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In witness whereof, the undersigned M. Sinichiro Kurino, His Imperial Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of France, and M. Stephen Pichon, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Senator of the Republic of France, duly authorized by their respective Governments have signed the present arrangement and have affixed thereunto their seals.

Done at Paris the 10th of June in the year nineteen hundred and seven.

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The two Governments of Japan and France, while reserving the negotiations for the conclusion of a Convention of Commerce in regard to the relations between Japan and French Indo-China, agree as follows:

Treatment of the most favored nation shall be accorded to the officers and subjects of Japan in French Indo-China in all that concern their persons and the protection of their property, and the same treatment shall be applied to subjects and proteges of French Indo-China in the Empire of Japan, until the expiration of the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation signed between Japan and France on August 4th, 1896.

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Attention is called to the arbitration treaties published in the supplement, which, together with those referred to in Dr. Hill's article in this number on The Second Peace Conference at The Hague, and in connection with a further series to be published in a later issue will show the steady advance among nations in the direction of enlarging the subjects and methods of arbitration. It was intended to present in this number a review of these treaties, but, as some of the most important are among those to be published in a later issue, the discussion of the subject will be deferred until the list is completed.

It was also intended to include in this number an article on the United States Consular Service, and in this connection the official documents appearing in the supplement relating to that subject were printed. Unfortunately, however, the article referred to has been delayed in transmission and will not appear until the next issue.



Abbreviations: Ann. Sc. Pol., Annales des sciences politiques, Paris; Arch. dipl., Archives diplomatiques, Paris; B., boletín, bulletin, bollettino; B. A. R., Monthly bulletin of the International Bureau of American Republics, Washington; Doc. dipl., France: Documents diplomatiques; Dr., droit, diritto, derecho; For. rel., Foreign Relations of the United States; Ga., gazette, gaceta, gazzetta; Cd., Great Britain: Parliamentary Papers; Int., international, internacional, internazionale; J., journal; J. O., Journal Officiel, Paris; Mem. dipl., Memorial diplomatique, Paris; Monit., Moniteur belge, Brussels; N. R. G., Nouveau recueil général de traités, Leipzig; Q. dipl., Questions diplomatiques et coloniales; R., review, revista, revue, rivista; Reichs-G., Reichs-Gesetzblatt, Berlin; Staatsb., Staatsblad, Gröningen; State Papers, British and Foreign State Papers, London; Stats. at L., United States Statutes at Large; Times, the Times (London); Treaty ser., Great Britain: Treaty Series.

September, 1906.

24 CHILE JAPAN. Ratifications exchanged at Washington of treaty of friendship, commerce, and navigation signed at Washington, September 25, 1897, and additional article, explanatory of the most favored nation clause, signed at Tokyo, October 16, 1899. Proclaimed by Chile, March 31, 1907. Diario oficial, April 3,


November, 1906.

15 ITALY. Decree instituting a permanent commission for the work relative to commercial treaties and customs tariffs. B. del Min. Aff. Est., March, 1907.

December, 1906.

11 FRANCE-ITALY. Ratifications exchanged at Paris of agreement signed at Paris, January 20, 1906. Proclaimed in Italy, December 27. B. del Min. Aff. Est., February, 1907; Ga. Ufficiale, February 20, 1907. Transfer of savings bank funds. January 20, 1906.


12 BRAZIL URUGUAY. Protocol signed at Rio de Janeiro, modifying article 4 of agreement of February 14, 1879. Mensagem. . . . pelo presidente, Rio de Janeiro, 1907. Letters rogatory.

December, 1906.

230.s. ROUMANIA-SERVIA. Treaty of commerce signed at Bucharest. Ratifications exchanged at Bucharest, April 2/15. In force Ratified by Servia, February 120.s.

April 3/16 for four years.

Monitorul Oficial, April 3/16.

27 BRAZIL. State of São Paulo.

Law No. 1045 governing immigra

tion and colonization. B. A. R., May.

ECUADOR-UNITED STATES. Parcels-post agreement. Stats. at L.


January, 1907.


5 FRANCE-SERVIA. Commercial treaty signed at Belgrade. tional to treaty signed June 23/July 5, 1893. Took effect March 11 in Servia. J. O., March 17; B. mensual de l'office de renseignements agricoles, April, p. 487.

12 BOLIVIA-PARAGUAY. Treaty of arbitration and statu quo signed at Buenos Aires. Brought about by mediation of Argentine Republic in the matter of a boundary dispute. Mensaje del presidente.... Buenos Aires, 1907.

14 MONTENEGRO-SERVIA. Commercial treaty signed at Cettinje and at Belgrade. Ratified by Skupshtina, February 19/March 4; ratified by King Peter, February 21/March 6. Published, March 7/20.

14 ITALY-SERVIA. Convention signed at Belgrade. Epizooty. Ratifications exchanged at Belgrade March 30. Italian decree promulgating, March 30. Ga. Ufficiale, March 30; B. Min. Aff. Est., March.


