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not dissatisfied with them, except that for the very interesting account he the dwelt too exclusively on la morale.- has furnished of our brethren in the They are believers in the Trinity, and in

* Valley of Moutier.” Compared the atonement of Christ. But the part with many even of the “ Reformed," of their system which has rendered whether as to their evangelical shem obnoxious is, their agreement with the Quakers in denying the lawful principles or their strict morality, ness of oaths and of war.

they are indeed as a lily among " Towards the close of our interview, thorns," or an apple tree among Baumgartner asking my opinion respect the trees of the wood.” We hope ing emigration to America ; stating, that that future travellers, especially neither the Prince Bishop of Basle, (a those of our own denomination, (as Roman Catholic) under whose govern- it can hardly be expected any others ment they formerly were, nor Buona should feel a sufficient degree of parte, to whom they had since been interest in the subject) will make subjects, had ever exacted military ser

further enquiries respecting the vice of them : but that now, on this dis numbers and residences of these trict's being recently annexed to the canton of Berne, that Protestant republic simple hearted followers of the

Lamb. We wish many of our required them to find substitutes, which had cost about twelve of their number pages to be filled with similar hiseighteen louis each; that this demand torical facts to that we have now

We feel confident that was very grievous to them as a poor copied. tenantry, to say nothing of their con- this specimen of the author's sentiscientious objections; that it had in ments and talents as a traveller, duced them to think of the painful alter- will induce many to purchase the native of emigrating, and that a few of book : and for the gratification of their young men were already gone to our poorer readers, we shall present America to report to the rest.-I ad. them with more extracts in subsevised this good man (for such his con.

quent numbers. versation and countenance indicated him to be) not hastily to run the painful hazards of emigration. There could, indeed, be no doubt of his reluctance Practical Cautions to Students and Young with a numerous family; and he told Ministers'; a Sermont preached at me, that many proprietors in the country Bradford, Aug. 27, 1817, by Joseph were much concerned at the risk of their Kinghorn. being driven to quit it, as they were good tenants. They are divided into

This admirable anniversary serhigh and low Anabaptists; the former mon is dedicated “ To the Rev. W. of whom seceded from the rest in con. Steadman, D.D. President of the sequence of a conviction that it was Northern Laptist Education Soright to follow the example or precept ciety.” The text is 1 Tim. iv. 16, of Christ literally in some particular “Take heed unto thyself.” After cases; as in washing the feet of their the introduotion, which is highly guests. (John, xiii. 14, 15.)The whole appropriate and very pathetic, the appear to have derived their opinions preacher addresses himself to the from the Mennonites of Hoiland, and have maintained in this seclusion the

young men. primitive rule of the more rigid of that « Take heed-1. In your present

It was stated by those country situation as students, that you carefully people to whom I spoke of them, that and honourably support your Christian their moral discipline as a society is character--2. In your preparatory stu. very strict, and that few irregularities dies, that you properly use the means are known among them. They were of improvement which you now enjoy driven hy persecution from the Emmen and 3. In your future life, when you Thal, in the canton of Berne, I believe appear publicly in the world as ministers in the seventeenth century; but it is of Jesus Christ, that you may avoid the said, a number of their community are dangers to which you will then be ex. still settled there; and except in the posed." point I have referred, to, enjoy the benefits of toleration.” p. 241-254.

This outline is filled up in a man

ner worthy of the preacher; who We feel exceedingly obliged to las crowded into twenty seven this intelligent Christian traveller pages a multitude of observations,


the / We trust will not be read in vain. Berlin upon that subject. This We earnestly hope, that the stu- small work before us, we apprehend, dents of all our theological semi- is translated from one of those ; and naries will avail themselves of the it augurs well for the spread of reliopportunity of procuring a sermon gious liberty, that such small publiwhich may be regarded as a manual cations are circulated on the Conof wise counsels respecting their tinent. The table of Contents will studies and their prospects, in which convince the reader that a 12mo. of the hopes of the Christian world are 32 pages can only contain a very very deeply concerned.

brief Compendium.” These are We congratulate the worthy au- Original Constitution of the thor on the progress of the public Church--Remarkable Progress of mind in reference to this great sub- the Christian Doctrine-Persecution ject: and we rejoice in the assurs of the Primitive Christians-Their ance that he will have many more affection to each other— Early inreaders, who feel a lively interest novations, and their banefül consein the cause he advocates, than he quences--Conversion of Constantine would have had a few years ago. -Domination of the Roman Bishop Nor will it be forgotten, that he has -A Heretic first executed—Influx himself powerfully contributed, by of ignorance, bigotry, superstihis own personal exertions, to pro- tion, and immorality.-Popish amduco this effect.

