Acts of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, Volumes 1-2

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Brown Chamberlin, Law Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, 1900 - Law

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Page 201 - amongst other things may, from time to time, exercise the following powers, the same being specifically referred to for greater certainty but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing terms of this section, — (a.) issue debentures, bonds, deposit receipts and stock, and
Page 168 - Every person who, at an election— (a.) applies for a ballot paper in the name of some other person, whether such name is that of a person living or dead, or of a fictitious person; or— (b.) having voted once at any such election, applies at the same election for a ballot paper in his own name—
Page 178 - to this Act, if it appears to the tribunal having cognizance of the question that the election was conducted in accordance with the principles laid down in this Act, and that such non-compliance or mistake did not affect the result of the election.
Page 162 - No candidate, officer, clerk, agent or other person shall interfere with, or attempt to interfere with a voter when marking his ballot paper, or otherwise attempt to obtain at the polling place information as to the candidate for whom any voter at such polling place is about to vote or has voted.
Page 166 - (d.) Every person who, upon or in consequence of any such gift, loan, offer, promise, procurement or agreement, procures or engages, or promises or endeavours to procure the return of any person to serve in the House of Commons, or the vote of any voter at an election
Page 236 - (a.) issue debentures, bonds, deposit receipts and stock and regulate the allotment of stock, the making of calls, the payment thereof, the issue and registration of certificates of stock, the forfeiture of stock for non-payment, the disposal of forfeited stock and of the proceeds thereof, and the transfer of stock; (6.) declare and pay dividends;
Page 234 - as being so represented by him, shall be personally subject to any liability as a shareholder, but the estate and funds in his hands shall be liable in like manner and to the same extent as the testator, intestate, ward or person interested in such estate and funds would be, if living and competent to hold the stock in his own name;

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