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Blackstone on voluntary perjury, 111 Camden, description of an ancient mode of
Blair's Preceptor, inquiry concerning a pas- execution by, 299
sage in, 32

Campaigns of 1812, 13, & 14, histories of,
Blomberg Vision, alluded to, 4-inquiry 349

concerning, 230-answered, 402 Campbell, Rev. J. his description of Bethels-
Blood, inquiry concerning the original dis- dorp, 106
coverer of the circulation of, 428

Canal-shares, prices of, 93, 193, 292, 392,
Boarding-schools, increasing charges and 496, 584
holidays at, 302

Cancer, application recommended for, 16
Bontaye, Count de la, his discoveries in dye- Canova, anecdote of, 130
ing, 146

Caraccioli, bis Life of Ganganelli, 121
Botany, progress of in France, 237

Carey, Wm. account of Bartolozzi, 471
Böttiger, Professor, his archæological lectures, Carlisle, removal of the Scotch Gate at, 279

19-on recent travels in Greece, 411-on establishment of a newspaper at, 571
the restoration of the Jesuits, 493

Carlyle, R. poetry by, 436
Boyce, T. his invention of a life-boat, 447 Cassini's map of France, particulars con-
Bradford, new church at, 384

cerning, 540
Bramah, J. memoir of, 208

Castle Camps, ancient dagger found at, 172
Brand, Hon. T. reduction of rents by, 175 Cat, proverh derived from one, 531
Braodes, George, account of, 525

Catholics, remarks on the British laws re-
Ernest, account of, 526

specting, 404
Brandreth, Dr. his death, 380

Caucus, explanation of that term, 27
Bricks, method of employing them for re- Cawood Castle, extracts from the MS. poem
pairing roads, 11

of, 416
Bridge over the Susquehanna, 329

Celerier, effects of a sermon by, 306
Bridge-shares, prices of, 93, 193, 292, 392, Cement, inquiry respecting a chcap one for
496, 584

filling in the interior of walls, 525
Bridlington, remarkable well at, 182 Certificates, lists of, 92, 192, 291, 391, 489,
Brierly, the painter, inquiry concerning, 229 583
Brighton, premiums adjudged by the com- Chambers, J. account of Sir N. Holland, 218
missioners of, 483

Chanting prayers, on the propriety of, 6
Bristol, society for the conversion of the Chateaubriand, his visit to Mount Vesuvius,
Jews formed at, 575

314-extract from his Essay on Revolu.
British Institution, exhibitions of, 251, 457 tions, 420
Bronstedt, Dr. account of his travels in Charity, evils of the indiscriminate exercise
Greece, 411

of, o
Brown, Dr. John, biography of, 111-.fal- Charleton, Rear-adm. his death, 178
lacy of his doctrine, 297

Charmilly, Col. de, account of 569
Dr. W. C, memoir of Mr. Bramah, Chass, Rev. W. his death, 178

Chemistry, progress of in France, 131
Brühl, Count, his love of splendour, 332- Chester, meteorological observations taken

destruction of his valuable library, 337 in the county of, 507
Buchanan, Rev. Dr. C. account of, 170

opening of a grave at, 77
Buckinghamshire, resolutions of the lace- Chevreul's Distillatory Digester, 132-expe-

manufacturers in, 172-anniversary of the siments on the making of soap, 133
Bible Societies of, 570

Chillcot, Giant, account of, 476
Bügge, Chevalier, account of, 185

Chiltern Hundreds, inquiry concerning, 127
Bull-baiting, inquiry concerning the origin answers to it, 224, 404, 511
of, 32

China, diffusion of Christianity in, 184
Buonaparte, Napoleon, anecdotes of, 197– Chiswick house, improvements at, 66

his return to France, 270-his second ab- Christ Church Bells, Latin and Greek trans-
dication, 564

lation of, 300
Burlington-house, sale of, 167, 274-im- Churchill, his lines on Allen, Annet, and
provements at, 567