bition-Persecution of the Waldenses and others--Two Popes at

one time contend for the Papal A Treatise on the proper Deity of our throne- Burning of John Huss and

Lord Jesus Christ; with a Reply to Jerome of Prague-Luther opposes the principal objections of Socinians ; the sale of Indulgences-Summonbeing the substance of two Sermons cd by the Pope, he defends his prinpreached at the Back-lane Meeting ciples, and is excommunicatedHouse, Swansea, Dec. 10 and 17, 1815, Luther translates the Bible--Rapid by J. Harries. Button and Son.

progress of the Reformation-Its Whatever has a tendency to permanent establishment-Symbodetect error, guard against \mis- lical books of the Protestants takes, and more clearly illastrate Wars between the Protestants and truth, is worthy of regard, and upon and Luther-Persecution of the Re

Romanists, and deaths of Zuinglius these grounds we recommend this short treatise to the attention of our

formed in France, and the Bartholoreaders : and those who have not an

mew Massacre-Toleration estab

lished in Germany. opportunity of consulting more elaborate productions on the important doctrine of our Lord's

proper deity, will find the arguments in Don't Despair; an interesting History, by

William Beck. 1817. Williams & favour of it justly stated, and the objections of opponents satisfactorily

Co. &c. pp. 108. obviated.

This is a pretty, lively little book, adorned with several excellent wood

cuts, and may be made a reward for A Compendious History of the Christian good boys and girls in our Sunday

Church, from the Apostolic Age to the schools; many of whom, we hope, Era of the Reformation. Translated will read it with great advantage. from the French. London: Button Many of the mottos to the chapters and Son, Price 6d.

are chosen with judgment, and may We are glad to find, that the re

be recommended to teachers, as turn of the centenary of the Refor-well as learners, in the schools of

ation from Popery has excited this island. We only give one as a very considerable attention on the specimen: Continent. The New Monthly Ma- “ With hasty judgment ne'er decide, gazine for the last month states, First bear what's said on either side."" that ninfty-five publications had


Missionary Retrospect and foreign Intelligence.

As your


quently as possible, to itinerate through it, distributing in these interesting jour

neys the word of life, the precious seed REV. DR. CAREY.

which cannot perish, but must bear imExtract of a Letter from the Rev. W. mortal fruit. If you live at too great a

Ward to W. Burls, Esq. dated Seram- distance, the natives cannot visit you, pore, Aug. 5, 1817.

and almost the whole of this immense “We are all pretiy well. Mr. Ran

population will die without ever baving dall and I have both been ill of bilious

once heard the glad tidings of salvation. attacks, but are better. Dr. Carey is The nearest healthful spot, therefore, to passing through this trying season very

the city should be chosen. mercifully yet.”

services at Berhampore will only be once a week, or so, you can easily visit it in a boat.

“ With respect to the dispositions we A MEMBER of the church in Calcutta,

wish to recommend to you in fulfilling who had been encouraged to devole

the great object you have in view, we himself to the ministry, has been sent need not cnlarge: we are persuaded to labyur. at Moorshudubad. The ex

your uwn mild temper will ever preserve cellent letter of advice sent to him by

you from every harsh expression, and the missionaries, slew the spirit by which these excellent men are influenced, ther than win the natives. Your aim is

every thing else that would offend ra. and the sentiments which they wish to to draw, not to frighten or repel your be propagated among the heathen.

hearers. Zeal for God, tempered with “ Serampore, Nov. 30, 1816. deep compassion for wén-earnestness « Dear brother Rickelts,

in your addresses, mixed with the tenw We have been much encouraged by

derness of a kind and anxious parentyour disinterestedness and devotion to and a holy conversation, will not fail to the cause of Christ. We hope that gain you the respect and confidence of these desires will ever be cherished wi:h ibe natives. Your heathen and Musulthe utmost solicitude, and that they will man neighbours must always be welcome Carry you forward lill you become well to your house and presence : nothing qualified to speak the two languages must give you greater pleasure than you will want, the Bengalee and Hin their visits, let them come at whatever doost’hanee, and be wholly absorbed in hour of the day they may. Reading to the blessed work of winning souls, so then the divine word, accompanied with that this shall become as your daily serious application and prayer, will shew meat and drink.

