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bpeech to you, my friends. I wish you | feathers of the Otuu is Temeharo, * that
to send those idols to Britane for the is his name, look you, you may know it
Missionary Society, that they may know by the red feathers ; that was Vairaatoa's
the likeness of the gods that Tabiti wore own god, and those feathers were from
shipped. Those were my own idols, be the ship of Lieutenant Watts; + it was
longing to our family from the time of Vairaatoa that set them himself about
Taaroamanahune* even to Vairaatoa t: the idol. If you think proper, you may
and when he died he left them with me. burn thein all in the fire; or, its
And now, having been made acquainted send them to your country, for the in-
with the true God, with Jebovah, He is spection of the people of Europe, that
my God, and when this body of mine they may satisfy their curiosity, and
shall be dissolved in death, may the know Tahiti's foolish gods!
Three-One save me! And this is my This also is one thing tliat I want to
shelter, my close hiding place, even from inquire of you: when I go around Ta.
the anger of Jehovah. When he looks hiti, it may be that the Ratiras and
upon me, I will hide me at the feet of others will ask me to put down their
Jesus Christ the Saviour, that I may names; what shall I do then? Will it
escape. I feel pleasure and satisfaction be proper for me to write down their
in my mind; I rejoice, 1 praise Jehovah, names? It is with you-you are our
that he hath made known his word unto teachers, and you are to direct us.

I should have gone to destruction have had our prayer-meeting the begin-
if Jehovah had not interposed. Many ning of this month, February; it was at
have died, and are gone to destruction, Homai-au Vahi; the Ratiras and all the
kings and common people; they died people of the district assembled, Icaving
without knowing any thing of the true their houses without people. They said
God; and now when it came to the to me, “ Write down our names." I
small remainder of the people, Jehovah answered, “ It is agreed.” Those names
hath been pleased to make known his are in the enclosed paper, which I have
word, and we are made acquainted with sent for your inspection. Have I done
his good word, made acquainted with the wrong in this? Perhaps I have: let me,
deception of the false gods, with all that my friends, know the whole of your
is evil and false. The true God Jehovah, mind in respect of this matter. $
it was he that made us acquainted with May you, my friends, be saved by
these things. It was you that taught Jehovah the true God. I have written
us; but the words, the knowledge, was to Mahine for a house for the use of the
from Jehovah. It is because of this that missionaries; when they arrive, you
I rejoice, and I pray to Jehovah, that he will let Mahine know where the house
may increase my abhorrence of every is to be, and he will get the people to
evil way. The Three-One, he it is that remove it there, Let it be at Uaeva,
can make the love of sin to cease ; we
cannot effect that; man cannot effect
it; it is the work of God to cause evil
things to be cast off, and the love of • Temeharo was one of the principal
them to cease,

family gods of the royal family of l'a. I am going a journey around Tahiti, hiti; but Oro was the principal national to acquaint the Ratiras with the word of god, and to him alone human sacrifices God, and to cause them to be vigilant were offered, at least in modern times. about good things. The word of God Temeharo is said to have a brother does grow in Tahiti, and the Ratiras are called Tia; these were famous men, diligent about setting up houses for wor

deified after their death. ship; they are also diligent in seeking

+ Lieutenant Watts visited Tahiti in instruction, and now it is well with Tahiti.

the Lady Penrhyn, 1788. That principal idol, that has the red I This (say the Missionaries,) was

in invitation of us; for during 1814

and 1815, after our monthly missionary Taaroamanahune lived some ages prayer.meetings, we used to take down ago, and was one of the ancestors of Po. the names of such as renounced Hea. mare's family

thenism and embraced Christianity in a

public manner; but since the state of + Vairuatoa, one of the names of old affairs is altered in the islands, and the Pomare, the king's father, and though a profession of Christianity is become friend to the missionaries, yet he was a general, we have thought proper to disa most zealous advocate for the guds, and continue the practice, as now not likely the old religion,

to answer the ends intended,

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near you.

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It is reported here, that there is a ship | It is supposed that more than 200 per. at Morea, and I was thinking it might be sons were assembled on the dock, to the ship with the missionaries; but may bid them a final adieu, and to give them be ibat it is only an idle report. How their benediction. It was such a scene ever, should the missionaries arrive at as was witnessed at Miletus. The paMorea, write to me quickly, that I may rents, and brothers, and sisters, and, know. Let me know also, what news indeed, all who were present, wept; there may be from Europe, and from and many fell on their necks and kissed Port Jackson. Perhaps King George them ; sorrowing, most of all, that they inay be dead, let me know. I shall not should see their faces no more. None go around Tahiti before the month of discovered so much fortitude as the misa March.

sionaries themselves. While their friends May you be saved, my friends, by were all weeping around them, they Jehovah, and Jesus Christ the only Sa- manifested great firmness. When sister viour by whom we sinners can be saved. Wherlock stepped on the plank which

POMARE, King of Tahiti, &c. &c. connected the vessel with the wharf, she Tahiti Motuta, Feb. 19. 1816.

observed to female friend, “I would not exchange situation with any of you."