Kidgell, 207
Buttolph, J. account of, 276

Church music, on the state of, 29, 107–
Byron, Lord, biographical account of, 527 hints for improving, sil, 502

Chynhalls, Mr. his shifting-cartridge for
Cabinet, literary, 128, 530

blasting rocks, 78
Calne, epitaph at, 406

Clague, Àun, her mode of raising new po-
Calvin, improvements made by him at Ge-

tatoes, 445
neva, 307

Clancarty, Lord, his letter respecting the
Cambridge, epidemic fever at, 277

sentiments of the Allied Sovereigns, .462
university, proceedings of, 39, Clarke, Dr. Adam, on subniission to estado
240, 244, 344, 439,537

blished governments, 413
Cambridgeshire Agricultural Society, pre- Claudius, Mathias, account of, 195
miums of, 172

Cleaver, Bishop, account of, 470

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Cleghorn, T. description of a buayant line Delpech on the hospital-rot, 338

for saving persons who fall overboard, 447 Declaration of the Allies against Buonaparte,
Clement XIV. letter of the King 10, 120
Clergy, on the returns of non-resident, 124 Derby, carl of, inquiry respecting the place
Cochrane, Lord, his escape from the King's

from which the title is taken, 108
Bench, 274

D'Esterre, J. N. account of, 184
Cocks, inquiry concerning the origin of Desvaux, M. observations on the algą, 238
throwing at, and fighting them, 32

- observations on the musæ, 239
Cock-fighting, account of the origin of, 499 Devonshire, new mode of letting farms in,
Colonies, their effects on trade, 221

79-vein of lead ore discovered in 377
Comet, discovery of a new, 347

Dionysius of Syracuse and the Bourbons,
Commercial reports, 93, 187, 192, 392,196,


Dissenters, on their refusal to celebrate
Companies' shares, prices of, 93, 193, 292,

Good Friday, 401, 415
392, 496, 584

Dividends, lists of, 90, 190, 290, 390, 487,
Comparative degree, question relative to,
311-answer to it, 495

Dock-property, prices of, 93, 193, 292, 392,
Copenhagen, Bible and Missionary Societies 496, 584
at, 541

Domeier, Dr, account of, 374
Copernicus, intended menument for, 444 Dorset, duke, account of, 170
Copyright, new act relative to, 38

Dramatic Register, 56, 156, 360, 459,552
Corbett, J. account of, 287

Dry-rot, inquiry respecting, 517
Corn, average prices of, 88, 186, 288, 387, Diesden, illustrations of the gallery of an-

485, 578-on freedom of trade as applied tiques at, 18-rebuilding of the bridge at,
te, 407

45-bombardment of, 336
Corn-laws, resolutions of the House of Com. Drury-lane Theatre, performances at, 56,
mons un, 161

, 156, 360, 458, 554
Corowall Geological Society, meeting of, 78 Dublin, university prizes,344–fatal accident
Corsicans, character of, 532

at, 484-newspapers of, 540
Cotterell, C, on the precedency of the new Duelling, ferocity of the Americans in, 327
Knights of the Bath, 401

Dunnage, Mr. his patent for a method of
Courbiere, Marshal, his monument, 4.1 propelling boats, 59
Courtenay, A. on removing grease froin pa- Durham, Bishop of, account of, 33
per, 500

cathedral library, curiosities in, 79
Covent Garden Theatre, performances at, 58,

new court of justice, decision of
157, 362, 460, 552

the cause relative to, 174
Cowes, West, epitaphs at, 405

Dury, John, enquiry concerning, 39
Cowper, defence of, 10

Dutrochet on the egg of the viper, 337
Craven, Ds. W. account of, 169

Dye ng, discoveries in, 146
Creech, W. account of, 183

Dymock, singular epitaph at, 405
Cross, Dr. his cruel experiments on animals,

East Indies, new works published and pre-
Crowther Bryan, account of, 374

paring in, 444
Crustaceous animals, their organs of respira. Ecion's Liber Valorum, a new edition of, re-
tion, 114

commended, 504
Cubieres, on English gardens, 339

Edgbaston, institution for the Deaf and Dumb
Cujavia, Bishop of, edict of, 205
Cundall, Rev. J. account of, 180

