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spindles wiped. From eleven to fourteen readings were made from the empty bobbin to the full bobbin; and the average of all the readings is given in the table. The Emerson Power Scale was used; the oil used on scale being same as used in testing. The same oil used in testing spindles was also used on top rolls.

The tests were all made by Mr. William G. Nichols, who has served his time in the shop, and also in the mill; and who is thoroughly capable of making the most accurate tests.

The gravity used in the table, the flash point, the fire test and the cold test were made by Prof. L. M. Norton of the Institute of Technology, the cold test being the point at which the oil ceased to flow.

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1 Fountain Spindle Oil, Masury, Young & Co., .
2 Rabbeth Spindle Oil, E F. Houghton & Co., .
3 Sample No. 1,

Central Oil and Supply Co,
4 Sample No. 2,

Central Oil and Supply Co.,
5 W. W. Spindle Oil,

Waite, Williams & Co., 6 Special Imperial Spindle Oil, F. L. Young & Co., 7 Velocité Spindle Oil,

Vacuum Oil Company,

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Gravity, flash, fire and cold tests by Prof L. M. Norton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Emerson power scale, Huddleston's thermometers, Rowes' hygrodeik. All data taken under full operation of spinning.

1 Fountain Spindle Oil, Masury, Young & Co,. 86.3
2 Rabbeth Spindle Oil, . E. F. Houghton & Co., 84.9 91.8
3 Sample No. 1,

Central Oil and Supply Co, 81.3 93.4
4 Sample No. 2,

Central Oil and Supply Co., 84.9 94.9
5 W. W. Spindle Oil,

Waite, Williams & Co., 86.3 | 97.5 6 Special Imperial Spindle Oil, F. L. Young & Co.,

81.0 87.0 7 Velocité Spindle Oil,

Vacuum Oil Company, 84.1 90.8


1,057 | 9,100 2.11 76.30
48.2 1,061 9,100 1.87 85.76
50.9 1,050 9,100 | 2.09 76.95
51.8 1,061 / 9,100 2.07 77.57
55.4 1,060 | 9,100 2.22 72.12
44.4 1,065 9,100 1.88 85.22

1,064 9,100 | 1.86 86.6+

Note. — Spindle-revolutions per minute should be 9,100 plus or minus.

Mr. GOODALE then stated that he should continue these tests between now and the next meeting; and that it would take fully that length of time to test thoroughly all the oils that had been presented for testing; and that he should be very glad, if the Board of Government desired, to present these tests fully and completely, at the next meeting. He wished to emphasize the fact that it was not possible for him to do more than make a preliminary test for this meeting.

In response to a question, Mr. GOODALE stated that these tests were all made on the same frame, under the same conditions, as far as possible.

Mr. MESSENGER stated that in regard to the flash point of the velocité oil he had had five different chemical analyses made. The first one was made at the Institute; one test showed over 300. Another test was 297 or 298, and another one was 304. His experience was that the same oil, under flash tests, necessarily varies; but the result runs very close to 300, with the velocité oil.

Mr. PARKER then stated that the Board of Government had provided for the topical discussions for the present meeting, with some doubt as to just what the result would be ; and there were several more topics aranged for than they were sure would be discussed. As the time for adjournment had now arrived, he moved that the topics remaining be carried over to the next meeting, including the one now under discussion, “ Tests of spindle oils.” The motion was seconded and adopted.

Mr. PARKER also moved that the Board of Government he authorized to lay an assessment on the members of the Association, not exceeding ten dollars each, to defray the expenses of the association for the ensuing year. The motion was seconded and adopted.

The SECRETARY called the attention of the Association to the fact that, in making up catalogues of the members, it was often difficult to follow changes made in their place of residence; and requested members when they changed their residence to notify him, in order that the catalogue might be properly corrected.

On motion it was voted that, when the Secretary makes out his next annual report, he should classify the members according to their States, and also print a list of the past officers of the Association.


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