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signed by his venerable Sovereign, who, | Letter from His Majesty the King, to the on one occasion, expressed the hope,

Central Bible Society. that he should live to see the day, when

I HAVE observed, with peculiar inevery subject in his realm would be able terest, the happy success which has atto read his Bible; and his Lordship, act.

tended our exertions to promote the pro. ing upon the same principle, hoped the mulgation of the Holy Scriptures, comday was fast approaching, when every municated to me in your letter of the man throughout the whole world would 19th of this month, which accompanied be able to read the Bible, and have it to

your Second Report; and I join you in read, in his own language.

the wish you express at the conclusion of it. “ May the Giver of all good bless

what is doing, with a sincere desire to From the Third Report of the Prussian promote the extension of his kingdom Central Bible Society, from August, among all nations.” (Signed)

FREDERIC WILLIAM. 1816, to August, 1817.

Berlin, February 21, 1817, In the three years since the establishi- To the President and Directors of the ment of the Bible Society, there have

Central Bible Society in Berlin. been circulated, German Bibles.

9944 copies. From the Fourth Report of the Bombay Bohemian ditto

3347 ditto,

Auxiliary Bible Society. Polish ditto 3952 ditto.

September, 1817. Wendish ditto

400 ditto.

The Committee have great satisfaction

in reporting, that they have supplied, to Total ..... 17643 ditto.

a considerable extent, among the EuroOf German New Testa

pean soldiers under this Presidency, the ments, in the three

deficiency of English Bibles and Testa2101 copies.

ments, which they lamented in their last years Ditto of the Ratisbon


433 ditto. In this they have been much assisted, edition

both by favour of His Excellency the Dilto Polish New Tes.

655 ditto. Commander in Chief, and by a very li. taments

beral supply from the Naval and Mili. Together ... 3489 ditto.

tary Bible Society of London.

T'he Commander in Chief, with the Making a general Total of 21,132 ditto. most laudable attention to the wants of

the European soldiers, recommended to Auxiliary Societies have this year also the government, that a certain number of been formed at Ruhland, in Upper Lu- English Bibles and Testaments should be satia, and at Rubrort, in the yicinity of assigned for the use of the patients in Duisburg; and from the connexion in the hospitals belonging to the different which they stand with other filial Socie- corps and detachments, and maintained ties, the sphere of action of the latter is at the public expense. This recommenlikely to be enlarged.

dation having met with the ready apAlthough the exertions of all these fi- probation of the Right Honourable the lial Societies are, in a great measure, ob- Governor in Council, was forwarded structed by the still continuing difficulty with that sanction to the Committee, of obtaining a supply of Bibles, there is who immediately took the necessary steps a prospect, that, by the new editions to fulfil a proposition which so entirely now undertaken, and the enlargement promoted the wishes and views of the of other, printing establishments, the Society. supply may be rendered equal to the de- No sooner did the Naval and Military mand.

Bible Society of London come to the May the zeal for the dissemination of knowledge, that many applications from the Holy Scriptures never cool among us! commanding officers of ships and regiMay it be excited in all who feel deeply ments for the Holy Scriptures in the interested in the progress of the Gospel, English language, could not be complied by a due consideration of the want of the with by the Bombay Society, for want of Holy Scriptures, and of the blessed ef- an adequate supply, than they unanifects resulting from

the promulgation of mously resolved to send out 250 Bibles, the word of God! Then, with the bless- and 500 Testaments, for the use of the ing of the Lord, this our work will infal- navy and army under this government. libly contribute to build up and edify These Bibles and Testaments have been the church of Christ, both in pụrity of received by the Commillee, and will be doctrine, and holiness of life.

carefully distributed.