Edgeworth, Mr., new construction of mail-
Curate, French, anecdote of, 532

coaches proposed by, 540
Curates' Act, inaccuracy in, 229

Egypt, splendid French work on, 349
Cursing and swearing, act against, 178 Εικων βασιλικη, inquiry respecting the author
Custanice's History of the Reformation, cri- of, 107

ticism of the Monthly Review on, 10 Elgin, earl of, on his conduct in regard to
Cuvier's analysis of the proceedings of the the Tweddell MSS. 24, 298

French Institute, 130, 236, 337-exami- Ellis, George, account of, 374
nation of the mouths of fishes, 338 Elmes, Mr., poetry by, 64-on the ballad

of Three Children sliding. 104
Dale, Lieut.-col. R. account of, 287

English artists, defence of, 502
Dalgarno, William, inquiry concerning him, Epitaph on an infant, information concer-

ing, 218
Danube, improvement of its navigation, 44 answer to an enigmatical, 223
Darcet, his experiments on bronze, 134 Epitaphs, singular, 405-absurd, 504
Dartmoor, riot of the American prisoners at, Επιταφιον τα Αλεξιδος, 300

Esquire, on the general assumption of the
Death, picture of it from premature inter- title of, 122-on the order of precedenc

ment, 115 means of ascertaining its of persons having a right to the title of
Icality, 117


at, 180


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Estler, A. his method of making white paper Goodman, Dr. said to be the author of
from rye-straw, 444

Εικών βασιλική, 107
Euripides, quotation from, 126

Gordon, Sarah, epitaph on, 302
Eustace, Rev. Mr. letter respecting him, 104 Gossé, M. account of, 309

on the mutilation of ancient monuments Gout, on the nature and cure of, 512
of art, 241

Granville and Bath, Lords, curious account
Exchange, courses of, 98, 194, 294, 394,586

of their short administration, 500
Exhibitions of works of art, 360

Gray, Lieut. poetry by, 534, 535
Grease-spots, inquiry concerning the means

of removing them from books, 331-an-
Fairs near London, their immoral tendency,

swers to the inquiry, 428, 523

Great Britain, political state ot, 161, 263,
Farmers, on the manners of, 412-defence

369, 461, 556
of, 519

Grecian fire, account of, 323, 409
Fenning, Eliz. her trial, 371

Gretry, anecdote of, 531
Ferriar, Dr. J. account of, 169

Griffiih, Professor, on the geology of Ire-
Fire and fire-arms, on the use of in war, 322

land, 347

Grimston House, sale of, 577
Fires, remarkable, 66, 166, 176, 274, 479, Gropius, M. letter respecting Greece, 444

585, 567
Fire-works, on the impropriety of iutroducing Guillotine, inquiry concerning the origin of

Gualtier, Philip, quotation from, 126
them on the stage, 498

the word, 299--poetical description of the
Fishes, their organs of respiration, 114

instrument, 300
Fitzgerald, Lady Mary, account of, 373

Gunpowder, on the earliest use of, 322, 408
Fleming, Dr. account of, 469
Fleuret, M. inquiry concerning his artificial Gwalior, fortress of, 518
stone, 230

Haddon, Rev. P. his death, 285
Folsch, F. his method of teaching to read Hale harbour, fatal accident in, 571

and write, 446
Fontany, M. his method of solving the higher Hamilton, Lady, account of, 171