them that you love their souls, and that “ You are about to take up your you are sceking their eternal good. abude as near as possible to what was “ The doctrines we wish you to preach once the capital of Bengal, and which are, we liope, already interwoven into is still called the city. In your imme- your own conceptions and gracious feeldiate vicinity you have more than a ings. T'hose ductrines, however, which million of souls, without there being distinguish the gospel as a system of re. any other messsenger of salvation beside demption, we wish you to lay as the yourself who will care for their state. basis of all your discourses: these are, What an important and most awfully re- the fall and total depravity of man-his sponsible situation! Read Egek. xxxiii. being in an absolutely perishing condi. - Many of the persons who will visit tion, with his whole understanding dark, and converse with you will be found not his entire affections polluted, and his deficient in reasoning and sophistry. whole will alienated from God, ending You will, therefore, need a good knows in a complete spiritual and voluntary ledge of gospel doctrine, and of the incapacity to save himself—the over. languages in which you are to convey flowing mercy of God in Christmihe your ideas. We are very anxious that complete aloneinent, and perfect righ. you should choose a place of abode very teousness, and all-prevalent interces, near to Moorsbudubad, that you may

sions, of Christ-bis gracious nature be able, in as short a time and as fre- the work of the Spirit--the necessity of - VOLi X.


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regeneration and a holy life-the indis. must be watched over with a kind, but
pensible necessity of conversion- fu. a daily altention : they must be stirred
ture state of everlasting rewards and up to their duty; and the growth of re-
punishments. But, as you will find, ligion in them will be an object you will
that the awful deceptions under which not neglect. Upon their spirituality and
all your hearers labour, are all connect scriptore knowledge depends their use-
ed with the nerit of works, you must fulness. Pray with and for them daily.
constantly labour to shew that salvation Converted native assistants are, as means,
is by grace, through faith in Christ, and the very hope of India.
not of works. In destroying their con- “ Thus, dear brother, we have given
fidence in works, you will, without the yon a few ideas on the nature of that
disagreeable labour of exposing these blessed ministry to which you have de
systems in detail, accomplish the work voted yourself. Oh! that you may
at once, and bring them immediately to have, in an abundant degree, those in-
the grand doctrine of faith in the Re- Auences which are absolutely necessary
deemer, where indeed they can alone to all, to qualify them for this work, to
find life and peace. The preaching of make them useful in it, and to enable
this doctrine by the apostle Paul, as them to persevere.

Our most affection.
'well as the revival of it at the Reforma- ate concern and prayers accompany
pion, and by Whitfield and others, pro- you. May you, in that day, present
duced a harvest which yet replenishes to the Great Shepherd many children
and exhilirates the whole church of whom he may have given you, and hear
God; so that your work will not consist him say, Well done thou hast been
in gaining petty victories in argument faithful over a few things: enter thox
over their superstitions, but in preaching into the joy of thy Lord.'
the doctrine of faith, of the cross,' as

“ We remain,” &c. the ground of acceptance with God, to the utter exclusion of all works of merit; and this doctrine being received, the Letter from the Rev. Adoniram Judson, mind will at once reject the wliole system of superstition; and every direct

American Baptist Missionary in Bur. and unwelcome attack on particular

mah, to a Minister in London. acts of idol worship will be rendered

Rangoon, March 30, 1817." unnecessary.

“ Rev. and Dear Sir, “ In prosecuting your ministry, you “ I WROTE you under date of August, will consider yourself as a person bear. 1815, in reply to yours of the preceding ing tidings, tidings of the last conse. year; but am apprehensive, from cerquence to be known, enriching for ever tain circumstances, that the letter was those who cordially believe them. But lost, together with many others, which this' news must be carried to the souls were forwarded by the same convey: committed to you, as they are widely ance. It is nearly four years since I scattered, and know not as yet the value settled in this place, during which time of a gospel ministry, nor the pleasures I have been wholly employed in stu. of meeting for congregational worship. dying the language. Mrs. Judson and Beware of the insinuation, that • Mis- myself have lately written some little sionaries can do little in the way of things in Burman, and I am now en. preaching; this must be left to the con gaged in translating the gospel of Matverted natives.' To resist this tempta. thew. We were joined a few months tion it is only necessary to listen to the ago, by Mr. Hough (Huf) and family, apostle : • It pleased God, hy the fools from America. He was pastor of a ishness of preaching, to save them that Baptist church in New Bedford, and believe. This then is to be your great acquainted also with printing, having and daily work, the most important and acquired the art from childhood, in his most necessary part of your whole mi- father's printing-office. He brought a nistry, viz. constant visits to the natives, press from Bengal, and since the beeither on foot, or on horseback, &c. If ginning of this year, we have published the natives are not visited, nothing can iwo tracts, and hope shortly to publish possibly be done in a case where igno- an edition of 500 of Matthew, which is rance is so great, and the natives so shy now in the press. I cannot refrain from of familiar intercourse.