At the request of an Armenian gentle

BRIDGENORTH. £ s. d. man, a few Armenian Testaments were R. Bourne, Esq. donation 1 1 0 sent for the use of a school at Bushire; J. Sing, Esq. ditto

1 1 0 and there is reason to believe, that many Collected at the Baptist Chapel 4 4 more might be usefully distributed

SHREWSBURY. among the Armenian churches in Persia. Hawley, Mr. donation. 1 1 0 The few copies of the Syriac Gospels Smith, Rev. W. ditto..

1 1 received from England, at the time that Wilkenson, Mr. ditto.

1 the last Report was printing, have been Wrentenal, collection at ,.... 2 0 forwarded to the residents of Travancore Small sums amounting to.....

3 0 and Cochin, for the use of the Syrian Christians on the Malabar coast : they

£12 12 proved exceedingly acceptable, and are said by their priests to be correctly

The intelligence which the Committee printed, in a very legible and beautiful of this Society continue to receive, is of type. There are very few copies of the the most interesting nature; nothing but Syriac Testaments among them; and

such affecting facts as are laid before the Catanars, or Clergy, expressed a

them at their monthly meetings, could very anxious wish to have copies of the

convince them of one-half of the ignowhole of the Holy Scriptures printed in a

rance and moral misery, which still presimilar manner. As the Committee bave vail in England and its adjacent islands. since received a further supply of these

It is therefore earnestly hoped that this Gospels, they will not fail to forward

and all similar institutions, will receive them for distribution in the best manner.

such support from the Christian public, as may enable them to continue and ex.

tend their operations, till every town, BAPTIST ITINERANT AND BRITISH village, and hamlet in the kingdom have

a preached gospel within their reach; Missionary Society.

and thereby possess and enjoy the best

guardian of public morals, and the only The following Subscriptions and Col. safe guide to everlasting happiness. lections were received by the Rev. The following extract of a letter from JAMES UPTON (of London) for the one of our Itinerants to the Secretary, is

Baptist Itinerant and British Mission- a specimen of the correspondence refer. ary Society," in August, 1818.

sed to, £ s. d.

DEAR Sir, Tresco, Aug. 21, 1818. Abergavenny, collection at.. 6


The increasing state of the schools BristolCounterslip Meeting,do. 5 19 0 made the last parcel of tracts very acBradford, Wilts, ditto

5 10 8 Ditto, Rev.J.Hinton, donation 1

ceptable; but we still want many more 0

school books. The Lord has also been Bourton-on-the-Water,collect. 7 4 5

graciously pleased to give me oppor. Bradley, ditto.....

2 5 6

tunities of preaching to, conversing with, Beckington, donations... 0 17 Ditto, Mr.J. Evil, subscription 1

and distributing tracts among seamen,

which we hope has been useful to many, Cirencester, collection.. 3 3 0 Keynsham, ditto

as the following extracts from letters

3 124 lately received will tend to shew. J. W. Long-Ashton,Mrs.Hodges,sub. 1 Melksham, collection....

belonging to an English brig, called up4 9

on me after service one evening to thank Trowbridge, Tabernacle, ditto 1 5 0 Ditto, Mr. Neath, donation ..

me for a Bible which I had given him 0

last winter. " I hope," said the poor seaTetbury, collection...... 4 0

man, “ I shall prize it more and more; Westbury Leigh, donations

it has been an anchor to my poor soul.” Overbury, Mr. B..

0 Salter, Mr. S. jun.

R. S. wrote from Bristol, May 24, 1818. Stancomb, Mr. J.

« DEAR SIR, Stancomb, Mr. W.

“ I did expect to see you in Small sums amounting to..

6 Scilly before this time. Never shall I £52 11 21 forget the blessing which I received on


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that evening when you preached about The following sums were received by the sufferings of our dear Lord Jesus. the Secretary, for the same object, in a My poor wife was much distressed about journey through the county of Salop and her soul after reading the tract entitled part of Denbighshire, when five of our Iti- Serious Thoughts on Eternity.' I bave

were visited, and several new since bought a Bible for her and my fields of labour, affording prospects of dear children, which I hope will be usefulness, were pointed out.

blessed to their souls."


