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The Nashua Manufacturing Company has also placed in its wheel-room a generator of sufficient size to operate both tramroads; this generator is cared for by the regular wheelman.

The road located at the Jackson Manufacturing Company's mills is equipped with the double overhead trolley system. It is placed in the cotton storehouse and consists of about three hundred and fifty feet of forty-eight-inch gauge track. The platform of the motor car is twelve feet long by seven feet wide. The track is equipped with one three horse-power motor, this car being used for handling cotton in bales. The illustration (Fig. 8) represents the car when loaded with cotton, and also shows the form of double trolley used in this installation.

At Whitinsville, Mass., the Thomson-Houston Motor Company is installing an electric road for freight service. The track is about one and one-quarter miles in length and extends from the shops of the Whitin Machine Company to the New York, Providence & Boston R.R. at Whitins station, connecting with that road. There is to be operated upon this road an electric locomotive of sixty horse-power capacity, having sufficient power to haul two loaded freight cars, weighing one hundred and twenty thousand pounds, at a speed of six miles per hour, and also having power enough to start this load on athree and nine-tenths per cent. grade, if necessary. A generator of eighty-five horse-power capacity has been placed in the machine shop of the machine company and is driven from their main line of shafting.

The above briefly describes a few of the roads that can be seen at any time in successful operation.

The third head to be considered is the application of electricity to hoisting apparatus.

For hoisting work, machines are now made of almost any size and power, from the three horse-power whip, suitable for handling light loads at a high rate of speed, to eighty and one hundred horse-power machines for heavy work. A description of the fifteen horse-power hoist manufactured by the Thomson-IIouston Motor Company may be of interest to you.

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Fig. 7. Electric Motor Car at Nashua Manufacturing Co., Nashua, N. H.




Fig. 8.

Electric Motor Car at Jackson Manufacturing Co., Nashua, N. H. HE NEW YORK Bir LA RY



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