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Goodman's Fields, London, Auxiliary Baptist Missionary Society, £. s. d. by W. Morris, Esq. Tidasurer,

42 0 Leighton Buzzard, Penny Society at the Rev. Mr. Wake's, by Mr.

Saunders, Treasurer, (including: £1 5s. 6d. from Sunday
School Children, at Great Brickhill)

30 7 1 Bedfordshire, Baptist Association, by Mr. R. Saunders, Treasurer, col

lected at Steventoli, May 13, 1818......... £6 2s. 3 d.
Granted out of the Association Fund..

9 10 3

15 12 61 Friends, by the Rev. Mark Wilks, of Norwich

0 Colnbrook, Collection, by the Rev. Samuel Rowles

10 11 0 Ailie Street Female Auxiliary Society, by the Rev. W. Sbenstone

20 10

21 6 6 Sunday School Children, by ditto...

16 Baptist Free School, by Mr. W. B. Kendrick

4 13 9 Phipps Bridge, Mitchan, by Mr. S. Pratt

6 14 0 Woolwich, Subscriptions, by the Rev. W. Freeman

24 6 5 Essex Baptist Association, by the Rev. J. Pilkington

10 0 0 Mr. Bagster, Profits on the Sale of “ Tucker on Predestination”

19 4 11 Langham, Essex, Subscriptions, &c. by the Rev. Z. Trevett

13 19 0 Anonymous, from Essex, by Mr. Burls

50 0 A Friend, by ditto.....

50 0 Legacy of the late Mr. George Fell

21 0 Duty

18 18 0

2 Collections at the Annual Sermons in London, by Mr. Burls

312 East Dereham, Norfolk, Rev. J. Green and Friends

8 3 6 A Tradesman, in Arrears to the Baptist Mission, by the Rev. Dr. Newman

4 0 0 Workmen and Apprentices, at a Flour Mill, in Norfolk

1 0 Part of a Collection, by the Rev. James Upton

6 0 Unknown Friend, by ditto

0 Sunday School Children, by ditto

0 13

no 13 Ipswich, Salem Chapel, Collection at,' by the Rev. Ms. Weare

8 0 Two Friends in Essex, by Mr. Burls

10 10 Chelsea, Collection at the Rev. 0. Clarke's Meeting, after a sermon by the Rev. S. Saunders

27 Keppel-street Auxiliary Baptist Missionary Society, by J. Marshall, Esq. for one year, to July 1, 1818

56 19 1 Maze Pond Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Beddomę

38 Church-street, Blackfriars, Auxiliary Society, at the Rev. Mr. Upton's, by the Rev. R. Pontifex...

46 15 10 Cambridge Auxiliary Society, with Friends in the Vicinity

70 0 0 * Collected in Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, by Messrs. Saffery and Winterbotham. Braintree

£8 17 Coggershall

6 17 6 Colchester

9 10 Earl's Colne

4 0 Halstead

12 10 Harlow

19 11 Harwich

1 1 9 Kelvedon


0 Maldon

4 16 0 Potter-street

2' 5 0 Saffron Walden..

..... 2014 Sawbridgeworth

7 0 0 Tiptry Heath

3 06 Witham

12 12 6

118 19 11 Grundesburgh

3 8 7 Ipswich

12 7 Needham Market Stownarkot



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8 13 Walton

% 16 2

28 6 4

* Particolars of these Sums will be published shortly in the P. A.

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(Collections in Esser, Suffolk, and Norfolk, continued:) Claxton

£10 9 0 Diss

7 2 6 Eye

7 16 1 Norwieli, vis. Rev. W. Hall and Friends

14 6 0 Rev. J. Kinghorn, and ditto

140 14 9 Rev. M. Wilks, and ditto.

55 6 11 Tabernacle

3 17 5 Shelfanger

3 7 Yarmouth

4 2 6

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* Collected in Kent and Sussex, by the Rev. John Edwards. Ashford

4 16 6 Brighton

13 6 Ditto, a Donation froin Wm. Wigney, Esq. 10 0 Broadstairs

4 6 Canterbury

12 10 6 Cranbrook

2 83 Eythorne

17 10 3 Lewes

9 5 0 Margale

12 13

91 2 115


For the Translations and Schools. Collection at the Old Independent Meeting, Westbury, by the Rev. W. S. Palmer •

2 S 9 Chester, Ladies' Association for Translations, by Miss Williamson.. 8 10

T. 8 3 0 Liverpool, Friends at, by W. Hope, Esq.

S. 4 3 0 Newcastle-on-Tyne, Penny Society, by Miss Angas

25 0 Mrs. Bolton, for a Native School, in the E. I. where 40 Children can be educated, for that sum, for one year

15 Subscriptions for Native Schools, by the Rev. Mark Wilks

150 0 0 Subscriptions towards printing an Edition of the S. S. in one of the

Eastern Languages Mrs. James, Hackney

10 0 Dirs. Gouldsmith, Islington

10 0 0 A Friend, by Mr. G. Sarjent, Battle

10 0 0

30 0
* Collected in Kent and Susser, by the Rev. John Edwards.
Ashford, Friends at

S. 3 1

T. 1 0

T. 11 1

T. 4 12


0 * Collected in Esser, Suffolk, and Norfolk, by Mess?s. Saffery and Winterbotham.