One incident occurred which was suffi. DEPARTURE OF THE AMERICAN

cient to have melted a heart of stone, BAPTIST MISSIONARIES FOR

When the vessel began to move, the BURMAH.

father of Mr. Wheelock, with all the tender anguish of a parent, took off his

hat and exclaimed, “Willard ! my dear Letter from the Rev. D. Sharp, of Boston,

son ! let me see your face once more !" dated Dec. 17, 1817.

Willard came to the side of the vessel. As it was expected that Messrs. James The father gazed on his amiable son, Colman and Edward Willard Wheelock, then covered his head, and immediately with their wives, would sail in a few forced his way through the crowd to his days for India, a special prayer meeting carriage. Just before the vessel left the was held on Tuesday evening, Nov. 11, wharf, Dr. Baldwin engaged in prayer, in the second Baptist meeting-house in recommending the missionaries to God. Boston, for the purpose of commending and the word of his grace. A hymn them to the guidance, protection, and was sung expressive of earnest desires, blessing of heaven.

that He, who holds the winds in his fist, The weather was not pleasant, but a would conduct them in safety over the large assembly was convened.

The mighty deep. services commenced at half-past six It will, no doubt, be a source of gra. o'clock, and continued till half-past tification to many, to be informed, ihat nine. Eight ministring brethren prayed: the supercargo of the Independence is a few short addresses were intermingled, a pious man. Though a member of an. and hymns appropriate to the occasion other denomination, yet he appears to were sung. It was a sweet and solemn love all who love our Lord Jesus Christ.

A spirit of grace and suppli- This circunstance will greatly contrication prevailed to an uncommon de- bute to the comfort of our dear young gree. Those who were mouth for the friends. When the writer of this article people to God, appeared to feel as

gave the parting band to one of the Jacob did when he said, “ I will not let missionaries, his last words were, “Oh, thee go except thou bless me.” If the do pray for us! dear Sir, do pray for friends of Christ who were present had us !” It is hoped, that all who take an uttered the language of their hearts, interest in the Burman mission, will not they would have exclaimed with one only contribute of their substance for accord, “ Lord, it is good for us to be its support, but cause their prayers to here!" Though the meeting was pro- ascend before God, that his presence tracted to an unusual length, it was

may go with the missionaries, and that evident that the congregation separated he may give them favour in the sight of with feelings of regret.

the heathen. On Lord's-day, Nov. "16, at ten o'clock, A. M. our dear missionary brethren, with their companions, embarked in the ship Independence, Capt. Bangs,

Extract of a Letter from Mr. Ellis, Bapfor Calcutta; at which place they will

tist Minister, of Newbury, in the State ombrace the first opportunity to obtain

of New York. a passage for Rangoon.

“ The state of religion and of the The parting scene was truly affecting. Baptist churches is greatly on the in



crease on this side of the ocean. la | the great Householder, to leave this many of the New England states pleas-world and to enter into rest. The pro. ing revivals have taken place, both per inhabitants of the country are Maamong the Presbyterians and the Baphomedans; but there are persons of tists. In New York and Philadelphia almost every religious profession to be our churches have liad great additions. met with at Batavia. In two of the churches in Philadelphia, “ Our prospects are not very flattere 110 were added last year. In one in ing, but we have some hopeful appearthis state, 69, and in one in another ances among those who have been pretty association, [the name illegible,] 174; regular in their attendance on Mr. Roand, generally, the rest are receiving binson's preaching. Our church in Java additions also. This will afford joy to consists of nine members. We have you, and all with whom you are con- worship seven times a week, and also a nected in gospel bonds. Mission busi- weekly prayer meeting, for the spread ness goes on prosperously. We antici. of the gospel throughout the world, and pate the predicted downfall of the prince particularly on this island. We have. of darkness. The Saviour is becoming five persons who can pray with fluency, the desire of all nations."

propriety, and fervour in Malay; and it does me good to see the people at

tend." Extract of a Letter from Mr. Phillips,

Baptist Missionary at Java, to a Mem. ber of the Church in Eagle-street, London. Singular Account of some Jews in Holland. " Java, Sept. 20, 1817,

-Eatract from a Letter received from

a Clergyman in Scotland. I am no longer surrounded by the The son of Dr. Ross, one of the mic lovers of our Redeemer. Where I am nisters of Aberdeen, has been on the called to reside, there are no Sunday continent with his tutor lately. The schools -no zealous teachers, scarcely following is an extract from his journal: any Christian friend to encourage, to advise, or to strengthen me; the mass

" Some gentlemen in the passageof those who are called Christians, are

boat between Amsterdam and Utrecht, worse than Heathens or Mahomedans. happened to meet with several Jews. “ But what is it that has raised Bri.