H. R. wrote from Waterford, dated July The mate and Harry assist me in singing 5, 1818.

one of Dr. Watts's hymns, then one of “ You may rest assured, dear us reads a chapter, and we all kneel Sir, that I shall never forget your kind down, except the man at the helm, and ness to me and my men. Š. G. is, I I read one of the prayers from that little believe, truly converted by reading the book which you gave me, sometimes books which you gave us before we left adding a few words as I can. I often Scilly. Often does he talk about the think of the night when I attended your Lord Jesus Christ to the seamen of other preaching at St. Mary's, and am, I ships.--I have taken your advice, and hope, yours in the Lord Jesus Christ, the men like family worship very well.

H. R."



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0 0

Account of Moneys received by the Treasurer of the Baptist Missionary Society, from
August 1, to November 1, 1818; not including Individual Subscriptiins.

£ s.

d. Cornwall, collected in a journey through, by the Rev. T. Wilcocks 57 13 Buckinghamshire Aux. Society, balance, by the Rev. W. Groser, jun. 6 31 Ashburton, Devon. by the Rev. P. House.

1 0 Bover Tracey, by J. L. Sprague

......... 3 15

22 79 Modbury, by Mr. Samuel Goss

2 11
Kingsbridge and its vicinity, by the Rev.John Nicholson 15 1
Dunstable, Collection and Subscriptions, by the Rev. Wm. Anderson .. 21 17
Shoe-lane Auxiliary Society, by Mr. R. Riley

11 13 11 Langham, Essex, Collection

12 18

13 18 6 Friends, by Mr. J. Warmington...... 1 0 0 Watford, Herts, Auxiliary Society, by the Rev. Mr. Groser

8 195 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, Auxiliary Society, by Mr. J. Hindes Perram, Mr. Cheshunt, a Life Subscription...

10 10 A Friend, by Mr. Exeter....

5 Unicorn-yard, Friends at, by Mr. Woodroffe

3 13 Boyce, Mr. a Donation

5 Burn, Mr. Ground-Rent to Michaelmas, 1818, by Mr. Burls.

19 Sevenoaks, Kent, Collectious and Subscriptions, by the Rev. W.Shirley 16 Thrapstone, . . Ditto..... · the Rev. W. Ragsdell 23 Legacy of the late Mrs. Rupertia Hill, Fore-street, London, by Mr. Burls100 Worstead, Norfolk, Collection by the Rev. R. Clark

8 8 10

17 04 Penny a-week Society, by Mr. J. R. Blakeley 8 11 65 Gurney, Hudson, Esq. M. P. a Donation

21 Amount received for Books sold, by the Rev. J. Ivimey

.. 18 11 6 « Mission House" • by Ditto...

0 0 Hants and Wilts Assistant Society, by the Rev. J. Saffery

354 255 Maze-pond Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Beddome

38 0 Auxiliary Society, at the Piev. J. Upton's, by Mr. R. Pontifex

46 15 10 Cambridge, Aux. Society, with Contributions of Friends in the Vicinity 70 0 0 A Friend, by Mr. Burls.

5 0 0 Mr. W. F. Lloyd, for Native Schools.

10 10 0 From the Church at Ilford, for one year, ending Aug. 1, by Rev.Mr.Smith 26 10 6

Far the Translations and Schools.
Paisley, Youth's Society for Religious Purposes, by Mr. Alexander
Speirs, Treasurer

15 00 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Subscriptions, by the Rev. G. Sample

9 15

9 0 0 0

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in France, has just been decided in the RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IN FRANCE. cuperior court of Criminal Justice. The (From the Times Newspaper of the 25th of liad ordered the inhabitants to cover the

Mayor of the little town of Lourmarin, fronts of their houses with tapestry, in

those streets through which the idolaA cause involving questions of the high- trous mass was to pass, at what is called est interests to our Protestant brethrenthe - Feast of God.” The Police of