T. 1 3 6 Colchester

T. & S. 4 8 6

T. 2 12

S. 1 15

T. 0 10 6 Needham Market T. & S. 5 10 Norwich

T. 2 0 0 Saffron Walden

T. & S. 4 o 0 Yarmouth

S. 11 9 10 No. XXXIII. of the Periodical Accounts of the Baptist Mission, is now in the Press, and will include the Substance of an interesting “Review of the Mission,” just received, and formiyg a Continuation of the History, up to December last. This Number will complete Vol. VI. after which, it is intended to publish the Ac. counts in a more condensed Form.

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Particulars of these Sums will be published shortly in the P. A.



Society for the Relief of Aged and In. firm Protestant Disscoting Ministers,

JOHN. GURNEY, Esq. in the Chair,

The following Resolutions were passed AGED AND INFIRM

unanimously: Protestant Dissenting Ministers. That a Society be formed for the re.

lief of Aged and Infirm Protestant Dis

senting Ministers, of the three denomi. Ir has long been matter of surprise nations, Presbyterian, Independent, and and regret, that while some provision Baptist, in necessitous circumstances, has been inade for almost every species and that the title of the Society be, “ A of distress, so little attention has been Society for the Relief of Aged and Infirm paid to the case of Aged Protestant Dis. Protestant Dissenting Ministers." senting Ministers, who have spent the That the objects of this Institution be greater part of their lives in endeavour. Protestant Dissenting Ministers, accepting to promote the best interests of their.ed and approved in their respective defellow-creatures. It is scarcely possible nominations, who are incapitated by age, to conceive any objects of Christian be.

or other infirmities. nevolence, possessing stronger claims to

That a subscriber of One Guinea anour sympathy and aid, than are to be nually, be a member of the Society. found among persons of this description, That a subscriber of Ten Guineas in Some are wholly incapacitated for pub- one payment, be a member for life, lic service, and, in the decline of life, That a subscriber of Fifty Guineas in find themselves in a dopendant, and one sum, or Five Guineas annually, be qyen destitute state ; and others, who do at liberty to attend, and vote at all meet. not wholly discontinue their labours, ings of the Committee. experience, from the loss of friends by That the business of the Society be death, and other causės, a serious dini-conducted by a Treasurer and Compution of their income, when, in conse, mittee; the Comınittee to consist of quence of their growing infirmities, an eighteen members; viz. two ministers increase of it is needed. Anit, in some and four laymen of each denomination. instances, their painful feelings are

That one-third of the Committee shall heightened by the thought, (which will be renewed annually; the first two years at times force itself upon their minds.) by lot, as to those who retire; and by that they are supposed by many to re

ballot, as to those who are to be intro. tain their station for a mere subsistence, duced; and subsequently by rotation, as when they are no longer useful. The to those who go out. prospect of such an issue, to a long life That the Committee shall meet four devoted to the Ministry, must excite times in the year; and a special meetanxious fears in the breasts of younger ing may be called by a requisition af ministers, and tend to damp their zeal. three members.

To alleviate these fears, and, at the That there be five Auditors, of which same time, to afford some substantial re- two only shall be chosen from the Com lief to the sufferers themselves, a few iniitee. individuals directed their attention to a That there shall be a General Meeting plan for the assistance of Aged and In- of the Society held annually, on the last firm Protestant Dissenting Ministers, in Tuesday in May; at which the Trea. necessitous circumstances.

After se

surer, Committee, Auditors, and otber veral meetings of dissenters of the three officers, shall be chosen, the audited denominations, it has been deemed de- accounts of the last year presented, and sirable, and found practicable, to unite a Report made of the proceedings of the Weir efforts, as in the “ Widow's Fund,” | Committee. to carry this design into effect. A That a Special General Meeting of society, accordingly, has been formed, the Society may be called by the Comits officers appointed, and a liberal sub mittee, or on the requisition of any ten scription already commenced. In aid members of the Society. of the funds of this Institution, the con.

That in consideration of the munificent tributions of the friends of religion and donation made by the Rev. T. Tayler, humanity are respectfully and earnestly the Rev. Dr. Collyer, the Rev. J. solicited.