Halifax, Bishop, correction relative to, 127
equations, 248

Hare, Mr., certificate of his mathematical
fowle, Wm. his eccentric will, 379

abilities by Sir Isaac Newton, 303
France, state of literature in, 145, 247-

Harlequin pantomimes, inquiries concern-
poliitcal state of, 162, 260, 364, 464, 559

ing, 523
Franking, abuse of the privilege of, 123

Harry, Philip, account of, 477
Fuller, Andrew, account of, 469
Fuseli, Mr. his lectures at the Royal Aca. Hartlib, Samuel, his character, 8

Harvey, Mr. on his poetic version of Fingal,
demy, 49

Harvey, Dr. his title to the discovery of the
Ganganelli, inquiry concerning a poetical circulation of the blood disputed, 428
production of, 403

Hawkins, Miss, remarks on her Rosanne, 25
Gas, fatal explosion of, 180

Heaton colliery, fatal accident at, 481
Gatschina, foundation for orphans at, 46 Herculanean MSS. unrolled, 45
Gay Lussac, on iode, 132

Hering, C. account of, 276
Geneva, description of, 224, 306

Hermstadt, Professor, on premature inter-
Ceology, progress of, in France, 236

nient, 115
George Ill. character of, 414

Herrmann, Professor, his death, 331
Gerken, Rev. Mr. his remarkable prediction, Hervey, Gen, his death, 77

Herz, Dr. description of death from prema-
German Circulating Library, establishment ture interment, 115
of, 539

Hey, Rev. Dr. account of, 373
Germany, political state of, 165, 366, 465, Heylyn's Help to History, a republication of

it recommended, 108
Giobs, Mr. John, account of, 28

Heyne, Professor, memoirs of, 230, 331,429,
Gibbs, Major-gen., account of, 386
Gillespie, Major-gen. Sir R. account of, 470 Hindoos, on the means proposed for con-
Glass, premium offered for improvements in verting, 125
the manufacture of, 542

Hobbes, on a mathematical error of,
Gloucester, establishment of adult schools Holberg gallery, account of, 541

al, 279-opening of pump and baths at, Holidays in public offices, 317

Holland, Sir N. inquiry concerning, 32-
Glynne, Sir R. his death, 287-account of, account of, 218

Holland House, trial respecting, 66
God save the King, inquiry concerning the Holly-hedges, on the time for clipping, 108,

Cumposer of the tune of, 523
Geort Friday, on the non-observance of by Holmes, Messrs. of Carlisle, theis improved
Dissenfers, 29, 205, 401

Waggon, 172




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Hookey, Wm. his method of bending timber Karres, in Russia, state of the Scotch colony
fur ship-building, 446

at, 17
Horbury, Bible Society established at, 181 Kean, Mr. his performances, 56, 156, 301,
Horse-parrole, establishment of suggested, 360, 458, 554

Keighley, Bible Society established at 181
Horses, on disengaging, 109

Kelly, Mr. analysis of mangel wurzel, 346
Hounslow Heath, powder magazine con- Kemble, Mr. his performances, 363
strucied on, 166

Kendall, J. account of, 276
Hull, improvemenis at, 181-fatality of Kenyon, Lady, account of, 276

measles al, 181--proceedings of the Dock Kidgell, Rev. John, account of, 8-notice
Company at, 181 - report of the Female respecting, 207
Penitentiary at, 385–sale of church sits King, bulletins of his health, 66, 106, 273,
tings at, 484--meeting of the Methodist

370, 466, 565-statue of, 566
Missionary Sociery at, 484

Kinnersley, C. his death, 468
Humboldt, account of an extraordinary vol. Kirby, Captain, his deatb, 286

cano, 236-on the vegetation of the Ca- Kneading machine, invention of, 541
nary Islands, 337

Körner, print of his grave, 44
Hume, Joseph, his method of preparing eme- Kraskovitz, Dr. his aërial ascension at
tic tartar, 440

Vienna, 43
Hungary, manuscripts discovered in, 149
Hard, Bishop, correction respecting, 127 Labour, on the wages of, 25
Huzard, on distempers among the cattle in Lace-manufacturers, resolutions of, 172
France, 339