Gap fined Monsicur Roman, a Protestant, worship :-A meeting-house was for: six franks, for refusing to obey the merly erected at Broad-Oak, by the Mayor's edici. M. Roman appealed to Countess of Huntington, upon a leasethe Court of Cassation. The question bold tenure, which was supplied by the was, “ Can a citizen - be compelled to students in her college at Treveca ; but hang out tapestry on the front of his upon the expiration of the lease, the house, while the external ceremonies of ministers in that connexion gave up the Catholic worship are performing ?” | preaching in this neighbourhood ; not, On this question the counsellors for M. However, before they had been the Roman delivered the most correct sen- means of turning some from darkness to timents upon the subject; declaring, light. These rented the house as tenants that all the constituted authorities liad at will, and invited the neighbouring proclaimed the principle of religious Baptist ministers to preach for them. freedom; and had completely separated Several persons were baptized, and on questions of religion from those connect- the 1st of August, 1802, were formed ed with civil and political rights." “ The into a church, under the pastoral care of court, after a long deliberation, pro- a Mr. Fleming, a sensible, pious man, nounced a judgment, said to be most who kept a shop at Monmouth, and lastrongly worded, by which it annulled boured among these few and poor Christhe judgment complained of, and decided tians almost gratuitously, until he was that the municipal authorities have no called to receive his reward, about the right to make a rule for constraining year 1806. Soon afterwards, Mr. Mar. citizens to cover the fronts of their maduke Jones settled among them, who houses on occasions of religious ceremo. laboured hard in the ministry, but not nies." Comparing the above decision with any considerable success, until with the spirit manifested towards the | 1816, when the number of his family, Protestants in France only three years and the poverty of his people, obliged since, we consider it a subject for con- him to resign his charge. Since that gratulation to all who love our Lord Jesus period, they have been without a pastor; Christ in sincerity, as the triumph of rea- and they are now principally supplied son and religion over superstition and from the Abergavenny Academy, and idolatry.

Messrs. Williams of Ryeford, and Jones of Hereford, administer the Lord's


Their old place of worship was very incommodious, and they were liable to

be deprived of it every year. Under GARWAY.

these circumstances, one of the members A NEAT place of worship, 30 feet by offered them a very suitable spot of 20, was opened, September 9, 1818, at ground, being all he bad, gratuitously. Garway, Herefordshire, for the use of It is sufficiently large to admit of a burythe Baptist church which formerly as

ing-ground. They were encouraged by sembled at Broad-Oak.

the neighbouring ministers to build a At ten A. m. Mr. Jones of Hereford: They labour, however, under great difi,

house for God, which is now completed. conimenced with reading and prayer; Messrs. Trey of Coleford, and Hawkins culty, being about £150 in debt, and of Eastcombs, preached from Psalm having no one to solicit the assistance of cxxxii. 7, 8, 9, and Rom. i. 16; and Mr.

the Christian public on their behalf. Williams of Ryeford concluded.

N. B. This would be an eligible situa. , Met again at three.-Mr. Harris of tion for a young man willing to teach a Coleford prayed; Mr. Jones of Here school, and preach the gospel. Should ford preached from John xvii. 21; Mr. any warm-hearted person of that descripB. Davies, (student at Abergavenny,)tion be disposed to cast himself on the concluded.

providence of God, he may, by applying Met again at six.--Mr. Preece of to the Rev. D. Jones, Baptist minister, Hereford prayed; Messrs. B. Davies Hereford, obtain every necessary inforand Hawkins preached from Isa. xi. 10, | mation. No one need apply unless he and Heb. x. 14.

can produce respectable reference as to Each of the opportunities was nume

his character, &c. rously attended, and the friends of Em. Hereford.