Philipps, and James Gibson, Esq. Trus. tees under the Will of the late William,

Coward, Esq. they shall be permanent Ala General Meeting, held at the members of the Committee.

King's Head, in the Poultry, on Tues- That in consideration of the inunificent day, June 2. 1818, to establish a donation made by the Rev. John Towna,


end, and the Rev. Dr. Collyer, of Trust

was set apart to the pastoral office. The Money, at their disposal, the Rev. John service commenced with reading and Townsend shall be a permanent member prayer, by the Rev. Mr. Belcher, late of of the Commiitee; the Rev. Dr. Collyer | Worcester; the Rev. G. Pritchard de. being included in the former Resolution. | livered an address on the nature of a

That another General Meeting be held | Christian church, and asked the usual at this house, on Tuesday, the 16th In questions; the Rev. J. Ivimey gave stant, at eleven, for twelve o'clock; and the charge, from 1 Peter, iv. 10, 11. that the Committee be instructed to print The ordination.prayer was offered by and circulate the Resolutions the Rev.W. Shenstone, who also preach. adopted, to solicit support, and present to ed to the church, from 1 Cor. xvi. 10. the next Meeting the names of gentle. Suitable hymns were selected and read, men for Treasurer, members of the Com- by Mr. Keene. mittee, and Secretary.

That the cordial thanks of this Meeting be given to John Gurney, Esq. for HANTS AND WILTS ASSOCIATION. the interest he has taken in the forma tion of this Society, and for his conduct JULY 22, 1818.The Baptist churches, in the chair this day..

forming the Assistant Mission Society for

Hants and Wilts, held their Midsummer At a General MEETING, held at the

Association at Lymington. Mr. Clare King's Head, in the Poultry, on

preached, from Galatians,. v. 22, on Tuesday, June 16, 1818, (HENRY

Long-suffering as a fruit of the Spirit;" WAYMOUTH, Esq. in the Chair;) and

and Mr. Hawkins in the evening, from a Meeting of the Committee, beld on

Acts, vii. 59, 60. Mr. Miall preached the same day, to appoint a Secretary,

in the preceding evening. There was an

tarly prayer-meeting. The devotional the following officers were chosen to conduct the business of the Society for services were conducted by Messrs. the ensuing year :

Clare, Rutter, Dore, Miall, Russell, Bul

gin, and Millard. The next Association TREASURER.

will be held at White's Row, Portsea, Jaines Gibson, Esq.

October 7: Messrs. Bulgin, Russell, and

Millard, to preach. The morning ser.
James Gibson, Esq. I A. Waymouth, Esq. mon to be on Christian Gentleness.
J. Esdaile, Esq. J. Addington, Esq.

Rev. Thomas Cloutt.

Subscriptions to the Widow and Family of

the late Rev. W. Bradley, continued. COMMITTEE. J. Addington, Esq Rev. J. Hughes,

t s. d. Rev. J. Barrett,


Hackney, in addition to former

6 0 Rev.J.Brooksbank Rev. W. Newinan,

0 Edward Busk, Esq.

Rev. Mr. Pritchard's Congre-

gation, Keppel street .....

06 Wm. Esdaile, Esq. S. Nicholson, Esq. T. Gillespie, Esq.

Rev A. Rees, D.D. | Rev. Mr. Ivimely's ditto,
W. Gillman, Esq.
F. A. S. &c.


6 J. Gurney, Esq.

J. Trueman, Esq. A Friend, by Mr. Thomas, J. Gutteridge, Esq. | H.Waymouth, Esq.

of Abergavenny

1 0 R. Holt, Esq.

Rev. R. Winter, Joseph Gutteridge, Esq. DenE. Maitland, Esq: D. D.

mark Hill.

2 2 0 Dr. Newman, Stepney.

1 0 Donations and Subscriptions are re

2 Mr. Bailey, Windsor

0 ceived by the Treasurer, No. 10, Great Friends, by the hands of Win. St. Helens; the Secretary, No. 14,

Gillman, Esq..

6 0 Penton-row, Walworth; and by Sir The Household of Messrs. SutJames Esdaile, and Co. Lombard-street.

taby and Co.

1 16 0 Sundry Friends


Mr. E. Robinson, Overberry NEW CHURCH FORMED,


1 0 0 AND ORDİNATION. Mrs. Head, Bradford........ 1

0 0

Rev. J Edwards's CongregaOn Tuesday evening, August 11, seven tion, Little Wild-street .... 15 00 baptized persons from the congregation which assembles for divine worship in Titchfield-street, were united in church- We are obliged to defer many articles fellowship; after wbich, Mr. John Buck of Domestic Intelligence.




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