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ILLUSTRATED NOVEL ACROSTIC Each of the eight pictured objects may be described by a single word, in each case containing the same number of letters. When written one below another, the primals will spell the name of a famous English painter, and another row of letters will spell the name of a younger artist whom he befriended. Both are buried in the same edifice.

F. M. PERSIAN PI Each group of letters forms a word, the entire sentence being a Persian proverb. Na nurteid indrfe si kiel na deknacurc tun.

CHARLOTTE HODGES (age 10), League Member.

Proceeding from the sun. 4. To devour. 5. In masterly.

IV. LOWER DIAMOND: 1. In masterly. 2. To decay. 3. The whole. 4. Exaction. 5. In masterly.

V. Right-HAND SQUARE: 1. A marked feature. To elevate. 3. In a church. 4. A small island.

5. Prongs.

VI. RIGHT-HAND DIAMOND: In masterly. Finish. 3. A messenger. 4. A small point. 5. In masterly.




DOUBLE DIAGONAL All the words described contain the same number of letters. When rightly guessed and written one below another, the diagonal beginning with the left-hand upper letter, and the diagonal beginning with the righthand lower letter, will spell the names of two American poets.

CROSS-WORDS : 1. A measure. 2. An American descended from Spanish or French ancestors. 3. Joyous

4. To requite. 5. A drug obtained from seaweed. 6. A European song-bird.

HELEN MOULTON (age 15), Honor Member.

My first is in peach, but not in pear;
My second in wolf, but not in bear;
My third is in run, but not in walk;
My fourth is in speak, but not in talk;
My fifth is in cutlass, but not in sword;
My sixth is in string, but not in cord;
My seventh is in death, but not in life;
My eighth is in flute, but not in fife;
My ninth is in adjective, not in noun;
My tenth is in city, but not in town;
My eleventh is in loose, but not in tight;
My twelfth is in wrong, but not in right;
My whole took part in a famous fight.

EDWARD CAPPS, JR. (age 10), League Member.


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SYNCOPATED CENTRAL ACROSTIC SYNCOPATE, that is, drop the middle letter from, the following words of equal length. The remaining letters of each word will form a new word, and the syncopated letters, in the order given, will form the name of a famous institution of learning.

Example: syncopate pertaining to a duke, and leave twofold. Answer: ducal, dual.

In the same way syncopate: 1. A noisy feast, and leave to move unsteadily in walking. 2. A surveyor's measure, and leave part of the face. 3. A soft, adhesive substance, and leave the head. 4. Speaks imperfectly, and leave parts of the face. 5. One of a series of steps, and leave a commotion. 6. Low comedy, and leave countenance. 7. Sins, and leave competes. 8. To bend down, and leave to tarry. 9. A character used in punctuation, and leave the popular name of a small animal. 10. Pertaining to the sun, and leave to fly aloft. 11. A food, and leave a nail. 12. Kingly, and leave actual. 13. A weapon, and leave to box.

EDITH PIERPONT STICKNEY (age 13), Honor Member.

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I. LEFT-HAND DIAMOND: 1. In masterly. 2. A boy. 3.
Violent insanity. 4. Racket. 5. In masterly.
II. LEFT-HAND SQUARE: 1. Void of sense.

2. The post of a stairway. 3. To adjudge. 4. Courage. 5. Senior.

III. UPPER DIAMOND: 1. In masterly. 2. Sorrow. 3.


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