Lamouroux, M. observations on marine
Hydrophobia, remarkable case of, 348, 570 plants, 238

Lampadius, Professor, discovery of a preser-
Ilioneus, remarkable history of the statue of, vative against rust, 146

Lancastrian system of education-meeting of
India, extract of a letter from, 518

the promoters of, 567
Infernal machine, contrivance of, 197 Landsbut, botanical garden at, 147
Infinite series, aggregates of, 108, 215, 326, Language, remarks on the origin of, 15
418, 419

Larkins, Mr, his patent for improved wind.
Inflammation of the bowels, remedy for, 179 lasses, 58
Ingilby, Sir J. account of, 409

Lasteyrie on the agriculture of the Chinese,
inquiries, miscellaneous, 32, 330, 523

Insects, their oigans of respiration, 114 Latin and Greek, elementary works for the
Insolvent Debiors, number liberated, 274 study of, recommended 25
Institute of France, proceedings of, 47, 130, Latreille, M. on the organs of respiration of
236, 337

woodlice, 337
Insurance Companies shares, prices of, 93, Law cases, remarks on two recent ones, 520
193, 292, 392, 496

Lectures of an eminent professor 25, 220,
Intelligence, literary, 38, 140, 243, 344,

317, 406

Leeds, frauds of two attornies there, 87–
--, in the fine arts, 49, 154,-253, sale of the king's mills at, 181
359, 457, 552

Lettsom's Naturalist's Companion, a new
Interest, on the rates of, 318

edition of it announced, 12
Interment, on premature, 115

Leominster, establishment of a school on
lode, discovery and experiments on, 131 Dr. Bell's principles at, 280
Ipswich barracks, produce of the sale of, 482 Lester, Wm.on his mode of converting a pa-
Ireland, misrepresentations of Mr. Wakefield rallel into a rotative motion, 440

Iespecting, 101-returns of the population Lewes, J. L. poetry by, 341, 435
of, 183

Life annuities, rates of, 193, 292, 392, 490,
Irkutzk, climate and weather at, 350
Isis river, inquiry concerning the name of, Limehouse, fire at, 565
881-answer to the inquiry, 319

Lincoln school committee, report of, 480
Italian antiquities, on, 426

Lisfrand and Champenne on a method of
Italy, political state of, 165, 368, 309, 465, amputation at the shoulder-joint, 339

Literary Club, enquiry concerning, 428
Ivory, James, the Coplevan medal adjudged Literary Fund, meeting of, 371.-remarks
to him by the Royal Society, 41

on, and suggestion for a new institulion (f

that kind, 420
Jesuits, on the restoration of, 493

Literary Institutions. prices of shares in, 193,
Jews, inquiry concerning a lale controversy 292, 392, 496
respecting them, 230

Liverpool, resolutions respecting the ex-
Johnson, Dr. anecdote of, 126-un the com- change buildings at, 81-petition against

parison of adjectives, 311-on cruchexpe- the corn bill from 280-increasing popu-
riments upon animals, 304

lation of, 480-savages of small-pox at,
Johnson, Rev. C. H. epitaph on, 130


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Loans, particulats rospecting, 93, 584 Mikan, M. account of an earth-cating wo-
London, P. process for curing herrings and

man, 348
other small fish, 448

Milan, state of the arts at, 50
London, incidents, &c. in, 66, 166, 273, Miller, J. method of saving persons when
370, 466, 565

the ice breaks, 447
Londn Bridge, report on the intended im- Millin, M. bis travels in France and Italy,
pri vertent of, 157

Longty, instances of, 79, 82, 174, 176, Milton, on a proclamation of Charles II. re-

177, 179, 180, 184, 278, 279, 281, 282, specting him, 494
286, 377, 386, 476, 477, 478, 479, 4$1, Mina, General, anecdotes of, 128
571, 577

Minasi, J. bis Academical Studies, 454
Lothian, Marquis, account of, 74

Mineralogy, progress of, in France, 236
Lowth, Bishop, on Warburton's Divine Le- Mine-shares, prices o., 93, 193
gation, 8

Mirza Abu Taleb, anecdote of the Bishop
Lunatics, inquiry concerning receptacles for, of Durhani, related by, 36

Missionary Society, meeting of, 565
Lusitanian legion, inquiry concerning it, 32 Mocca, particulars respecting that city, 2
answered, 127.