The weather was then very unfavourtain to its present eminence? The Gos able, (it was just before harvest,) and pel. Well, then! let me preach this this formed the subject of their conver. gospel, and labour to be a diligent and

sation. One of the Jews observed, that faithful missionary; and though few of it was a judgment upon the Christians those by whom I am surrouuded are

for their disrespect to the Messiah, the disposed to encourage me in my work, Saviour of the world. And what do I have the promise of him who is faithful you care about the Messiah,' said one and true, that the word of our testimony of the gentlemen,' are not you Jews?" shall finally prevail. The Almighty has

Yes,' rcplied the other, but we graciously blessed me with a most ex.

believe as firmly in Christ as most cellent companion in my partner for Christians do. We have been long selife. Her pious counsels' and affection. parated from the synagogue, and meet ale behaviour often cause my heart to by ourselves to read the New Testaascend in grateful praise to our never

ment, and pray to Jesus Christ; our failing Friend. Providence has blessed

numbers are very considerable in Amme with a daughter, who is now nearly

sterdam.' • But why,' asked the gen. three months old-she is strong and tleman, 'do you not come forward and

Sir,' lively. I am upon the eve of sailing join the Christians at once ?' from Batavia to Samarang, a place replied the Jew, “your practice and proabout 300 miles distant, and there i fession are so much at variance, that desire to spend my days in the service

we think we are better by ourselves.' of Jesus. I have made a sufficient de. gree of progress in the Malay language to enable me to travel over the country; and when I arrive at Samarang, I in

NOTICE, tend to apply closely to the Javanese tongue, in order to translate the sacred

The Committee of the Baptist scriptures into that language. Mr. Missionary Society will hold their Trowt, a valuable missionary, was en. next Meeting at Salisbury, on Thursgaged in it: but he has been called by day, March the 19th.




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dccount of Moneys received by the Treasurer of the Baptist Missionary Society, from

October 1, 1817, to February 1, 1818; not including Individual Subscriptions and Donations.

o£ s. d. Oxfordshire Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Parsons, Treasurer....... 33 5 41 Hants and Wilts Assistant Society, by the Rev. John Saffery

360 10 11 Glasgow Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Deakin, Treasurer,

Mission ...£133 17 3
Translations 71 3

225 0

Schools 19 19 0 Glasgow Youths' Missionary Society, by Mr. J. M. Duncan

30 6 York and Lancaster Assistant Society, by W. Hope, Esq. Treasurer.. 91 18 4 Berkshire Assistant Society, by Mr. Bicheno, Treasurer

166 19 Paisley Youths' Society for promoting Religious Purposes Portsea Missionary Society, White's Row, by the Rev. W. Hawkins 20 Huntingdonshire Society in aid of Missions, by E. Martin, Esq. 55 9 Hammersmith Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Hanson..

37 5 Northamptonshire Association of Independt. Ministers, by Mr. Inkersole 20 Hamilton Bible and Missionary Society, for the Translations, by Mr.

Matthews Eagle-street (London) Juvenile Missionary Society, by Mr. Napier.. 24 Hackney Association for the Establishment of Native Schools in India 25 O Chathaia Juvenile Auxiliary Missionary Society, by Mr. Davies, Jun. 20 16 Perthshire Missionary Society, by the Rev. Mr. Willisden

10 0 Ridgmont Female Society

5 10 0 Potter-street Auxiliary Society, by the Rev. John Bain Bristol Juvenile Branch of Auxiliary Society

10 11 102

S4 13 3
Broadmead Auxiliary Society ...

9 16 1

15 2 10 King-street ..... ditto ..... Half-year

23 8 6 Dunfermline Auxiliary Society, by the Rev. W. Jones,

Mission 27 11 10
Translations 5 6

31 % 4

Schools.... 5 0 East Lothian Society for the Spread of the Gospel, by ditto

8 8 0



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Collingham & Newark, Collection & Subscriptions, by Rev. W Nicholls 36 14 6

by Mr. Pearce.... 3 10

( Bewdley,

by ditto

6 0 0 Evesham,


.by Rev.L.Butterworth 10 9 9 Nottingham,


by Rev. J. Saffery 72 yill Loughborough,

by ditto

7 16 © Sheepshead,

by ditto

12 15 6 Cottesbrook, Penny a Week Society, by Mr. Hobson....

3 0 0 Hamsterly, Rev. C. Whitfield, and Friends

6 0 Thrapstone, Collection and Subscriptions

22 16 9 Sevenoaks,

by Mr. Comfort

20 15 0 Exeter,

by Rev. R. Hogg.