Decree putting into effect convention signed at Lugano, June 13, 1906; ratifications exchanged at Rome, July 27, 1906. Fishing in waters common to two states. B. Min. Aff. Est., January, 1907; Ga. Ufficiale, January 28, 1907. 26 GREAT BRITAIN-PANAMA. Ratification by Panama of treaty of extradition signed at Panama, August 25, 1906. Ga. Oficial, January 27.


MEXICO. Ratification by president of postal money order agreement with Italy. Approved by Mexican Senate, October 24, 1906. Diario oficial (Mexico), March 7; B. A. R., April.

February, 1907.


ITALY-MEXICO. Money order convention took effect.
ciale, April 1, 1907; B. del. Min. Aff. Est., April, 1907.
Rome, May 9, 1906; at Mexico, February 13, 1906.

Ga. Uffi

Signed at

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February, 1907.

6 BOLIVIA BRAZIL. Instructions signed at Rio de Janeiro for the mixed boundary commission, in execution of treaty signed at Petropolis, November 17, 1903. R. dipl., June 9; Mensagem.... pelo presidente, Rio de Janeiro, 1907.

8 ARGENTINE REPUBLIC-BRAZIL. Argentine decree approving reports of international mixed commission, constituted conformably with the protocols of August 9, 1895; October 1, 1898, and August 2, 1900. Boundary demarkation. El B. oficial, February 13; B. A. R., April.

10 ITALY. Ratification of international convention signed at Brussels
November 29, 1906. Unification of the formulæ of potent drugs.
B. del. Min. Aff. Est., March.

23 MOROCCO. Regulations regarding expropriation under the gen-
eral act of Algeciras adopted ad referendum by commission.
15/28 RUSSIA-SERVIA. Treaty of commerce signed at Belgrade.
Times, March 12.

15/28 SERVIA-SWITZERLAND. Treaty of commerce signed at Belgrade.

March, 1907.

2 PORTUGAL. Ratifications deposited at The Hague of the three conventions on private international law signed at The Hague, June 12, 1902. These conventions relate to marriage, divorce, and protection of minors. State Papers, 95:411, 416, 421. Signatory powers: Germany, Austria and Hungary, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Roumania, Sweden, and Switzerland. The ratifications of the following powers were deposited at The Hague, June 1, 1904: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Roumania, Sweden. Spain deposited ratification, June 30, 1904, only of the convention concerning minors. Switzerland and Italy deposited ratifications July 17, 1905. B. del. Min. Aff. Est., (Rome) April; Ga. Ufficiale, April 6, 1907.

3 EGYPT AND SUDAN. Earl Cromer's annual report. Proposes European legislative council. Lord Cromer's resignation and his last report, Spectator, April 13. Cd. 3394, 3451; Bourne: Lord Cromer's legacy, Fortnightly R. 81:832; Times, April 5.

6 FRANCE-ROUMANIA. Arrangement signed at Paris. Protection of literary, artistic, and industrial property.

6 FRANCE-ROUMANIA. Treaty of commerce and navigation signed

March, 1907.

at Paris.
supersede treaty concluded February 16/28, 1893.

Approved by Roumanian Senate, March 9/22. To

6 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS. Chinese and immigration circular. Regulations governing immigration of aliens, including Chinese, under Act of Congress approved March 3, 1903, and the Chinese exclusion laws incorporated in the Act of Congress approved April 29, 1902. Official Ga., May 8, 1907.

7 GERMANY-NORWAY. Treaty of extradition signed at Berlin, supplemental to treaty signed January 19, 1878. Ratifications exchanged at Berlin May 25, 1907. Reichs-G, 1907. No. 22.

7 UNITED STATES. Deposit at Rome of ratification of universal postal treaty signed at Rome, May 26, 1906. See May 31. 12 GERMANY-GREECE. Treaty of extradition signed at Athens. 18 BOLIVIA. Immigration law promulgated. B. A. R., May.



Exchange of notes respecting estates of deceased seamen. Treaty ser., 1907, No. 12.

21 BELGIUM-NICARAGUA. Ratifications exchanged at Guatemala of consular convention signed at Guatemala, October 2, 1905.


Monit., May 9, 1907; ratified by Belgium, May 25, 1906. B.
Usuel, May 9, 1907.

INTERNATIONAL. Ratifications of convention signed at The Hague,
December 21, 1904, deposited at The Hague by Germany, Austria-
Hungary, Belgium, China, Denmark, United States, Mexico,
Greece, Japan, Korea, Luxemburg, Montenegro, Netherlands,
Peru, Portugal, Roumania, Russia, Siam, and Switzerland.
Guatemala had adhered March 24, 1906, and Norway January 8,
1907. Exemption of hospital ships in time of war from the pay-
ment of all dues and taxes imposed for the benefit of the state.
Ratification advised by U. S. Senate, February 21, 1905; ratified
by President, October 16, 1906. B. Usuel; Documents, post.
See April 10.


Ratifications exchanged at Guatemala of provisional commercial convention signed at Guatemala, March 21, 1906. Favored nation treatment in commerce, customs and navigation, excepting concessions by Salvador to other Central American republics. Certificates of origin to be visæd without fee. Took effect April 27, 1907. B. Usuel.

28 BELGIUM-SWEDEN. Convention signed at Brussels relative to rights of inheriting and acquiring property. Ratifications ex

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