Money, on freedom of trade as applied
Luszewski, Count, his literary works, 149 to, 317

Mongez, on the bronze of the ancients, 134
Macbeth, on the character of 310

Monopolies, their effects on trade, 26
Macclesfield, Sunday schools at, 77

Monthly Magazine, its attack on the crad-
Macdonald, J. account of the Scotch colony ing classes, 228-on an article in 399-
in the Caucasus, 17

its expulsion from the Walsall Library,
Mackinnon, Major-gen. account of, 340

--, Rev. Mr. on medals, 109, 521 Monthly Review, remarks on criticisms in,
Magendie, on the action of the wesophagus in 10, 216
vomiting, 338

Montrose, school erecting at,286
Mail-coaches, new construction for, 540. Moore, Ann, inquiry concerning, 214
Malcolm, J. P. account of, 374.

Moore's Greek Granimar recommended, 35
Malenfant, Co on St. Domingo, 21 Moore, Margaret, her attempt to steal the
Malet, Sir C. W. account of, 170

crown, 370
Malton, improvements at, 285

Morning Chronicle, conduct of its editor in
Malvern Chase, plan of inclosing it relin- regard to the controversy on the Tweddell
quished, 181.

MSS. 22
Malzel, L, his Orpheus Harmony, 43 Morning's walk, announcement of, 399
Man, I. of, intended light-house at 278. Morris, Edw. account of, 373
1 lanby Capt. his apparatus for saving persons Moscow, monument to be erected there, 351 .
who fall tisough ice, 66

Mother-of-pearl, inquiry concerning a p10+
Manchester, increase of the population of;. cess for rendering it malleable, 32

81-sum raised in aid of government by, Mount Moor colliery, fatal accident al, 83
176-fire at, 176

Mount Sandford, Lorrl, account of, 75
Mangel-wurzel, analysis of, 316

Moylan, Rt. Rev. Dr. account of, 18+
Mantuanus, quotation from, 126

Mulleit, Thomas, account of, 73
Mathieson, John, his death, 66

Murat, his operations in Italy, 369, 369,'
Piaunsell, T. C. accou:t of, 281

465, 558
Mauri, M. his discovery of volcanoes in the Murray, Sir J. result of the court-martial
sun, 31

on, 163, 465
Mecca, particulars respecting that place, 2 Marray, Lindley, on the art of good reading,
Medal of Buonaparte to commemorate the 305
conquest of Britain, 202.

Music, sacred, state of, 28, 107, 223
Medals, on Latin and Greek, 109, 521.

---, new method of notation proposed,
Medicine, progress of in France, 338.

Nelville, Mr. his sub-aquatic carriage, 43 Musical publications, review. of, si, 153,
Menoirs of eminent persons, 230,331, 429 258, 357, 453, 547

Musomanik Society, remark on, 127
Mennes, Sir J quotation from, 126

Myers, Lady, her death, 85
Mercury, fatal accident to horses by, 285
Mesmer, death of, 441

Names, inquiry respecting the legality of
Meteorological Observations for 1814, 507 contracts made under assumed ones, 32-
Meteorological Register, 100, 196, 296,306, answered, 213
492, 598

Naples, restoration of the legitimate go-
Methodists, increase of, 179

vernment of, 558
Mexico, aulventures of a party of Americans Netherlands, political state of, 369, 560
in, 398

Newbottle, fatal accident at, 372
Nichi, M. his invention for travelling under Newcastle-upon-Tyne, bills of mortality for,
water, 147

83-chamber of commerce formed there,


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