noticing the opportuneness of my bro. “ We hope, at some future time, to en. ther's arrival. I had just become comable you to set up schools, but at present petent to write somewhat intelligibly in funds are wanting.

the language, and not being apprized “ The spiritual state and labours of the of Mr. Hougl's leaving America, had native assistants who inay be near you, just been writing to Bengal to inquire

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whether they could print what I should | whose faces I shall never see, whose send them, or whether I must come conversation I shall never enjoy. found myself, when, behold, at this very I liave been particularly interested crisis, a printer walks into the mission in the accounts of the Baptist Society house, with all the apparatus about him. for Ireland, which Mr. Lawson sent May he be to the Burmans all that Mr. me, and heartily wish I could testify Ward is to the Hindoos!

my sincerity in some other way than “ In regard to translating. I proceed by words.” with fear and trembling. I feel that I am not yet sufficiently versed in the language; and indeed should hardly

CALCUTTA. have ventured to make the attempt at présent with a view to publishing, had I not, by mere accident, discovered a « Two other victims immolated on the copy of a translation of Matthew, on funeral pile. --Last Thursday week, a palm-leaf, made, I suppose, some years Sutee, or female sacrifice by burning, ago, by a Roman Catholic padre. This no less remarkable on account of the affords me great assistance. 1 derive firmness displayed by the victims, than some help, also, from a manuscript of from some extrinsic circumstances, took Matthew, left here by Mr. Chater, place at Kalee-ghat. The victims of which, with some revision by another superstition, in the present instance, hand, has been printed at Serampore.

were the twowives of Neeloo, a physician This, however, is quite unintelligible and inhabitant of Shobhabazar, the first to Burmans, unless they are furnished aged twenty-three, and the second only with some previous ideas, which may seventeen. By a regulation of governserve as a key to open the meaning to ment, before any sacrifice of this nature their apprehension. After Matthew is can take place, notice must be given to. :: done, I am desirous of desisting a little, the Police; and we are informed, that and applying myself to study, and the officers attached to the Police estapreaching to the natives; and to this Iblishment of the twenty-four Purgun am induced by the consideration, that nahs, with a laudable humanity, emthe printing cannot proceed any further ployed many endeavours to turn the at present, for want of paper and types, misguided from their fatal determination. -our present types being in a miserable Their persuasions, however, being utstate, some new, and some worn flat, terly disregarded, it was suggested, we which we cannot account for, as so little believe, by Ram-Mohun-Raya, that' in work has been done with them at Se- the actual mode in which females are rampore. Our remittances from Ame. burnt on the funeral pile of their hus. rica, also, have been hitherto so limited, bands, there had been a wide departure as to prevent our incurring any great from the method prescribed by the books expense, beside that of necessary sub of the Hindoos, and that the correction sistence. It is painful to write, as usual, of this irregularity, in the present in. that no Burman has yet been brought stance, might not only lead to the saving to the knowledge of the truth. Yet so the immediate victims, but also of many it is. We now and then discover others on future occasions. According something hopeful, but it passes away, to the usual method, it seems, previous We are breaking up the ground, and to the fire being lighted, the females beginning to sow the precious seed. O' lay themselves down beside the corpse, may the Lord display his power, and when snch a quantity of wood and oiher change the face of this barren wilder- combustible materials are immediately ness!

heaped upon them, that is, in the agony “I suppose, that you know nothing inflicted by the flames, they should be more of me, than that I am a Baptist desirous of retracting, it is utterly bemissionary, in Rangoon, from America, yond their power so to do. This is proexcept what I have already written. bably a mere invention of the brahmuns Nor have I much else to say. I was to deprive their victims of all free-agenonce in England, but my business lay cy; but, we are rightly instrucied, wholly with the Pædobaptist Missionary the Shastra explicitly directs that fire Society I frequently regret (as I shall first be applied to the fuel on which have mentioned somewhere else) that the corpse is laid, and while it is in a my change of sentiment concerning bap. state of ignition, the wife shall go, if tism had not occurred before my visiting she pleases, and lay herself down upon England; in which case, I should have it. Agreeably to this view of the law, sought an interview with many whose we understand that it was determined, names I greatly love and respect, but that the wives of Neeloo should have

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