D. JONES. manuel found the day a season of refreshment from the presence of the Lord.

NEW MILL. The following are the circumstances On Wednesday, October 14, 1818, a which led to the erection of this place of new and commodious meeting-house was

opened for the use of the Baptist church | Baptist Missionary Society, and recorda, meeting at New Mill, near Tring, Hert- ) ing the principal transactions of other fordshire, under the pastoral care of Mr. similar institutions. D. Clarabut. Mr. Wake of Leighton A copy to be furnished, gratis, to all began the services of the day with read- annual subscribers of one guinea or uping the scriptures and prayer ; Dr. Rip- wards, persons collecting to the amount pon preached from Psalm ii. 6 ; and Mr. of a shilling a week, and ministers who Harrison of Woburn, (Independent) make annual collections on behalf of the concluded with prayer. In ihe after- Society, noon, Mr. Ashton of Berkhampstead, (In- A sufficient number of «The Missiondependent,) began; Mr. Ivimey preach ary Herald,” will be struck off, for the ed from Gen. xxviii. 16, 17; and Mr. purpose of stitching into the Baptist MaDaniels of Luton concluded. In the gazine of the following month, for the evening, Mr. Tomlin of Chesham began; accommodation of those friends who Mr. Maslin of Hertford, (Independent) prefer receiving it through that medium. preached from Haggai vi. 7, 8, 9, and all other subscribers, desirous of having concluded the pleasing services of the day. copies transmitted to them, are requested

The gospel has been preached on this to address, (if by letter, post paid,) spot for many years, and the interest has either of the Secretaries, Dr. Ryland heen gradually increasing, the former of Bristol, or Mr. Dyer of Reading, or house having been twice enlarged. The the Publisher, Mr. Button, Paternosterpresent building is 50 feet by 40, exclu- row, and to mention the channel through sive of the vestries, and is capable of which the Numbers may be regularly seating 700 persons. £400 have (at transmitted from London. present) been raised towards it by the An Annual Report, condensing the church and congregation; £64 15$. 9d. intelligence of the preceding year, will was collected on the day of opening. A also be published, subsequent to the andebt of about £700 still remains to be nual meeting in October. This will defrayed.

comprise the Cash Account, Lists of Contributors, &c.; and be circulated

gratis among the subscribers to the SoNOTICE.


In conformity with this plan, the first : Tue Committee of the Baptist Misa will be published on the 24th of this

Number of “ The Missionary Herald” sionary Society have conceived that some alteration may be made with advantage some pleasing intelligence lately re

month, (December,) and will contain in the mode of communicating their ceived from Calcutta; extract of a letter Missionary Intelligence. The plan hi. therto adopted, of publishing Periodical of the Hindoo idol Shion.

from Dr. Carey, &c.; and an engraving Accounts, in pamplılets of a considerable size, and at distant and uncertain inter- addressed as above, will receive immer

All communications on this subject, vals, seems more adapted to record the diate attention. commencement and earlier efforts of a Mission, than to convey information of

Reading, December 1, 1818. its

progress in the more advanced stages of its history. So great an interest, also, is now happily excited on behalf of One pound for the poor negroes in Christian Missions in general, that it Jamaica is received from a gentleman of seems desirable to present the friends Portsea, who has lost more than 1001, and supporters of each distinct society, by the stopping of the Portsmouth with brief notices, at least, of the prin- Bank; but who thus manifests his cipal transactions of the rest.

gratitude to God for what he possesses, With this view, the Committee have in those very dispensations, from which determined that the Series of Periodical the sordid professor obtains a momentary Accounts shall terminate with No. relief, during the accusations of his conXXXIII. now in the press, and which, science, for with-holding what remains. with an Appendix, to follow almost immediately, will complete the sixth volume. The following arrangement is It is with considerable regret that we proposed in lieu:

announce the sudden death of the Rev. A half-sheet (or eight pages) to be Dr. Balfour of Glasgow, who was a zealpublished on the 24th of every month, ous friend to the Baptist Mission. We under the title of “ The Missionary He. are in expectation of being able to insert rald;" containing intelligence, at large, a Memoir of him early in the ensuing. 49f the proceedings and operations of the year:

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