, Nashua, N. H. Of the two located at the Nashua Manufacturing Company, one is used for transporting finished cloth from the cloth room to the storehouse, while the other is used for transporting cloth, as delivered by the mill, to the cloth room.

The former road consists of about one thousand eight hundred feet of standard gauge track (4' 8}") and is laid with T rails. The platform of the motor car is twelve feet long by eight feet wide, and is roofed so as to afford protection from rain or snow. The truck is equipped with two motors of three horse-power each. The illustration (Fig. 6) shows this car loaded and making a trip from the cloth room to storehouse.

The other road consists of about one thousand feet of thirty-six-inch gauge track. The platform of the motor car is ten feet long by four and one-half feet in width. This truck is equipped with one three horse-power motor. The illustration (Fig. 7) represents the car loaded with cloth.

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