19 6 4 Swansea ...


by Rev. Joseph Harries, 16 16 9 Luton,

by Rev. E. Daniel

22 6 7 Deal, a few friends at, by Mr. Reynolds

5 0 Edinburgh, Penny a Week Society, by the Rev. W. Innes

28 18 3 Norwich, a few friends, by the Rev. J. Kinghorn

8 9 0. Paulton, Baptist Church at, by Dr. Ryland

6 0


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ANONYMOUS, by Post to Mr. Burls.

Native Schools £50
Burn, Mr. Ground Rent to Michaelmas, 1817, by Mr. Burls
Net Proceeds of a Silver Waiter,.....

R. B. Wiltshire, for the Translations, by the Rev. Mr. Keeble
Green, Miss Lydia, Bath, a Bequest
M. W. S. Edinburgh, for a Native Preacher

by ditto
by ditto

106 13 0 7 10 6 8 06 5 0 0 20 0 0 10 0



At the half-yearly meeting of the This excellent institution has lately Northamptonshire Association of Indemet witli violent opposition from menj- pendent ministers, held at Creaton, bers of the church of England! This Sept. 25, 1817, Mr. Aston, pastor of the attack was commenced a few months church at Creaton in the chair, the ansince at the establishment of an Auxiliary nual collections for the support of the Society in the City of Bath, (the Bishop missions were received, and the follow. of Gloucester in the chair,) when the ing sums voted. To the Moravian MisRev. J. Thomas, Archdeacon of Bath, sions 301. ; to the Baptist Mission for delivered a fulminating protest against the Translation of the Scriptures 201. ; the proposed society. This was after- to the London Missionary Society wards published in many of the public 1441. 45. 1d. journals; and has been very satisfactorily answered by the Rev. D. Wilson, of St. John's Chapel, Bedford-row.

Poetry. Many persons concluded, that the archdeacon knew at the time that he was in “ the way to Canterbury,” in his op

THE CHOICE OF DEACONS. position to the evangelical clergy; and 1 Tim. iii. 8-13. Paraphrased. this conjecture has been confirmed, by with rev'rence let the church receive the circumstance of the Archbishop having bestowed on the reverend gen- The laws her Sov'reign deigns to give, tleman the living at Deptford, value

In choosing deacons let her see 5001. per annurn, and another living to

They're such as with the word agree. bis son-in-law of 1000l. per annum. We They must be grave in years and nien, feel persuaded, however, that notwith. Not young, nor haughty, light, nor vain; standing all these difficulties, the Church Mature in age, in manners kind, Missionary Society will continue and in- And these with understanding join d. crease its exertions; and that there are Attend to what the scriptures teach, friends enough to the cause of missions Choose not a man of double speech ; in the church of England, to prevent | One who will flatter to your face, the society from failing for want of sup. But absent aim at your disgrace. port. God has set before it" an open of men who love much wine beware, and an effectual door, though there are Such ought not in the church t'appear; many adversaries!"

Such prodigals, were you to choose,

Would, as their own, your substance use. ASSOCIATIONS.

With equal care let those be shunn'd,

Who are of filthy lucre fond;

Such parsimonious souls be sure
SEPT. 17. 1817, the Hants and Wilts will have no bowels for the poor.
Assistant Society in aid of the Baptist Your deacons, as th' apostle saith,
Mission held their third and last asso-

Must hold the myst'ry of the faith ; ciation for the year at Salem chapel, And truth with righteousness be join'd, Portsea. There was an early meeting Sound judgment with a holy mind. for prayer:

Mr. Giles preached in the morning, from Gal. v. 22; and Mr. Saf

If they are marry'd, they must prove fery in the evening, from Mark, xiv. Chaste, constant, faithful in their love; 32–56. Mr. Bulgin preached the pre- Their parents honour and obey.

And, have they children, see that they ceding evening, from Matt. xiij. 47-50. The devotional parts of the services Their wives must not be vain and light, were conducted by the brethren Read, Nor yet in slana'rous tales delight; Bulgin, Dore, Giles, Miall, Clay, Tilly, But grave and sober should appear, and Headden. There was a collection In all things faithful and sincere. in the evening in aid of village preach. Thus let the men you choose be prov'd, ing. The afternoon was occupied in the Men for their virtues much beloved ; business of the Association, and in re. Such here to eminence shall rise, ceiving subscriptions and collections for And have a mansion in the skies. the mission, ainounting to 360l. 10s. 1d

The next association is to be at New port, on Wednesday in the Easter week.

G. F.

Errata. The brethren Russell, Miall, and Saf. fery to preach ; the former on “Peace Page 84, line 5, dele girds. as a fruit of the Spirit.” Mr. Millard, 86, line 13, for second, read sound. or Mr. Bulgin, to preach the preceding

line 21, for doctrines, read dark. evening.


London : Printed by J. BARFIELD, 91, Wardour-Street, Soho.

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